Hitler — Neither Vegetarian OR Animal Lover. Hitler Ate Meat and Tested on Animals.

Uh-oh. It’s official – Hitler ATE Meat! HITLER ATE PIECES OF MEAT.

Uh-oh. It’s official -Hitler ATE


(Photographic Proof) – Hitler was

Not a vegetarian & No Vegan diet



Hitler eating meat.

It’s now conclusive. Hitler was not a Vegetarian. There are photos of Hitler himself dining on pieces of meat.

Thus, already at this point, the erroneous statement that “Hitler was a vegetarian” is known false.

But there’s more…

Hitler was also Not a Vegan. Hitler arose and did his deeds in Germany in and around 1939. In fact, at this time the word “vegan” hadn’t even been invented yet! It was invented by “the allies” in 1944! So any person found attempting to assert Hitler was a vegan is now revealed as false because at the time Hitler rose to power, it didn’t even exist. It’s akin to claiming Hitler was on the Atkins diet, when Atkins hadn’t even invented it yet.

Hitler the meat-eater and Nazi ended up dead in a bunker in early 1945. Donald Watson, the inventor of the word veganism, was on the side of the United States of America, was a Brit, a member of THE ALLIES, who were against germany, and even in 1945 absolutely no one was sharing potential information during a World War, especially anything about vegan diets which would be an advantage in knowledge and strength and power for the England, the United States, and the allied forces to be stronger, faster, more athletic and have more endurance with less sickness using a healthier plant-based diet. The word vegan wasn’t even officially Defined until 1951. Hitler was already dead. So anyone writing that Hitler was Vegan or praised veganism is summarily debunked.


Again, there are photographs of Hitler eating meat. And photos of Hitler dining at the dinner table, with meat on his plate. There is first-hand testimony by Hitler’s own wife who fixed his meals that Hitler liked to eat bavarian sausage. She states Hitler ate Liver too. So if you know a person that likes Sausage, Adolf Hitler also liked to eat sausage. And if you know a person who recommends liver, Hitler loved liver.

Hitler also ate ham. So if you encounter anyone bragging about loving bacon, that was also one of Hitler’s favorites. Adolf Hitler loved and ate bacon. He also ate poultry. Hitler ate squib which is a type of bird, like a chicken or pigeon. So if you have a person who loves chicken wings, poultry, loves hunting pheasants, grouse, etc, you can let them know that Hitler also loved it. Hitler admits eating sausages, killing turtle meat and eating it, and pork from boars and swine pigs. Hitler was a meat-eater.


Hitler’s memoirs show Hitler admitted he eats Meat: “After midnight [Eva] would order that there should be another light snack for us, of Turtle soup, sandwiches, and Sausages.”

And there you have it. Not only do photographs now confirm Hitler enjoyed eating meat, but he admitted it, in writing.

Hitler’s household staff also confirm Hitler ate pieces of meat. And his own wife’s diary tells that she cooked meat for him and he ate it. Including bowls full of meat for the Fuhrer.


Even entire books now disprove the false myth that Hitler was vegetarian, including: “HITLER, NEITHER VEGETARIAN NOR ANIMAL LOVER” by Rynn Berry.

Publisher’s Weekly now confirms: This “lays to rest the myth that Hitler was a vegetarian. The Fuhrer gorged himself on bavarian sausages, ham, liver , and pigeon“-Hitler was Neither a Vegetarian, nor an animal lover.”-ISBN

Simply put “Rynn Berry Hitler No Vegetarian” into google, and see what comes up. You’ll see a whole book on it, with research debunking this conspiracy kook Hitler myth. Hitler was not a vegetarian, Hitler ate pig meat, grass-fed boars (paleo), roasted game (as in the paleolithic diet), bacon, dumplings, meat soup, and he killed animals.

ARCHIVES: Hitler: Neither Vegetarian, nor Animal Lover / Rynn Berry / ISBN Book # 0962616966


As we already know, Hitler ate loads of meat. Well, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, eating meat leads to poor health, sickness, cancer, and disease. Hitler ate meat – Hitler got sick! Hitler ate meat and got horrible stomach illnesses. Hitler made himself sick by eating meat and had stomach problems from his meat-based diet, so they called in the Doctors to find out why he was getting sick.

Keep in mind, this is at a time when there was a world war going on. Hitler ruled with an iron-hand, and people were scared of him because he would send either them, or their families to a death camp. Therefore, Hitler’s staff called in the doctors to force them to diagnose and force them to advise and treat Hitler. Obviously nobody’s going to get some bad doctor to treat “The Fuhrer”, so the Nazi minions and staff would want only the top Doctors to be treating the #1. These doctors were not soldiers. They were not Nazis. Just like how Albert Einstein happened to come from Germany, and he was a great scientist, and Einstein and more happened to side with the Allies, not Hitler, there were also other scientists and medical researchers that simply knew science well, they did not subscribe to Hitler’s politics or war. In fact, many were against it, and that is the very fact why such people as Werner Von Braun, Einstein, and others went forward to help the US. And were against Hitler.

But during the oppression, if you spoke, you could end up killed. And if you were asked to do something, if you refused, it was not only You that would suffer a firing squad, but if you didn’t do what the Nazis asked, Hitler would have your family, sons, daughters, and wife and your whole family rounded up and executed or sent to the ovens. So many researchers and scientists were forced to do what they may not have wanted to do, against their will, on penalty of death, or death of the ones they loved.

Also, if you were told to create some rocket part, and you purposely sabotaged it, or that part didn’t work, guess who paid the penalty. Therefore, there was a great deal of pressure (death!) to get it right.

This is how the vegetarian Hitler myth was erroneously born. It wasn’t Hitler who cheered it. Hitler didn’t dream up going vegetarian. Hitler didn’t even follow through with it himself. In fact, it was his medical doctors! Hitler ate meat. Hitler got sick. And it was his doctors who were the ones who told him eating meat was causing the damage to his stomach and health.

The medical staff and top doctors on the land were brought in by the Nazis, and forced to give advice as to how to cure Hitler’s stomach. They had 2 choices: They could lie and tell him a plant based diet was bad and meat was the best, but that wouldn’t instantly kill him in 3 seconds, on a meat-diet you waste away and suffer with slowly degrading health damage and cancer for years or decades, so it would kill him, but only eventually after years of slow growing colorectal tumors, diverticulitis, and rectal colon polyps, the problem is, Hitler’s team would find out sooner than that, that you lied, and immediately kill you, and do horrible things to your grandmother, daughter, wife, and whole family. So it just wouldn’t work to tell him that meat was good, don’t eat vegetarian, and then have him live on in a bad mood for years, but in the meantime finding out that what you recommended did not work and he was still sick, so he now kills your family.

So the other choice, is to tell the truth, and give the advice that they knew would fix his stomach pain and illness, a vegetarian diet they knew worked. And by telling the actual advice, and then having the stomach pains, and illnesses go away on a plant-based diet, perhaps they could get in some favorable position to save their families and not get hurt. And maybe live to save others among the people as well. — The doctors, who were the top doctors in all the land, told Hitler the cause of his health problems was meat, and it worked. The doctors told Hitler to stop eating the meat, it wasn’t Hitler’s idea. It was the doctors, pressured by the threat of family harm, that told the accurate medical truth, and indeed it did work. For a while….

It was the top doctors and highest medical scientists at the time, in Germany, who were forced to give advice, and they are the ones who said to go vegetarian, it wasn’t Hitler’s idea. And lo & behold, it worked. Hitler’s stomach problems went away, and when he stopped eating as much meat, it improved his health. But Hitler then went back to eating meat. Hitler didn’t “become a vegetarian”. Hitler began eating meat again. He still ate pieces of meat. Veg was his doctors’ idea, a medical team, not Hitler. And any doctor, or any person for that matter, who knew the cost of telling someone the wrong answer would be death, would be damn sure the answer he was giving was right. And the answer they gave to improve human health upon penalty of their family’s own death, was the truth, going vegetarian would improve their health. And it did! But Hitler then immediately went back to eating pork, sausage, bacon, poultry, and swine.

So it was top medical science, not Hitler’s politics or even his idea at all. And scientifically it worked. But Hitler only did it because of others, not himself, and only did it to get rid of his stomach illness, which it worked, and then Hitler went back to ranting and raving and killing people and animals. Hitler immediately reverted to eating meat. This is how the myth got started, and this is why there are mentions of vegetarian meals with reference to Hitler, but it was not Hitler’s idea, he didn’t choose it, he didn’t follow it, he didn’t force it as any lifestyle, he didn’t want it, and all his life, even up till the end, Hitler ate meat.

QUOTE on the exposure that Hitler was not a vegetarian afterall, and that Hitler was an Omnivore: “This has adroitly demolished one of history’s most enduring lies.”-Publisher’s Weekly after seeing proof that the Hitler was a vegetarian myth was exposed as debunked.


Hitler ate the types of wild meat and unprocessed food diet that most closely resembled Paleo.

All 19 of the islamic muslim terorists that hurt america were meat-eaters.




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Hitler ate meat. Hitler was not a vegetarian. Adolf Hitler was not an animal lover. This is now verified as a false myth. Hitler was a Meat-Eater.

Hitler ate meat. Hitler was not a vegetarian. Adolf Hitler was not an animal lover. This is now verified as a false myth. Hitler was a Meat-Eater.

Adolph Hitler eating meat. Hitler ate unprocessed meat along with his vegetables. Like Paleo. Hitler ate Sausage. Hitler ate Pork. Hitler ate poultry & wild game birds. Hitler ate cooked Turtles & animal broth in soup. Hitler was Not a Vegetarian.

Adolph Hitler eating meat. Hitler ate unprocessed meat along with his vegetables. Like Paleo. Hitler ate Sausage. Hitler ate Pork. Hitler ate poultry & wild game birds. Hitler ate cooked Turtles & animal broth in soup. Hitler was Not a Vegetarian.

Source: Hitler eating Meat

What the American Nazi Party Thinks of Joy of Satan (And What Does This Have to do with the HungARYAN)

The following is taken from the American Nazi Party.
“Advancing National Socialism into the 21st Century” is their motto.

They are a bigger group than the little e-forum and websites of Joy of Satan.
I think they are a sick bunch of racist shits, but this isn’t about opinion. It’s about proving that there are gullible teenagers around the world willing to drop everything for a bunch of strangers on a website, an e-cult. That a Hungarian psychopath, an angry and severely mentally ill woman in Budapest (See the “About” Page), is so tortured inside her twisted head she‘ll turn to anything at this point as long as it’s about hate and boosting her own failing ego.

ANP Report for December 03, 2013

Racial Comrades: I must beg your pardons for the lateness of my ANPReport, but things have been a bit hectic in my personal life lately, and frankly that’s the “best” excuse that I can come up with – please accept my sincere apologies.

You all know that I have often slammed and denigrated many of those within our Racial Movement, for many different things, from STUPIDITY, to CORRUPTION, to DYSFUNCTIONALISM, to outright BETRAYAL of “WHAT” we as National Socialists truly believe in, and which so many good, sincere and decent men AND women have fought, sacrificed, and YES – even DIED FOR.

My constant “fixation” over the costumed, “Hollywierd Nutzi” bunch known as the so-called “nsm , and their RACE-MIXING mini fuhrer – ( Jeff Schoep was indeed married for four years to a self-proclaimed ARAB woman named Joanna, who has a BLACK daughter named Amber from a negro named Raymond Smith, her earlier husband; that IS race treasonsimply Google it up for the well known facts, ) he is the darling of the enemy jews’ media – as he perfectly fits THEIR “description” of “WHAT” a National Socialist is SUPPOSED to BE.

Yes, Mr. Schoep is a well known FELON for burglarizing a fellow White person, a charge for which HE PLED GUILTY. He is also a multiple ADULTERER – who has fathered around a half-dozen children, out of marriage and supported NONE of THEM – is that the behavior of an “Aryan OR a National Socialist”? Or, is this the kind of lifestyle racialists often point the finger at, as being “nigger-like”?

Schoep has created the “nsm” truly in “HIS” image – MANY , but not ALL – are dysfunctionals, or people whom Adolf WOULD have given a fast trip to a re-education camp, in a truly NS State. Some well known examples would be JON SNYDER whom he appointed as Illinois State Leader, whose later claim to fame – would be to appear on “America’s Most Wanted” tv show for sex crimes. The “nsm” California State Leader Jeff Hall was shot in the head while in a drunken stupor by his ten year old son, for child abuse. The “nsm” Arizona State Leader J.T. Ready went on a nut, after his “Hispanic” (?) girlfriend kicked him out, for being an unemployed loser, living off her – and he just about wiped her family out, including a BABY in some kind of insane “revenge”. For a long time, the “chairman” – who was Schoep’s “mentor”, bringing him into the “nsm” in the first place, and the real “honcho behind the scene” – was a Clifford Herrington, who was the High-Horned Hinkydink of the JOY of SATAN cult, along with his non-Aryan wife. The chief in command of “nsm’slets-pretend “SS” section” – was a creature named Duke Schneider, who himself was married to a coal-black negress! NO, I’m NOT just “making this up” – it’s ALL TRUE, and can be verified if you have the interest to do so…

The above is just SOME of the disturbing “leadership” of this neo-nutzi fantasy cult. The MEMBERSHIP as can be expected – after all, like attracts like – is similarly as repugnant. Last year in either KY or TN, a “nsm” gang, kidnapped a young White man and after murdering him over supposedly “drugs”(?) , chopped him up into tiny pieces with a hatchet and a bowie knife! Out in AZ, another “nsmer” was arrested for kidnapping a young girl child, and sex crimes… The “presidential candidate” that “nsm” fielded as a scam to soak funds from naïve and gullible supporters, and was appointed by Schoep himself – eventually outed himself as an FBI stooge, who intends to write a book about the whole mess. Willy Weiss, the maniac of “overthrow.com” fame, as well as Dr. J Plussman ( another JEW writing a book about neo-nutzis in America ) both are finding themselves eating kosher diets in the big house, for making insane “threats” to non-Aryans, hence furthering the “image” of “evil Nazis” put forth by our anti-NS enemies.

I could go on and on, but I’m sure that you all get my point, about how this so-called “nsm” and ALL these other posers out there flaunting the Swastika – are NOT really National Socialists in ANY manner! And through the ACTIONS of these cretins – RUINING the image of TRUE NS, in the eyes of the masses. Honestly, they couldn’t hurt us much more – IF – they were being PAID and SCRIPTED by our enemies!

As if this isn’t bad enough, the sad fact is – that BECAUSE the jews-media PUSHES these freaks as prime “EXAMPLES” of the “biggest, bad-assed, most feared Nazi’s since WWII” – ignoring those sincere and decent National Socialists like you and I – many “newbi’s” who know very little of these sicko’s in the “movement” and who are drawn to the SUPPOSED “biggest, bad-ass” ( per the jew propaganda, which is MEANT to divert them into these dead-ends) wind up joining these types, where they serve TWO PURPOSES.

The first, is to channel new people into dead-end clubs that play dress-up and re-enactment (supposedly) of a long gone era. These fantasy outlets do NOT engage in any REAL, POLITICAL ACTIVITIES – rather instead, they engage in the sole task of being “MEDIA WHORES” – garnering ALWAYS NEGATIVE “publicity”, making National Socialists look like stereotyped “evil clowns”, instead of sincere political participants. They are usually UNDISCIPLINED, they are UNCOUTH, they are UNKEMPT, they are OUT of SHAPE – what NORMAL person would wish to become a part of something like THAT? The QUESTION here IS – is THAT their OBJECTIVE? Rather than ATTRACT White people, are they MEANT to REPEL them? Think about it.

The second objective of these false-front outfits is even WORSE in my eyes. Yes, sometimes they DO get sincere, honest folks – people who DO wish to do something POSITIVE for our Folk – but, when these decent people become involved with these scumbags, they are appalled by what they see and experience, and far too often, QUIT and LEAVE the Struggle forever, assuming that “ALL” organizations are similar to what they have gone through. Honestly, in a way I can’t really blame them. But again, IF these good Comrades throw in the towel – WE are LOSING the very people that WE NEED if we are to SUCCEED in building up true National Socialism in America into a force to be reckoned with. Is THAT the REAL PLAN in the creation and “publicizing” of these honey-pots? Is it something MORE than just a way for LAZY con-men “poohbahs” who don’t want to own an alarm clock, to MAKE a LIVING? If so, sadly its working against us quite well.

The writer below, is a prime example of a man who was sincere, but got involved in a mess and now has a BIG “?” MARK in his mind. Are “all” these groups the “same” – should he even bother taking “another chance”? Has Jeff Schoep and his misfits driven ANOTHER potential NS political soldier away from the NS Struggle? Remember, this person was WILLING to “stick his neck out” to organize as he did. His INTENTIONS were SINCERE, and all for “WHAT” – a bunch of drunken dysfunctionals – led by an even BIGGER dysfunctional?

In the past, I usually X-out the name and address of individuals who write to me about such instances – and I have X-out the man’s phone number. But, I‘ve have left the “header” as is, simply because I don’t want “nsm” to claim it’s a fraud “made up by that Rocky who hates us”. NO, this expose is written by the ONE man whom Schoep could count upon to host one of his silly, publicity whore events ( he must be down to about NO ONE about now…) and I think Comrade Rumble DESERVES to have the “WHY” he quit “nsm” KNOWN – because I know that Schoep will do his usual “spin/damage control” to anyone who asks about Rumble’s leaving. Look at for how long Schoep LIED about his inter-racial MARRIAGE – after the ANP exposed it – for literally YEARS, until his wife finally had enough of him, and spilled the beans personally far and wide, even sending US pictures of her, Amber and Jeff all together as a happy multi-racial, rainbow family! How typical for a true National Socialist, eh? Yet, he STILL has “some” followers – HOW?

Once again, I offer the hand of true National Socialists to those who are involved with those who are certainly not fit to wear our holy Swastika emblem. Do NOT believe that “all these orgs” are a bunch of freaks and losers, just because you have been “burned” by these creatures. There IS a home for you, where IF you deserve it, you will be welcomed in as a Comrade. It’s called the American Nazi Party. Our Folk needs you. We need you. TOGETHER we CAN make a real difference! We CAN by our sacrifice and efforts – achieve those 14Words and Social Justice for the White Working Class!


Yea, that’s Nazis for you, what can I say. They’re all sick racist scum of this planet. But the article wasn’t to promote these cretins of the U.S., but to add more proof that Joy of Satan and The HungARYAN also known as Scythian Warrior ( scythianwarrior ) also known as Yoora Kim also known as Anett Nadia Kiss ( Nadia Kiss aka Veronika Hompo — HungARYAN ) and every Hungarian on JoS are mere puppets and have fallen for the biggest world lie of all, the lie most easily created with today’s technology, the internet. Falsified citations, a fake Library of Congress number (it is not valid, though Joy of Satan and Veronika/Victoria use this fake number of their postings), plagiarized content galore and most of all, hate. Then again, The Hungarian could never control her hate of everything and anything, everyone. She’s void of feelings of anything but hate. The rest is faked, just like the Joy of Satan site, so that people think she actually cares about something. She doesn’t even care about her satan. The whole agenda is self-serving. She is using JoS for her own needs and wants, not to praise anyone or to show respect to any of the members. This Psycho-terrorist has never shown respect to anyone, not even her own parents or long gone friends. She is an all-consuming selfish black hole. The users of JoS are just things she is hoping she can use one day to benefit herself. It’s all about her.

Satanism is not supposed to be about hatred, destruction and negative energy, it’s not supposed to be so focused on races and religions to fixate upon to hate with a passion. How does that help anyone? Satanism should never be about fascism. Satanism shouldn’t include praising Hitler! He was a defective human being. The hate and nazism added to satanism (along with other ridiculous tall tales in the JoS version); this is something twisted and corrupted by Joy of Satan and a few other Satanist groups. Satanism is frowned upon because of e-cults and groups such as Joy of Satan. There are many Satanists whom are respected and follow a path that I personally don’t find anything wrong with. JoS is why so many people find Satanists repulsive. The hate needs to be exterminated, not people.



