Do Not Threaten the Admins of the Exposing the Joy of Satan Facebook Page.


All you are doing is bringing something negative to yourself and to the Joy of Satan. Each time you dare to make a threat, to harass any of us or all of us, there will be consequences. Don’t troll the Facebook page. It’s that simple. The page isn’t there for you to post asinine YouTube videos to us via private messages. We aren’t there to entertain you. Bother us enough and yes, we will retaliate. You’ve been warned.

The Joy of Satan has already been cursed badly. Don’t bring more upon the weak group of sickly users. You don’t know what could happen to some of them.

How to Tell When HoodedCobrastein is Screwing with Your Yahoo! Group Posts: X-eGroups-Edited-By: crocobra2411@…

Mr. Bernstein doesn’t like it when users don’t obey him. He’s a man-child, around 26 years old give or take, and he’s full of rage. Keep in mind, this is a guy that is not only half Jewish, but fucked a Jewish girl whose father is a Rabbi. He’s done everything the Joy of Satan would have his head for. His only outlet is to post rambling hate speeches that he calls “sermons” and to edit user posts when he feels they don’t fly with him.

View the source. This is what you’ll see when hooded_stickyhands screws with user posts to make them look bad. Most Jos members are teenagers, so they don’t even think for a second that anyone would bother to mess with posts. Hoody is also responsible for those “Yahoo! glitches” — those whoospies he claims are Yahoo’s Jew fault for posts not going through. That’s just him sitting there with one hand in his Hanes underwear pocket and the other editing ignorant and naive user posts.

X-eGroups-Edited-By: crocobra2411@…

This is an example of an edited post:

I Have The Truth
Message 10 of 15 , Nov 2, 2016

I wish Joy of Satan accepted jews but you do not. So I am angry that I don’t feel welcomed here…Just can’t stand the Nazism. Also don’t call him ‘S-t-n’. His name is Enki. Satan sounds a bit scary. Enkiism at least accept jews like the CoS and all other organizations. Bye then. I will go join them instead and not this bigoted place.


Click “View Source” and you see what he’s done. You won’t see this on regular posts, because he doesn’t edit them. Pretty easy to understand, right? No lies, no mysteries, just plain outright sneaky sabotage by the second rat of JoS.


Another example of edited content to dupe JoS members into thinking their fellow members have posted things they have not:

171728  Lol, to the JoS, I tried

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  • richardlesterhailsatan11
    Nov 9, 2016
    I created this thoughform by my own drug use and foolishness and now I blame Satan for it.
    I am very weak and a disgusting person, and i have been doing meth. meth caused me psychosis and now after 7 years of being supposedly dedicated, i blame Satan for supposedly sticking a thoughform on me. Been spamming the group for months. I always blame shift to Satan and the gods and I have attacked the JoS without reasons in the past but blaming them for my own weakness and inferiority. I also think I am jewish. What to do?
X-Original-Reply-To: richardlesterhailsatan11@…
Subject: Lol, to the JoS, I tried
X-Yahoo-Group-Post: member; u=547182492; y=j0fTdV6uH-l0ZX9m8E9t3MijVOj831oHUG3IQfk_DcwF8dsqocR0yzcNRmO1C73pOvEY
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From: richardlesterhailsatan11@…

The only nutcase here is HoodedCobra, or as we like to lovingly call him, hoodedpenileimplant666 or UncircumcisedTrouserSnake999, though we highly doubt the young man-child is unsnipped. He’s snipped for sure, with a last name such as Bernstein and given the area he lived in 7 years ago (Jews, Jews and more Jews).

There are so many examples of this immature child’s little game played upon unsuspecting users in the Yahoo! Groups, but no more. Word is out, and he will now have to edit regular posts, all the posts or no posts in order to try to make himself appear as if this is all a ruse…and folks, it’s not. The truth sucks, doesn’t it, for those in the Joy of Satan, that is. HoodedHalfJewishGardenSnake666 gets off by editing user comments. Fact.

UPDATE: I have to change the sentence above which states “The only nutcase here is HoodedCobra…” because Richard Lester, aka richardlesterhailsatan11 aka “Joy of Satan Testimonial” on YouTube is apparently psychotic, suffering from some serious paranoid delusions and not at all bashful about sharing his paranoia on YouTube. He thinks everyone is a Jew and that he’s got a thoughform stuck on him.
He’s going to have a lot more to worry about than a thought form.
He has stepped in a pile of shit.

170715  To the JoS ministry

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  • richardlesterhailsatan11
    Oct 19, 2016

    I am a nutcase and I have been blaming others for it. I want forgiveness.

X-eGroups-Edited-By: crocobra2411@…
X-Original-From: richardlesterhailsatan11@…
Reply-To: richardlesterhailsatan11@…
X-Original-Return-Path: richardlesterhailsatan11@…
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X-Yahoo-Newman-Id: groups-system
X-eGroups-Approved-By: crocobra2411 via web; 19 Oct 2016 17:26:56 -0000
From: richardlesterhailsatan11@…


There you go, folks.

You have a snake in the Joy of Satan. Enjoy!144637529899822

This is Richard “My Jesus Christ UFO Testimonials” YouTube channel:
He is most likely a teenager, as you will be able to tell from his voice and his behavior. In one video he starts talking, then stops to yell at what sounds like his mom. He flips out on a family member who steps into his room and interrupts his little video-making time and he yells at them, with no respect all. He deserves an ass-whooping, or possibly to get the fuck out of the house and try living on his own! Anyway, let’s move on. Richie NutsUpstairs thinks Exposing the Joy of Satan is “working with the JoS. Yes you didn’t read that wrong, this little deluded kid thinks I would have anything to do with anyone from the JoS in any way, shape or form AND he thinks we have some connection. Laugh and catch your breath.
Anyone who knows the EtJOS knows it began on and knows there is no connection or collaboration with that cult of Nazis. We do not collaborate with brainwashed cult members that don’t grasp reality. Richard doesn’t grasp reality either. And neither does HoodedBernstein, not if he needs to edit user posts and still has yet to admit he did indeed sleep with a full-blooded Jew and enjoy it, and her father, a Rabbi, knows about it.

deadsilent666 – A 19-year-old Psychopath, self-hating virgin with deeply rooted paranoia and anger issues.

This is Hank Glipoth aka Martin Patel aka Spectre aka Specter Hex aka Amaterasu Inferno aka tons of dumb usernames:
I’v wanted to kill everyone on earth for no apparent reason, how my dick erects when I hear of murder on the news etc”


The above Facebook account, and the older “Hank” variations have all been deleted. This doesn’t mean that ol’ girly name Hindu rat won’t use Facebook later today to pretend to be a good little Christian boy. is one of 5 emails he’s passed along to users. DO NOT email him. 

Mr. NOT so careful was using DSL for a while. He might still be on the same ISP.
147.194.xxxxxxxxx TORONTO, lower area.


We cannot give an exact IP or post the exact location of the 7 IP’s, but all are on this map. Again, we can’t reveal the exact location as that is against WordPress Terms and not ethical. We don’t participate in illegal activities like this teenager does. We are in contact with a Constable in his area’s division. (Police areas are broken down into divisions, unlike the naming of U.S.-based police departments)

UPDATE: I was sent a message from a Toronto, CA user who left the JoS and knows the Detective and a Constable in the 22 Division. He/she said they will report information to their division and it will be passed to the Division in “Hank’s” town.

Specter (@Deadsilent999)

Specter (@Deadsilent999) | Twitter


Listen I sympathize why you feel the way you are, but I’m not entirely sure what your going through but I use feel the same way, I couldn’t do anything right. And sometimes to this day I still screw shit up and take it out by cutting my wrists which I do regret, and hate myself for why I’m so useless. Sometimes I thought meditation was a waste of time but then I thought to myself “do I want to give up and continue my life depressed and weak?, is that really all there is to my potential?”. I have found more than once that the powers of the mind ARE real and that you just have to dedicate yourself and believe that you really have the power to control your life, it may take you long but you’l experience something only a few people in a million with ever experience and this is what the enemy religions and hostile entities want to remove with a dying will. I hated myself so much that I just got tired of it, since that was the only thing I felt so I said fuck it and screw this destiny that has been placed upon me and took the courage to carve my own life (which is NOT easy) but I managed and realized I actually can make things go my way and the much more powerful I get (which is through power meditation) that I can do much more and hold fate by the neck >:)

We realize why he lashed out on us months ago, but it becomes even more clear each time he posts personal information about himself. This teenager is a danger to himself. He’s a loner, so he’s not about to get himself help. He’s depressed and he says he’s “weak.” He cuts his own wrists on a regular basis. If you’re a teenager in the area shown on the map and you know an Indian teen around 19 years of age who is emotionally unstable, paranoid, awkward and possibly giving you a bad vibe due to staring or following you around (most likely thinks you’re the enemy), try to check his wrists. If you see that the young man has dozens of cuts, report it. He can be committed to a mental institution for self-mutilation and harm, and be sure to note to authorities that he talks about wanting to kill people on message boards online. Mention his rage and uncontrollable anger. He needs to be caged.

deadsilent666 Dec 10, 2015

Your not alone on this, I grew up without a dad, mom wanted to kill herself repeatedly when I was a baby and as a teen. Molested, emotionally abused and lived in isolation my entire life. If you think your mentally damaged you have no idea what I have to put up with everyday, how badly I’v wanted to kill everyone on earth for no apparent reason, how my dick erects when I hear of murder on the news etc.. I was the end result of xianity and all jewish religions yet I still stand for the sake of freedom and a better world, it’s how I stayed strong up till now.

To repair your psych you have to repair your soul. Develop a meditation routine and workout program and overtime it’l heal up eventually.

You also need to remove any and all links from these harmful people no matter who it is, the only beings who’l really love you is father Satan, and the gods, no one else.

Never thought I’d share this, but if it hopefully helps you just know your not alone and we both walk the same path of pain, message me if you’d like to get anything else off your chest I have a succubus who can say very kind words.

Hail Satan!


