Laughing at Neo-Nazis, one day at a time

*an oldie but goodie!

Laughing at Neo-Nazis, one day at a time

Welcome to my Joy of Satan expose page where I will write about this very amusing cult & all of it’s broken ways. Now let’s begin shall we?

What is this “Joy of Satan”?

Joy of Satan is a “spiritual satanist” organization which believes that satan is the true creator of humanity & that history has been rewritten by jews who are really reptilian space aliens. Their beliefs circle this idea as a rationalization for all their actions. Currently owned and administrated by a woman named “Maxine Dietrich” who says she can speak to directly to satan who is referred to as “father”. As well they see angels as evil energy vampires which pray on people to zap them of all their strength and free will. God or Jehovah is seen as a giant non-existing spinning votex of energy which all the energy from prayers is sent where it can be used by said jews. Jesus Christ is seen as a jewish archetype who never existed & was created from the stories of other gods. They say the jews use him as a way of restraint along with the catholic church to suppress “knowledge”.

Satan himself is seen under many names most notably as Enki from sumerian mythos as the creator god. Satan and his demons are seen as the various pagan gods of the past such as Zeus, Isis, and Astaroth who were demonized by said jews. The followers of this see themselves as “gods” and believe that energy centers know as “chakras” are the key to gaining superpowers. Through meditation, they work to empower these in hopes of gaining said superpowers.

Now for the truth

Maxine Dietrich

Her real identity is Andrea Herrington, the wife of the ex-president of the National Socialist Movement Clifford Herrington. She herself is half-native american and a self-hating hypocrite who enforces white supremacist ideals.

Old man Herrington in 2002. Fat ugly old man. Andrea Herrington aka Maxine is the trash sitting rows back, slumped in the chair like a dirty repressed POS.

Old man Herrington in 2002. Fat ugly old man. Andrea Herrington aka Maxine is the trash sitting rows back, slumped in the chair like a dirty repressed POS.

Joy of Satan’s real goal

The real goal of this cult is to recruit new members for the National Socialist Movement under the geist of a satanic organization. They implant anti-semetic ideas claiming them as satainic with ms. Herrington enforcing this through various psychological brainwashing tactics(see mental conditioning). Much like any other white supremacist neo-nazi organization they want to exterminate all blacks, asians, latinos, and native americans leaving only the white race left. However this satanic cult has currently been revealed to the NSM with Andrea’s husband, Clifford Herrington, being outright fired as president. Now the cult’s only real purpose is donation which support Clifford & Andrea.

Mental Conditioning

Joy of satan starts of like any other cult promising happiness & protection while claiming to a false baseless belief system. Anyone with minor occult knowledge can debunk all of the sites beliefs & teaching but this isn’t a factor as it’s to attract rebellious teens & outsiders who know nothing. After initial involvement in the group a “Dedication Ritual” is constantly pushed on them as a pointless contract. This is used as a subconscious trap to implant the idea that they belong as most cults do. Next constant threats are placed upon the members that if they leave bad things will happen to them. Various references to “members” who left are made to incite fear within to keep them in the group. As well the various meditations on the site are mostly stolen & have been altered from their original states. Because of Andrea’s lack of knowledge on the subject her alteration cause mental harm to the people that do them which include but aren’t limited to: oversleeping, hallucinations, and paranoia. Ironically the members constantly argue how free thought is under control by the “enemy” they themselves are not allowed any information that conflicts their thoughts. ms. herrington feeds them bastardized occult information warping their thoughts to conform to her neo-nazi ideology (See “Andrea’s Knowledge”). Anyone who says anything is immediately labeled as a traitor or “enemy of satan” and banned from the group as ms. herrington’s word is law. Any confliction is immediately labeled as “false” or of being corrupted by jews. By this point they are in a very deep state of Ratchet Syndrome where escape is very hard to come by.

Belief Inconsistency

Playing the name game

A very well know claim by joy of satan is that various demons and gods have been know throughout the ages by various different names. This is ludicrous as the names are mixed together without any evidence from various cultures such as how she claims Astaroth (Goetic demon) is also seen as Innana (sumerian), Athena (Greeks), Aset (egyptian), and Anat (ugaritic).

Who is Father Satan?

A paranoid delusion created in the mind of ms. herrington. Her “Father Satan” is merely a melting pot of other deities from various other cultures since she has no basis on the character of Satan. Because of this she has claimed satan is: Enki, Ea, and Melek Ta’us in order to obtain ground for her claims. These are easily disputed by anyone who searches for 2 mins (actual search time may be less).