This short series of questions and answers is intended as a quick introduction to a variety of topics that are often raised in respect of “revisionism” and the Holocaust. Readers are encouraged to check out the links to other articles on this web site for more complete information.

1) What is historical revisionism?

As the word implies, historical revisionism is the exercise whereby historians revise their opinions on historical events in the face of new evidence. It is an essential part of the history writing process. “Revisionism” (with quotes) is a distortion of history practiced by persons, usually inspired by antisemitism or a desire to rehabilitate the Nazis, or both. They deny that the Holocaust — the attempted extermination of the Jews by Nazi Germany — took place. The more accurate description of “revisionists”, is “deniers”. They describe themselves as revisionists because they think it gives them an air of respectability.

2) What is the Holocaust?

The attempted extermination of European Jewry by Nazi Germany, resulting in at least 6 million Jews dead. In addition, another 6 million non-Jews — Gypsies, homosexuals, prisoners of war and others — were murdered.

3) Do “revisionists” deny the Holocaust?

Yes, although they will claim they don’t. See Question 4.

4) What aspects of the Holocaust do “revisionists” believe to be supported by evidence?

“Revisionists” claim to believe certain minor aspects of the Holocaust, in the hope they will appear reasonable. So, they will admit that some Jews suffered under the Nazis, and that there were some Nazi excesses, but deny an overall extermination plan. But once questioned, it becomes quickly apparent that their real position is as that they deny all of the major elements of the Holocaust: the plan to kill the Jews, mass shooting by the Einsatzgruppen, gassing at extermination camps such as Auschwitz and Treblinka, just to mention a few.

But it isn’t quite that simple. There is a school of thought that holds that “revisionists” don’t really believe the Holocaust didn’t happen, but rather that they deny its occurrence in an attempt to foment antisemitism, rehabilitate Nazism, and/or enrich themselves.

5) Wasn’t the Holocaust proven at the war crimes trials?

Yes. The Nuremberg Trials (the trial of the major war criminals 1945-46 and subsequent trials) established beyond a doubt that there had been a plan to exterminate the Jews and that the attempt was made to carry out that plan. Later trials in Germany in the 1950s and 1960s produced even more information about this.

6) Didn’t the Nazis themselves admit there was a program to exterminate the Jews?

Yes, repeatedly. Statements, speeches and diary entries survive from such Nazis as Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, Eichmann and many others that testify to the plan to kill the Jews. In addition, the documentary evidence, in the form of captured German documents, is staggering.

8) What was the Jewish “question”?

In short, the issue of what the Nazis were to do with the Jews. The “answer” was to murder them.

9) What was the “Final Solution of the Jewish question”?

The “final solution” was the attempt to physically annihilate all Jews under Nazi control. The reason it is called “final”, as the Nazi documents attest, is that other solutions were attempted before this radical step was taken.

10) What is the origin of the six million figure?

The figure is at best a popular estimate of the number of Jews who killed by the Nazis during the Final Solution. Different historians have different approaches to arrive at estimates of the number killed. Some have based their estimates on demographic (population) analysis, others on records left behind by the Nazis, still others on analysis of different cause of death, others on Jewish records in the countries involved. Many have combined these methodologies. Estimates range from around 4.8 to 6 million Jews killed. As research continues, it begins to appear that the figure may be understated.

11) Why do “revisionists” not find the eyewitness testimony credible?

The simple answer is that it interferes with their attempt to deny the Holocaust. But to be fair, it should be pointed out that it is not the eyewitness testimony alone that bothers “revisionists”, but rather the fact that the testimony from German perpetrators, Jewish survivors and neutral observers converges in the same result: the attempted annihilation of the Jews. It is this convergence of evidence, along with the documentary, scientific and photographic evidence, that is the most damning to the “revisionist” position.

12) What was the purpose of Nazi concentration camps like Auschwitz, Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor, and so forth?

First of all, Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor and Chelmno were not concentration camps. They were “death camps” (“Vernichtungslager” in German). In those camps, the only purpose was to murder Jews. They were almost always gassed within a short time of arrival and very few were chosen to perform slave labour, such as was the case in Auschwitz. As an example, only about 7 Jews survived the Belzec extermination camp, although at least 550,000 were killed there. Auschwitz was a complex of camps; some Jews were killed in Auschwitz I (the main camp), but most were killed in Auschwitz II (Birkenau). Auschwitz III (Monowitz) was involved with production of synthetic rubber and other materials.

In addition, there were literally thousands of concentration camps where people were imprisoned, often under hideous conditions. But their intent was not primarily murder for its own sake.

13) Why was the Wannsee conference held? The understanding of the role of the Wannsee Conference is changing as new evidence is uncovered. For decades, it has been described as the conference that put the finishing touches on the administrative arrangements involved in the Final Solution. But new evidence unearthed by German historian Christian Gerlach would suggest that the ultimate decision to kill all the Jews may not have been taken by Hitler until December 11 or 12, 1941, and that Wannsee (originally scheduled for December 9, 1941, but postponed to January 20, 1942) was therefore the first meeting after the Hitler decision where the bureaucrats finally had the green light. Thus, it had a far more pivotal role.

14) What did Himmler refer to in his Posen speech?

Actually, Himmler made two speeches at Posen between October 4 and 6, 1943. He referred brutally and unequivocally to the policy and practice of exterminating the Jews. One of the speeches was recorded and still survives. Himmler’s words have been described by German writer Joachim Fest as “one of the most horrifying testaments in the German language”.

15) What did the term “selection” refer to?

It referred to selecting which Jews would be murdered immediately and which would be worked to near-death and then murdered. As Jews arrived at camps such as Auschwitz, they were visually inspected by SS doctors. The so-called “able to work” Jews were sent to one side, and those deemed unable to work were sent to the other side. This latter group — always the large majority — was immediately gassed. The process of deciding which Jews died immediately and which were spared for a time, was called the “selection”.

16) What is Zyklon-B used for?

Zyklon B is the commercial name for a pesticide containing hydrogen cyanide in a carrier. It is normally used to exterminate vermin. The Nazis, especially at Auschwitz, used it to gas Jews.

17) Why would German documents designate Zyklon-B as material for Jewish resettlement?

“Resettlement” was a Nazi jargon word that was used to mean “kill” in any documents that it was feared might eventually become public.

18) Why were Jews required to wear a yellow hexagram (Star of David) on their clothing in Nazi Germany?

To mark them for easier identification. This served two purposes according to Raul Hilberg’s seminal work The Destruction of the European Jews: first to humiliate them and alienate them from the non-Jewish German population and second, to make them easier to find when deportations began. There was also a system of badges in the concentration camps.

19) What role did the Einsatzgruppen play in the German war effort?

The Einsatzgruppen were not involved in the war effort. They existed to shoot Jews wherever they were found, especially in the “sweeps” of 1941 and 1943. As Mr. Justice Musmanno testified at the Eichmann Trial: “The purpose of the Einsatzgruppen was to murder Jews and deprive them of their property”.

20) Why were so many dead bodies found in the Nazi camps when they were captured by Allied troops?

The camps found at the end of the war were not the extermination camps. They had been previously destroyed on the orders of Himmler. The camps liberated were concentration camps where many thousands died due to neglect (untreated disease and starvation) and torture.

21) What was the function of Treblinka camp?

Like the other death camps of Sobibor, Belzec and Chelmno, Treblinka existed exclusively to murder Jews. Approximately 750,000 were killed at Treblinka, mostly with carbon monoxide gas.

22) What evidence is used to prove the death camp story?

Nazi documents and photographs, statements by both camp commandants and camp personnel, statements by survivors and other Nazi officials who were there.

23) Why is the question of the gas chambers important?

The gas chambers are merely one of the methods used to kill the Jews. Shooting, deprivation, torture, etc. are equally important and were also used as part of the same process. “Revisionists” like to pretend that the Holocaust hinges principally on the gas chambers. They then demand to see a functioning one (knowing that they were destroyed on orders from Himmler), failing which they proclaim that the Holocaust is untrue.

24) How did the Holocaust story originate?

First of all, it is not a story, but rather a fact. The Nazis left behind massive documentation on it — memos, orders, photographs, films. They also failed to kill all the Jews, some of whom survived to recall what happened. Their recollections corroborate the documentary and other evidence. Remains of murdered Jews have been found at several locations (most recently at Belzec), blueprints for gas chambers, crematoria and other instruments of death were left behind — in short, the war ended before the Nazis could destroy all the evidence.

25) Did resistance to German occupation affect Nazi treatment of Jews in territory under their control?

Yes, they were usually among the first to suffer for any real or imagined resistance. German reprisals to any partisan activity usually were on the scale of 100 killed for each German killed.

26) How were Jewish ghettoes in Nazi territory administered?

The prisoners were fed at starvation levels, and forced to live in unimaginable filth and disease-ridden areas.

27) What events led up to the Kristallnacht pogrom?

The Kristallnacht (night of the broken glass) pogrom began after a Jew named Herschel Grynzspan murdered an official of the German legation in Paris. On November 9, 1938, Joseph Goebbels (the Propaganda minister) and Reinhard Heydrich (number 2 man at the SS) used that as an excuse to destroy thousands of synagogues throughout Germany. Hence, the expression “broken glass”. Typically, the Nazi government, once it realized that the German insurance companies were liable for the billions of marks of damage, imposed a “fine” of a billion marks on the Jews.

28) What evidence is there that Jews were being “resettled” by the Nazis?

None. “Resettlement” meant deportation to, and death at, an extermination camp.

29) What was done with the bodies of the dead at the death camps?

They were cremated in crematoria, burned on open pits or buried, depending on the camp and the situation..

30) How good is testimony as a form of evidence?

Testimony is one of the prime methods of adducing evidence as thousands of trials have demonstrated over the centuries. It is most convincing when it is corroborated by other forms of evidence, such as documents, other witnesses, photographs, and so on, because testimony by itself may be imperfect due to a variety of human frailties. Historians have used testimony in this way, as part of a rich mosaic of evidence, when studying the Holocaust.

“Revisionists” like to claim that the entire Holocaust story rests on testimony. As only a cursory examination of this web site and the available literature will demonstrate, that allegation is completely untrue.

31) What did the Auschwitz camp commandant Rudolf Hoess confess about the Auschwitz camp?

He confessed about the origin, mission, operation and death toll for Auschwitz. His testimonies have been corroborated by documentation, eyewitness testimony by other Auschwitz personnel, survivors and subsequent research.

32) How was Hoess’ confession obtained?

He was interrogated. “Revisionists” like to claim that he was tortured and that his testimony is therefore tainted. The evidence though shows that after having been roughed up by the British when first captured, his treatment thereafter was reasonable and that he testified freely at Nuremberg and at his own trial in Warsaw. He also wrote memoirs.

33) Where did concentrations of Jews exist in Europe before 1939?

The United States Holocaust Museum says there were about 9.5 millions Jews in Europe in 1933, with approximate national breakdown as follows:

  • Poland: 3,000,000
  • Soviet Union: 2,525,000
  • Romania: 980,000
  • Germany: 525,000
  • Hungary: 445,000
  • Czechoslovakia: 357,000
  • Great Britain: 300,000
  • Austria: 250,000
  • France: 220,000
  • Netherlands: 160,000
  • Lithuania: 155,000
  • Latvia: 95,000

The rest of the Jews were spread among another dozen or more countries.

34) Did the Allies have information during the war that indicated that exterminations were underway?

The Allies had Ultra intercepts on the early Einsatzgruppen shootings, as well as photographic and survivor evidence. In addition, several Jews escaped from extermination camps and passed their stories on to the Allies.

35) Are accounts of cremation pits at Auschwitz-Birkenau credible?

Yes. Photographs of the cremation pits exist and several people involved have testified to their existence.

36) What evidence exists for the charge that the Nazis used the bodies of Jews to make, among other things, soap and lampshades?

Some evidence exists that this was done on a small, experimental scale. In any event, it is not critical to the Holocaust, but rather a sadistic by-product of it. “Revisionists” try to use this red herring to deflect discussion from the overwhelming proof of the Holocaust.

37) What is the explanation for all the hair, shoes, eyeglasses, and other personal items found at Auschwitz?

They were taken from the murdered Jews.

38) What have forensic examinations of the extermination sites revealed?

Where such examinations have been carried out, they have revealed evidence of large-scale death. Large areas of ashes, body parts and other remains have been unearthed at Treblinka. Recently, a similar find was made at the Belzec death camp. This latest evidence is still being evaluated.

39) What is the Leuchter Report?

In the late 1980s, Fred Leuchter, funded by denier Ernst Zuendel, visited the Auschwitz extermination camp. Although trained only in the arts, he purported to gather evidence that the quantity of cyanide residue on the walls of the gas chambers is inconsistent with their having been used for mass gassings. His findings were almost immediately challenged, both on scientific and methodological grounds and have been completely disproved.

40) What do Himmler’s diaries reveal about the final solution to the Jewish problem?

Among other things, they reveal that the Final Solution was intended to kill as many Jews as possible and that it was ordered by Hitler. For example, a recently unearthed diary entry from December 18, 1941 contains the words “Judenfrage/als Partisanen auszurotten” (Jewish Question/to be exterminated as partisans). This was written, as the entry indicates, after a meeting with Hitler. [quoted in Die Zeit, edition of January 9, 1998]

41) Who was Kurt Gerstein?

He was chief of the Waffen-SS Technical Disinfection Services. He visited Belzec with Professor Pfannenstiel and while there, witnessed a botched gassing van attempt where the engine refused to start for over two hours before the Jews could be gassed. He described the whole scene in detail. The next day, he witnessed gassings at Treblinka. In all, he estimates he saw 10,000 Jews gassed in two days at the two camps. His record is anathema to “revisionists”, who like to claim there is no evidence of murder at Belzec and Treblinka.

42) Did Hitler order that the Jews be exterminated?

Yes. There is no doubt that Hitler personally ordered the extermination of the Jews. Apart from the fact that it is impossible that such an action could have been carried out in Nazi Germany without his knowledge and approval, there is sufficient evidence to establish that Hitler both willed and ordered the Final Solution. In addition to the Himmler diary entry referred to in Question 40, there are Hitler speeches, his Political Testament, and testimony by persons close to him (Albert Speer, Hitler’s adjutants and support staff), diary entries by Joseph Goebbels (the Propaganda Minister and a close confidant), and other evidence that establish his culpability.

43) Does the reduction in the estimate of Jews murdered at Auschwitz from 4 million to 1 million mean that the overall Holocaust total of around 6 million should be reduced by 3 million?

No. The overall total of 6 million is not based, and never was, on 4 million killed at Auschwitz. The 4 million figure comes from a plaque erected at Auschwitz shortly after the War that talked about 4 million people (not Jews) having lost their lives there. It was erected by the Communists and based on an incorrect estimate of the numbers who would have been killed if the gas chambers had operated at maximum capacity all the time. They did not of course. The 4 million figure has never been used by serious historians of the Holocaust, with only one or two exceptions. The correct number, estimated by the Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Hoess as early as 1946, is about 1.1 million, mostly Jews, and that is the number on the plaque today.

The overall total of around 6 million is based on demographic studies and analysis of Nazi train records that record the numbers of Jews shipped to Auschwitz during its existence. An example of the methodology used is in Raul Hilberg’s Destruction of the European Jews.

44) How do you explain the fact that the World Almanac showed 15,319,359 Jews in the world in 1940 and 15,713,638 in 1949 (based on 1948 figures), if 6 million Jews are supposed to have perished in the Holocaust?

This typical piece of denier chicanery is explained fairly easily. Deniers like to make us think that the 1948 figure is the number of Jews in 1948, but it is not. The 1948 figures (quoted in the 1949 edition) are based on the 1938 – that is pre-war – census. The figures for 1949 are post-war and show a catastrophic drop in the Jewish population, down to 11,266,600. When you factor in the fact that the 1949 edition assessed the 1939 population at 16,643,120, you arrive at a difference of 5,376,520.

Why 'Revisionism' Isn't

an essay by Gord McFee


This essay describes, from a methodological perspective, some of the inherent flaws in the “revisionist” 1 approach to the history of the Holocaust. It is not intended as a polemic, nor does it attempt to ascribe motives. Rather, it seeks to explain the fundamental error in the “revisionist” approach, as well as why that approach of necessity leaves no other choice.

It concludes that “revisionism” is a misnomer because the facts do not accord with the position it puts forward and, more importantly, its methodology reverses the appropriate approach to historical investigation.

What Is the Historical Method?

History is the recorded narrative of past events, especially those concerning a particular period, nation, individual, etc. It recounts events with careful attention to their importance, their mutual relations, their causes and consequences, selecting and grouping events on the ground of their interest or importance. 2 It can be seen from this that history acknowledges the existence of events and facts and seeks to understand how they came about, what they resulted in, how they are interconnected and what they mean.

The distinctions need to be made among facts, analysis and interpretation. Facts are demonstrably empirical events whose occurrence can be proven using evidentiary methods. Analysis is the method of determining or describing the nature of a thing by resolving it into its parts. Interpretation is the attempt to give the meaning of something. It follows that facts lead to analysis which leads to interpretation. And it follows that each step in the process is more subjective than the preceding step.

In this context, history is inductive in its methodology, in that it accumulates the facts, tries to determine their nature and their connectivities and then attempts to weave them into an understandable and meaningful mosaic.

What is Legitimate Historical Revisionism?

On its basic level, revisionism is nothing more than than the advocacy of revision, which in itself is the act of revising, or modifying something that already exists. Applied to history, it means that historians challenge the accepted version of the causes or consequences of historical events. As such, it is an accepted and important part of historical endeavour for it serves the dual purpose of constantly re-examining the past while also improving our understanding of it. Indeed, if one accepts that history attempts to help us better understand today by better understanding how we got here, revisionism is essential.

Three examples of legitimate historical revisionism should suffice to illustrate this:

  1. A.J.P. Taylor has applied a very new interpretation to the events leading up to the Second World War. He minimizes Hitler’s role in those events – the Anschluß with Austria, the annexation of the Sudetenland, the Danzig crisis, the role of the Allies, appeasement – compared to the standard interpretation, while portraying Nazi Germany as much less centralized and monolithic than the norm. 3
  2. Daniel Jonah Goldhagen has challenged virtually all the usual interpretations of the reasons for the complicity of many Germans in the perpetration of the Holocaust, and has posited that ordinary Germans willingly involved themselves because of the existence of a deep-rooted, eliminationist antisemitism in Germans of that era. He downplays, if not outright dismisses, the influence of Hitler and the Nazi Party. 4
  3. German historian Christian Gerlach has interpreted a diary entry by Joseph Goebbels and a newly discovered one from Heinrich Himmler to mean that the date of the decision by Hitler to exterminate the Jews is in December 1941 rather than late spring or early summer as most have till now believed. 5

What Do “Revisionists” Do?

“Revisionists” depart from the conclusion that the Holocaust did not occur and work backwards through the facts to adapt them to that preordained conclusion. Put another way, they reverse the proper methodology described above, thus turning the proper historical method of investigation and analysis on its head. That is not to say that historians never depart from a preconceived or desired result; they often do. But in adhering rigorously to the correct methodology, they accept that the result of their investigation may not be what they envisaged at the beginning. They are prepared to adapt their theories to that reality. Indeed, they are often required to revise their conclusions based on the facts. To put it tritely, “revisionists” revise the facts based on their conclusion.

Since “revisionists” depart from the conclusion that the Holocaust did not happen, i.e., they deny its existence, they are often called “deniers”. Rather than analyze historical events, facts, their causes and consequences, and their interactions with other events, they defend a conclusion, whether or not the facts support it.

Why they do this is not the subject of this piece, but a few examples of the distortions, evasions and denials that it forces on them will illustrate how intellectually dishonest it is. And it should be remembered that they are forced on them, since “revisionists” are denying a historical occurrence, then distorting the facts into accord with that denial.