Every JoS post ever made by him using deadsilent666 and his alters will be posted here. Since they are saved in email from daily mails from the Yahoo! groups, he can’t go back and ask JoS to delete them. It’s all in our email archives, back to 2014. We have him admitting to being paranoid about students around him, worried to death that he might be a Jew and admitting his virginity and lack of socialization with others, male and female. He’s a loner, he’s delusional and he’s a psychopath. He gets boners thinking about murder. We know where he lives and once we finish compiling the “Folder” of documents on him (or shall we say “her” since his first name is a female’s name; he was born male, but given a female version of his Indian name at birth), they will be handed over to the police, who will then contact the proper division in his area and hand the files over to a detective and constable. He’s made credible threats of violence and has already admitted to stalking. This should go smooth as butter on a warm bagel. 😉

Exposing the JOY of SATANExposing the JOY of SATAN I have had worse directed at me, but at least I AM THE WINNER AND THEY ARE THE LOSERS. Come on Hank, I am waiting to see you and I can easily beat you with one hand tied behind my back. All I see and think about this Hank that he is just a little Internet Troll who is best left ignored – and yeah he will attack me but I feed off the energies. Go on do your garbage JOS meditations and those curses against me please – I am WINNING.
Tevyaw KenonTevyaw Kenon He sounds like a fag
Tiffany Shortt
Tiffany Shortt Tevyaw Kenon lol, he is
Nikki Kulas
Nikki Kulas What he say exactly??
Daisy Chain
Daisy Chain Was him the guy with the jewish cat as profile pic?
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Yes that was him, and apparently he got himself another FB profile trying to message me, but as per usual I told him to fuck off. I ain’t scared of him, and I am so flattered that he is thinking of cursing me. All I would say is that I am doing extremely well. I ain’t scared of some Internet Troll, and I have had worse directed to me but it all makes me laugh to be honest.
Daisy ChainDaisy Chain So… he was a jos secret agent with the mission to collect our pictures so jos kids can vibrate their fag runes to curse us?
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN I know the Idiot is an Indian, and my Healthy Punjabi frame which this rat thinks is fat is in common with the Iranians/Afghans/Pakistanis is a lot better than his short, ugly, dark, skinny Maharastan frame any day of the week. He is a CHOODA CHUMAR SLUM DWELLER! I am on the net all the time, and another thing, This Indian idiot is thought of as Rubbish by the likes of Neo Nazis because he is not white and definitely no Aryan. Like Maxine aka Andrea Herrington, he is a Mutt in the minds of someone like Hitler, who gladly lost that war is total defeat!
Exposing the JOY of SATANExposing the JOY of SATAN This idiot is actually called ShubnamRane in the JOS forum, and accd to these UGLY little skinny Rat of Maharashstra, Punjabis (like me, are Fat/Ugly LOL). Well all I would say to him is that I can spot his fake profiles a mile off, and if he tries to friend/message me, all I would do is BLOCK him and no I won’t read the messages either. To be hated by JOS, is a sign that we are doing something right.
Tevyaw Kenon
Tevyaw Kenon Whats Maxine address?
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Someone in the MSM knows, and when the timing is right, she will be named/shamed.
Tevyaw Kenon
Tevyaw Kenon Msm? How can i find out i want to have some words with her and her husband.
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Her name is Andrea Herrington. The MSM will expose everything about her, and no I ain’t frightened of her magick, because to me, it is basic and no effective at all.
Chad Burgess
Chad Burgess Hope he doesn’t plan on using “JoS Approved” curses against you.. We know those don’t work at all.. I doubt he’s smart enough to think outside the JoS though… None of those rejects are..
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Anyone who sends me a curse will have it sent back to them 11 fold. Someone from a Consrpicarcy site did, and she is now DEAD. And someone who cheated me 25yrs ago commit suicide due to his business going bankrupt! That Maharastran Rat, is a nothing.
Tevyaw Kenon
Tevyaw Kenon For real? Damn…
Tiffany Shortt
Tiffany Shortt i think hes been banned from fb. i tried to google him to block him and nothing came up except for the post in our occult group
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN So interesting that they tend to turn up in FB. I thought they were against FB because it in their minds is a Jewish Conspricarcy or something.
Alex ValentiAlex Valenti You would think we of all people would have suffered something by now given the amount of curse threats I’ve recieved from JoS members alone so you guys gotta be shoulder deep in JoS nerds. Our continued participation here proves the ineffectiveness of their methods more and more as the days go on.
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Just goes to show that no matter how much they boast, they still achieve nothing.. They remind me of chickens on a farm… They cluck (constantly) spread their spurs and lash out, but they still end up with their necks on the chopping block.
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Hank “Glipoth” the Jewish Qliphoth or Qlippoth.
Qlippoth, Hebrew, “shells, husks,” is a term in the Kabbalah tradition means “Lords of Unbalanced Powers” referring to demonic entities from a former universe… the troll who put on the mask of the tough guy; threatening and demanding. 19 and alone, scared, worried that he’s a Jew. Paranoid. This is just the tip of this kid’s damaged psyche.
“Hank” is actually an Indian teenager in Toronto. His motherland is India, but he is on this soil, North America. He knows the area surrounding the Toronto Inner Harbour well. He goes by two usernames on the JoSucker Yahoo groups. deadsilent666 and Amaterasu Inferno. This is a msg he posted last year:
150731Re: [JoyofSatan666] Re: Please help! I am mentally damaged!
Dec 10, 2015Your not alone on this, I grew up without a dad, mom wanted to kill herself repeatedly when I was a baby and as a teen. Molested, emotionally abused and lived in isolation my entire life. If you think your mentally damaged you have no idea what I have to put up with everyday, how badly I’v wanted to kill everyone on earth for no apparent reason, how my dick erects when I hear of murder on the news etc.. I was the end result of xianity and all jewish religions yet I still stand for the sake of freedom and a better world, it’s how I stayed strong up till now.To repair your psych you have to repair your soul. Develop a meditation routine and workout program and overtime it’l heal up eventually.You also need to remove any and all links from these harmful people no matter who it is, the only beings who’l really love you is father Satan, and the gods, no one else.Never thought I’d share this, but if it hopefully helps you just know your not alone and we both walk the same path of pain, message me if you’d like to get anything else off your chest I have a succubus who can say very kind words.Hail Satan!

Exposing the JOY of SATAN's photo.
Tevyaw Kenon
Tevyaw Kenon Why would you post this? Don’t you think putting info like this up is taking it too far?
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN No, it’s not taking it too far at all, it’s not far enough.
Tevyaw KenonTevyaw Kenon You could really destroy his life putting things like this up on the web don’t you think? NNot trying to side with him or anything but that kind of shit could make him commit suicide them this whole site could get shut down.
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Tevyaw Kenon He threatened us, directly. He was doing illegal things and he sent us direct, credible threats. Not all of us, but some of us. He is not suicidal. He’s a psychopath. He’s void of emotions. He thinks about murdering people and doesn’t blink an eye. This is just one of many posts I collected on him after he threatened to come to my house. Is that fair enough? He said he would bring the pedophile HungARYAN with him, then ha “ha just kidding, but I can come…” He made threats to users who deleted their profiles because of him. He posted who he is. We know where he lives. He wanted this. He is going to get what he has asked for. No one is shutting this site down. They tried and tried and well, it’s going nowhere. This information will also go up on all three websites. The blogs about JoS will have all the current Facebook stuff on them soon. Someone just needs time to catch up on things and put aside a little time to do it. I’m supplying all the screenshots and the group messages for the sites.
Exposing the JOY of SATANExposing the JOY of SATAN Tevyaw he deserves so much worse than you could imagine! He sent me threats and he sent them to people on my friend list, my family, my friends. He begged for trouble and how he did it was the way only someone with no fucking emotions does it. He’s a sick and twisted little loser and I hope he lives in fear from now on because he threatened my life and the lives of others with physical harm and he told me he would stalk me and my family. He sent messages to my other half and he didn’t take this lightly. He made threats to come kill me. So no I don’t think anything is wrong with that post at all, not one bit!
Chad Burgess
Chad Burgess Nobody can “make” another person commit suicide. Suicide is a conscious decision made by the person doing it. It basically means that the person is not strong enough mentally, nor has the willpower to accept the criticisms given by others. They have not the ability to not let others have control over themselves.
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN That Indian kid would actually have his head kicked in by members of Clifford Herrington’s band of misfits because he is a Brownz! I feel pity for him.
Tony Farrer
Tony Farrer Has anyone noticed how Zsuzi gave almost every post a pissed off emoji? Lol. Plus I think she might have a Furry Fetish.
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN I call her “Zuzu Katchoo”.
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Zuzu and Zsuzi are 2 different JoStards. They love their Z’s. 
Zuzu is deleted but Zsuzsi Darányii is an angry little Hungarian girl pretending to be all badass spaceman satanist. Also she loves dogs and we have a common friend on our friend lists, a dog rescuer.
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN You’re right… I get all those joswipes mixed up.. they all look alike.. ~T
Martin Patel
Martin Patel ~E, I have yet for you to actually show your brainwashed followers what I really said. I was being nice and giving you a chance to negotiate before I revealed your profiles to my fellow Satanists you’ve been harassing so you could stop hiding behind a baphomet picture. I don’t mind the screenshots, its nice to see what I’v grown out of and many of my friends know it as well. It was how I encountered my succubus although I was unaware of her presence at the time, she had a rather strange way of interacting with me which I thought was a conjunction of my extremist behavior. Led me to find the Jos and inspired that my life can change for the better. But I already know that I’m not suited for influential or social positions so if you actually show me what I have to lose I’d actually be quite impressed. Also keep in mind, there were more than one individuals involved in this to keep each other in check. And really, do give a screenshot about what I said(deadsilent). I’v given some members a copy of it as well so you can twist or turn it into a sentence that you want us to say.
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Why is it that all JoSWipes claim to be multiple people within one source??? Multiple Personalities seems to be a common thing with those Fake-Satanists. Gee, I wonder why..~T
Martin Patel
Martin Patel Believe what you want, but I’m just giving my say. I’m still waiting a picture of my location, I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually is my real location but I don’t care, if you see where it points to I’m sure you had quite a good laugh 😉
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Oh, we’ve had a good laugh at your expense, we are still having a good laugh at your expense. Don’t let it go to your head though “Hank”, we laugh at all JoSers. You all remind us of Young Earth Creationists, except you claim to worship Satan instead of God. ~T
Martin Patel
Martin Patel Exposing the JOY of SATAN No really, I’m actually giving you permission to show it. Out of 1 to 10 how would you rate it? XD
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Honestly we don’t care if we have your permission or not. Rate what exactly? Your performance? Your sanity? Or perhaps your credibility? ~T
Martin Patel
Martin PatelMy house, it’s too ugly and need renovation so I’m looking for a good opinion on what needs changing





Super paranoid! Weak, worried and completely limp.