Her beliefs of satan as ENKI are actually drawn from fictional books written by a man named Zecharia Sitchin who is oddly enough jewish. His theory pertains to a supposed 12th planet called Nibiru that crashed into another planet which was between mars & jupiter called Tiamat. The resulting collision supposedly created earth, the asteroid belt, and comets. Tiamat was supposedly the home of an advanced alien race know as Annunaki who survived and continued to live on earth. On earth the Annunaki supposedly created humans by mixing their genes with homo erectus as a form of slave labor to work in gold mines. Sitchin’s claims have long since been debunked by modern astrologers and genetics but of course provide very entertaining fiction. Also worthy of mention is how ms herrington also takes her name association of satan and other demons from him as Sitchin has claimed that Enki is also ptah and posiedon in the various mythos.

The thought of Satan as Melek Ta’us was taken from an inaccuracy in the Satanic bible where it is mentioned as an infernal name of satan(works though). Melek Ta’us in his actuality is an angel of the yezidis. Though many will claim that the yezidis are devil worshipers they are quite the opposite as they worship angels. The yezidis are a sect of the religion of Yazdanism which itself derives from the Kurdish word Yazdân, meaning God or angel. Melek Ta’us himself is an illumination of god created before humans and a servant of said god. He is god’s representative between him and humanity NOT an evil entity. Ms. herrington took this her association in order to have the black book of the yezidis to ground her claims but ofcourse her site isn’t for the enlightened.

At the end this was all done as a cheap attempt to make her satan seem older than judiasm but as you can see above there is no real ground for this butchered mess. There is no real Father Satan.

Who is the Real Satan?

The real Satan in actuality has his origins in Jewish mythology. He is in all truth the angel of death Sammuel with his god given title being Ea-Satan or the adversary. His job on earth is to tempt humanity to sin, to disobey, to be wicked. Throughout his temptations the hearts of those that resist become stronger because of it as is his job. He isn’t really evil but acts like it because it’s his angelic function. Within the old testament the only reference made to him is during the book of Job where the faith of Job is tested by Sammuel through a series of tragedies.

Real Nazis aren’t satanic

Another claim by ms. herrington is claiming that hilter and various others of the german nazi party were satanist. This is utter non-sense especially considering satanism didn’t even exist back then. To begin there is Adolf Hitler who was infact raised christian & publicly stated it has his faith in many instances. There were also instances where he stated the need for christianity such as on March 23, 1933. He addressed the Reichstag:

“The National Government regards the two Christian confessions (i.e. Catholicism and Protestantism) as the weightiest factors for the maintenance of our nationality…. In the same way, the Government of the Reich, which regards Christianity as the unshakable foundation of the morals and moral code of the nation, attaches the greatest value to friendly relations with the Holy See, and is endeavoring to develop them.”

Even in his autobiography “Mein Kampf” he stated that Jesus

“made no secret of his attitude toward the Jewish people, and when necessary he even took the whip to drive from the temple of the Lord this adversary of all humanity, who then as always saw in religion nothing but an instrument for his business existence. In return, Christ was nailed to the cross.”

In behind closed doors however he was more of an agnostic with sympathies toward christianity but never denied them. He had no satanic or occult connections, he even ridiculed ideas of occult & neo-paganism behind closed doors. All of ms. herrington’s “satanic hitler” claims have no evidence to support them and only show her incompetence.

Andrea’s “Knowledge”

Throught he various e-groups ms. herrington constantly speaks of “secret knowledge” and of supposed acidemic intelligence. At the end however this breaks down to a few simple words:

  1. Chakra
  2. Kundilindi
  3. meditation
  4. aura
  5. power
  6. jews

Within everything she types these same exact words continously appear along with any information she can skewer. The recurring trend is:

  1. Chakras and Kundilindi will get you superpowers
  2. Meditation is needed to get chakra and kundilini superpowers
  3. Jews stole everything, jews have all the power, jews have all the money, and anything that can be said negatively about the jews.
  4. Satan wants you to have power

This is all andrea’s knowledge amounts to and anything added is automaticly taken out of context or from new age sources which are bastardized enough as it is. Along with this neo-nazi ideology is unconsciously fed into them with her already highly damaging “knowledge”. This preps them for joining NSM or would if they weren’t expelled for being “Satanic”.

Websites which debunk & make fun of JOS

SiJos: An excelent message board for debunking JOS
Satan’s powers A site created by a former high priest of JOS which shows the inner working of the organization.


One thought on “Laughing at Neo-Nazis, one day at a time

  1. ✡ “Many of the Jews have an IQ [level of intelligence] above the top 2% of the population.”
    ✡ “The average Gentile comes home, snaps on that TV set, goes to the fridge and takes out an ice cold beer, and then sits down in front of that TV for the rest of the night…”
    ✡ “I know a large number of members in these groups are too fucking lazy and/or are indifferent. These people are also very stupid.”
    ✡ “This isn’t some joke. Satanists who sit back and tolerate the injustice here online are in reality, aiding and abetting the enemy. This is where we can fight, as what we post online can change the world.”
    –High Priestess Maxine Dietrich



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