The Conspiracy Theory

Since the facts are not in accord with the “revisionist” conclusion, they must find an all-encompassing way to dismiss them. This is not a simple task, since the facts converge in the result that the Nazis had a plan to exterminate European Jewry, succeeded in large part in accomplishing it, and left behind multitudinous evidence of the attempt. 6

Hence, “revisionists” must argue that there is a conspiracy to fabricate all that evidence – a conspiracy that must have begun its work before the end of the war – and one that continues to this day. “Organized Jewry” or several variants on “Zionists” are at the root of this conspiracy. The conspiracy theory manifests itself in the following contrived positions:

  • survivor witnesses lied, even where their evidence is corroborated by documents, or other sources;
  • perpetrator evidence was evinced through torture, fear for their families or falsified in various ways;
  • documents left behind by the Nazis were falsified, don’t mean what they appear to mean, or are forgeries;
  • photographs were faked;
  • films were faked;
  • words don’t mean what they appear to mean. When Himmler used the word “ausrotten” (exterminate) in respect of the Jews, he didn’t really mean “exterminate”. When Hitler used the word “vernichten” (annihilate) in respect of the Jews, he didn’t really mean “annihilate”. When the Einsatzgruppen spoke of killing Jewish women and children, they really meant partisans, even though partisans had a separate listing in the many reports they left behind;
  • recorded speeches were faked. Himmler’s 1943 Posen speech, which was recorded, wasn’t really his voice, or parts were added later, or the technology to record didn’t exist in 1943 (it did), or it disagrees with Himmler’s notes for the speech (it doesn’t);
  • the victims were responsible for what happened to them. The Jewish women and children were partisans or were guilty of committing heinous crimes, or both;
  • Jews deserved rough treatment anyway. Even though the Holocaust didn’t happen, it would have nonetheless been justified because the Jews are an alien, parasitical race, hell-bent on destroying the noble Aryan, and/or defiling his blood, etc.;
  • if no written Hitler order for the Holocaust can be found, there was no order at all;
  • no gas chamber is currently functioning. Therefore, there never were gas chambers. But even if there were gas chambers, they were only for fumigating clothing, even if they were in morgues.

Falsus in Uno, Falsus in Omnibus

Since, as this list shows, the amount of empirical evidence for the Holocaust is so overwhelming, the “revisionists” must throw in another dismissal trick. This has been called the “falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus” condition (one thing mistaken equals all things mistaken). It means, for example, that if any single piece of survivor evidence can be shown to be wrong, all survivor evidence is wrong and is to be dismissed. If any Nazi official lied about an aspect of the Holocaust (on-topic or not), all Nazi officials lied, and anything Nazis said after the war is dismissed. If any Nazi can be shown to have been tortured or mistreated, they all were and anything they said is invalid.


“Revisionism” is obliged to deviate from the standard methodology of historical pursuit because it seeks to mold facts to fit a preconceived result, it denies events that have been objectively and empirically proved to have occurred, and because it works backward from the conclusion to the facts, thus necessitating the distortion and manipulation of those facts where they differ from the preordained conclusion (which they almost always do). In short, “revisionism” denies something that demonstrably happened, through methodological dishonesty.

Its ethical dishonesty and antisemitic motivation are topics for another day.


  1. The quotes around “revisionists” are not sneer quotes. They indicate that methodologically “revisionists” are not what they claim to be. This is explained in detail in the body of the essay.
  2. Funk & Wagnall’s Standard Dictionary of the English Language, Volume 1, New York, 1973, p. 599.
  3. A.J.P. Taylor, The Origins of the Second World War, Penguin Books, Middlesex, 1964.
  4. Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust, Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1996.
  5. Die Zeit, edition of January 9, 1998. His findings are reported in Zeitschrift Werkstatt Geschichte, Heft 18/1997.
  6. See inter alia Hilberg, The Destruction of the European Jews; Gilbert, The Holocaust; Yahil, The Holocaust; Dawidowicz, The War Against the European Jews 1933-1945; Breitman, The Architect of Genocide; Less, Eichmann Interrogated; Fleming,Hitler and the Final Solution; Broszat et al., Anatomie des SS-Staates; and many more.

Suggested further reading: Pierre Vidal-Naquet’s A Paper Eichmann: Anatomy of a Lie, in particular part 4, On the Revisionist Method.

Gordon McFee received his Master’s degree in 1973, from the University of New Brunswick, Canada, and Albert Ludwigs Universität, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany (split studies), in history and German.

Satanism and the Far Right

Anton LaVey
Zeena LaVey, Nikolas Schreck and The Werewolf Order
Boyd Rice
Michael Moynihan
Temple of Set and the Order of the Trapezoid
Order of Nine Angles and inspired organisations
The Joy of Satan Ministries
Adolf Hilter, The Thule Society and Freemasonry
Anarchy vs Fascism
Literal vs Symbolic
Far Right Groups view of Satanists

Last Updated: 4 July 2014


Satanism is in many senses the pursuit of the self, self-power, confidence and individualism (within certain accepted parameters of what it deems to constitute free will), and embraces more the darker, animalistic nature of humanity, and as such can fit in (slightly syncretically and arguably uncomfortably) with a variety of political philosophies including capitalism, libertarianism, non-political individualism, nihilism, various types of anarchism including egoism, collectivist anarchism or even national anarchism, animal rights activism, and even various forms of far right political philosophy and totalitarianism. Whilst LaVey Satanists often favour capitalism as the political philosophy that fits them best, hypercapitalism as we have today does not fit completely. Arguably no political philosophy will ever be a perfect fit on account of the compromises necessary.

As the title of this article suggests, we shall examine the relationship between Satanism and Far Right philosophies. Whilst Satanic philosophy in general is not racist per se, it is inspired by the philosophers of Neo-Darwinism and the concept of survival of the fittest. These are also the founding philosophies of White Supremacism and the Far Right. Indeed the word Satan literally means Adversary and is symbolic of Strength of the lower forms of wisdom. This is why LaVey Satanism and Theistic Satanism attract Neo-Nazis, and why some Satanists become Neo-Nazis. Whilst the Far Right and Satanist philosophies have differences, there is sufficient common ground to allow movement between the two respective groups/philosophies to varying degrees. Like anything, one does not have to accept the entirety of a philosophy, and can modify certain parts to apply it to another area; or adopt compartmentalised thinking consciously or unconsciously.

Satanists may well embrace a complex mix of philosophies, that focus on the self, and not be strictly political in nature at all. Perhaps because of Satanism’s focus on the Self, individual political views are tolerated in some organisations, as long as they are not forced onto others. Racists, a sub-set of the far right, however in general can rarely keep their mouths closed on the subject for too long. Racist philosophy is not universally accepted amongst Satanists and some are disgusted by Neo-Nazis and other racists and do not want to associate with them. The gratuitous use of Teutonic and indeed Nazi imagery in Satanism, whether far right or not, is arguably highly unimaginative (one could try to create something new perhaps).

Clearly when it comes to racism, there is plenty of racism evident amongst ‘practitioners’ of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, who conveniently forget the basic tenets of their own religions when it comes to their own personal prejudices and excesses of their egos. It would be quite easy to search the internet for far right Satanist groups and use them as ‘evidence’ that Satanism as a whole is actually promoting Neo-Nazism. This would not be exactly very scientific and one could similarly do this for Christianity or any other belief system.

I am not seeking to promote or condone the far right in this article, but to merely examine this aspect or trend within Satanism and what significance, if any, it plays, literally or symbolically. I am not seeking to discredit any one individual or organisation.

Anton LaVey

Anton LaVey was frequently pictured wearing an inverted pentagram pendant featuring the lightning bolt in the centre. This version of the inverted pentagram is not featured on the COS web site. It was regarded as his personal sigil. The lightning bolt represents the lightning from Thor’s Hammer, and is a symbol of war, strength and power, and was used by Nordic pagans as well as famously in recent history by the SS, i.e. two parallel lightning bolts.

LaVey is alleged to have joined the National Resistance Party (a US Neo-Nazi Group) in 1970, according to COS defector Michael Aquino (who founded the breakaway Theistic Satanist Group ‘The Temple of Set’). In 1979 the NRP staged a rally marking the 10th aniversary of the “sacrifice” of Sharon Tate (murdered wife of Roman Polanski) by Charles Manson (a random racially motivated murder by a drug addict/loser bum), in which the daughter Zeena LaVey read from the Satanic Bible.

See the link below, ‘Myth 14’. This page was produced by Uncommon Sense Ministries and some may find some of the other points ‘biased’ or typically hard line Christian.


According to the Death in June (DIJ) web site (a National Bolshevik industrial band):


the Church of Satanfounded in 1966harbors people of various lifestyles under the premise that the denial of man’s animal nature inherent in traditional religions should be rejected and replaced with a celebration. The religion’s doctrines, most notably The Satanic Bible, contain ideas of social Darwinism which are taken more seriously by some practitioners than others. Modern Satanism is not comparable to traditional Satan worship; instead, it is based in a more or less atheistic viewpoint, using the archetype of Satan to represent characteristics such as a questioning spirit, man’s animal tendencies, and strengthThe presence of members and leaders of the organization who understand and exploit the power of Nazi symbols is probably part of the reason for constant rumors that the Church of Satan is a haven for neo-nazis, despite writings to the contrary and a membership composed of diverse nationalities and races. LaVey did at times touch on the subject of Nazism, sometimes citing its success with aesthetics and control of the masses, while making clear that its atrocities outweighed its successes. His most thorough treatment of the Nazi aesthetic can be found in an essay called “A Plan”, in which he states that Satanism is the only forum in which people can mix Jewish ancestry with a Nazi aesthetic, truly playing the role of the other. Such a combination would be the perfect “tough identity” for a new generation with mixed backgrounds. Essays such as these, as well as a rejection of racism in the Satanic Bible, cause many with a true neo-Nazi agenda to snub the organization.

Zeena Schreck (LaVey), Nikolas Schreck and the Werewolf Order

Nikolas Schreck (Schreck is the German word for terror) formed a goth/rock/industrial group called ‘Radio Werewolf’ in 1984. The original line up lasted from 1984 to 1988. The name was derived from ‘Radio Werwolf’, the post-World War II Nazi propaganda radio station. Live on stage, they would use Nazi Swastika flags. The band even campaigned for the release of Charles Manson. The original band split up in 1988, with one member citing political differences and the rest of the band tiring of all the Neo-Nazi skinheads who would heavily populate their concerts. Not everyone in the band minded however. The band split up in 1988.



Below is a series of 3 interviews with Nikolas Schreck and Tom Metzger, a leading US Neo-Nazi and KKK member, from the late 1980s.

we are going to see a new social movement in the 90s that will make Nazism and Fascism seem like Kindergarten.’

A hilarious interview with Schreck from the mid-80s on Wally George’s TV Show can be seen here, showing he has a real sense of humour (much of it appears to look pre-arranged with the host).

Schreck claims that Radio Werewolf was music for white Aryans, and that the most ‘authentic’ form of Western or European culture was the Germanic. Anthropologists would likely take issue with such a subjective statement. As discussed on the Differencepage, this concept is inherently racist, i.e. drawing racial distinctions and reinforcing them, but is no more racist than say many rap artists. However, Schreck’s repeated references to strong Germanic tribes, Aryans and ‘whites’, and his past Neo-Nazi inspired aesthetic would be evidence enough that he was some sort of Nazi sympathiser, for all the slightly evasive world play; a white supremacist at the very least.

Nikolas Schreck also wrote the revisionist book The Manson File and the film ‘documentary‘ entitled Charles Manson Superstar. They believed him to be an Aryan folk hero, trying to create a white colony, when in fact he was arguably a very sloppy criminal and drug addict, whom had been frequently arrested, and who decided later to have some gullible, drugged up hippies do his racially motivated killing for him, perhaps so it could not be pinned on him, or perhaps just for fun. TenHornedBeast has argued that this was an attempt to elevate Manson to a messiah-like figure for Satanic White Supremacism. However, they could have picked any number of folk heroes but presumably chose Manson because of the shock value.

In the same year of inception of the group, Radio Werewolf (in 1984), Nikolas Schreck founded the organisation The Werewolf Order. The order was to specialise in predatory magic, ‘shape-shifting’ and transformation, in line with the archetype of the Lycanthrope or Werewolf.


The remit of this was to be a more aggressive organisation from either the TOS or COS, promoting the pursuit of predatory magic and for nurturing leadership and domination, and to create a new dark order in the world. Their logo features the German Cross, yet the order has nothing to do with Germany other than flirtation with Teutonic symoblism and imagery. Some writers suggest that it was mainly focussed on animal rights.

The band Radio Werewolf was continued under the same name in 1988, after the break up, with Nikolas Schreck and new recruit Zeena LaVey. Zeena LaVey married Nikolas Schreck in the same year, and also joined the Werewolf Order as co-director.

The term ‘Werewolf’ is presumably inspired by the name Hitler coined for the last-ditch effort to create a German commando force that would operate behind Allied lines, called Werwolf or Wherwolf. The term Werewolf has been used by some Neo-Nazi groups in more recent years. An example of a Werwolf pendant is shown above.


The manifesto of the Werewolf Order, which is basically an philosophical insert sheet in an old limited edition vinyl record (rather than the manifesto of a real magical order as far as I am aware), can be seen at the link below.


‘The first edition of Adam Parfrey’s “Apocalypse Culture” book had a manifesto from the Werewolf Order that was removed from later editions, laying out their agenda as transmitters of an end-time message.’


Below is one of a series of 10 videos on youtube of an interview of Zeena LaVey and Nikolas Schreck (of the Werewolf Order) by the evangelical (and slightly misinformed) Christian Bob Larson. Given the interviewer’s religious bias and rigid views, he is making an effort to be as logical as he can be.

Whether the Werewolf Order really existed or was merely the name for Nikolas Schreck’s spiritual artistic output and expression, and for the misanthropic (i.e. predatory) and lycanthropic (transformation) magic rituals they created (later published by Michael W. Ford – see below) during his time with Radio Werewolf (i.e. another brand), rather than a formal ‘Order’ with dozens or hundreds of members in different countries is a matter of debate, but I have not yet seen any evidence to suggest that it any more than the former, hyped/talked up a little by Nikolas and Zeena during televised interviews.

Zeena Schreck (born LaVey), daughter of Anton LaVey, is pictured (very sexily!) below, a picture probably from the early 1980s. She was High Priestess of the Church of Satan from 1985 to 1990.


Zeena LaVey (later Schreck after her marriage with Nikolas Schreck) left the CoS in 1990 in disgust at her father’s lies, corruption and charlatanism, and formally and ritually exorcised herself of all affiliation with him and the CoS. Some time in the early 1990s, Zeena and Nikolas ceased their involvement with the Werewolf Order.

In 1995, they both joined the Temple of Set, a Theistic Satanic organisation (i.e. the pair definitely having moved away from atheism to theism), but owing to spiritual differences, they left in 2002. Zeena had been a Priestess in the Temple of Set from 1995 to 2001.

The Temple of Set is a more spiritual equivalent of the Church of Satan and has never promoted Neo-Nazism or extreme political philosophies – one reason why there was a rift between the ToS and the Order of Nine Angles, discussed below. So I would assume that the Schrecks probably were a little less extreme in their Satanic philosophy (or rhetoric) at this point. I would personally argue that Zeena and Nikolas were never actually Neo-Nazi or racist, but were merely using fascist and totalitarian type archetypes, as was the fashion at the CoS at the time, to embody brutality, domination and Satanic philosophy. Whether Nikolas was in fact flirting a little ‘excessively’ with Nazi symbolism in his Radio Werewolf goth rock group days is another matter and some of the band members left because of the increasingly Neo-Nazi following, so it is perhaps rather borderline in his case.

Zeena founded the International Vanguard of the Sethian Movement in 2002, a.k.a. Sethian Liberation Movement (SLM) wherein she was the High Priestess. Both Nikolas and Zeena aligned themselves to the Tantric Buddhist Karma Kagyu lineage in around 2002-2003, in parallel to the Sethian Liberation Movement. From the description on their respective web sites, it would seem that they are comfortable with their LHP pasts and their Buddhist practice is somewhat LHP influenced. The SLM still seems to be active as a tuition organisation. Zeena Schreck (formerly LaVey) is at the time of writing living in Europe as a photographer.



Zeena Schreck’s son, Stanton LaVey, chose to stick with the LaVey family’s LaVey Satanism legacy rather than his mother’s Theistic Satanist or Buddhist direction. Stanton LaVey co-founded the ‘extreme’ retail outlet ‘Odium’ – which means ‘widespread hatred’. Books on various forms of national socialism, including fascism and ‘black’ power are sold, including a variety of other types of books. It is noted that no books on anthropology or cultural studies are included in the list. Is this for shock value or a deliberate glamorisation of the far right and racism? Is Fascism the new ‘Anarchy’? Step right up folks, anarchy for sale! The study of Fascism or Nazi history is only interesting for me, as is th study of serial killers, if it is done from a psychoanalytical perspective. The gratuitous focus on Charles Manson at Odium hints at the false use of his legacy as a ‘white folk hero’ or a sexed up version of the myth around Manson rather than any reality. Odium seems like the exploitation of shock value for its own end, or to promote philosophies of hatred, and to make a buck, rather than providing an intelligent contribution to learning.



‘Odium is a store specializing in the darkest nature of humanity. It is a candy store for researchers and collectors alike. Carrying difficult or impossible to find books, magazines, CD”s, LP”s, videos, DVD”s, original art and artifacts pertaining to the most controversial subjects in history, it offers something to interest and/or repulse virtually anyone. Categories include Celebrity Scandals, True Crime, Witchcraft, Deviant Sex & Filth, Crazy Christians, Death, Philosophy, Black Power, Fascist Studies, Conspiracy, Satanism, UFOs, and the most complete Charles Manson & Manson Family collection to date.’

At the time of writing, Shadow Reichenstein is a US metal band on Fiendforce Records. They released an album ‘Werewolf Order’ in 2005. SR’s promotional arm or fan club (official or otherwise) on Myspace appears to have also appropriated the name ‘Werewolf Order’. The two ‘divisions’ are Werewolf Order Europe and Werewolf Order Women’s Division. From a cursory glance, it would appear that both the band and these myspace-based fan clubs (or otherwise promotional bodies) have no direct affiliation with the Schreck family nor the Setian Liberation Movement. Perhaps the band named their album after the Schreck’s concept, in homage or as a rip off, and perhaps the fan club named their myspace pages after the album. Evidently those who don’t know any better, like my former self, might well assume there was some direct link to the Schreck’s former organisation/concept. Cynics might suggest that it was an intention to mislead and gain kudos from the past through association. Either way it is not original. The band are only mentioned here because of the appropriation of the name. Shadow Reichenstein like many other bands in this genre have a fetish for the historical German military aesthetic, and SR specifically includes World War Two German SA and SS style uniforms, German Crosses and having SS style Armbands but with the WO logo on it. The use of such symbolism by rock bands does not necessarily denote Neo-Nazi affiliation but is probably more of an archetype and is discussed elsewhere in this article.



Boyd Rice

In 1984, Boyd Rice, along with a Holocaust denier, Keith Stimely, started the Abraxas Foundation. The Abraxas Foundation had many dealings with the American Nazi Party. The Abraxas Foundation, now defunct, promoted authoritarianism, totalitarianism, fascism, misanthropism and elitism, and is anti-democratic. It espoused the philosophy that the strong rule the weak, and the clever rule the strong. One of the key aims is human depopulation, as numbers are considered a burden on the Environment, human beings being a type of parasite or virus on the face of the planet, a parallel to the Eugenics of the elite. However, in reality, the world is unlikely to be run by a subculture elite, consisting of ex-punks, but rather a wealthy and powerful elite. Racism is/was not promoted necessarily in the Abraxas Foundation, but genocide and murderous racist policies are considered acceptable and worthwhile as a means to an end of human depopulation, as well as non-racist mass murderous policies. In some respects he is actually worse than a Nazi or Neo-Nazi. Boyd Rice is however a self-confessed trouble maker and wind up merchant. How much is rhetoric or done to cause offence and how much is really sincere political desires is a good question. Boyd Rice likes to get away with as much as possible at the end of the day!