Anyone with more information on this stalking psycho can leave a message via this post or privately message the Facebook page at
Your communications will be kept anonymous.


No, no you’re not. You’re a fucking nutbag teenager. GET A LIFE, assclown.

Maxine Dietrich says “Important for Whites to Know” and Says Non-Whites Are “Servile by Nature”

Still think the JoS is a Spiritual Satanist group? Seems like a hate group to those with any common sense.

“Important for Whites to Know” <-Topic Title.

I guess the Black JoSatanists aren’t supposed to read this. :3

“Nonwhites are servile by nature” YES, YOU READ THAT.

NON-WHITES are SERVILE BY NATURE. Those are Andrea Herrington’s words to Joy of Satan.

Servile | Define Servile at

1, 2. cringing, sycophantic. Servile, menial, obsequious, slavish characterize one who behaves like a slave or an inferior.


us /ˈsɜr·vəl, -vɑɪl/


eager to serve and please someone else in a way that shows a lack of respect for yourself:
As a waiter, you want to be pleasant to people without appearing servile.

ser·vile  ˈsərvəl,ˈsərˌvīl/

adjective: servile
  1. 1.
    having or showing an excessive willingness to serve or please others.
    “bowing his head in a servile manner”
    synonyms: obsequious, sycophantic, deferential, subservient, fawning, ingratiating, unctuous, groveling, toadyish, slavish, humble, self-abasing; More

    informal slimy, bootlicking, smarmy, sucky
    “here comes Mr. Archer and his servile assistant, Bradley”
    antonyms: assertive
  2. 2.
    of or characteristic of a slave or slaves.

“For some 16 years now, we have focused on exposing Christianity and its vile Jewish root. Islam is hundreds of times worse in destructive and totally evil energy.”

Oooooh so now the focus is Islam? Damn it’s hard to keep up with who you’re supposed to focus your energy of hate on when you’re in this cult, eh?

“We Whites…” WAIT. Back up there…Maxine, you’re NOT WHITE.


If you are in the Joy of Satan and you are of mixed race or not of the “White race,” you are considered “servile” by HPS Maxine Dietrich aka Andra Herrington aka
Andrea M. Dietrich, Maxine A. Herrington, Andrea A. Herrington and surely by her Nazi old man (Cliffy was born in 1947!) pedophile husband Clifford Herrington.


Important to Joy of Satan members — “You’re a Parasite” -Maxine Dietrich

Hahahahaha….oh that MaxiPad, she’s one helluva loon!
#joyofsatan #spiritualsatanism #nazis #josers #jos #fullretard #paranoia #oldhaghaslotsakidsinherpockets…

Posted by Exposing the JOY of SATAN on Wednesday, August 31, 2016


The Joy of Satan, a “life loving, law-abiding religion” that calls for the death of anyone they don’t like.

angryshaman666 in the Joy of Satan Yahoo! Group.

“he was ready to force me to kill him so I’d end up in jail.”

“once I got home I was forced to do a formal invocation and ask Satan to help me kill this damned KIKE before he can destroy my life any further.”

“I will burn these likes alive”
“I will never stop until every jew is dead!”

#‎FBI #‎POLICE #‎Nazi #‎DEATHTHREAT #‎FACEBOOK #‎antisemitic #‎JoyOfSatan #‎crediblethreat #crediblethreatofviolence

The Joy of Satan Members and Clergy are STILL Morons

HungARYAN (Veronika Hompo) and her ALIASES

HungARYAN (Veronika Hompo) and her ALIASES
Egy veszélyes pszichopata.
A nazi egy halálos vírus, halálos parazita faj.

Veronika HomPOO (Veronika Hompo): Cyberstalker and cyberbully, child exploited, pedophile and mentally incapacitated, dangerous animal murderer living in Budapest, Hungary.

Veronika HomPOO (Veronika Hompo): Cyberstalker and cyberbully, child exploiting pervert, pedophile and mentally incapacitated, dangerous animal murderer living in Budapest, Hungary.

If she does it on all social platforms, why would she not do it on Joy of Satan’s forums and groups?

Joy of Satan Moderators can’t tell when their members are so blatantly the same, using sock accounts? Crazy bitch really is pulling the wool right over the whole group’s eyes! Lies right to them and says she isn’t any sock accounts when she is all the Hungarians on their forums! Fucking riot! All these supposed intelligent people are going along with her charade, while anyone can read her posts and see it’s the same person, it’s comical.

Veronika Hompo, as long as you have your sick fucking blog about **me** and my friend still online after she told you she was done with you months ago — that  you were a waste of time — I will not only keep my blog online, I will call out your bullshit. I might even post your old news, like how you do believe in Jesus and even when you were a National Socialist, you listed your religion as Christian… hey crazy bitch that was 2012 and it’s online, remember the internet is forever Veronika! I can easily copy over the proof of you posting your belief in the Holocaust for your nazi friends, too, so they can see what a lying psycho you are. You just keep your blog online using your fake persona as a man or whatever you’re pretending to be, everyone knows it’s you and one of your FIFTY-EIGHT (Yes 58! and counting!) accounts and emails because you have *DRUM ROLL PLEASE*

Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) an effect of severe trauma during early childhood, usually extreme, repetitive physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.

Joy of Satan will realize it sooner or later, sooner for sure, because you’re crazy level is way up there! You don’t stick with anything for too long, do you, nutball? No… I Googled, Binged and Yahooed your fake fuck ass and you’re just playing these people like a fiddle. Can’t wait for them to realize you fooled them once, shame on you, fool them twice, OMG!

Yoora Kim, Kissyou, and should someone list all your other aliases on their sites? On their Yahoo Groups? Go ahead Veronika and please say I’m not real, because I’ll smack you into reality and prove your skank ass wrong right to the HP’s and get you banned so fast your mentally ill whore ass head will spin faster than you can say “I’m NOT pure!”

HungARYAN Scythian Warrior Yoora Kim or Kim Yoo-Ra etc. etc.etc. sock puppet accounts on Facebook… and so many more yet to be verified. JOY OF SATAN and SPIRITUAL SATANISTS should all know that this is a CHARLATAN, A TRICKSTER AND LIAR, she thinks she has you all in her pocket, fooled and deceived, she laughs at all of you while she posts as if she is some naive new satanist, thanking you for learning, telling you what a good satanist she is for translating your works to her 5-10 blog sites, but be aware she is nothing but selfish and arrogant, a volatile aggressive and dangerous fool that will keep lying and stabbing all of you in the backs with dark rituals she does since she despises many of you High Priests and High Priestesses and you know that is true.

HP Mageson666 and HighPriestess Myla Limlal666

She called one a “whore and stupid dumb bitch” —High Priestess Myla Limlal666, another “a dumb jew retard” –HP Mageson666, she only apologized so she could CONTROL ALL OF YOU in her own way, she thinks she controls YOU and she thinks she is better than High Priestess Maxine Dietrich, think that’s not true then go read all of her insane ramble and read it in native Hungarian! As the Nadia Kiss persona, she believes she is more powerful and far more intelligent and deserving of everything High Priestess Maxine Dietrich has, and she does feel she can take her position by over turning the flock against the other HP’s and Maxine. Read all her loony-tune posts talking to herself on her fake accounts on FB. She’s a fucking psychopath and has multiple personality disorder, no joke!

(I don’t have to like Maxine Dietrich to speak the facts. I still stick to my opinions I’ve posted.)

She is VERONIKA HOMPO. She is EVERY HUNGARIAN talking to each Hungarian on Joy of Satan and Facebook. She’s a cyberfreak. She’s not Aryan, she’s not pure DNA, she lies. You JoS people were told the truth by some unknown user on the Joy of Satan forum, a Hungarian she’s fought with in the past (so she claims), but she pulled the wool right over the eyes of all of you because this is all she has to grasp onto right now. She lied and will continue to lie to every Satanist because it’s her only skill she has that she can use, and she doesn’t even care if her satan disapproves of her doing so to other satanists. She lies to all satanists, she has skeletons in her closets 10,000 metres high she won’t ever want known to anyone now that she feels she has some power. She is truly weak and uses her posts and blogs to make all of Joy of Satan fall for her ruses.

Veronika Hompo’s Facebook profiles, from her real profile followed by sock accounts in chronological order. The newest and most recent, active sock/alias profiles will be listed at the bottom of the list and updated accordingly.

Boring already.

Boring already.

Zero points for creativity on the fake profile. Still using this ridiculous pic from the wallpapers sites is so unimaginative. Can't you try a bit harder? Everyone knows this is fake, so at least make the photo your pitiful attempt to TRY to fool Facebook employees who are going to check this farce and see what a joke you are. Surprised you don't list yourself as a psychopath already in the job description. Ha!

Nadia Kiss Zero points for creativity on the fake profile. Still using this ridiculous pic from the wallpapers sites is so unimaginative. Can’t you try a bit harder? Everyone knows this is fake, so at least make the photo your pitiful attempt to TRY to fool Facebook employees who are going to check this farce and see what a joke you are. Surprised you don’t list yourself as a psychopath already in the job description. Ha!

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 3.48.47 PM

Nadia Varnay Kiss Really, again? Oh this is just one of 7 more she has ready to go. LMAO, can you say INSANE PSYCHOPATH? 😀

Nadine Gentil Cher So uncreative. Veronika Hompo and all these Nazis will spend 20 hours trolling and working on utter crap, but won't take one minute to make up a new fake alias for the latest sock account on Facebook. Totally lame.