Boyd Rice is a well known figure in the US Neo-Nazi scene (not necessarily actually a Neo-Nazi, but well known in these circles) and a senior member of the CoS. He was Marilyn Manson’s mentor for many years, and to what extent Mariyln Manson subscribes to his ideas about fascism it is not certain, but he does share his love of the 1940s German Aesthetic. One could argue that MM was using the names of two iconic white supremacist/Aryan folk heros, Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson, or perhaps he idolised and hero worshipped them as a youth. Perhaps also the name is meant to combine beauty and the beast in some form, for shock value and as an anti-cultural statement. A little like the Post-Hardcore band Elvis Hitler did over a decade earlier, arguably more amusingly, but were never pretentious enough for the singer to call himself ‘Elvis Hitler’. Perhaps he likes the genderless implication of the female/male name, which flirts with homosexuality. Either way it is a high derivative, uninspired and unoriginal name that makes him look rather ridiculous. Referencing Charles Manson is so old hat. Clearly calling himself Charles Monroe would not have been as ‘cool’! Without his makeup, posturing, fancy lighting and backgrounds, black leather and semi-Nazi outfits, he looks like a rather effeminate, baby-faced, pale faced and meek looking/sounding long haired person.hippie. Art and self-expression are one thing, when on stage and in music videos, but appearing in all this make up and wearing shades in interviews and when out in public is a sign of being a poser.

Rice was a close, personal friend of the late Anton LaVey. Boyd Rice was asked by Anton LaVey before his death whether he wanted to take over as High Priest of the Church of Satan and run it after Anton’s death, being much younger. Rice declined. Rice was later awarded an honorary Priesthood by the CoS, presumably by Gilmore, then later a Magister in the Council of Nine of the CoS.

Rice’s music group was known as ‘NON’. Boyd Rice is often pictured wearing the Cross of Lorraine.

The NON symbol is virtually identical to the post-war Nazi propaganda radio station Radio Werwolf, as shown in the previous section, with the addition of an Ouroboros.




‘Like Pearce and DIJ, Boyd Rice has consistently embraced fascism throughout his career as an experimental noise artist. In addition to wearing fascist uniforms and imagery and giving nazi salutes on stage, there is wide range of evidence indicating that Rice is a nazi at heart. Rice set up an explicitly fascist show on August 8th, 1988 in San Francisco called 8-8-88 [also attended by leading Satanists such as the group Radio Werewolf].”88″ is a code phrase commonly used in fascist circles for “Heil Hitler” (H is the 8th letter of the alphabet). Rice is also infamous for a photograph in which he is wearing the uniform of the neo-nazi American Front and sitting next to his friend Bob Heick, the leader of the American Front at that time. In 1986, Rice was a friendly guest on the television show hosted by Tom Metzger of WAR (White Aryan Resistance). When Metzger asked Rice: “So whereas modern music propaganda is an instrument of Jewish interest and Black and so forth, you see emerging a new propaganda form for white Aryans?” Rice replied:”Yeah, yeah.” Rice founded a group called the Abraxas Foundation along with Holocaust-denier Keith Stimley. The Abraxas Foundation published a newsletter called WAKE, which told its readers that “nature adheres to an Immutable Order” in short, humanity is democratic, nature is fascist. Rice has been known to sell at his shows and read as part of his performance from a racist, anti-Semitic book called “Might is Right”, by Ragnar Redbeard. “Might is Right” includes an afterword from George Eric Hawthorne, the former singer of the neo-nazi band RAHOWA (RAcial HOly WAr) and founder of the white power music label Resistance Records. The book was edited by Katja Lane, wife of the imprisoned David Lane, a neo-nazi member of the Order that committed several armored car heists and murdered Jewish talk-show host Alan Berg in the 1980s. Proceeds from the book go to support David Lane and similar white supremacist political prisoners. Though Rice claims not to be racist or neo-nazi, he does not deny that he is a fascist and social Darwinist. According to an interview by Misanthrope, he said: “I feel that I’m a fascist, but Nazi is a real specific term. I’m a fascist in the sense of the modern bastardised meaning of the word. I’m completely against democratic values and liberalism. ”




Tom Metzger, leading US White Supremacist, interviews Body Rice in around 1986-88.

Boyd Rice denies allegations of racism, claiming that he hates everyone equally (perhaps inspired by Full Metal Jacket?) – and that he happens to favour Nazi uniforms and symbolism as they are elegant and attractive looking. However, the above interview might suggest that there is a little more to it than this, and that he is not being 100% honest with others or himself.


Indeed, his condoning of Nazi atrocities and being a Nazi sympathiser on many levels, as well as wearing Neo-Nazi inspired clothing, and effectively promoting Nazism in his music videos, for many is fairly concrete evidence that he really is a Neo-Nazi, disguising his true ideas with fancy misanthropic rhetoric, to say that because he is also many other things, he cannot therefore be a Neo-Nazi. His TV discussion with the white supremecist would also suggest he has more loyalty to ‘whites’ than non-whites.

Michael Moynihan

Michael Moynihan, journalist (Seconds and The Scorpion), musical collaborator with Boyd Rice, and member of the Abraxas Foundation, was also a member of the CoS. His interviews included Whitehouse, Unleashed, Bathory, In the Nursery, Anton LaVey, Charles Manson, Peter Steele of Type O Negative, discussing Social Darwinism, Misfits founder Glenn Danzig (self-confessed Satanist), Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV founder Genesis P-Orridge (pagan, magician, and more recently associated with the modern version of The Process Church of The Final Judgement), and Swans founder Michael Gira.



Moynihan is quoted below:

He openly scorns the right and racist elements that people usually associate him with, saying I don’t see white people doing anything particularly noble these days, so why on earth would I be a white supremacist? What does fascism have to do with anything that’s going on? The far right is a bunch of isolated losers. I probably have far more in common with anarchists than I would with any right-wing person, and they would probably agree.


The Temple of Set and the Order of the Trapezoid

The Temple of Set (TOS), a Theistic Satanic organisation, was formed as a break-away group from the CoS, created in 1975 by High Priest Michael Aquino, ‘after Anton LaVey had offended many of its [CoS] members by turning The Church of Satan into a tool for his personal expression and financial income.’ Aquino’s sub group, The Order of the Trapezoid, is dedicated Germanic and Nordic traditions in general, including Nazi occultism, which does not necessarily mean that it supports or sympathises with Nazism as a political ideology, nor indeed Viking politics and social justice.



In the 1950s Anton LaVey formed a group called the Order of the Trapezoid, which later evolved into the governing body of the Church of Satan. From 1975 (?) onwards, this Order became a sub group of The Temple of Set. The Order of the Trapezoid describes itself as ‘A Chivalric Order of Knighthood Dedicated to the Prince of Darkness and the Black Flame.’

On November 11, 1990, Tim Maroney posted a message on The Northern Lights BBS under the title, “The Nazi Trapezoid” about Aquino’s organization:

‘It harbors a subgroup, the Order of the Trapezoid, which is dedicated to Nazi occultism. Aquino is known to have participated in black magical rituals at Wewelsburg Castle, set up as a place of occult working for the SS by Heinrich Himmler. Aquino counts Nazi occultism as one of his chief interests, and the heraldry and symbolism of the SS is one of his favorite topics of discussion. These facts would seem to indicate, at least on the face of them, that Aquino is sympathetic to Nazism.’

Whilst some statements of Maroney’s are factual, his conclusion seems to be highly subjective and inaccurate.

The TOS have a 2 year screening/initiation period, after which successive prospective members are granted full membership – a vastly different approach to the CoS who accept memberships like a commodity. An associate of mine, who was applying for membership of the TOS, has stated that he ultimately did not join as he felt that for all the rhetoric about Ancient Egypt, it was too steeped with LaVeyan paradigms, and had less focus on genuine Ancient Egyptian deity Set and Eyptian mystical reconstructionism (i.e. Kemetism). Many self-proclaimed Setians often do not actually know very much about the actual ancient deity Set, but a demonised, modern and corrupt version that has little to do with Set at all, much like most modern Luciferianism has nothing to do with the ancient deity Lucifer bar name (although clearly the concept around Luciferianism is rather different – virtually no one actually believing in a deity ‘Lucifer’ but using it as an archetype for the self). Most of the senior members of the TOS are well educated in Ancient Egyptian religion, and very intelligent individuals, but many of the lower members are not at all and have little interest in this, it has been said. It is less literally Theistic in its lower orders than its name might suggest, being more open to personal interpretation, and populated by many ex-CoS Satanists who are still in the LaVeyan mindset.



Eric Kauschen is the current Grandmaster of the Order of the Trapezoid.

The history of the symbolism with the O.Tr. is discussed on the order’s web site below, including references to Wewelsburg Castle.



Please see the Deities page for more information about Set and the Temple of Set.

The Order of Nine Angles

The Order of Nine Angles (ONA or O9A) was an Anarchic/Extreme Right Wing/Neo-Darwinist, Traditional, Polytheistic, Satanic group, based in York in the UK, consisting of perhaps less than half a dozen core members. They were active in the 1980s and 1990s, had involvement with the National Socialist Movement (NSM), and produced a number of books and a Tarot Card set. Whilst various claims exist about the origins of the ONA, no record of the ONA exists before 1972.

It was in 1972 that David Myatt, using the nom de plum and pseudonym ‘Anton Long’, perhaps a parody of Anton LaVey’s name, is alleged to have written the first version of the book NAOS, outlining the concepts of the Sinister Tradition and the Sevenfold Way, and the basics of Aeonic Magic (Five Dimensional Sorcery). Myatt’s style of Traditional Satanism was very much concerned with earth-bound existence (i.e. not Gnostic) and magic, with the magical emphasis on ritual magic. This was before the formation of the Temple of Set which was formed in 1975, breaking away from the Church of Satan. Prior to writing NOAS he was a member of the Temple of the Sun, an allegedly Traditional Satanist group. It is highly likely that Anton Long was influenced by the Church of Satan during those years, having moved away from the Golden Dawn tradition, but in the early 70s was inspired to produce NAOS as an antithesis to the ‘safe’ and arguably humanist form of atheistic and Ayan Rand inspired, hedonistic Satanism that was described in Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible and as defined by the Church of Satan organisation. The ONA, identifying itself with ‘Traditional Satanism’ (meaning Theistic Satanism), in some respects could be seen as a reaction against the Church of Satan, much in the same way that the Church of Satan in many respects was a reaction against Christianity.

Whether the ONA really existed beyond Anton Long and Christos Beest, the two core members who were most active and prolific in the 80s and 90s, is a matter of debate. The organisation or collective arguably ceased to exist in the late 90s after Beest ceased his involvement and Myatt claimed to have converted to Islam. The ONA had/has no real structure, or central authority, but contains a number of indepedent ‘cells’ or local groups, inspired by Long’s writings. The concept of local Sinister Tribes, each with their own currents and values, gaining local power ‘anarchically’ in defiance of authority, is a central theme within and goal of the ONA. How to self-initiate into the Sinister Tradition was set out in earlier works – there was essentially no centralised management. It was not meant to be a formal, rigid top down organisation like the Church of Satan or Temple of Set, but more anarchical. However, the ONA writings increasingly inspired a number of Sinister Satanists, especially from around 2000 onwards, in the internet era with easy access to Long and Beest’s documents and books. Some of these Satanists went on to become active bloggers themselves and collaborate with Long and Beest on various projects, e.g. WSA352 and Temple of THEM, whereas others were not on speaking terms and took things in a different direction, e.g. Tempel ov Blood. Some of these local Nexions seemed to consist of a few core individuals, whereas others like THEM seemed to be one individual who collaborated with others in a creative sense remotely. From what I can gather, none of these ever quite achieved the notoriety or were quite so politically or criminally active (if at all) as Long, and this is probably why he remained the figurehead of the ONA collective for 4 decades or so, arguably even resulting in excessive hero worshipping from ONA affiliates. ONA affiliates would use multiple pseudonyms (or sock puppets) and often tell half truths to create a puzzle or a layer of mystique to invite people to use their senses to figure it out, or perhaps as a smokescreen to confuse those not in the know. Anton Long / David Myatt formally retired from the ONA around 2010, and the ‘organisation‘ still continues on, with various Long-inspired groups, some of which evolve the older writings and add their own ideas into the current. Since then all on line material has been centralised, including a new O9A.org web site, and all of the most well known individual WordPress ONA blog sites have closed down.

The Order of Nine Angles web site is listed below.


The ONA have adopted their own calendar using the ‘Year or Fayen’ rather than the Christian AD calendar and sign their blogs with their initiate name or pseudonym and the Fayen year. This Calendar is based around the birth year of Adolf Hitler (20th April 1889), rather than the Christian Calendar based around the birth year of Christ. 1889 is thus Year of Fayen 1, and 2010 is Year of Fayen 121. I am uncertain whether the ONA Calendar years start on 20th April or 1st January. Year of Fayen is often abbreviated by the ONA to ‘yf‘.

Wikipedia’s description of the ONA can be found at the link below.


‘The ONA’s writings condone and encourage human sacrifice as a means of eliminating the weak: Anton Long describes it as “a contribution to improving the human stock, removing the worthless, the weak, the diseased (in terms of character)”. This “culling” serves not just a Darwinian purpose, but is also connected to the promotion of a new Aeon: “The change that is necessary means that there must be a culling, or many cullings, which remove the worthless and those detrimental to further evolution.” Thus, true Satanism, they assert, requires venturing into the realm of the forbidden and illegal, in order to make contact with the “sphere of acausal, sinister forces on the cosmos.” The presencing of acausal energies, such as through culling, is meant to create a new Aeon, whose energies will then create a newer, higher civilization from the energy unleashed. Probably because of the ONA’s highly radical stance, there is open animosity between the ONA and “mainstream” Satanists such as the Church of Satan. The ONA publicly disavows any connection to Church of Satan, claiming the Satanic Bible to be a “watered-down philosophy”. The ONA eschews the religious type of approach evident in groups such as the Temple of Set and regards other Satanic groups, such as the Church of Satan, with contempt. The Temple of Set proscribed the ONA in the early 1980s for its avowal of human sacrifice.’

Not a great deal is known about the ONA practice of human sacrifice, and many readers might consider it merely to be psychodrama and a way of de-conditioning oneself without actually having to do it, unless provoked. Few are likely to talk about specifics of culling and I doubt whether any has actually been practised as intended – bar a few fatalities resulting from arguments with the wrong person that got out of hand. Those Sinister Satanists who are in the Military however will get to legally kill as part of their job and acting out the predatory side of their nature, depending on what their specialty is and what unit they are in. So this profession may well attract many hardcore Satanists, not exclusively the ONA affiliated ones. I don’t think it could be considered ritual killing however and there is little choice over targets – and one is the property of the Military for the duration arguably.

Myatt/Long has been highly critical of the Temple of Set and the Church of Satan as being pseudo-Satanism with firm codes of conduct about culling that suggest they are not really Satanist at all. The ONA has various texts on the practice of culling. Perhaps Long was inspired by the 1973 movie, The Wicker Man, a tale of a back to basics pagan community which makes a human sacrifice to ensure good harvests. This can be seen as slightly different from a Satanist style sacrifice which is performed for some other reason, the gaining of some other power. To what extent it is just ‘talk’ to be more extreme or outdo other Satanic groups is hard to determine.

Whilst the CoS and the TOS deny being bound by moral codes, they in actually do hold certain moral values. However, this is perhaps more an inconsistency of presentation and a management issue than necessarily a flaw in the underlying philosophy they propose. Even the ONA display elements of a system or code of warrior-like honour, which is arguably a different concept, but it is still a form of morality or set of rules.

Sociopathy or psychopathy is in the context of the Sinister Path an act of liberation of the self. However, uncontrolled or undiscplined actions could be regarded as detrimental to the self. Excessive uncontrolled sociopathy and psychopathy under the rule of a criminal, materialistic organisation may in some senses be at odds with the essence of the Sinister Path. The ONA has been described by one hanger on as a factory that produces serial killers. One could of course look at the perspective of the Sinister from a perspective of empathy, the ‘dark’ or ‘Sinister’ being an exploration of consciousness.

The ONA writings place a great deal of importance on self-reliance and physical fitness and conditioning. To be the ‘fittest’ in the Darwinian sense.

The ONA’s penchant for National Socialist philosophy or practice can be seen perhaps as a symptom of the ‘Magian’, or ‘Abrahamic’, in so far as the quest to purge society of ‘evils’ (be they slightly different ‘evils’ than those of the Bible) and indeed Hitler as described in the Temple 88 writings is portrayed as a type of Messianic figure or prophet, is in a sense Magian. Hitler was arguably heavily influenced by Aryan Christianity, although he was too influenced by other traditions such as Theosophy etc. Myatt’s antisemitism could be viewed in the cultural and historical context of many centuries of Catholic and Protestant persecution of Jews as ‘Christ Killers’. This is examined on theInterpretations of Christianity and Biblical Concepts page. Over the year’s Myatt’s influence on the plethora of Sinister and Sinister inspired Satanist groups cannot be underestimated, and for some groups, Myatt has become a visionary or ‘prophet’, perhaps not a role he has chosen, which has a distinct Magian notion about it. Myatt has perhaps exacerbated this with the myths and mystery about his person.

DarkLogos postulates that Column 88, the Neo-Nazi paramilitary group that David Myatt was involved with before he was arrested and later joined Combat 18, was created by MI5 in order to discredit the British National Party (BNP) and to attract the most extreme members so they could be monitored in one place; Myatt being nothing more than an MI5 puppet. However, this has never conclusively been proven.


Myatt’s was involved in Combat 18 once he was released from prison.

Source: Rijndaal

Combat 18 (or C18) is the “armed wing” of the British neo-Nazi organisation Blood & Honour. The “18” in its name is commonly used by neo-Nazi groups, and is derived from the initials of Adolf Hitler; A and H are the first and eighth letters of the Latin alphabet. Members of Combat 18 are barred from joining the British Prison Service. The Combat 18 logo is based on the Totenkopf of the 3rd SS Division. The numbers 88 are also used in conjunction with Neo-Nazi groups, signifying ‘Heil Hitler’ (i.e. H being the 8th letter of the alphabet). Although ‘boneheads’ can count upto 10, most cannot spell very well, especially in German, so use 88 in short.


Nick Ryan’s article on Neo-Nazism, including references to Satanism and the ONA, can be found below.


An interview of C18, including David Myatt, by Nick Ryan can be found below.


Myatt was unlike the other Combat 18 members, as he was not a ‘football casual’. Unlike most far right supporters, who are National Socialists of one type or another, are fundamentally pro-industrialisation. Myatt conversely is generally known to be anti-industrialisation and for more grass roots type rustic Aryan ideal. In addition, Combat 18 and other far right organisations are generally intolerant of those religions, beliefs or practices that are not considered to be ‘typically British’, which includes anything other than nominal Protestantism, even if the members in question haven’t been near a church or Bible in their life. Islam is particularly detested, and it is likely that most Satanists are also not liked either, as they may not share the same vision for British culture. Myatt, assuming he was Anton Long, which is generally accepted, therefore kept quiet and denied being a Satanist during this period, as he still does today, as being a Satanist whilst trying to be accepted by British National Socialist Paramilitary members is not really possible. As discussed at the end of this Far Right section, a Satanist Neo-Nazis are a non-conformist minority that are not generally accepted by the mainstream majority of the Far Right movement.

Myatt was exposed as being Anton Long and the head of the ONA by Nick Lowles and Nick Ryan, as discussed below, which causes him considerable problems in Combat 18, and even though he denied the allegations and challenged both writers to a duel, the damage had been done and this is likely why he was forced to leave Combat 18 and his other Far Right groups, and continue his contributions to the far right anonymously.

ONA writings known as ‘Temple 88’ are explicitly National Socialist and Neo-Nazi, Aryan Satanic. Their web site has changed address and been taken down a number of times, perhaps through legal action, ISP policy, or though lack of money or will. The old Temple 88 web site can be downloaded at the link below, where their agenda and ideas are explicitly stated. Although no references are made to the authorship or the ONA, these writings are widely attributed to David Myatt, and contain Neo-Nazi populist and Occult references, citing the meth-amphetamine addicted Austian Immigant Adolf Hitler as a spiritual leader (in line with the ONA Calendar based on his birth) and National Socialism as a religion and way of life, a model for living in all aspects of life.