Nadine Gentil Cher
So uncreative. Veronika Hompo and all these Nazis will spend 20 hours trolling and working on utter crap, but won’t take one minute to make up a new fake alias for the latest sock account on Facebook. Totally lame. Funny how “Nadia” thinks she’s some sort of “fashion icon” in every phony profile she’s had since 2010. LOLOLOLOL She uses everything from stolen bikini pics to PC wallpapers of “pretty blonde girls” but one of my favs she posted was her imaginary trip to HAWAII. She posted an album full of photos yanked off the internet… with pics from Sydney, Australia in the mix! She’s NEVER left Budapest and had no clue she put photos of another country in her album and said it was a “beautiful view” from her hotel room in Hawaii! Fucking moron! Her hotel room image was pulled right off the hotel booking website 😀

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 1.27.07 AM

Réka Luca Szabó = FAKE. Veronika Hompo is not giving this her full competency, she is failing. These images within this profile, a new alias for her psychotic “Nadia” persona, has 2 stolen photos used as images of “herself”, of the imaginary “Réka Luca Szabó.” See for yourself. Mentally deluded people will go to any lengths to try to cover their mistakes, but Veronika doesn’t just do that, she gets disgusting, because she was raised Christian and she hates herself so much now she can do nothing to resolve her inner pain but to speak of filthy sex, urinating on people and defecation — these are her outlets for her inner sexual turmoils. She’s a parasite, a virus to humanity.

Oh look it is not Réka Luca Szabó but Johanna from Finland

Photos of Johanna who lives in Finland, runs the blog Jo’s Secret on Blogger. Johanna also has a Facebook Fan Page with these images posted.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 12.57.03 AM

Anouck De Rouvroy Yet another fake profile Veronika Hompo is using because she is far too much a coward and in fear of Jews and Christians to use her own profile with her name. Coward psychopath.

Anouck De Rouvroy
Yet another fake profile Veronika Hompo is using because she is far too much a coward and in fear of Jews and Christians to use her own profile with her name. Coward psychopath.

Veronika Hompo
Nadia A. Kiss
Erzsebet Horvath
Elizabeth Ho
Istvan Nemeth
Adél Kassai
Viktória Venus
Adél Kassai
Prska Red
Gábor Barabás
Tamas Varnay
Tamas Varnay
Szabolcs Mate
Béla Kováts
Szittya Harcos
Szittya Harcos
Szittya Harcos
Anette N. Petit Mignon
Nadia Varnay
Set Nakt
Csaba Hong
Csaba Hong
Andrea Polgar
Anette N. Petit Mignon
Nadia Varnay
Nadia Varnay
Béla Kováts (Scythian Warrior)
Nadine Gentil Cher
Nadine Gentil Cher
Dina Cher
Kárpát Leánya
Yoora Kim
Szabolcs Maté
Nadia Kiss
Yoora Kim
Gabor Barabas
Tamas Varnay (Barabas Gabor)
Ilona Horvath (Hompóné Erzsébet)
Timea Wilhelm
Belane Szittya Kovats (Scythian Warrior)
Szittya Harcos
Nadia Varnay Kiss
Nadia Varnay Kiss
Szabolcs Mate
Szabolcs Mate
Szabolcs Mate
Szabolcs Mate
Szabolcs Mate
Nadia Varnay Kiss
Nadine Gentil Cher
Nadia Kiss
Timea Wilhelm (Kim Yoora)
Nadia Kiss
Réka Luca Szabó
Nadia. A. Kiss
Tivadar László Szép
Gyula Galaczi
Varnay Kiss Nadia
Dorina Szabó
Anouck De Rouvroy
Tímea Wilhelm (김유라)
Tímea Wilhelm (김유라)
Andrea Desdemona Horváth
Balázs Szabó
Zora Zvijezda
Janos Gondar
Barth Alice
Linda Rehm
Anouck de Rouvroy
Maria Desič
Anja Heß
Peter Brosič
Eldar Rashi
Anja Heß Hess
Anouck de Rouvroy
Tom Butler
Anouck de Rouvroy
Zora Zvijezda
Anja Heß / Anja Hess
Chandra Kamal
Natasha Zvezda
Erienne Kavanagh
Peter Ljubov
Ria Baal
Anouck de Rouvroy
Desdemona Daimon
Desdemona Daimon
Anouck de Rouvroy
Anouck de Rouvroy
Estrella del Alba
Natalie Briant
Estrella del Alba / Eszter Alba
Anouck de Rouvroy
Anita Toth
Zora Zvijezda
Desdemona Daimon
Zoltan Koka
Maria Desič
Desdemona Daimon
Desdemona Daimon
Anouck de Rouvroy
Dzsentil Pogány Ember
Desdemona Veronika
Desdemona Desdemona Veronika
Desdemona Daimon
Alice Beatrice Valefor
Linda Rehm
Alice Beatrice Valefor
Linda Rehm


The latter is Veronika’s main new sock account. See below:
Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 10.25.26 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 10.28.31 PM


Veronika Hompo aka HungARAYAN is also on Google+, with many puppet accounts.

Balázs Németh AKA Veronika Hompo, HungARYAN, is nothing but a stock photo of a

“Stock Photo Trendy Young Man” almost as epic as the pics “Nadia” uses for her fake profiles, such as well-recognized models or hey, a novel’s book cover! Sadly, this “user” bailed AT THE SAME TIME Nadine Gentile Cher and Nadia Anett Kiss did. Hmmmmmmmmm. So coincidental! 😛

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 1.15.56 AM

Saturn Cold
Saturn Cold

Anett Nadia Kiss
Balázs Németh
Béla Kováts
Veronika Hompo
Piroska Red
Viktória Fehér
Veronika Hompo
Anouck De Rouvroy
Yoo-ra Kim
Nadine Gentile Cher
Gábor Gábriel aka
Gabor Blue


Estrella del Alba
Saturn Cold
Viktoria Feher

“Timea”/Veronika is friends with a Jew on Facebook.Bernadett Cytoxengel Silverstern. Silverstern comes from Silverstein. Both Stern and Stein are Jewish surnames. So is Silver. Silverstern or Silverstein are German-Jewish names.You’d think the person who claims to know everything about everything would see SILVER and STERN and not accept a friend request. Add insult to injury for poor Tímea, her “friend” uses the Sigil of Baphomet, which uses HEBREW letters. Doesn’t Tímea spew her disdain for The Church of Satan on occasion, as does alter ego real persona Veronika Hompo? Anton LaVey is often bashed by all of Hompo’s alt’s on all social media and in JOS settings. The Official Pentagram for The Church of Satan. Fact: The Church of Satan obtained a trademark for usage.When did the Church of Satan go Nazi? They haven’t. (FYI: A Sigil of Lucifer was invented in 2004 by Joy of Satan, a mere 11 years ago.) Joy of Satan breaks The Church of Satan’s #1 Cardinal Sin. STUPIDITY. Can anyone say HERD CONFORMITY as well? Pointing out the obvious doesn’t mean I agree at all with COS. Quite the contrary.

The Nine Satanic Sins
by Anton Szandor LaVey

© 1987

  1. Stupidity
    The top of the list for Satanic Sins. The Cardinal Sin of Satanism. It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful. Ignorance is one thing, but our society thrives increasingly on stupidity. It depends on people going along with whatever they are told. The media promotes a cultivated stupidity as a posture that is not only acceptable but laudable. Satanists must learn to see through the tricks and cannot afford to be stupid.

    Read This (click)

Veronika Hompo aka HungARAYAN is also on Google+, with many puppet accounts.

Balázs Németh AKA Veronika Hompo, HungARYAN, is nothing but a stock photo of a

Balázs Németh AKA Veronika Hompo, HungARYAN, is nothing but a stock photo of a “trendy young man”

Anett Nadia Kiss
Balázs Németh
Béla Kováts
Veronika Hompo
Piroska Red
Viktória Fehér
Veronika Hompo
Anouck De Rouvroy
Yoo-ra Kim
Nadine Gentile Cher
Gábor Gábriel

The little nancyboy Gabor changed his Google name to Gabor Blue, because he is COWARDLY and scared of all the JEWS, CHRISTIANS, and ALL Religions, so he hides, because HE IS A FEMALE!

Anouck De Cuntfake

Known fake profile of VERONIKA HOMPOO This account uses the same way of speaking horrible English as Veronika Hompoo has always tried…truly sad attempts at English.

Nadia Anett Kiss satans whore fake pic

Wallpaper pic? LMAO

Anett Nadia Kiss Satan's Slutbag fake pic

Ohhhhh she likes HORSES. I bet she does.

Then there is the best one. Nadia Anett Kiss. Or Anett Nadia Kiss. Or Nadia Kiss. Or Nadia Varnay, (when she pretends she is married to Thomas)

All Things Beautiful

by REBECCA on MARCH 4, 2011


by C.F. Alexander

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful –
The Lord God made them all.

Each little flower that opens,
Each little bird that sings,
He made their glowing colors,
He made their tiny wings.

The purple-headed mountain,
The river, running by,
The morning, and the sunset
That lightens
up the sky.
The tall trees in the greenwood,
The pleasant summer sun,
The ripe fruits in the garden –
He made them, every one.

He gave us eyes to see them,
And lips that we might tell
How great is God Almighty,
Who hath made all things well.

The fact that Veronika Hompo chose a pic that is popular in a poem about the Lord God is already amusing enough. Then you see this…

Sorry, that is NOT

Sorry, that is NOT “Nadia Anett Kiss” on a book cover. Try again, idiot.

So “Nadia” chooses this pic of a woman and a horse, not realizing it’s American and it’s about a broken woman, who suffered a lot and was dumped often, grew up without a mother because she died when this girl was little… and this is all what “Nadia Anett Kiss” or Anett Nadia Kiss” forgot to check up on online.

Chosen by a Horse: How a Broken Horse Fixed a Broken Heart
By Susan Richards
Blackstone Audio, Inc., December 2007

Susan Richards has survived an abusive childhood and a bad marriage, and now, in her forties, is living on a small farm with her three horses, working as a social worker, and determinedly protecting her independence. Having given up alcohol, casual sex, and in fact men altogether, she may be lonely, but at least she’s safe.

Then she gets a call from the local SPCA, which has taken in more than forty horses from an abuse case. Their barn was already full; they need foster homes immediately. Against her better judgment, Richards agrees to take one of the horses.

She gets a Standardbred named Lay Me Down, a 16-year-old broodmare who is terribly thin and who has pneumonia. With Susan’s care, Lay Me Down gets back to a healthy weight, recovers from her pneumonia, and gets successfully integrated into her existing herd of one Morgan mare and two quarter horse geldings.

And then she discovers that Lay Me Down has an eye tumor. In the position it’s in, it can’t even be biopsied safely, but it’s almost certainly cancerous.

Susan Richards, whose heart broke at age five when her mother died a lingering death from cancer, and who has steadfastly avoided any emotional commitments that would lead to loss, finds herself committed to a beautiful, sweet-natured horse who has had a life as hard as her own, and who is going to die. Susan struggles with Lay Me Down’s illness, her own conflicted feelings, and her first stumbling efforts to rejoin the human race. This truly is a deeply moving story about a horse, a broken heart, and the beginnings of healing.

(Veronika and co. have NOT given up alcohol, casual sex, and in fact men altogether, but she is lonely, and she is surely not safe.)

Ironic, she accuses others of having fake accounts, yet no one else ever gets deleted but her. Each time we are all reported, we can provide the proper identification and cell phone number for each account. Each profile has a unique computer ID and its own IP. Unlike Veronika Hompo’s sock accounts that are deleted on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. Yet this is the “Aryan Satanist” that the “Joy of Satan Ministries” has chosen to allow back after banning, to trust and to continue to perceive as worthy of their Hilter Neo-Nazi praising asses. Or as according to Veronika, The HungARYAN, scythianwarrior and all the other users she is on their forums, their sites, their other forums and sites, blogs and so on, they decided to trust her… though she has claimed to despise the HP’s so much that she did a ritual to spiritually murder them, to kill their souls and to leave them with nothing; she has laughed about cursing them with a black death, one she said she would only use on Jews and Christians. She used it on Satanists that she hates. She is nothing like the rest of any Satanists in the group(s) she attempts to belong to. She is a selfish, angry and cut-throat empty shell of dark nothingness.

JOY OF SATAN, BLACK SUN 666, You think she has not one drop of JEWISH BLOOD? Make her prove it to all of you. She Cannot Prove She Has NO Jewish Blood in Her Veins. She has no proof to offer and she can only SCREAM words on the internet. So much for all her hate and vitriol, it only bites her in the ugly dark sub-human reptilian ass for all of the horrible deeds she has done; karma is coming for her full swing.

BTW Veronika HOMPO, The Black Sun 666 web site is a huge joke. You proved to everyone I told in your Seal Shepherd Phase that you really are a little psycho sociopath puppet when you believed that hysterical site full of such nonsense only a complete total “dumb retard” (to use your own words you can understand) would believe. I think you fell and hit your head really hard on a sidewalk, the street, brick wall or your bath tub. You are most fore sure brain damaged and a psychopath.

JOY OF SATAN: Complete idiots or are they on to Veronika Hompo and her numerous sock accounts on their forum? Here are 2 of them back to back! So many more are posting, but let “Veronika Hompo” or “Nadia Kiss” maybe “Béla Kováts” even, post them, be truthful to the Joy of Satan people and to the HP’s.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.32.56 PM

Veronika Hompo pretending to be 2 users. LOL (only the tip of a deep iceberg, JoS forum users, pay close attention, she is all the Hungarians except for 1, the guy who tried to expose her for her fetish for feces and piss. (Who else would have such a fetish and mention it? So gross, only Veronika Hompo would even THINK TO THINK OF IT!!! A HungARYAN toilet fetish!) HungARYAN loathes any rock music. Rock music, metal in particular, makes her sick. She believes all rock bands, from Led Zep to AC/DC to Black Sabbath are “a joke” and the proof is in her distasteful comments to other users online about the music her friends liked. “Miss Superior” Veronika Crazybitch likes classical music. She was never one to like anything loud with electric guitars; a double bass drum player made her post insulting comments towards those who enjoyed all metal bands. She hates men with long hairshe hates the entire black metal and death metal scene. The closest to rock music she ever got to liking was a John Lennon love song to Yoko. ( 😀 LMAO) Not convinced? Test her ON THE SPOT. She knows nothing of true metal bands and simply Googles anything now to find keywords such as “satan” “hell” “devil” “darkness” “666” — my friend posted Iron Maiden on her profile and with it a pic of their mascot; Veronika made fun of it and said it was “stupid ignorant crappy music” for people who had no taste in true music. 😀 Joy of Satan is where she has first even heard of Led Zeppelin and now, The Eagles, AC/DC and other bands all her JEW, CHRISTIAN, BUDDHIST, PAGAN, WICCAN and even MUSLIM friends have been into since before she even knew them. Veronika shunned their music, all the songs and lyrics every user/friend posted, making derogatory comments about how “only uneducated people listen to this trash ignorant” musicbut Veronika the Liar made exception for her “true friend,” her non-religious friend who didn’t identify with religion — the “one true friend” (Veronika Hompo said those very words, it is in Facebook messages and on Gmail) from a multicultural background that practiced nothing, the friend she lies to JoS about ever since Suzanne told her to FUCK OFF and if possible, die while at it! 😀 All in fun, but a sociopath such as Veronika Hompo takes everything extreme and makes it a year or so obsession. Stalker, harasser, lunatic, aggressive manipulator and storyteller. No friends.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 7.56.52 PM

Veronika Hompo’s main profile. Yes this is actually her regular profile. She used to post about the Holocaust on here! She has hundreds of JEWISH friends she cherished! She is friends with Xians who all love Jesus and adore Pope Francis! In fact, she has some KOREAN FRIENDS she adores who attended the papal visit to Korea in August 2014! They posted images all over their profiles and Veronika did not even mind, she loves these friends and respects these people because they are Korean. She “allows” all of them to be CHRISTIANS and LOVE GOD AND JESUS, behind the backs of Joy of Satan. Ask her FB friend who shares her last name, Hompo. Her “friend” does not know Veronika is a vessel filled with hatred. Go ahead,  ask!

(Koreans infected with ‘Francis syndrome’ after papal visit) They just love the Pope!

Veronika Hompo, tell HP Mageson666 all your sock accounts yourself, or are you a coward? You are a little bitch, crying to Google, lying about fake screenshots, are you not? Everyone knows what a lying little bitch you are, even JoS members do. Do you think High Priestess Myla Limlal666 believes a word you type? I would certainly think not! High Priestess Maxine Dietrich might be a NEO-NAZI POS, but she knows what you really are. You know and we all know.

Look at Veronika on Facebook. She is such a see-through confused, mentally disturbed loner. She has friends… they are all herself. The users that aren’t sock accounts? They are not real friends to her. She friends people she plots against. Case in point, VovinPrgel. Veronika Hompo hates VovinPrgel and fourthreich666 ever since “HungARYAN Gone Crazy” and once she has publicly declared her dislike or disapproval of you, you’re on her fucked list and don’t think for a moment that will ever change for any reason, because it won’t, she hates you forever, it’s her personality—or one of her personalities. She made a public point to tell Facebook users she thought VovinPrgel was a fucking asshole. She posted many nasty public posts about VovinPrgel and even fourthreich666 and she hid them later on, only to be seen by select Facebook “friends.” She gets off on this, posting “dumb ignorant jew” about a user from Joy of Satan and then making sure to get them on her friend list, it’s almost funny.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 8.21.24 PM

Does VovinPrgel even know that Veronika Hompo has him or her on her permanent shit list? Most likely not. She believes in keeping those she hates close to her. She doesn’t ever forget or forgive, she made it clear that a curse would be made by her towards VovinPrgel and she wouldn’t change her mind. Funny she probably pretends to be “friends” with this person who has no idea that for years her game is to pull people close in after in her mind they have burned her and then she collects their data off their profile to use against them, even if it’s years later. She’s done this for over 5 years, what means she doesn’t still? She loves it, she gets off on having fake friends she actually hates so she can data collect and do death curses, runic rituals and what not all because she has no area of her damaged brain that is capable of rationalizing anything, even sorting out disagreements. She plans to stab each and every Joy of Satan member in the back as best she can and according to her secret little posts she plans to use Satan to help her destroy each one of them that participated in the topic against her called “HungARYAN Gone Crazy”

Make more stupid rituals and curses, waste your time little girl 😀 I don’t believe in your crazy shit, so it has no effect on me. I don’t even believe in your satan, your devil or hell. Your alien satan is ridiculous science fiction. I think it’s all as stupid as those who take the bible literally.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 6.17.48 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 6.17.05 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 3.23.45 PM

How many times do you return as a fake persona? When you're Veronika Hompo, you do it as many times as possible. :D

How many times do you return as a fake persona? When you’re Veronika Hompo, you do it as many times as possible. 😀

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 11.58.35 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-20 at 11.51.35 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-20 at 11.49.51 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 7.11.46 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 4.19.14 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 2.06.21 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 7.58.06 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.20.22 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.26.31 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 9.33.10 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 7.23.40 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 4.56.00 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 5.02.06 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 5.03.25 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 5.19.52 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 4.50.33 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 3.29.33 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 10.38.15 PM

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-9-02-01-pm screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-9-04-47-pm screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-3-15-51-pmscreen-shot-2016-09-21-at-3-15-33-pm

screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-9-50-35-pm screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-9-53-28-pm screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-9-59-22-pm



Christmas (Christian) Postcard from Boston, MA, USA posted on Linda Rehm’s Facebook 45153_153333261697317_5180336061973337131_n

Linda aka Nadia Anett Kiss aka Veronika Hompo the HungARYAN POO-WHORE

“Linda” using a Christian Christmas time image as her fake default image of herself. Identifying with a Christian. Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 12.01.52 AM


Veronika Hompo has ALWAYS believed in the Holocaust! Even when she is in the persona of “Nadia” she was constantly posting about Auschwitz. ALL THE TIME. Veronika posted about the Holocaust and her feelings of it’s correlation to her VEGANISM so many times to people who didn’t want her harassing them that she was banned often! Here’s some unedited proof, though the sociopath crybaby Veronika Hompo, the WEAK LOSER, will simply lie about it and then try to cry to WordPress. She cried like a little fucking weak and pathetic whore to Google all because SHE HAD BEEN EXPOSED. She is so weak and powerless that she was obsessing and crying over Google CACHE files, not even REAL, ACTUAL WEB PAGES. Veronika Hompo is WEAK, USELESS and a DNA piece of shit NIGHTMARE with such serious mental disorders that she can’t control herself online. Those of you chatting her up on your forums and blogs, thinking she’s sane… want to know the true Veronika Hompo, the way she is IN REAL LIFE? Just ask and I can deliver the information, privately, of course, to prove she is a socially inept outcast and ghetto trash. She’s never fit in, she’s a street parasite. She knows this is true, which is why she has chosen to pretend to live as something else, someone she isn’t. She’s TRASH and it’s time for someone to TAKE THE TRASH OUT. Hungary is a toilet, for the most part, though there are some quaint, lovely spots and with all due respect to my relatives, their places are not kept like the toilet Veronika Hompo chooses to live in; disheveled, unkempt, forgetting to bathe and never cleaning the tiny squalid area she is confined to. When you are low class, trash and people in town look at you and see you as lower than the Roma’s, the Romani Hungarians, the gypsies, then you know you’re nothing and your weakness is so exposed that all you can do is act out—like a little brat child who was never given a toy.