Myatt’s Temple 88 writings were probably directed at occultists familiar with the ONA who had racist and white supremacist leanings. It is unlikely he was just offering a choice of racist ideology to Satanists and not embracing it himself, although this might just be one of an arsenal of Sinister tools he likes to use. There are inconsistencies however between the Temple 88 writings and documented personal tastes of his mild-mannered scholar persona, in that his favourite music is classical music (according to that persona) yet in the Temple 88 writings he says that 1930s style marching music is the only authentic music for Aryans – was he pandering to the audience as to what they wanted to hear or was this just one of his many personas? Whilst the Temple 88 writings make some valid points, the qualities they espouse are given racial attributes and I do not rate Adolf Hitler very highly, although he did make some powerful and attractive looking symbols, probably one of the reasons why he is so popular today with many Satanists and White Supremacists.

This Swastika-style logo is used by many ONA members and affiliates and at least one ONA Yahoo group.

Quoting from the former blog site ‘aboutmyatt‘:

Another demonstration of the convergence of fascism and occultism is found in the ONA’s Temple 88, which is described as an instantiation of the “aryanist and national-socialist ideas/ideals of the Order of Nine Angles.” The writings of “Temple 88? are recommended for higher initiates, having “reached the seventh stage (Saturn) of the septenary Tree of Wyrd,” who are “assumed to be able to judge and understand why the usage of national-socialism and aryanism is implemented in the Order of Nine Angles ideological structure.”

The book ‘Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity’ by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke examines Neo-Nazism as a new religious movement.



The name Temple 88 has now been adopted/copied by an unrelated American white supremacist group aka Ordo Dracul which do not seem to mention the original Temple 88.


The ONA also had an alliance of sorts with White Order of Thule (WOT), a Nordic pagan Neo-Nazi organisation, who had Satanic overtones. The name is a thrown back to the neo-pagan and mystical Thule Society of 1920s Germany that Hitler was briefly associated with (briefly examined below. WOT members were involved in Neo-Nazi terrorism in 2002, plotting to blow up landmarks associated with Jews and Afro-Americans.



‘In an interview published in The Heretic 8, Christos Beest, a.k.a. Richard Moult, describes National Socialism as “a fundamental expression of the Wyrd of the Western SoulIt is true to say that National-Socialism is an expression of Satanism (and vice-versa)”

Christos Beest also makes various references to Neo-Nazism in his books and poetry published (and interviews) under the name of the Order of Nine Angles. However, although the ONA claim that these only represent his own personal opinions. It was stated by one ONA Nexion Blogger Black Radley that Beest once organised a meeting between anarchists and Neo-Nazis to try to establish some common ground for revolution. The author wrote that it was a lively and interesting meeting, although nothing came of it, and I don’t doubt that!

Stephen Bernard Cox founded an ONA Nexion, the Order of Jarls Baelder (OJB), in 1990, a pro-Aryan pagan organisation, featuring Fraternitas Loki (FL) and the masculine and feminine orders Dark Earth Sisters and Shadow Fire Brothers. The OJB is reputed to be non-racial and admit female and homosexual members. It was renamed to Arktion Federation in 1998 and was dissolved in 2005 when Cox retired on account of health reasons. It used the broken curved arm swastika as its symbol (similar to that of The White Order of Thule or Myatt’s Temple 88 logo) and was classified as fascist Satanism by Partridge, although Cox contests this. Cox was a former Freemason. The OJB is described on p.38 of Jacob Senholt’s book.



‘Michael Ford was granted the Order of Nine Angles command by Christos Beest in 1996, from which Ford operated until 1998 in Indianapolis. Ford left the active ONA due to what he has described as its Neo-Fascist stance and political ideals, which in his view are not an inherent part of Magick or Satanism.’


It is likely Michael Ford’s command or anyone else who was associated with it, if applicable, ceased involvement formally with the ONA after this time.

‘River Isis Nexion’, a likely pseudonym for Myatt, writes on the ONA WordPress site about Christos Beest. ‘He’ alleges that Christos Beest was a ‘rather silly pseudonym’ for the Shropshire-based composer Richard Moult. Moult was involved in the ONA for nearly 10 years, from 1989 until the late 1990s. Moult never passed the grade of Internal Adept. Moult was allegedly only involved with David Myatt’s The National Socialist Movement, and Reichsfolk, for a short period of time, during the 1990s. In 1998, Moult ceased his involvement with the ONA and far right politics to concentrate on his music and art, and later became a Christian.

Whilst Wikipedia dates David Myatt’s alleged public conversion to Islam as 1998, various ONA blog sites cited it as being 2001. Myatt has recently deleted his Islamic web site, presumably after his official rejection of the Islamic faith and his more public pagan direction.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Myatt http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Myatt

DarkLogos wrote on his former ONA wordpress blog site that Myatt wrote for the ONA from the 1980s onwards, and continued to do so even after his ‘conversion’ to Islam in 1999. He actually continued to release his Neo-Nazi material to Far Right magazines until 2000. DL states that his ONA writings under the pseudonym ‘Anton Long’ are more voluminous than his Islamic writings, and that his conversion to Islam was an excuse to further his anti-semitic goals and promote terrorism and anything that threatens the order of modern Westernised society and democracy. DarkLogos provides a timeline for all of Myatt’s activities.

Most of the on line activities of the ONA only really came about at the turn of the Millennium, and Myatt has continued to be active privately on the various ONA blog sites and also in Far Right forums and in Neo-Nazi writings whilst publicly playing his Muslim extremist role or showing that part of his persona.

Myatt had been in visiting Egypt prior to his conversion, and had praised Islamic extremists for their warrior code, many of whom had praised Adolf Hitler, just as Myatt had done. Whilst he may have alienated some of his former associates in the British Far Right, who hated Islam, his move to Islam was still in keep with his warrior ethics and penchant for expressing the sinister in terms of antisemitism. Some Satanists have taken a dim view of Myatt’s activities, especially his newly found Islamic fundamentalism, as although some Satanists may have supported his Far Right Pro-Aryan stance, but from the perspective of Western Industrialisation and Satanism combined, many are perhaps now turned off by Islamic Fundamentalism, which for many Americans, is their main enemy. Grandmaster Blackwood of the Temples of Satan, with whom Myatt has an internet flame war going, dismisses Myatt simply as a terrorist going from one flavour of terrorism to another, and unpatriotic to his own country and also to Americans. However, one could argue that Myatt has done his time in prison for the crimes which he was connected with, and is not currently under police investigation. Whilst his Islamic fundamentalist stance may catch up with him, one could argue that he is not currently a terrorist but merely is ‘socially irresponsible’.

In one issue of the ONA pdf journal Fenrir, I read a chaos magic-style ritual describing the use of Jihadic chants and the firing of an AK-47 to evoke the spirit of Jihad and its Sinister elements, albeit with Monotheistic language. This is an example of the formlessness of ONA magic. The author of this article is not known but it is likely to have been Anton Long.

Some would argue that Fundamentalist Islam is a more effective vehicle for the extreme right and terrorism than Christianity. One could however argue that whilst Myatt may be leveraging certain Sinister aspects of Fundamentalist Islam, ultimately, if it was/is successful then he merely uproots one monotheistic culture with another that although slightly more Sinister, is far removed from a Satanic ideal, and is arguably harder to uproot than Christianity (which in the West is losing ground to secularism and the New Age). One could argue the same about the use of Neo-Nazism, as the end result may be even further removed from what one actually wants. This is the problem with vehicles that don’t quite fit but serve a purpose to challenge the existing power base. They may well be most successful if they are unsuccessful, to apply pressure and to ‘balance’/evolve society rather than to ultimately succeed in their stated goal.

From 2010, David Myatt disavowed Islam and is solely publicly embracing his Numinous Way philosophy. This philosophy was run in parallel to Myatt’s muslim stance and web site. Myatt’s own web site discusses the Numinous Way, and which is also briefly summarised on Wikipedia.



A discussion of David Myatt, the ONA and his public conversion to Islam is discussed on the 600 Club forum at the link below. Member ‘birdstrike‘ believes that Myatt uses ‘lesser magic’ to present himself to people in various forms they can understand or allow him self-expression. One member ‘Amina’ believes it is likely that Myatt has used Satanism as much as he has used Islam, to use different vehicles to recruit people to his racist and anti-society cause.


To understand David Myatt, and his involvement with Combat 18 (the extreme right wing paramilitary organisation) and Fundamentalist Islam, it is important to note that these are embodiments of the Sinister Tradition and in some respects vehicles for his enacting of the Sinister Tradition as defined by the ONA in the world and his own anti-semitic and homophobic/sexist ideology (which could just be his own expression of the Sinister), using whichever vehicle best suits him at the time. Myatt seems to have many different facets to his personality and leads an ‘official’ visible existence (as a Neo-Nazi and Islamic fundamentalist) as well as a private one or one using pseudonyms. One could argue that these right wing terrorist movements are amongst the few outside of gang culture that embody the kind of brutal, Darwinist and sinister and anti-establishment elements that are genuinely threatening to middle classed, western society.

It would appear that the ONA as it exists today is not a Neo-Nazi network or collective per se, but one that merely condones Neo-Nazi activity as they condone any type of violent extremism that seeks to oppose moderate western society in its current form. The ONA has a large catalogue of works and does offer Aryanism teachings to those that wish to pursue this, but which is not strictly necessary within the order, or required. It is important to try to separate the activities and writings of David Myatt the white supremacist from David Myatt the pagan and indeed Anton Long the occultist. Whilst the Aeonic Magic and Sevenfold Path of the ONA is non-political, it does have extremist Neo-Darwinist elements. The ONA does allude to National Socialism being the path to destroying the ‘Magian’ order, but refers to ‘real’ National Socialism rather than the racist version seen in popular culture and history. The various ONA writings on National Socialism are slightly inconsistent from my perspective.

Chloe of the WSA352, whilst praising Myatt has repeatedly publicly criticised his racial writings, although she and others at the WSA352 have still promoted Neo-Nazism, amongst other forms of violent resistance and social ordering, such as gang culture, in their blogs. The Neo-Nazi movement in the US is more gang oriented than it is in Europe, but this may perhaps have influenced the WSA352’s preference for promoting gang culture.

Ryan Anschauung, the writer and author who uses the moniker ‘Temple of Them’ and ‘Mvimaedivm’ has written in the past that he promotes Aryanism but in a cultural sense, as a cultural-magickal identity, rather than strictly in the racial sense. This type of recreationist Aryanism is meant largely for White Caucasians and their cultural heritage, but it is inclusive (perhaps loose racialism) and anyone of any ‘race’ can adopt the philosophy and promote the cause and identity. Ryan has also written well of Adolf Hitler in the past, presumably, but presumably in a Sinister and non-racial context.

Myatt’s own writings are an interesting, eclectic and highly syncretic mixture of populism, group ethics and nationalistic style socialism on the one hand, and aggressive individualism and Satanic elitism on the other hand. A desire to do the work of warriors on the grass roots level but also to be part of a Satanic elite, presumably giving the orders or being dominant in a kind of Satanic Neo-Darwinist paradise. If one looks at the new breed of ONA-inspired orders, they all seem to have a group dynamic and national socialist bias, in the framework of Satanic individualism.

The Order of the Nine Angles, used to state that they are an anarchic ‘group’ or order. However, they state that Adepts may adopt extreme right wing or Neo-Nazi practices or philosophies, in their magical practice and otherwise, to suit their own purposes.

Evidently Myatt’s changing of forms reflects his frequent changes of ideology and stances, so one can but speculate as to which are ‘real’ and sincere in the literal or normal sense and which are tools or vessels for promoting the Sinister in a magical sense. By most ‘normal’ logic, if you assist Neo-Nazi organisations, and promote their cause, you are effectively a Neo-Nazi whether you claim to really believe in it or not.

It is likely that in such extremist groups, and indeed in the more ‘moderate’ groups like the CoS, that people’s political opinions and lifestyles are their own business, as they are there to become more powerful individuals in exacting their own will, whatever that might be. However, the political leanings of ONA members are likely to be more leaning towards the violent chaotic Neo-Darwinian and Extreme Right (not necessarily racist, although some may indeed be so – with exceptions).

Anton Long stated on the former ONANXS blog site that the ONA is not necessarily Neo-Nazi although it can be in a blog response to an earlier version of this article thus:

‘The ONA is heretical and subversive, in both the practical and the esoteric sense. Therefore, whatever is heretical, in a particular period of human history, and whatever is or may be useful in a subversive way, we can, or may, or will, use. Some of our members and associates have, in the past, used the form of overt National Socialism, as others have used – and some still use – the ethical National-Socialism of NS groups such as Reichsfolk. Some others have also used that causal –ology that mundanes and other term fascismThus, if some of our members or associates want to identify with, or use, some form such as National Socialism, for whatever reason (exoteric or esoteric), that is their choice. If some of our members or associates believe in such an -ism or such anology, that is also their choice, which they are free, at liberty, to make. Their belief may or may not change, over causal time, and a result of their experiences, practical, and Occult. Or it may not. Their wyrd is their wyrd.’

One of the stated aims of the ONA and related groups, such as the former Tempel ov Blood, is/was to infiltrate other occult and religious groups as much as possible (the Magian), in order to dominate and/or disrupt them, to chaos anarchy and chaos and to potentially use them for Sinister purposes. Perhaps Myatt’s own immersion in Christianity and Islam could be viewed in this context in certain respects. ONA affiliates tend to join every LHP forum on the internet and discuss the ONA on them and create ONA sub-groups within them, but these are not so much instances of infiltration (as they are open about who they are – unless they get banned and rejoin as sock puppets for a repeat performance) as domination. There are perhaps other Satanists who look to infiltrate other groups, such as in the example given below, and whether or not they are Sinister Satanists of the ONA tradition or not I could not say, but chances are that they are/were, as most other Satanist groups tend to have little interest in the RHP and if they look to ‘attack’ it then it is done openly and ‘in your face’. There are of course many LHP practitioners who have varied interests and whom join other types of occult group, with a view to learn different types of magic or philosophy, in addition to what they do at home – here they are not disruptive and are merely looking to learn and get on with things like everyone else.

Below I describe an instance that I heard about in a Christian home group many years ago, when a Satanist infiltrated a Christian home group and was convincing in the speaking in tongues and worship, but was actually causing chaos within the group and freaked the group leader out so much he quit his faith and became an atheist as he could not face it. Most Satanists are not like this, and have better things to do with their time, but a small minority enjoy such pursuits. These are the type of Satanists to watch out for if one belongs to another other type of group that is not predatory Satanist in nature. It should be noted that whilst infiltration might work in groups that are dysfunctional or lacking in a real understanding and bonding with fellow members, it is much harder if not impossible to infiltrate organisations or groups that are tightly bonded, work in accordance and compliment one another, and who are comprised of highly evolved, self-actualised people, sensitive and aware of every type of vibration. Dysfunctional groups that are easy to infiltrate are typically those with no screening or interview process, that welcome any new members, no matter how emotionally imbalanced or inappropriate they are for the group in question. This may include some occult orders and also more evangelical Christian groups where they are just happy to accept new members. In monotheistic groups, members may focus on the worship and the appearance (or actuality) of embracing one side of the psyche, whilst perhaps not paying attention to the other half of the psyche as long as the feeling of the ‘Godly’ half is strong enough – the visible and usually limited spiritual vocabulary and standard expressions used – so it drowns out whatever else is lurking in the conscious or subconscious mind). This may be standard operating procedure for many Christians, who tend not to want to lift up the ‘bonnet’ and look too carefully inside at the other ‘stuff’ inside the subconscious. I once knew of a boy that pretended to be a Christian in order to hang out with a girl he fancied. In this case, he knew nothing of how Christians were expected to act and was ‘sussed out’ fairly quickly! In esoteric orders or religious groups where there is no screening process, they may well be subject to a large amount of internal conflict, neurosis, sociopathy, childish dramas and insanity present. If an individual is disruptive, then fellow members may try to save him from himself rather than just kick him out immediately. This is especially true for those groups or religions that want to convert the whole world, and if the individual does show some signs of genuine interest, even if they are totally divided, will still be given leeway, perhaps indefinitely, as long as they do not visibly cause trouble – depending on the congregation. This may give an infiltrating individual a little leeway and room to improve the subtlety and performance of his ‘act’ and provide more opportunities to cause magical trouble or otherwise.

Are most Sinister Satanists natural born actors? Whilst there is an emphasis on role play in such organisations, that is not to say that all such individuals are naturals. In some cases, if they are well known, a little detective work may reveal who they really are. Most actors on television and the movies can’t act very well. If the person in question was once a Christian, then one can recall the memory of what it was like to be a Christian and the states of mind employed and how one acted, and use those for one’s current persona when required. They might even enjoy it! The same goes for the other way around, in that ex-Satanists or ex-gang members may access the memories of what it was like to be that way and use it to infiltrate such organisations. One risk with such role playing is that in the weaker individual, it may change who they are and they may indeed slowly become more like the person they are pretending to be. Those with good sensory acuity should be able to sniff them out fairly easily. Whilst the mind may think it’s fooling you with an act, the person really does have to believe it deep down (really deep down), or otherwise the body language and intonation of the voice will give it away. Most people with some spiritual insight could ‘fake’ worship of God, merely because the frenzy of evangelical worship is built up over time and usually takes on predictable type forms or expected types of behaviour.

The Joy of Satan Ministries

The Joy of Satan Ministries (aka JOS) is a ‘cult’ dedicated to ‘Spiritual Satanism’, created by Maxine Dietrich. She is married to Clifford Herrington, the ex-president of the National Socialist Movement (NSM) in the USA. Some regard it as an inverted form of Christianity or Devil Worship, with the ancient Sumerian deity Enki regarded as the true creator God, i.e. Satan or Lucifer, Jehovah being a fictitious entity; the ideology confusing deities and demons as being the same. However, some might say it was similar to Christianity in some senses with creator God worship, and its associations with the largely Christian NSM. It is anti-Catholic as one would expect. It is widely accused of anti-semitism and of being a cult. Most Satanists are said to hate the organisation. The organisation started off as far as I am aware as a Spiritual Satanist organisation, dedicated to Buddhist influenced Theistic Satanism. I am informed by an associate of his that Maxine Dietrich was once a student of Nate Laved and his Seven Scrolls of the Black Rose. It was only later that the far right influence pervaded the organisation. Today, whilst not all members are far right extremists, one could say that a general negative attitude towards Jews exists, for cultural or spiritual reasons, or otherwise. It is likely there are parallels to the ONA’s distaste for the ‘Magian’, and some might say parallels between the WSA352 and the JOS in theological terms. The Old Gods, as defined by the JOS, are extra-terrestrials (i.e. aliens). The JOS seems to use Enki, Satan and Lucifer interchangeably from what I can gather.


It is hosted on Angelfire:


Whilst not openly Neo-Nazi, it does contain a number of links to an openly Neo-Nazi Satanist web site 666blacksun.com. These links are not all from the links page but are found on the main JOS home page, e.g. Satanic Symbols. The 666 Black Sun web site contains links to the JOS web site, and has a page written by the JOS High Priestess Maxine Dietrich, so one can assume the two sites are directly affiliated, perhaps the JOS site being the more politically correct version and the 666 Black Sun site being more blatant and open in its ideology. Funnily enough on the JOS web site link page, there is a link to ‘Afro American Satanism’.


The Satanic Symbols page, hosted on the openly Neo-Nazi Satanist web site 666 Black Sun, includes a Skull and Cross Bones, very similar to the Nazi SS version, an inverted pentagram with a lightning bolt (c/f SS), A Germanic Iron Cross and also the Black Sun symbol.


The 666 Black Sun (shortened to 666 BS?!) web site’s home page features a picture of Heinrich Himmler, who is cited as being the the ‘Satanic Coven Grand Master’.

‘Satan is the God of the Gentiles (non-Jews), though he does not turn individuals away who are loyal to him; Yaweh’s chosen are deeply hated and are cosmic enemies. All of the Demons are Gentile Gods.’