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There are recent images Veronika Hompo posted, thank you internet free photo hosting site, I found you. Would any JoS nazis want to see them 😀 She loves her some Jewish people and their friends! She is so unaware of the traitor she currently trusts… so much information about her lies and uncontrollable attempt to want and NEED to take over Maxine’s place. She thinks she is learning much faster than others who have been in Joy of Satan for 2 or 3 years and soon can gain the trust of all of the JoS forums, groups, websites—Veronika plans to run your show, JoS, and she is not even an Aryan, but a mixed DNA like most Hungarians — and she has no proof about anything because claiming your last name is a variant of a nazis is just as believable as her own delusions about her actual life, as truthfully believable as her screaming on the internet on 30 profiles, 8 blogs and over 50 emails on Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Outlook, Hotmail and any other site with free email access she can use to play her games toying with strangers she stalks or with Joy of Satan members. Only she is in denial because she is poverty stricken and needs to cling onto strangers, hoping soon one of you will sucker into paying for her flat, maybe even the first car she could ever drive. A new bed, a real bed, not just filthy mattress on the dirty floor… make her day, play along.

Tell your lies to Joy of Satan, tell them you “avoided the Jews,” but let’s not dance around this Veronika Hompo, who was the friend of many Jews for so many years, and was posting about the Holocaust many times on her Timeline, ridiculing FB users for not being vegan and for not liking the graphic photos posted of Auschwitz, “Nadia” and you posting the ad campaign that compares the slaughter of animals to the murder of Jews in Auschwitz, and you stood up for the campaign and what it stood for, angry as hell! You are who posted Gary Yourofsky’s speeches on the Timeline, always clicking “like” when other FB users posted Gary’s speeches, and Nadia the Pretend, too, she was always posting the gore photos of the Holocaust and saying how horrible they suffered, so why now make animals suffer the same? Don’t try to say this was faked for so long because no one pretends for 4 or 5 or even 6 years to be something and someone they aren’t just to suddenly join some e-cult and flip a switch, you slutty, dirty lying bitch.


Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 1.55.27 AM

One of MANY posts on Veronika Hompo’s Timeline about her FAVORITE Animal Rights Liberation Movement Activist, a JEW. This man makes Mad Max appear as if she is merely ruler of an online trailer park game app with a few broken, cheap plastic gnomes.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 2.01.33 AM

Wait, what? Since soldiers liberated people from Nazi camps in World War 2? The Nazi camps? Oh, yes, that’s right. It did happen and Veronika Hompo had just temporarily forgotten while on the JoS forum. She remembers when she is not on JoS sites and she remembers when she speaks to her satanist friends who have very, very Jewish boyfriends or girlfriends…you see, then it’s ok, she doesn’t want to talk about it public, though, she’s too busy trying to cover up her stalker issues by pretending a woman she harassed and abused for months is doing things to her that in reality, Veronika Hompo is doing to herself. How does anyone know this? It’s suspected by a clergy member of Jos and by two users on Facebook who are on her friend list…you know, being her…friend. LMAO

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 1.57.46 AM

Nadine Cher AKA Nadia Kiss AKA Veronika Hompo. LMAO

Nadine Cher AKA Nadia Kiss AKA Veronika Hompo. LMAO

Veronika aka Nadia aka Nadine aka Anouk aka TimeaWho is winning, HungARYAN? Who is winning, Donnie Danko? Who is winning, Maxine?…*snigger* I meant to say Andrea Runningmouth. Half American Indian you are said to be, yet no brave American or American Indian would be a mail order bride straight outta Trailer Park, USA to meet with a perverted fat old man and marry him.

Does Mr. Herrington only have sex with Jewish women, or does he still fancy young teenage girls barely 14? Has the old man Nazi made advances on MadMax’s Afgani son? He is the right, ripe age that Andrea’s hubby seems like enjoy for his personal pleasure.
Pedophiles seem to be the Nazis, don’t they? Most pedophiles turn out to be former Christians who have found a darkness. That fits the Herrington Clan to a T.

High Priestess Myla Limlal, you allow this stranger to come in and talk to you like you are worthless? She already told Maxine Dietritch that she is old and her information is out of date. What more can she say badly towards you people? She has threatened all of you directly. Still believe she is an asset to Joy of Satan? Says a mouthful for the HP’s if yes.

Andrea Herrington Fails Linguistics (and History) Forever | Can’t Sleep: Jews Will Eat Me | Debunking the claims of Maxine Dietrich and her alien-worshipping Neo-Nazi friends.


Andrea Herrington Fails Linguistics (and History) Forever

Andrea Herrington is one of the more entertaining kooks on the interweb. For those not aware of who she is, I’ll be brief:

Andrea Herrington (also known as Maxine Dietrich) runs a website called the Joy of Satan. She is a theistic Satanist who believes that Satanism was the original religion before those nasty monotheists showed up to ruin everyone’s fun. Oh, and Satan’s real name is Enki and he’s an extraterrestrial.

But there’s more. She’s also a Neo-Nazi who believes that Jews are not just mistaken, but EVIL. Heresy, you say? Hardly. Her husband, Clifford Herrington, was the leader of the National Socialist Movement until rumors about his wife’s extracurricular activities started to spread. You would think that Neo-Nazis would be more understanding of odd and irrational beliefs, but apparently even they have a limit. Most Neo-Nazis and other white supremacist types today are atheists, Germanic pagans, pantheists or adherents of the Christian Identity movement and apparently, they weren’t that enamored with theology as… unique as the Herringtons’. The fall of the Herringtons is long and complicated and not the point of this article either, so I’ll leave it at that. Those who are so inclined can visit the Anti-Defamation League for more juicy gossip.

Back to Andrea’s beliefs. Aside from the fact that she’s on record as a hater of all things Jew, most of her history is based on either popular misconception (i.e. the medieval Catholic Church was an all-powerful organization that operated like the Mafia) or bizarre assertions pulled out of some dark crevice of her ass (i.e. only Jews practiced blood sacrifice.) She has sources for her ravings, but unfortunately, most of them are the work of people like Zecharia Sitchin. Sitchin has been criticized repeatedly for his lack of knowledge about science, the Bible and the Sumerian, Akkadian and Hebrew languages. Valid criticisms all, but next to Andrea, Sitchin is William fucking Albright.

It’s also ironic (or not) that most of her sources are identical to the ones used by far-right Christian kooks like Jack Chick, Berit and Andy Kjos and Ralph Epperson.

Andrea and her followers’ biggest problem (aside from the obvious) is that they seem to be completely unaware that languages change. The English we speak today is not the same as the English we spoke in centuries past. If you doubt that, read these passages:

Your eyën two will slay me suddenly:
I may the beauty of them not sustene,
So woundeth it throughout my hertë ken.
And but your word will helen hastily
My hertës woundë, while that it is green,
Your eyën two will slay me suddenly:
I may the beauty of them not sustene

Hwæt. We Gardena in gear-dagum,
þeodcyninga, þrym gefrunon,
hu ða æþelingas ellen fremedon.

Both of these passages, my friends, are written in English. But the first passage is an example of Middle English (written some time in the 14th century) while the latter is an example of Old English (written some time between the 8th and 11th centuries.)

This is important because many times the articles authored by JoS clergy will assert that certain English words were “stolen” from other languages based on the fact that the words look similar. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the debunking!

The main Gods who interacted with humanity and are our creators (through genetic engineering) are the race of Gods known as the Nordics. They live throughout the galaxy in several different solar systems. They are highly advanced in knowledge, intelligence, and in spirit. Some are helpful to humans as are Satan and the Elder Gods who have been labeled as “Demons.” [1]

I wonder what JoS’ definition of Nordic is. I was under the impression that Nordic referred to Northern European, particularly Teutonic, peoples. Then again, they might be going by the writings of people like Benjamin Creme.

The Tarot has a hidden message and instructions for performing the Magnum Opus. From the Tarot, the Jewish invented “Torah” was stolen, with the original teachings being thoroughly corrupted. The Jewish “Torah” is also known as “The Five Books of Moses” (another fictitious Jewish character based upon Sargon and Thutmose) or the “Pentateuch.” The five books were rip-offs from the five suits of the Tarot: Wands/Rods (the element of fire), Pentacles/Coins (the element of earth), Cups (the element of water) and Swords (the element of air), with the trump being the aether or quintessence. All five elements form the essence of the human soul (the fifth element of quintessence holds the four together) and are employed in the working of the Magnum Opus. [1]

To begin with, the Hebrew written “Five Books of Moses” also known as the “Pentateuch”, along with the “Torah” were STOLEN and CORRUPTED from the Egyptian “TAROT.” Note- “Torah” is an anagram of “Tarot.” [4]

In the real word, as opposed to the Bizarro parallel world that the Herringtons and friends inhabit, the Torah dates back to somewhere around 1313 BCE whereas the Tarot appeared in the 15th century CE.Tarot is actually a French word, not an Egyptian one, that was derived from the Italian, tarocchi, a word whose origin is not certain. In any case, tarot was originally called “trionfi”, Italian for triumph or trump, referring to the trump cards.