The web site features direct quotes from ‘Satan’ (!). Many critics accuse ‘conspiracy theorists’ of being anti-Jewish, and indeed, there is a bias towards anti-Catholicism and anti-Semitism in certain quarters, or rather, racists who use join the conspiracy theory ‘scene’, but this is not of course always the case. However, the 666 Black Sun web site features a strong anti-Semitic version of the NWO conspiracy theory.


It would appear that 666 Black Sun (and presumably JOS) are therefore not actually universally racially motivated, as Afro Americans seem to be accepted, but are just anti-semitic. As discussed on the Difference page in the psychology section, it is easy to confuse what the term ‘Jew’ actually means, as it is used to apply to members or a religion and a ‘race’ in different contexts. However, 666 BS’s understanding of history and of the Nazis seems to be tenuous at best, denying the holocaust and assuming that their philosophy was similar to Himmler’s. Himmler was probably more pragmatic than other Nazis, and did not appear to be so bothered about the exact workings and exact implementation of the Final Solution. The Nazis were pro-‘Aryan Germanic’ and Hitler himself detested Negros. The Nazis did not just seek to rid Germany of Judaic influence as the 666 BS web site puts it, but imprisoned, enslaved and executed many other groups, including other non-‘Aryans’, Gypsies, political activists, handicapped, those with chronic illnesses and so on. The Nazis also persecuted Freemasonry, which 666 BS claims was Luciferian. 666 BS claims to be engaged in spiritual warfare against Christianity and Judaism, but is clearly missing out other monotheistic religions as it’s ‘enemies’, like many Satanists tend to do, like Islam and Sikhism, for example. It should be noted that the Nazis were not on a spiritual crusade at all, to cleanse Germany of Christian and Judaic influence, but only of political threats, ideological threats, undesirables and any ‘races’ they did not like. To perceive this as a goal is not correct. Hitler himself used Christian rhetoric and was influnced by Aryan Christianity as well as Germanic nationalist philosophers of the 19th and early 20th Centuries. There were Christian Nazis who wished to persecute Jews because they were perceived as Christ killers. Everyone brought different reasons and motivations to the persecution table. Christians were tolerated as long as they were racist and nationalist. It should be noted that the Nazis persecuted Christianity and Freemasonry, because of their promotion of a universal brotherhood. This is discussed in more detail on the Mainstream Religionspage. Perhaps Himmler is idolised as he was the leading Nazi most interested in occultism (and possibly least interest in the Final Solution – relatively speaking). There is clearly some major conceptual confusion here and gratuitous use of rose tinted spectales. You can’t have your cake and eat it.

Critiques of the JOS can be found at the links below.



‘Clifford Herringtononce made a speech about how the U.S.A. should be home only to “white European Christians!” Herrington was chairman of the National Socialist Movement (NSM), which, according to the Anti-Defamation League, was “America’s Largest Neo-Nazi Group” as of June 2006.’

Maxine Dietrich is according to some sources the psuedonym of Andrea Herrington, the wife of Clifford Herrington, the ex-president of the National Socialist Movement. This appears to be widely believed in the occult community although I am uncertain as to whether it is actually true or not.


Hitler, The Thule Society & Freemasonry

Hitler’s Nazi party passed anti-masonic legislation in 1935. The total number of freemasons who died under the Nazi regime is estimated to number between 80,000 and 200,000 persons, but whether this was coincidental or targetted, is a matter of debate. Known freemasons in concentration camps were made to wear the inverted red triangle, designating them as political prisoners.


However, this is not to say that Hitler had no connection to freemasonry and the occult. After 1918, his German Workers’ Party (DAP) was an official sponsor of The Thule Society. The Thule Society was a cover-name adopted by Rudolf von Sebottendorff, a German occultist, for his Munich lodge of the Germanenorden Walvater of the Holy Grail, at its formal dedication on August 18, 1918. The Germanenorden Walvater was a schismatic offshoot of the Germanenorden, a secret society (a.k.a. the “Order of Teutons”) founded in 1911 and named Germanenorden in 1912. The Thule Society and its pagan and occult ideas and practices is said to be the spiritual precursor to the Nazi party and influenced many of its policies. The Thule Society had an aryan concept of a past utopian homeland and considered the Jews their cosmic enemy. It is alleged that The Thule Society was also known as the German Brotherhood of Death Society, part of the international Brotherhood of Death societies. The emblem of the Thule Society is shown below.

Hitler severed the DAP’s links with the Thule Society in 1920, and in 1925 it was officially dissolved. Attempts to revive the society in the 1930s failed. In the period 1933-35, Hitler began to persecute freemasonry and close down lodges. Perhaps Hitler saw freemasonry as a threat in terms of being an alternative source of power and influence, but also as it as a whole promoted the idea of universal brotherhood. It has been argued that some Thule members and their ideas were incorporated into the Third Reich. Some of the Thule Society’s teachings were expressed in the books of Alfred Rosenberg. Many occult ideas found favour with Heinrich Himmler who had a great interest in mysticism, but the SS under Himmler emulated the ethos and structure of Ignatius Loyola’s Jesuit order rather than the Thule Society.





The book ‘Unholy Alliance: A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult’ by Peter Levenda can be read on line by clicking here.

Hitler himself (and indeed the Thule Society) was influenced in general by the anti-Judaic, Gnostic and root race teachings of H.P. Blavatsky, the founder of Theosophy; and also Ariosophy, the Germanic version of Theosophy that extrapolated on the Aryan paradise suggested by Theosophy.

Theosophy is the name of a philosophy created initially by Helena Blavatsky in the 19th Century, based on the writings of Plato and incorporating a variety of religious and occult movements. Theosophy was a philosophical movement that arose out of/developed within Freemasonry, and is said to have inspired the modern new age movement as well as (being taken out of context and distorted/misunderstood by) Nazi mysticism.

None of the above were explicitly Satanic, indeed Satanism as we know it did not exist at the time, but no article about Satanism and the Far Right could be complete without some brief look at Nazi Occultism and Hitler’s own esoteric interests, and Theosophy is one of many early influences on the modern LHP.

Anarchy vs Fascism

It is an interesting distinction as to how some people view Satanism and the self, and interpret it according to their own personal philosophies. Satanism is intended to be about the self, but as to how one relates to others depends on one’s own personal philosophy and values. People will always disagree on the fine print. According to LaVeyan Satanism, one is not supposed to meddle in the affairs of others, and only mess with someone else if they are bothering you. Some Satanists regard the imposition of their values on the rest of the world, in order to ‘free them’, and to ensure their Satanic paradise and playground is secured so that they themselves can be free within it, according to its own internal logic and definition of freedom. In many instances, this takes the approach of ‘spiritual warfare’ on Christianity and the mainstream. This is discussed above, and is ironically and exact mirror image of the intolerance, prejudice and imposition from certain areas of society and Christianity. One might argue this is no form of progress but just a childish knee jerk reaction. For some, to truly be an individual means being a leader, and to be a leader, there must be followers and people who do your bidding for you and act out your Will; and you use the world as your canvas to express yourself, perhaps at the expense of others. For other Satanists, being an individual means being a leader for yourself and no one else, and does not mean being a leader of anything, apart from your own destiny. Being Neo-Darwinian in philosophy does not necessarily equate to enforced or unnatural selection, according to the personal prejudices or concepts of what it mean to be weak (rather than an objective one). Some take this latter stance, imposing their Will on others, as it is believed to be for the good of society, by their definitions, but of course at the expense of others. They would not adopt this view if they were on the receiving end of this ‘over-enthusiastic’ Eugenics or social interfering. This is arguably not in keeping with the philosophy of Satanism, and actually much worse than the society we have today that they claim to hate for a variety of reasons. The French Revolution started with good intentions, enforcing ‘happiness’ and ‘brotherhood’ on people, and turned into a blood bath, and the more it tried, the less it achieved its goal. In the end it was a never-ending reign of terror, a process rather than a goal. The goal which would never actually be achieved.

Most forms of extreme Satanism, or offshoots, make various claims to be chaotic or anarchic, in some respect, and being anti-mainstream society, whether this is an expression of anarchist philosophy or chaotic fascism comes down to personal interpretation. Perhaps some adopt this as a form of over-machoism, to be more extreme than regular Satanism, to show the greatest ‘strength’ and to take it further in some way, distorting many of its principles in the process. For some it may be a little bit of ‘fun’ or simply an exercise in psychological exploration, to be taken with a pinch of salt, a phase they go through, to come out the other end more laid back or maybe even a Christian!

Anton LaVey defined that Satanism was pro-capitalist, as capitalism was the philosophy of material gain and hedonism. However, as argued above, this is far from problem-free, and many aspects of capitalism are in conflict with the Nietzsche and Neo-Darwinian models of existence, consumerism breeding weakness and laziness in many individuals, and distortion of the truth for personal financial gain (i.e. advertising and selling). Capitalism can mean many things, and need not be associated with the welfare state etc, nor democracy (e.g. China), but can be many things. One could argue that too harsh a totalitarian regime does nothing but breed fear in people, and too much fear turns people into spineless jellies with no sense of self; who are not allowed to express themselves; and such a state of affairs is hardly conducive to individualism and indeed Satanic philosophy and self-empowerment.

Some segments of Satanism, whilst claiming to embrace capitalism and science, are in some senses reactionary or ‘dangerous’ in moral terms, as they wish to dispense with mainstream morality and traditions. Anarchy is not incompatible with capitalism or free market trading, and indeed, this is the way many anarchic societies or small communities have evolved. Anarchy can be many different things to different people. There will always be some anarchic element to Satanism, but whether it is fully fledged ‘anarchy’ is another matter entirely. However, such societies may well evolve into tyrranical run organisms or indeed corrupt or hypocritical capitalist societies that we see today. Some view anarchism as being a form of socialism. Many punks who claim to be anarchists are really socialists or communists, but whose methods and approach are anarchic (e.g. Jello Biafra). Whether these actions would be tolerated in these idealised socialist societies if they were ever to exist is another matter. Other anarchists see anarchy as a vegetarian or vegan hippie paradise – where everyone is expected to behave in a certain way – like an unspoken conformity that they don’t want to have to enforce, as they want to be ‘free’. Others see it as a chaotic, dangerous and wild society where anything goes, with no safety blanket for the weak.

Some people are of the view that anarchy should be some kind of egalitarian ideal, without the hypocrisies and gratuitous exploitation of hyperconsumerism, capitalism and indeed totalitarianism, where people have the right to do and be whatever they wish to be. The problem with most anarchist models is that they ironically adopt a communist style social structure, within small, independent communities, and are subject to the ‘law of the lynch mob’, and thus not quite as forgiving and nurturing as the ‘hypocritical democratic societies’. Indeed, such communities would rely on the good nature of the inhabitants to look after and protect the weak, and invariably would not provide such a safety net as more industrialised societies with free healthcare systems etc.

If we look to the punk rock scene of the late 1970s, we might ponder about the type of anarchy that was being promoted. What is punk really? It is generally regarded as a philosophy rather than a style, a grass roots movement for people to express themselves, in particular their dissatisfaction, and to do or say what they want, often to deliberately wind up the establishment. It is in a sense anti-establishment or old order, but not necessarily ‘anarchist’. As discussed above, Satanism is considered by some to be ‘spiritual punk rock’, but it aligns itself more to the meaner side of punk and anarchism. For example, if we take the example of the Los Angeles punk scene of the late 70s, many of the punks there were ex-surfers, who were far from peaceful drug taking middle class kids as were found in the New York scene, but were more crazy and violent. West Coast surfers were far from a mellow bunch of hippies, but were very competitive and often quite violent. When fused with punk rock, this became an explosive mix. There was often violence at the male dominated concerts, much to the dissatisfaction of the actual bands, who were often quite reasonable, mellow people. Just because you are an anarchist does not mean you are necessarily a nice person. You do what you want and it may well be at someone else’s face’s expense. In a sense it is a selfish philosophical standpoint. It is not the friendly, politically correct, middle classed version of anarchism and punk rock of the late 70s.

One can take the standpoint that personal strength and mental strength is what punk or anarchism was about, and this can often translate into gratuitous macho or testosterone-fuelled behaviour or Darwinian type thinking. The vast majority of punk bands had an aggressive or confrontational attitude on stage, however mellow or not they actually were in person, so to some extent there was an element of Neo-Darwinism there. Being independent and not dependent on others to tell you what to do etc. Have the strength or courage to do what you want. Freedom for those with strong enough Will. Of course not all punk bands were ‘anarchist’, socialist or apolitical. The Oi scene of the 1980s was about working class values. There were many right wing or Neo-Nazi punk or RAC bands who were equally angry about society, but who were perhaps angry about slightly different things or who expressed their anger in different ways. However they were all angry and aggressive in stance. Apolitical or violent stances can sometimes appear to be unsympathic or mean, and be interpreted as ‘Fascist’ or ‘Neo-Nazi’ when in fact they are not; especially if there is some flirtation with Neo-Nazi imagery.

So it is one thing being a little mean, and it is another being a hateful bully, projecting your Jungian shadow and insecurities onto others, justified with philosophical rhetoric, as it the case with many far right Satanist groups. Is the far right a genuine route to freedom? Some believe so, but it is yet to actually be proven to be the case in reality.

So how much anarchy do we actually want in anarchy? It is ironic but true. Do anarchists really want anarchy? Or just anarchy when it suits them and on their terms, and according to their values? Or do they just mean it as a metaphor to behave anarchically when they want? Without the pressure of those particular social conventions that might inhibit such activity (but not disposing of other social conventions that would result in them being annoyed or inconvenienced by others)? For most, it is an excuse to ‘selfishly’ do what they want, and as much as the rhetoric means, they probably wouldn’t want a primordial type society where they could not enjoy all the junk food, consumer goods, luxuries and so on, and where anything goes – where Warlords jockey for power and lynch mobs kill anyone they don’t like the look of or heard an idle rumour about. Some anarchists are like teenagers who talk about sex but are too scared to actually do it.

Many Satanists talk about not being afraid of violence, as it is part of the natural order, whether this be to defend oneself, to ‘destroy’ those who are bothering us, or to beat up or kill people who are behaving in ways at odd with their Satanic ideal in society, to actively pouring out malevolence, hatred and death onto society as some kind of knee jerk expression of anger at society and to represent some kind of ‘dark order’ or ‘new age’ – which is meant to represent freedom in a perverse Neo-Darwinistic manner. Perhaps this is why so many extreme Satanists idolise the mentally unstable Adolf Hitler. The exact balance of protecting one’s freedoms from those imposing their values on us, and to what extent one wants to tolerate violence on others is a fine balance. How free and how messy are we prepared to get to keep society ‘honest’, transparent and ‘truly accountable’.

There is a balance between views of the individual and individual freedom and expression, to carry out one’s affairs in the manner one chooses, even if it is in a manner that society may frown upon on occasion, and in wanting to eliminate those elements of society or indeed the world that one finds distasteful. To achieve independence and freedom, it may only be necessary to adapt to one’s environment and know how to get the best from it, or perhaps to carry out part of one’s activities unseen. The concept that one necessarily needs to change the whole world or ‘attack’ it is not quite true. Those who want to exact their will onto society as a whole may claim to be doing so to promote the idea of the strong doing what they want, but the goals are sometimes somewhat confused. By focussing on the elimination of the weak, that are seen to be holding everyone down or back, one may in fact be reinforcing the constraints over one’s liberty even more than actually reducing them. For example, by moving to a more Neo-Darwinian model, the powers that be may prefer to be more brutal and oppressive and not pay any lip service to political correctness or being reasonable or democractic. Everyone likes to blame an ‘enemy’ for their problems, but a Neo-Darwinian approach may not always produce the desired result. Far Right Satanists often want a mixture of Libertarianism, Anarchy and Totalitarianism, which is a syncretic mix and most probably virtually impossible to attain. If it was attained, what one would likely end up with is a variety of rival groups bickering and fighting with each other. If Neo-Darwinism is a chosen path for its own sake, because by being ‘Sinister’ or culling the weak, and imposing one’s will onto the weak, then this is often done so for spiritual reasons, with the hope of some Sinister ‘Abrahamic’ type reward at the end of it, but in an inverted sense.

One theme common to both Anarchist, apolitical or far right Satanists is that they believe in the concept of personal responsibility, which is often missing in our modern societies, i.e. that you have to take responsibility for your own actions. This may manifest itself on a personal level in some individuals, who would do their own ‘policing’ themselves, or expect a harsh treatment from others if they overstepped the mark from them (regardless of the political system they found themselves in); and on an institutional level in totalitarian Neo-Darwinian nation states, where one would expect the state to mete out justice in such cases, to maintain the ‘ideal’ social order. But the core values could be remarkably similar. However, some might adopt the view that it is up to the individual alone and no business of the state to get involved or interfere, at least with certain types of matters.

Damios, a polytheist Satanist friend of mine, clarified the complex fusion of liberalism and brutality, elements which are normally found on opposite ends of the political spectrum. Some Satanists fight against infringements of their personal liberty from government or pressure groups, wishing to remove moral judgement from society in most respects. This might include the right to gay marriage or to consume drugs or otherwise. Or express one’s beliefs etc. However, few understand how this sense of ‘liberalism’ ties in with their claimed lack of morality as this seems to be in contradiction to such ‘political correctness’. Such Satanists may also demand other freedoms such as the right to kill or to injure if the situation is justified. The exact extent of this may come down to the individual, and to what extent they consider retribution, self-defence or retaliation acceptable. Some may only entertain violence if one is first attacked. Others may seek or claim to entertain violence if an individual is treating him or her disrespectfully or being a big nuisance. This however may be regarded by some as a form of morality which many Satanists find distasteful. Everyone has their own moral code, and the line has to be drawn somewhere. There is much disagreement as one would expect, and the degree to which one embraces capitalism, free market enterprise, law and order and so on. This eclectic mixture of liberalism and primal self-determinism and brutality is hard to understand from a left-wing/liberal perspective and also from a far right perspective. The difference between this strange brand of anarchist and the far right favouring Satanists, is that the latter wish to legislate strength or encourage it, and to intervene with individuals or trends that encourage a perceived weakness. Similarly, others should have the right to kill the Satanist too, or try to, if that situation arose. Such individuals may show distaste as the moral fabric of society, trends towards certain types of degenerate behviour, potentially, which is a form of non-liberalism in some sense, and how they frame this in their minds may come down to the individual (as prejudice and judgement or proactive ‘extermination’ when it merely apes the extreme far right). Either position is easy to confuse with the far right, as both may appear to be rather unsympathetic and Neo-Darwinian. However, the far right school of Satanism is often divided in such issues as homosexuality, where some are strongly opposed to it in a moralistic, far right type stance, and others regard it as irrelevant and as an amoral issue. Race may be a similar issue again. As there is no scientific basis for race, many argue that racist Satanists are in fact not really proper Satanists as they are not following logic and science, but acting and thinking emotionally.

So is individualism about personal philosophy and individual freedom? Or does it have an intrinsic political component? If we are talking anarchy, does it have to include a political manifesto? For many punks, it just meant self-expression, and to be obsessed with politics would have been stupid. For others, it was interpreted as a cause or set of political and moral beliefs, more dogmatic than those they were opposing for being dogmatic in the first place.

One should consider that totalitarianism is not the chosen world order for the majority of industrialised Western societies. Over-regulation and high security against ‘terrorism’ is one thing, but blatant Fascism is a step too far. Most consumers would never stand for something so obviously oppressive. It would have to be a politically correct, sanitised, capitalist version. Satanism and Neo-Nazism are never likely to be philosophies of the average Joe, nor are they likely to ever represent the status quo or indeed the Elite (officially). Satanism is too much about personal freedom and individualism, Power to Will and breaking down of Judeo-Christian morality and social conventions, which is not what many hyperconsumerist societies are all about. Satanism will always be reactionary, whether the personal philosophies of the adherents are anarchism, apolitical or far right. Either way, they will always be somewhat ‘against’ something, and slightly socially unacceptable. Whether you agree with any of the sub-groups and their beliefs, that is the bottom line. Some Satanists try to come up with the most extreme political philosophy they can, to take Satanism to its logical conclusion, and often in the process, taking it to a twisted destination which is at odds with the spirit of what it was supposed to be about. How messy do you want to get? Are you prepared to get your hands dirty? Is it all talk to make yourself feel better or is it what you really want?