To be fair, the claim that the Tarot is Egyptian was first put forth by the occultist, Antoine Court de Gébelin. This claim, however, has been discarded by historians because Court wrote his history of the Tarot before the discovery of the Rosetta Stone and therefore, his theory is pure speculation. He also claimed that Tarot was derived from the Egyptian words, “ta” (royal) and “ro” (road). That probably isn’t the case, but it’s still more believable than JoS’ claim that Tarot is an anagram of the Hebrew, Torah (especially since that anagram would only work with the Latin alphabet, which I’m pretty sure Hebrew didn’t use in the 12th century BCE.)

Torah, by the way, is Hebrew for teaching, instruction or “the Law.”

Aleister Crowley while in a trance state, drew a picture of what is known to be “Jehova” (a corruption of “YHVH” another rip-off of the four quarters and elements, making the ‘name’ unpronouncable) [1]

So great is JoS’ hatred for Jews that they apparently never bothered to learn a thing about Hebrew. The Hebrew alphabet, like that of its cousin Arabic, lacks vowels. What it has instead is the “niqqud.”

What does this mean? Basically this: that the tetragrammaton lacks vowels is not unusual. Biblical Hebrew often omitted the niqqud all together because of the assumptions of its writers (i.e. that people would know where the vowels go.)

A final mistake is claiming that the name is unpronounceable. Well, its not pronounced anymore by observant Jews, but that doesn’t mean that they never pronounced it. When the Temple was still standing in Jerusalem, the High Priest would pronounce the tetragrammaton every Yom Kippur. However, since the Temple was destroyed in 70 CE, this is no longer done.

“Hell” emerged on the scene. The word “Hell” was stolen from the Norse word “Hel” representing the Norse underworld. In truth, “Heaven” and “Hell” are code-words for the base and crown chakras. [1]

Arguing that the word Hell was stolen is a misunderstanding of etymology. Their point of view is also excessively English-centric, which presents a problem. The linguas francas at the time of Christianity’s emergence were Latin and Greek. In Latin, the word for hell is “infernum,” while in Greek, it’s “tártara.” Maybe I need stronger glasses, but infernum and tártara don’t look like they were stolen from “Hel” to me.

Furthermore, it is extremely unlikely that the authors of the gospels, the church fathers, and/or Paul of Tarsus (whom Andrea credits as the founder of Christianity) spoke English, seeing as how even Old English only dates to the fifth century. I greatly admire anyone who can steal the name of a Norse goddess they’ve probably never heard of for a language that does not yet exist. They would be high-powered stockbrokers, no doubt, if they were alive today.

The modern word ‘hell’ derives from the old English “hel” and “helle”, and yes, it is a cognate of the Old Norse name of the netherworld. Amazingly, they actually got something right. I’m not even going to bother with the claims about chakras though. Just… no.

3. “Satan” in Hebrew means “adversary,” but the Hebrew language was derived from other languages that preceded it by hundreds to thousands of years. The Hebrew letters are derived from Phoenician and Phoenician was derived from hieroglyphics; cuneiform- just research any text book on the origins of languages. [2]

Both Phoenician and Hebrew are classified as Canaanite languages, which are in the Semitic family of the larger Afro-Asiatic family.

The Joy of Satan clergy also seem to have misunderstood what Egyptian hieroglyphics and Sumerian cuneiform were. They are writing systems—like runes or the Latin alphabet—not separate languages.

So where did Phoenician and Hebrew come from then, you ask? Probably Canaanite, as demonstrated by this family tree. Notice, however, that Sumerian is not listed anywhere in this diagram. This is because Sumerian, like Basque and Korean, is classified by linguists as a language isolate.

Note in the upper northwest corner of the map of India, the name of the town “Satana.” “Satnam” and “Sa Ta Na Ma” are sacred mantras used in kundalini (serpent) meditation. The five primal sounds in Ancient Sanskrit, one of the oldest known languages are “SA-TA-NA-MA.” “Sa” means infinity; Ta means life; Na means death; and Ma means rebirth. The Jews who wrote the bible, obviously at some point shortened “Sa-Ta-Na-Ma” to “Satan” which cuts off at death. This was in further attempts to remove knowledge and replace it. The nazarene was invented as a distraction for the masses and nothing more. [2]

The JoS really really need to learn about the wonderful world of false friends. There are a number of pages on the ‘net that claim to have established a link between Hebrew and Sanskrit. The problem is that they do this by simply comparing lexicon, and some similarities in lexicon do not prove a relationship. Actual linguists compare syntax and phonological and morphological systems as well. I suspect that most sites comparing Sanskrit and Hebrew don’t mention syntax or phonological and morphological systems because they probably don’t know what they are.

There have been many conflicting articles concerning the Yezidi Devil worshippers of Iraq. The Yezidi people originally came from Southern Iraq and migrated north to Mount Lalish. It is believed they are descendants of the Assyrians who sought refuge after the fall of Nineveh in 612 BCE. [3]

Sorry, but no. The Yezidi, by and large, are KURDS, and therefore, they’re more closely related to the Persians than the Assyrians. There areAssyrians alive in the Middle East today, but most of them are Syriac Christians, not Yezidi.

The name “Jehova” was stolen from the Roman God “Jove.” “The pious Dr. Parkhurst. . . proves, from the authority of Diodorus Siculus, Varro, St. Augustine, etc., that the Iao, Jehova, or ieue, or ie of the Jews was the Jove of the Latins and Etruscans…””YHWH/IEUE was additionally the Egyptian Sun God Ra: Ra was the father in heaven, who has the title of ‘Huhi’ the eternal, from which the Hebrews derived the name ‘Ihuh.'” [4]

Remember what I said above about false friends? Uh-huh… Jehovah is the English rendering of YHVH or יְהֹוָה. It’s been argued that “Jehovah” is based on a misunderstanding. The Jews rarely pronounced YHVH and used ‘Adonai’ or ‘Elohim’ instead when reading aloud from scripture. Where YHVH originates is hard to say, though it was already in use by the time of the Babylonian captivity, in the 6th century BCE. That throws some dirt on Andrea’s theory, considering that the Jews had little-to-no contact with the Romans or their god, Jupiter, until Rome conquered Judea in the 1st century BCE.

The name Jupiter, incidentally, was derived from the Latin, “lovis pater” and “Iovis” was eventually turned into Jove by English writers.

Most wound up in the “Goetia.” Note the similarity of the root “Goet” meaning “Devil” and the derogatory Jewish word for Gentile, which is “goy” or plural, “goyim.” [5]

(“goy” or “goyim” – plural, are Jewish derogatory words for “Gentile/s” the root “goeti” is the root word of “Devil.” Satan is the God of the Gentiles and our True Creator God. “Satan” means “enemy” in Hebrew. [7]

Goetia is a Latin word derived from the Greek, γοητεια (goeteiam, meaning “charm” or “jugglery”) which was derived in turn from the Greek word for sorcerer, γοης.

Goyim is indeed a Hebrew word often used to refer to Gentiles. However,goyim literally means “nation”or “people” and has no connection with devils or demons. Your mileage may vary about the question of whether or not goyim is “derogatory.”

Note “Jesus” the five letters represent the five elemtnts- fire, earth, air, water, and quintessence of the human soul [6]

I suppose the JoS clergy assumes “Jesus” was the name first applied to the Nazarene? Sorry, but no. Jesus is “an Anglicization of the Greek Ίησους (Iēsous), itself a Hellenization of the Hebrew יהושע (Yehoshua) or Hebrew-Aramaic ישוע (Yeshua), meaning ‘YHWH rescues.'” Had the New Testament not been written in Greek, we might have known Jesus as Joshua, but more about that can be found here.

“Easter” was stolen from Astaroth. Originally known as “Ashtar.” This holiday coincides with the Vernal Equinox of spring when day and night are of equal length. Known as “Eastre” to the Anglo-Saxons. As the Goddess of fertility, she was associated with rabbits and eggs. The xtians stole this holiday and twisted its meaning. Other names include: Easter Eastre Eos Eostre Ester Estrus (Estrus is when an animal goes into heat; mating season) Oestrus Oistros and Ostara. Again, the “Lamb of God” was stolen from the Zodiac sign of Aries the Ram which occurs every spring. [6]

You know, there’s a great dictionary of etymology over here. Try and use it sometime. And once again, Andrea and co.’s view is very English-centric. There are Christians who don’t speak English, after all, and they don’t call Easter, well, “Easter.” Speakers of Romance languages call Easter by its Greek name, Pascha, which was derived from Pesach, the Hebrew Passover. Speakers of many Slavic languages call it “Great Day” in their respective tongues. In Croatian and Serbian, Easter is called Uskrs, “Resurrection.”

So where does the English word, “Easter?” come from? That dictionary of etymology I linked to above says Easter is derived from the Old English,Eastre. According to the Venerable Bede, Eostre was an Anglo-Saxon goddess of the dawn whose name was co-opted by Anglo-Saxon Christians for the celebration of the resurrection of Christ.

The article mentions “Ostara” and had Andrea spent more time doing research and less time doing LSD, she’d know that Ostara was first mentioned by Jakob Grimm, of Brothers Grimm fame. He speculated that Ostara was a German goddess that the German Easter, Ostern was based on. (While we’re on the subject, the neo-pagan holiday of Ostara is a mixture of different spring fertility celebrations and there seems to be no actual record of a historical holiday called Ostara.)

So does that mean that the whole idea of Easter was stolen from Germanic and Anglo-Saxon religion? Probably not. The idea of the celebration was not invented by Anglo-Saxons and the Venerable Bede’s theory about Easter coming from the goddess Eostre was just that. Eostre has no certain parallel in North Germanic languages, though Jacob Grimm suggested Eostre may be related to the figure of Austri, from a 13th century Prose Edda. So, in short: whether or not Eostre was actually ever worshipped is up for debate. Either way, neither the Venerable Bede nor Jakob Grimm ever claimed that she was associated with rabbits or eggs.