As discussed above, some anarchists are politically motivated and politically obsessed, often to the point of not being able to see the world as it is right now and appreciate it and move freely within it. They have become slaves to their moral values and sense of duty, often at their own expense, leading to limiting their actions and behaviour to be ‘right on’. They may feel the need to convince all others of their views and not tolerate anyone with different views from themselves; or listen to the views of others; or not tolerate any other views. There is only one truth to such individuals. They are right. Others are wrong. They are addicted and obsessive. This is not to say that political conviction is always a mental illness! As we clearly have examples of success through perseverence.

However, the converse view of anarchy, that of nihilism, not caring about anything but your own personal and mental liberty in this moment; not caring about the world whether it goes down the toilet (from whatever biased viewpoint you use and what methods of measurement you prescribe). In this stance, you may or may not care about the thoughts of others. It is clearly not an absolute choice and there is plenty of grey area in the middle. However, the trend amongst LHP practitioners is to believe in personal psychological liberty, in that they often don’t care what others think. This is in a sense an inverted form of political correctness or ‘democratisation‘ of anarchy. In a sense, it is the view that vastly different political views can co-exist in harmony, and that no one will try to impose their beliefs on others. Unfortunately the world does not always work like that, and if you tolerate someone with Neo-Nazi or otherwise extreme right wing views, as you can empathise with a few of their issues but not the majority, sooner or later, they will try to get into a position where they can impose their views on you and impinge on your personal freedom. At that point, this inverse politically correct nihilistic paradise is suddenly shattered and you have an ‘enemy’ to fight. However, if one considers that one should fight them from the very beginning, maybe this would be seen by some as ‘uncool’. So there are clearly problems with both types of standpoint. When do you challenge the views of others and when do you live and let live?

Some tend to pick on ‘uncool’ targets, such as Christianity, in a radical and hardline manner, becoming just as intolerant if not more intolerant than the people they are trying to fight, or rather destroy their belief systems that they are perfectly entitled to have if they so wish. Marilyn Manson is a good example of this. Conversely, such individuals do not make any significant fuss over Neo-Nazi Satanist groups, which although they conflict with their own values much more than the ‘uncool’ targets like the Christians, and are arguably a minor threat, but a much more dangerous threat potentially. It is as though they are ‘ok’ because they are eccentric Satanists, and are expressing their anger in a different way. Clearly there is a large amount of hypocrisy.

Above we have examined some of the high profile groups and individuals who are associated with the far right in varying capacities. Some of the organisations are not explicitly Neo-Nazi, although it could be argued that they are certainly Fascistic, for example, the Werewolf Order, who wish to promote values such as Domination as well as Leadership. The context in which Domination is expressed can vary according to the individual, but clearly on a larger scale, this would be equated to Fascism. However, it could be interpreted in a more anarchic sense, albeit a ‘slightly uncool’ one. In some respects, Satanism is under attack by Christian organisations and speakers, in the same way that Satanism wishes to attack Christianity. Christianity is gradually losing its hold on the moral fabric of modern, western, industrialised societies. Satanism is gaining in popularity especially with the music industry and the goth, industrial, Black Metal and National Socialist Black Metal (NSBM) scenes, especially in its more vocal and reactionary forms. Some believe that Theistic Satanism is on the rise at the expense of LaVey Satanism.

Is it really necessary to ‘attack’ and bring down society in order to ensure one’s personal freedom, rather than educate or put one’s views across intelligently? As part of a gradual evolution of consciousness of society? Of course, the whole Biblical stereotype of Satan does not help, and if Anton LaVey had no called it Satanism but Neo-Darwinian Jungian Atheistic Occultism or something else, then it surely would not have created so much resistance in society as a whole. So a problem of their own making to a large extent. However, despite all that, and because of teenagers desire for rebellion, it has established itself although it is still far from socially acceptable. Will Satanists be able to practice their lifestyle and beliefs without persecution or suppression from society as a whole? Most probably. However, with regards to lawless retribution and brutality (perhaps a tendency for those of a more misanthropic vs philanthropic nature), for those that favour this anarchic side of Satanism, then it is still illegal, and will not be tolerated any time soon. This is perhaps why some Satanists wish to either destroy society, restoring the ‘natural order’ after a disaster, war or other chaos resulting in a harsh reduction in the world’s population (much like the goal Eugenics movement but which operates in terms of industialised societies and through careful management and non-democratic action); or to take over society with such arguably criminally optimistic (wannabe?) Satanic organisations and possibly create brutal like regimes or a Satanic state – which would likely be labelled as the most dangerous state in the world (even if it was minding its own business, but knowing the macho Neo-Darwinian bias, probably not) and probalby be invaded by the United States (ironically the most Satanic state in the world already in many respects). Whilst chaos, depopulation and other processes are deemed necessary by some to move towards a sustainable world population that is not a burden on the environment and that can adopt a less ‘herd’ like and more decentralised and independent/self-supporting format, it is likely that this idealised is never likely to occur, even with such harsh processes involved. It is likely that the main characteristic of mass destruction and killing takes over as the ongoing reality, where the idealised goal is never actually reached. The French Revolution and indeed Russian Revolutions are a case in point, where all that occurred was terrorisation of the population and very little actual freedom, where process and fear of losing power and insecurity took over from the actual original objective or goal. Or if it is reached, people are so used to mass killing that they lose the whole spirit of the enterprise and are thus not ready for it when it is actually possible. So to want to see global disaster or totalitarian regimes that conduct genocide in order to achieve this anarchic goal is really a rather flawed strategy or concept. It is perhaps better to take the approach that the world will always be flawed and if we stoop to a level where we just butcher people for no good reason, then we have lost our way even more than we have at present. If we accept that society is inherently flawed but will likely never actually be perfect, then if we make do with what we’ve got and focus on ourselves and self-actualising and being the best we can be; being individualistic and never a follower. Always doing one’s own thing, following one’s dream or being a leader, then one is as free as one is ever going to be. Whilst many people have moments of feeling misanthropic, the ‘herd’ being rather uncharismatic, self-centred, ignorant, being a demand on the environment yet not really contributing anything of much value to society besides wanting to make money, the alternative is hardly an improvement. I believe the only realistic and reasonable option is a gradual education and enlightenment of the populace, albeit whilst still destroying the environment to some extent. If we put the environment over human life (in the literal sense of killing people for the ‘crime’ of being alive’), then our values have reached rock bottom. It is ironic that some use ant-environmental misanthropic movements as an excuses for environmentalism, taking them completely out of their original context.

Is Fascism the new Anarchy? No, Fascism is Fascism. The confusion arises over the belief and taking on the qualities of the belief. To be an anarchist, does one have to be ‘dangerous’ and chaotic towards society itself? Anarchy as a chaotic commodity was embodied in the punk rock group the Sex Pistols, and many of their forebearers, such as Iggy Pop and the New York Dolls etc. Rock and roll has always tried to shock or be rebellious. Is the adoption of Fascist imagery and stances merely an attempt to be ‘anarchic’ or to offend or is it really sincere? The Dead Kennedys wrote a very amusing song entitled ‘Anarchy for Sale’.

Literal vs Symbolic

The ‘archetype’ of Satan is said to represent power, strength, science and technology. These are indeed the qualities and principles on which the Nazi party were based. Satan is meant to represent the ‘adversary’ or ‘rebel’ and Neo-Nazism is viewed by some as being as anti-conventional society as it is possible to be (as opposed to Anarchism). There is also the Neo-Darwinian slant and the Nietzschian concept of Will to Power of both philosophies/movments as well as the belief in hard justice, whether executed by the individual on a personal basis or by the state. One can clearly see the potential for overlap between modern Satanism and Neo-Nazism. Of course, whilst there is a heavy overlap philosophically, Satanism in its pure form is about individualism (as long as it embodies strength and the qualities of Satanism), whereas National Socialism and Neo-Nazism is about collectivism and hard rule – which some perceive to be about freedom or social justic as long as they are not being persecuted or having any of their interests restricted of course; and indeed locking up and perhaps killing anyone they feel like, as usually happens in totalitarian states. The key difference is in the use of the word ‘socialism’ in National Socialism. However, some Satanists do indeed adopt a National Socialist standpoint, strangely not regarding it as socialism somehow.

In the examples above, some of the groups are explicitly Neo-Nazi, for example, the Joy of Satan and the Aryan Satanic Brotherhood. Others have Neo-Nazi connections or condone Neo-Nazism within their ranks – the exact extent of which is not known, and it is still possible they are secretly Neo-Nazi groups pretending to be overly macho Neo-Darwinian dark anarchists and Chaos Magicians. According to one inside source, every Satanist group he has been involved with contains a significant contingent of open Neo-Nazis. Of course, not all Neo-Nazi occultists are Satanists, and in the NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal) scene, Nordic style Odinist religion is also popular, as it represents an Aryan anti-Christian heritage, the ‘true culture’ of Northern Europeans (well Saxon and Nordic tribes). No one has clearly pointed out to the NSBM bands that heavy metal is derived from Afro-American blues, so that Neo-Nazi pagans are playing in effect amped up ‘black’ music! The joke is perhaps on them, even if some of the library of music is ok musically.

It is quite easy to dismiss everything Hitler did or stood for, but we should be selective about what we are condemning. After all, our modern society has incorporated a number of technological innovations from Nazi scientists, nuclear bomb making and rocket science. 50-something centre-right hipocrites driving Porsches should bear in mind that the company was given a hefty grant by Adolf Hitler himself, as he felt this was the type of company that typified modern Germany and the German spirit. You don’t see the Porsche shareholders (the most profitable car company of the Noughties) giving this money back to Jewish families now! With interest. So it is really certain components of Hitler’s agenda that one should take issue with, rather than everything. At the end of the day, clothes are just clothes. If one likes black leather, so what!

Hitler or Nazi iconography can clearly be used as an archetype for strength also, and a metahpor for destruction, which is very fashionable with Satanists. Damios, a polytheistic Satanist friend of mine, has commented that he respected Hitler’s resolve to exact his will; to destroy those elements of ‘weakness’ or ‘disease’ in society he detested; his power to influence; as well as the ‘attractive’ nature of Teutonic military design; whilst not particularly agreeing with his racist ideology or indeed Racial and some of his Eugenics policies; the extent of his killing rampage; nor particularly respecting his competence as a military leader (in some phases of WWII) and as an economist and patriot. It is a case of being inspired by certain aspects of his persona and legacy, and not by others. Hitler’s relentless desire to eliminate and destroy what he perceived to be elements of weakness or disease, could be taken as a metaphor for eliminating one’s own areas of mental weakness, neuroses, materialistic obsessions or indeed other psychological disorders – and possibly even the ‘weaker’ emotions. It might also be less of a metaphor and more of an inspiration for eliminating what one might perceive to be the weaker trends or elements in society, the safety net and excessive comfort and laziness that discourages personal growth and strength and encourages mental illness, weakness and laziness – so not racial per se but more about attitude, belief and molycoddling.

Of course, for some Satanists, a desire and belief that one can conquer the whole world is appealing! Some Satanists clearly like the idea of exacting one’s will and stomping on those that get in our way or try to mess with us, but do not particularly like the idea of mass enforcement of an ideology on them, and persecuting people based on this, even if it does overlap with some of their views. The manner in which one can ‘utilise‘ the symbol of Hitler or Nazi-inspired symbolism is clearly heterogeneous in nature. Some will always find it distasteful and dubious, and believe it can only mean one thing; and that those who use such symoblism but deny being Neo-Nazi sympathisers are in fact not being honest with themselves – or are being very childish. Perhaps for some, it is also a means of offending people or being ‘shocking’, offensive, ‘evil-looking’ or provocative, in the same way that using the name ‘Satan’ or ‘Satanist’ when one does not actually believe in Satan or any religious deity or spirit (e.g. the more militaristic/Teutonic looking/dressed CoS members). One could argue it is pershaps slightly unoriginal, and overworked metaphor in whatever context it is used. For example, it is an internet forum faux pas to compare anyone to a ‘Nazi’, not because it is offensive, but because it doesn’t mean very much and is so over-used. There is clearly not always a simple interpretation that applies to everyone, and there will always be personal variations in interpretation and metaphor, conscious and subconscious.

For some Satanists or occultists, utilising ‘local power’ or local forms of identity or genetic memory as leverage can be said to help make one’s magick stronger. The definition of ‘local power’ is however problematic. Does this instrinsically have to mean ‘race’? One physical form is part of one’s identity for many people, but skin colour is just one component of one’s physical form. One could focus on being human or being ‘me’ which is essentially what the LHP is supposed to be about. One could focus on one’s eye colour or clothes, or one’s most treasured possessions, for example. Skin colour is microscopic fraction of the total information, active and recessive, stored in our genes (determining past and present biochemical pathways and adaptations). If one is to focus on ‘genetic memory’, why do people automatically look at ‘race’? Local power could also mean local pagan monuments or similar. The leap for many automaticaly to Nazism is a rather big leap. Nazism was a recreationist Germanic identity, and not strictly accurate to past traditions or practices. If anything it was influenced in some respects by Greek and Roman paganism, which were not Germanic at all. Aryan Europeans and American white supremacists may see Nazism as representing their ethnic identity, but this often comes out of ignorance of their cultural and ethnic origins. For example, Celts had nothing to do with Germanic tribes and had entirely different cultural and religious traditions. How useful any of these concepts are is debatable on account of the extent of cultural and ethnic mixing in Europe over the last 2000 years, and indeed the evolution of culture and cross-fertilisation of culture. The Nation State has not existed so long historically speaking either. Which point in time do we want to freeze and what version of this snapshot in time do we want to believe or what aspect do we want to focus on? At the end of the day, all these things are relative, and whatever a person attributes to be of personal and subjective significance is what can be powerful. That is not so say that whatever that is then is an objective and absolute truth however. Related issues are examined on the Identity and Difference page in the Psychology section.

It is important to understand the difference between Neo-Darwinist philosophy, which may be racially indiscriminate, White Separatism that may not regard other ‘races’ as inferior but which only promotes its own ‘race’ and does not support mixing of cultures (which historically has never happened), and Neo-Nazism and White Supremacism. Most extreme or sinister Satanists as described in this article are of the Neo-Darwinian and perhaps emphasising an exaggerated Aryan/White Separatist theme in certain respects as an archetype for their Sinister selves and cultural identity as it serves their purpose. There seem to be a few genuine Neo-Nazi groups and members within groups, but they seem to be a minority.

Some LaVeyan music artists admit to being Fascists or having Fascist-like ideas, but often deny the specific accusation of being Neo-Nazis, desite using Nazi iconography and imagery in their music, videos and dress etc, including the use of Swastikas. It is easy to argue it is simply a metaphor – Fascism being more ‘politically correct’ and ‘socially acceptable’ than Neo-Nazism. But if one indeed was a Neo-Nazi, and wanted to spread Neo-Nazism, then this would indeed be the best way to do it, in a somewhat ambiguous manner, so one could have a convenient get out clause if people accused on of being a real Nazi. Using the excuse of ‘art’. How is anyone going to tell the difference between genuine Neo-Nazi Satanists and those that simply flirt with the imagery and rhetoric? Unless one makes explicit statements about race, then one cannot prove that the person in question is really a Neo-Nazi, and they can continue doing what they do. It will be very hard to determine the actual extent or sympathy for Neo-Nazism within the CoS and indeed Satanism as a whole for these reasons.

It could be argued that Church of Satan celebrity music artists who use Nazi style iconography and imagery are being deliberately confusing and ambiguous, and merely courting controversy for the sake of it; or are simply a bunch of ‘fakers’ or bandwagon jumpers, who don’t believe in eithe Satan or in Nazism, who embrace the ‘cake and eat it’ school of thought. By embracing or flirting with certain archetypes, many LaVeyan Satanists only have themselves to blame if people assume they are Devil Worshippers or Neo-Nazis.Why not just be yourself and say what you think, rather than such posturing, posing and flirtation? Be honest and congruent in what you say, how you look and what you do. Congruence is a fundamental principle of influence, and if you do not appear congruent, the mind does not take it in or believe in it. Gratuitous posing or association with any form of symbolism or uniform is arguably a sign of deep-rooted insecurity, lack of confidence and self-esteem, and lack of self-knowledge. Perhaps it is a sign of weakness, the one value that such individuals claim to detest so much.

The German Cross is of course not a Nazi symbol per se, as it is still in use by Germany today, as it is a symbol of the German nation. The usage of it however is likely inspired by the German nation and army of WWI and WWII, where it is found amongst Hell’s Angels, Heavy Metal Bands and of course Neo-Nazis. It is seen as a symbol of power and strength, representing the warrior spirit. Which is somewhat strange given its current historical context. One might argue that Shadow Reichenstein wear it because it is not legal in Germany to wear the Swastika or display it in public.

Many Neo-Nazis have adopted Satanic or Nordic/Odinist pagan symbolism (but whether they really follow these religions may be a matter of debate!)

There is a large amount of scope for Neo-Nazis and National Socialists to feel particularly comfortable in Satanist circles, and possibly blend in seamlessly, although if they open their mouth too much it will become obvious what they are about at some point. Some fans and members maybe take the imagery of some of the stylised Satanist musical artists too seriously.

One could of course argue that the use of historical military German imagery, representing a period in history when German was a military aggressor, starting two World Wars in Europe (at least starting the Northern European part of WWI), is simply an archetype for strength and power, and utilising that archetype for one’s own personal reasons, to make one feel more confident or empowered, does not necessarily mean one is a racist. In the same way that a person who listens to crustcore punk is not necessarily an anarchist, and a person who listens to early 80s Skrewdriver is not necessarily a racist – but of course many are. In a sense Satanists could well be using Neo-Nazi or Nazi imagery in the same way that they use inverted Christian imagery – to create a ‘new meaning’ for this imagery which is self-empowering to them – i.e. personal power or strong and aggressive individualism and desire to protect one’s freedom (as opposed to a collectivist National Socialist meaning) – allegedly.

The affinity for the portrayal of violence and militarism for some aspiring Satanist teenagers is struggle for identity, to express anger and personal-power, and an excuse to deny their softer side. A form of front and false confidence. It is arguably a projection of the shadow. It is usually all talk and no trousers as few if any of the individuals who use such violent imagery could or would ever do it. The minority of individuals who genuinely have such violent desires may find certain Satanic groups safe havens where their beliefs can become further justified, whereupon it may actually culminate in violence. Whether they are formal members of Satanic orders or just find inspiration from the various bands that use such imagery.

However, it could equally be argued that whilst one may use such archetypes (in a restricted sense and without reference to genocide etc.) from time to time or to explore a part of one’s character, there are other ways to achieve this; e.g. one might look to the skinhead movement if one wanted to embrace an archetype of strength that was not necessarily racist or associated with genocide – but this is not as readily assimilable to the ‘goth’ aesthetic that many Satanists sheepishly adhere to; nor would it embrace the spirit of domination as well as the Nazi imagery does (as the Werewolf Order is about ‘leadership’ and directing others). Nikolas Schreck himsefl actually praised the skinhead movement as it was one of the few threatening youth cultures of today that genuinely went against middle class and politically correct values – even though he always stuck to the goth aesthetic himself. Indeed embracing an archetype from time to time is one thing, but going around ALL THE TIME wearing Neo-Nazi resembling outfits or clothing is quite another. A few punk bands or industrial bands have dressed up as Nazis once or twice in their careers as a joke on fascism, but to dress up in Nazi SS style uniforms on a routine basis, and to have an anti-Nazi stance, is rather ridiculous. The whole thing smells of conformity and stereotype if nothing else. Aren’t individualists supposed to be themselves and create something new, and dare to be different, rather than conforming to the same old stereotypes?