Moving on, the claim that the “Lamb of God” was stolen from the Zodiac sign/constellation Aries is another thing straight out of Bizarro world. The Lamb of God actually comes out of Passover tradition when the Temple in Jerusalem was still intact. Every Passover, a lamb would be slain, its blood spread on the altar and the flesh eaten. Now since I know most of the Joy of Satan clergy has a difficult time grasping metaphor, I’ll spell it out: in calling Jesus Christ the “Lamb of God”, his followers were saying that he was a sacrificial lamb offered up to repent for humanity’s sins. There’s an alternative theory that the phrase should actually be translated as “son of God”, but either way, it doesn’t have a thing to do with Aries the Ram.

Speaking of, Aries actually refers to a golden ram that rescued Phrixus and Helle from being sacrificed due to the lies of their stepmother, Ino. Helle fell off the back of the ram and drowned, though Phrixus reached dry land safely and sacrificed the ram to Zeus in thanks. The ram’s golden fleece was given to Aeëtes and that golden fleece became the very fleece that Jason sought to claim in myth of Jason, Medea and the Argonauts.

The Rosary was stolen from Tibetan Mala Beads, used for meditation. The repetition of the “Hail Marys” and the “our fathers” are stolen from the East Asian Mantras. A Mantra is a word repeated over and over to focus the mind in meditation. “Ohm” is the most common. The robotic repetitious prayers recited over and over again in Christian Churches are also corrupted imitations of mantras. [6]

… Right. And the Desert Fathers knew what Buddhists were doing in Tibet… how, exactly?

And sadly, their definition of a mantra is, at best, an oversimplification.

“Amen” when said at the end of Christian prayers was STOLEN as well. “Amen” was stolen from the Egyptian “Amon.” “Amon RA.” [6]

Amen is actually Old English, derived from the Greek “amen, which was in turn derived from the Hebrew “amen”, meaning truth. It was often used as a term to confirm agreement, from Semitic root a-m-n “to be trustworthy, confirm, support.” This is why, even today, people often respond to a statement that heartily agree with with “Amen!” Amon, conversely, was apparently Egyptian for “hidden.”

The Tarot, which originated in Egypt and is based upon the constellations (Egypt was the center of Spiritual Alchemy) has evolved into a deck of cards, of which modern playing cards originated after the trump was discarded.

There’s no concrete evidence that the Tarot came from Egypt, unless Andrea and friends have a large collection of manuscripts stored away somewhere. As far as we can definitely tell, the first Tarot decks originated in 15th century Italy.

It’s true that playing cards in general first entered Europe by way of the Egyptian Mamluke Sultanate, sometime in the 11th or 12th century, but there’s no reason to suppose that the Mamlukes were sekritly into Egyptian mysticism. Most of the the Mamulkes came from the areas around the Caucasus and were, therefore, no more “Egyptian” thanCleopatra VII.

Michael the archangel is the same and was stolen from Marduk. Archangel “Gabriel” was stolen from the Egyptian God Thoth, Raphael was stolen from Azazel and Uriel from Beelzebub.

Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel began as Chaldean demi-gods, not a Babylonian god, an Egyptian god, a Talmudic angel and a Philistine idol.

This is one of the many, many examples of the Joy of Satan clergy asserting that some Jewish or Christian angel/god/biblical figure was stolen from something in some other religion, and then fail to back up that claim. What are the similarities between say, Raphael and Azazel?

The “Horned God” originates to Sumeria. The Sumerian Gods wore headgear with horns. This predates Judeo/Christianity by thousands of years. Pagan religions were known for their worship of the Horned God. [1]

Kind of like Vikings? (Or not: apparently Vikings never wore horned helmets. Damn.)

Anyway, the Horned God myth was advocated by Margaret Murray in the 1930s, but it’s been discredited and Andrea’s version is even more bizarre. At least Murray could point to actual horned gods in ancient European religions, like Pan or Cernunnos. As far as I’m aware, there is no Sumerian god with horns; hell, there’s not even a Akkadian or Assyrian god with horns.

Next time on, “Can’t Sleep: Jews Will Eat Me”… The Joy of Satan Ministries and the Inquisition.

Egoistic Mageson666, and some stupid members.

Something fishy about Don Danko aka HP Mageson666 banning Joy of Satan clergy member Lux Luciferova AKA Love For Ea Enki AKA Antares 666, a member for 3+ years, but allowing a “crazy Hungarian member” (as she was/is called by another member right on JoS forums) to remain after she dared threaten to spiritually murder Don Danko AKA Mageson666 and other HP’s. Veronika Hompo AKA Viktoria Feher. Notice that Viktoria Feher calls herself “her friend” when she references herself. Dual personalities?

HP Mageson 666 bans a member who has been with JoS for a while yet allows a paranoid psychopath that is fairly new to all this, who has Christian friends all over her friend list and many Jewish friends, too, along with dozens of vegans she still keeps in touch with and writes to agreeing with their posts on Facebook. One’s gotta question this guy’s rationale when he chooses this closet vegetarian/vegan over a true member. 😀JUL 26

All this start with few day ago, when Mageson666 again banned me
Why i do not know, my ideas are even by Maxime described like excelent, my accouts on forum was Lux Luciferova, then account which i do not remember and after that Love For Ea Enki and now is Antares 666,
and in JoS groups i have account djn13f and before that many other accouts, i am 3 years in Joy of Satan so i have a lot of accouts, which are all banned by mageson.And why?
I do not know, i even contribute in educating new members, answering on questions, doing spiritual warfare, sharing truth with link, a hours and hours on internet, i was good a member, like i am still now.
700 comments on YouTube, and 200 on websites which allow postingcomments without moderator approval first.
A lot of ideas hove to share links.
I even try to share my experience with Satan and Guardian Demon, story hove i find Joy of Satan, my experience when i was newbie. He not approve that, but he approve idiotic questions of some other members.
I just wanted to share my experience of what I went through to help new members.I was angry, so i find on internet comments of members about Mageson666, i see that i was not only member who have this problem with High Priest Mageson666 (Don Danko) and because i could not share my opinion on forum or group again because moderator Mageson, i share on my page and then to people not thing in wrong manner why i share that i write my problem to, just after sharing link i write this: after that i decide share all this to member of Joy of Satan by email, i share because i feel all this with Mageson need to stop, but i share only to few members, because some of that members advice me to talk to Mageson and Maxime to solve this problem, so i send email to Mageson and writhe what i do not like about him and why and share what i write on my page.

The first person I was advised to do so is a person who insulted me soon after and also share a lie about me on Facebook, she write this to me:






And after that this:

You are an idiot bitch! How dare you call me crazy after you attacked
> me?! You are sharing a jewish blog and abuse me and other members and
> you want to call me crazy?! ARE YOU SOUND OF MIND??!
> As I said you are not normal and you are not satanist at all.
> Satan will kick your fucking ass.
> Go and fuck your new jewish friend : Erika Hazarhun aka Suzanne Hayes.
(This send to me Viktoria Feher)

And after that, she share to members of Joy of Satan on Facebook this:

This is important. Satanist and Nazis in my timeline, please block and report this page. This page is run by Dajana Fitos and she is herself an infiltrator. She works for some Jew called as Suzanne Hayes who has been harassing my friend. She calls herself as a Satanist and shares JoS material but attacks high priests. Just see that page. She is attacking HP Mageson 666 and then claiming that how oppressive he is. Now frankly speaking I did noticed her posts on forums. She was just copy pasting some bullshit taken from internet and calling it her own. She runs a group on FB called as PDF which is a secret group and posts all kind of books on occult, each book contradicting each other. Lol.

So, stupid members, you think that i am a infiltrator, that i working for that jew? No. I do not care who write that blog, i only know that on this link from that blog i found that other member are complain too about Mageson. And that why i shared that link.

Also, you think that Mageson banned me because i shared that link? Use logic, why i all this time post good things and suddenly i share that link and wrote what i wrote on my page?

Maxime say this: No mediators between you and Gods and search for knowledge, do not wait other people to find for you.

All this time, two years, from time since it started this Mageson´s censorship of all topic and banning accounts, all this time I explore, l find new interesting information like about the elements and Mer Ka Ba meditation which that I found two days ago, some things that Maxime has not yet been share to us, all this time I seek and I am learning and progressing, and members who have blocked me who unfriended me i telling them to fuck themselves. And to Mageson , well, l will laugh at you one day .

I do not accept the apology , I am part Jos, i do meditation and i will participate in a collective ritual when will needed but I will continue to seek knowledge .
I was very hurt condemnation of me by members, that I ‘m doing more than just a lazy member yet not good enough because it is more important opinion of stupid member about me, who insulted me , something what I have not told any member , i did not come to argue , but to learn and I share what I know.

I seek knowledge, not dogma, so that why i come to you, I am not anyone’s property to tell me to shut up , I ask the questions, and if you not give me the answer , I do find elsewhere .

I have come here in the pursuit of the knowledge, not the dogma.

Enki Lucifer Satan EA Ptah Shiva Melek Taus Dionysus Viracocha

Something fishy about Don Danko aka HP Mageson666 banning Joy of Satan clergy member Lux Luciferova AKA Love For Ea Enki AKA Antares 666, a member for 3+ years, but allowing a “crazy Hungarian member” (as called by another member to HungARYAN) to remain after she dared threaten to spiritually murder Don Danko AKA Mageson666.

“How dare you call me crazy” — Veronika Hompo AKA Viktória Fehér
Viktória Fehér AKA Veronika Hompo looking for pics of Mageson666 so she can

Viktória Fehér AKA Veronika Hompo looking for pics of Mageson666 so she can “spiritually murder” him. To quote her public comment: “If he won’t stop himself I will curse him.”  “Now I started to have doubt if he’s spiritual satanist at all…”  “He can be traitor too.”  “Are there any method to stop him?”

Viktória Fehér says this is a Jewish blog. LMAO 😀 Poor crazy Veronika Hompo, to her all blogs are Jewish and she is afraid of all of them and everyone who is outside in the world and not spending 20 hours a day doing protection rituals because they’re idiot neo-nazis. Hey feherviki86 why do none of the sermons Mad Max posts ever have anything to do with spiritual satanism?