One could also argue that various Satanic organisations and metal bands embrace historical Nazi imagery in order to soften the negative association and indeed create a positive association for many teens, goths, death metal fans and indeed those interested in the occult and Satanism. A way to draw more people into National Socialism and indeed Neo-Nazism, by their interest in rebelling against society, doing what they want, and embracing survival of the fittest on a personal level to gain control of their own lives; the jump to full blown Neo-Nazism being reduced by the softening of the previous negative associations.

There are numerous examples of bands that are clearly not Neo-Nazi in any way, that employ some Germanic symbolism, because they just like the Teutonic look, e.g. Lemmy of Motorhead wearing the German Cross. This is a Hells Angel/Biker/Metal type thing. Lemmy himself collects Nazi WW2 antiques as he likes the aesthetic of the period. It is no surprise that many children prefer the German WW2 military vehicles over the British or American because the design is just so. This doesn’t make them Neo-Nazi sympathisers.

A byproduct of using Nazi iconography or aesthetics is to influence young, naive music fans, Satanists or occultists, who are largely uneducated and with little life experience, to flirt with Nazism and in many cases embrace Nazism. Such bands encourage Neo-Nazi skinheads and other Neo-Nazis, and also make such movements more ‘hip’ and socially acceptable. The fact that many of the fans are not particularly intellectual thugs, in contrast with the bands’ or key figures’ elitist, intellectual stance, is quite ironic. There are leaders and there are followers. The NSBM scene is a case in point, and undoubtedly encouraging many ‘goths’ and metallers to listen to music with National Socialist lyrics who would otherwise not do so, and many may well end up adopting these ideas and philosophies, to varying degrees. If one was to listen to racist proganda long enough, one would likely be more open to embrace such ideas. Losing the stigma attached to Nazi iconography could perhaps open the mind more to these ideas, as much of the pain associated with such philosophies has been eroded away. A little like being around drugs makes many (but not all) youths more likely to try them, having previously stayed away because of shock tactic TV campaigns etc. (i.e. through fear and stigma) and many ending up psychologically dependent and exacerbating their psychological problems. The militaristic and National Socialist ethic is attract to some teenagers who lack the self-confidence to know better, and suppressing some of their softer emotions can be an attractive form of escape and rebellion.

Clearly citing isolated examples of LaVey Satanists who are Neo-Nazis, or merely use a variety of fascistic imagery to explore the emotions or challenge contemporary Western values, or who appear that they ‘might’ be racists to the casual observer is clearly no real evidence that LaVey Satanists are ‘all’ Neo-Nazis or that LaVey Satanism contains disproportionately more Neo-Nazis that other religions. Whilst there may be some ambiguity, there are clear examples of famous LaVey Satanists who are clearly not racists, for example, the man who calls himself ‘Marilyn Manson’.

The late Anton LaVey’s and other senior members of the CoS’s Neo-Nazi connections are however somewhat concerning and the extent to which the higher levels of the organisation was populated by Neo-Nazis is a matter of debate. To what extent racism or Neo-Nazism amongst members has simply been ignored as one’s own political views are one’s own private business, and to what extent certain parts of the CoS are a breeding ground for the far right, and is actively used to brainwash members into far right thinking or to bully other members is not something I can comment on with any authority. One can only speculate. The Satanic stance is one of amorality rather than immorality, and as such this logic can perhaps justify tolerating those with extreme beliefs, even if potentially those beliefs (with a twisted moral basis) if enforced could impinge on their own personal freedom. To regard LaVeyan Satanism as purely amoral would not strictly speaking be correct, as clearly there are strict moral codes regarding animals and children, just not ‘guilty’ adults! However, one could argue that this attitude amongst many Satanists allows a breeding ground for the far right to develop within their organisations. If the Church of England, for example, had a large proportion of priests who were affiliated with Neo-Nazi groups, individual members of the church would be extremely concerned and there would be a major overhaul of the church. However, most Satanists aren’t so bothered or are not aware of the extent of adoption of National Socialism or Fascism, whether explicitly or in a ‘closet’ form, within their respective Orders or Churches. Some orders are better than others, and indeed certain orders, e.g. The Ordo Luciferi (Luciferian Order – not strictly speaking ‘Satanists’ but the more spiritual Luciferian variety) take an extremely firm stance of Neo-Nazi applicants or members. Perhaps the Church of Satan should take note. If you condone something, you are in a sense encouraging or approving it, or regarding it as innocuous. It is a fine balance as to how much to respect people’s own personal beliefs, but it could be argued that Neo-Nazis are non-logical and have no place in the rationalism of Satanism in its conventional forms at any rate.

When it comes to the adoption of Neo-Nazi ideologies, the desire for mainstream religions, or at least the mainstream versions of them, seems to disappear on the whole as they embody ‘weakness’ or are a little ‘cissy’ (of course with exceptions), and a desire for either atheism or religions that embody strength are more desirable, for example, Satanism. Of course, some extremists do adopt darker and more violent forms of their own religions, for example, Aryan Christianity or Fundamentalist Islam. The KKK often claim to be Christian, but this is in some doubt and there is evidence to suggest many are actually either Luciferians or Satanists. Much like many Freemason branches that are formally aligned to Christianity or Islam but are in fact heavily populated by occultists.

Satanism claims to be all about the individual and personal freedom, so by that definition, Satanic organisations themselves should allow people to hold whatever ridiculous beliefs they want, however socially unacceptable or extreme, as long as they don’t try to impose those on others. This is the concept of true freedom. However, the irony is that many of these belief systems do not promote personal freedom but rigid rule and collectivist type models or brutal totalitarianism and have little to do with securing people’s personal liberties and more about a minority of individuals using the human population as a canvas to express and exact their Will, to express themselves, which is not of course always in everyone’s interest. But if people are too dim witted and are easily conditioned, then arguably they only have themselves to blame for the consequences.

The far right has always had its internal conflicts, with division over the race issue etc. The far right has always been a firm advocate of law and order, but syncretically it also seems in extreme cases to be promoting violence, criminality and lawlessness. Far right thugs who are involved in criminal gangs or football hooliganism for example put themselves and their own desire for criminality and selfishness first, whilst opposing criminality of others and calling for tough police action. The police are often loathed amongst extreme far rightists, but equally they like the police but wish they would tackle crime in a different way. The actual politics in such cases in not very well thought through, and takes a back seat to all other activities the individual is involved with. It is in many senses a case of one rule for us, another one for them. Perhaps Satanism has a similar internal conflict, in that it tries to embody technology, liberal freedoms but also strength, brutality, and a retrogressive cultural view that harks back to the Middle Ages. Of course, Satanists are a very syncretic and heterogeneous bunch, and each person has his own political beliefs. However that is not to say that just because a given individual may adopt certain modalities of the far right, that does not mean that most far right supporters would want anything to do with him if they knew what he was really about. This is why many Satanists keep quiet about their affiliations when networking with far right extremists and Neo-Nazis.

It is not uncommon in such LHP groups for members to dislike each other on certain levels (i.e. think of some members as assholes), but also to respect each other’s ‘power’ and strength of will (e.g. a worthy adversary etc.) Being an ‘asshole’ is quite widely accepted in many LHP circles, and being likeable to some is not important. Being a bit of an asshole at times may also get you kudos, as a sign of a strong Will, outspoken and unwaivering nature and a sign of strength. Anyone who is too ‘nice’ may be seen to show signs of weakness of Will, which to some is definitely not an attractive trait. The purpose of the LHP is generally accepted to not be about being popular, which is not important or relevant, unless one wants it to be.

When it comes to the LHP in general, people tend to follow their interests, and take little interest or spend little time studying that which they are not interested in. For many LHP practitioners, the ONA is not to their tastes or liking, and are simply not interested in actively studying them; and if members knowingly risk their lives to join and die, well that is their problem. The internal activities of other occult groups that one doesn’t particularly ‘dig’ are simply not of interest to most LHP practitioners. Not relevant and not their problem. If you don’t like it, don’t join.

Some LHP adherents may however object to the activities of Neo-Nazi organisations which seek to uproot the stability of society (although not all LHP practitioners care about this or are afraid of violence or killing when strictly necessary) and infringe on their personal liberties or those of others. Clearly there are many aspects to Satanism, Dark Occultism, Luciferianism and the Left Hand Path, and there will always be some group out there that focuses on some aspects and deviates from or ignores others, to create a niche or extreme group; and equally there will always be those that want to take things further and to be more ‘powerful’, whatever that might mean in absolute terms, and in terms of further repression of their softer emotions. Whether such individuals are highly misguided or enlightened, or both, is up to them to figure out, or not. Or for them to be arrested if they are caught breaking the law.

Below is a web site critically analysing how there are overlaps between the Nazism and Satanism but some fundamental differences.


Below is a Christian view of racism within Satanism.


Far Right Groups view of Satanists



The UK Far Right fanzine ‘The Final Conflict’ warns of the infiltration of Far Right groups by Satanists. Presumably such traditional right wing groups, although not expressly religious seeking preservation of certain perceived cultural traits and an idealised view of UK culture and nation (whatever the means. The token Christian identity may be akin to wanting Christian monuments and traditions and festivities as part of the culture of British life, in the British moderate manner, as long as it isn’t forced down their throat and does not affect their lifestyle. See the Difference page in the Psychology section).

Many in the far right do not like the presence or infiltration of Satanists in their movement, as Satanists seem to be using the Far Right for their own ends without genuinely being for it in all of its aspects, and are primarily concerned with their individual liberal rights (as well as the thuggish far right Darwinian attributes) – this is where the individualism vs collectivist philosophies clash. However this is not universally the case. Sinister Satanists are keen to embody prejudice and Neo-Darwinism, when it is in the form of racial or cultural prejudice for example, in other words when they are on the giving end, not the receiving end, when it comes to prejudice towards those who look like ‘freaks’.

Satanists have a public image problem and may give the movement a ‘bad name’ on account of the prejudices of the general public about Satanism, the stereotypes of which may Sinister or Hardcore Satanists seem to embody. Their presence may also put off many conservative right wing Christians or various levels of religious extremism and cause an unwanted split in the movement.

Satanists within far right organisations in general from what I understand tend to keep quiet about their own personal practices and spiritual inclinations, although some members may try to ‘sniff them out’.

This ‘100 page booklet’ is referenced also on the Death in June (DIJ – a National Boshevik band) web site, although DIJ have open affiliation with Fascist and Far Right Satanists:


The vast majority of white supremacists and white separatists dislike Islam (in their back yard) and want to do everything they can to prevent ‘Islamification’ of the UK. This is likely to be more for cultural than racial or religious reasons. However they may point to the anti-democratic aspects of fundamentalist Islam to justify their position, which makes up a small minority of UK Muslims. However, if far right supporters dislike Islam and ‘Islamification’, then the last thing they want is ‘Satanisation’ or ‘Satanification’ of the UK – permeating the ‘national culture’ and turning it into some kind of ‘pagan freakshow’; rather than preserving current nominally religious Protestant national identity, whilst simultaneously condoning the excesses of working class violence and misbehaviour for many (a kind of cake and eat it situation). Most people in the far right probably have a right wing Biblical view of Satanism, and although they are not strong Christians, they may oppose anything that is not Christian. Of course, the far right is heterogeneous, and many supporters and atheists and non-religious. The proportion of ‘heavy metal’ Satanist wannabees in the Far Right has probably increased over the years, and they are probably supportive of Satanists as it is deemed ‘bad ass’ and ‘tough’.

Some Satanists do make up a minority of the far right supporters, but one can question their dedication to the cause, in that they may well just be using the far right and its archetypes for their own ends, and when it comes down to it, although they may pay lip service to an Aryan collective (often in a cultural/non-racial manner), are in the first instance concerned with their individual rights. This is brought out in the desire amongst the vast majority of Satanists to have full freedom of speech, promotion gay rights (as this is not seen to have anything to do with one’s proclivity for racial or cultural prejudice) and also pro-abortion stance. Satanism thus in many respects is promoting personal freedom, but for far right Satanists, in the context of the collective. Thus it is a form of extreme Darwinian liberalism. The right to do and say what you want but also the right to fight and if necessary kill one’s enemies, which is not a characteristic of liberalism. Thus far right Satanists will always have a slightly strained relationship with mainstream supporters of the far right, who may tolerate them as long as they are fighting for most of the same goals (but of course may not publicly want to be associated with them). Most far right supporters I’ve come across are extremely homophobic, for instance.

If Britain for example did adopt a Neo-Nazi style government, it is likely that a return to the ‘good old days’ of picking on anyone deemed to be different would occur, including Satanists. A strong, militaristic style government can of course exist in a democratic, liberal framework, for example, ancient Greece and perhaps the far right will evolve over time, in the same way the Labour party did to move with the times and appeal to the middle classes and wealthy. The far right in the UK appears to be embracing certain tenets of libertarianism within the nationalist context, and is less concerned with the imperialism and foreign conquest of the past and indeed keeping out of the international ‘policing’ efforts of the developed nations in the Middle East and North Africa (which are arguably only conducted when it is politically or economically in these countries’ interests). Whether there is any real substance there or it is merely rhetoric to gain votes, and how far this liberatarian ethic goes, only time will tell.

One thing is likely, if Hitler was alive today, or if we could recreate a modern version of the Fourth Reich (the Fifth Reich?), then he would probably want to cleanse Germany of rebellious individuals who dressed in gothic clothes, and who openly professed Satanism, as ‘freaks’ (from his perspective) and social misfits rather than representing a pseudo-traditional view or vision of Germany; and indeed eliminate anyone that he could not easily control and manipulate, even if they supported the same ends and helped him in various ways in the past, like he did with the Brown Shirts (SA) during the Night of the Long Knives.

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The Scythians, considered barbarians by the Greeks, traded (7th cent. B.C.) grain and their service as mercenaries for Greek wine and luxury items. They invaded (7th cent. B.C.) upper Mesopotamia and Syria. They threatened Judah but never actually occupied Palestine. They also made incursions into the Balkan Peninsula, and a century later the mysterious campaign of Darius I against them (c.512 B.C.) may have checked their expansion, although it was no conquest. They destroyed (c.325 B.C.) an expedition sent against them by Alexander the Great. After 300 B.C. they were driven out of the Balkans by the invading Celts. In S Russia they were displaced (2d or 1st cent. B.C.) by the related Sarmatians, and part of their empire became Sarmatia.Bibliography See E. H. Minns, Scythians and Greeks (1913, repr. 1976); T. Rice, The Scythians (1957); H. W. Bailey, Indo-Scythian Studies (1985).

Scalpings — Scythia

Scalping was practiced by the ancient Scythians of Eurasia.[3] Herodotus, the Greek historian, wrote of the Scythians in 440 BC:

The Scythian soldier scrapes the scalp clean of flesh and softening it by rubbing between their hands, uses it thenceforth as a napkin. The Scyth is proud of these scalps and hangs them from his bridle rein; the greater the number of such napkins that a man can show, the more highly is he esteemed among them. Many make themselves cloaks by sewing a quantity of these scalps together.[4]

  1. Scott, George Ryley (2003). History of Torture Throughout the Ages. Kessinger Publishing. p. 211. ISBN 0-7661-4063-6.
  2. Jump up^ Alfred D. Godley, trans., Heroditus, History, Vol. 4, Cambridge, MA; Harvard University Press, 1963.

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We are producing this article which is gleaned from a number of websites (and with grateful acknowledgements to Oskar Haleki and his history of Central Europe). We want to lay the ghost that the Slavic people are not Aryan, to rest, once and  for all. The Slavs ARE Aryan as the article below shows.
At this time when the whole White World is in mortal peril, for Aryan (Nordics), Aryan (Celts) and Aryan (Teutons) to bicker on who is the truer Aryan type is ridiculous.
We have comrades who support Aryan Unity throughout the Slavic World. Russia, Serbia and the Ukraine being leading of examples of areas where a fierce White Resistance is growing. Poland and Serbia are not far behind.

Aryan Unity considers the following nations mostly or totally Aryan: – (We are referring here to the White populations of these countries and not modern non-Aryan immigrants!)
Great Britain – Eire – United States – Canada – Spain – France – Portugal – Italy -Greece – Scandinavia – Germanic lands – Hungary – Romania – Poland – Russia (West of the Ural mountains) – the Baltic States – Byelorussia – Czech Republic – Slovakia – Croatia – Serbia – Slovenia – Australia and New Zealand – South African (Whites) – Belgium – Holland – Iceland – Ukraine – Slovenia – Bulgaria

South America contains many countries with minority Aryan populations – Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay being three good examples.
The Aryans once existed in Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, India, Japan and China. They may also have penetrated deep into Africa as the ruins in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) show.
The Aryan People are on a long slow retreat back to the ancestral homelands in Europe and Western Russia. The thing for Aryans in all lands is now to UNITE or face extinction – in the way that the Aryans of Northern India for example are just a legend, though some of their traces remain.

Note: Wherever below you find the term “Iranian” it is written as that because at THAT time, the words Iranian and Aryan were interchangeable.

Also see https://hungariancultistnazis.wordpress.com/about/

This is scythianwarrior on Facebook. All of her.
Veronika Hompo. Nadia Kiss. Yoora Kim. Any variation of their names and the names of male sock accounts she has used. Here are many she uses and has used, below. Some are active right now.

Veronika Hompo’s Facebook profiles, from her real profile followed by sock accounts in chronological order. The newest and most red cent, active sock/alias profiles will be listed at the bottom of the list and updated accordingly.

The HungARAYAN Veronika Hompo’s Facebook profiles, from her real profile followed by sock accounts in chronological order. The newest and most recent, active sock/alias profiles will be listed at the bottom of the list and updated accordingly.

Veronika Hompo https://www.facebook.com/170588kng
Nadia A. Kiss https://www.facebook.com/kdrseoykdxyfwcr
Erzsebet Horvath https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002854374945
Elizabeth Ho https://www.facebook.com/ieui9844KNVVEWWoyc4906825329
김요라 https://www.facebook.com/vrildamen
김요라 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005487735189
Istvan Nemeth https://www.facebook.com/istvan.nemeth.1675275
Adél Kassai https://www.facebook.com/adel.kassai
Viktória Venus https://www.facebook.com/viki.feher86
Adél Kassai https://www.facebook.com/adel.kassai
Prska Red https://www.facebook.com/piroska.piros.33
Gábor Barabás https://www.facebook.com/dmmwvb209opq977896nxyvcu
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Tamas Varnay https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007165651017
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Béla Kováts https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008343046076
Szittya Harcos https://www.facebook.com/harcos.szittya
Szittya Harcos https://www.facebook.com/iskit.savasci
Anette N. Petit Mignon https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005074726616
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Set Nakt https://www.facebook.com/zetur.narul.1
Csaba Hong https://www.facebook.com/csaba.ho.1
Csaba Hong https://www.facebook.com/csaba.hong58
Andrea Polgar https://www.facebook.com/andrea.polgar.12
Anette N. Petit Mignon https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005074726616
Nadia Varnay https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007520025677
Béla Kováts (Scythian Warrior) https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007090426175
Nadine Gentil Cher https://www.facebook.com/nadine.gentilcher
Nadine Gentil Cher http://www.facebook.com/nadine.gentilcher
Nadine Gentil Cher https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008042504973
Dina Cher https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008102478208
Kárpát Leánya https://www.facebook.com/karpat.leanya
Yoora Kim https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004644255538
Szabolcs Maté https://www.facebook.com/szabolcs.mate.7
Nadia Kiss https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004496385010
Yoora Kim https://www.facebook.com/vrildamen88
Gabor Barabas https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004265025623
Tamas Varnay (Barabas Gabor) https://www.facebook.com/gabor.barabas.315
Ilona Horvath (Hompóné Erzsébet) https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005246296383
Timea Wilhelm (Yoora Kim) https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004644255538
Belane Szittya Kovats (Scythian Warrior) https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004719616326
Szittya Harcos https://www.facebook.com/szittya.harcos
Nadia Varnay Kiss https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006576438985
Nadia Varnay Kiss https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004753785714
Szabolcs Mate https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004123998174
Szabolcs Mate https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006891406212
Szabolcs Mate https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007585395203
Szabolcs Mate https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007684125423
Nadia Varnay Kiss https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005355257387
Nadine Gentil Cher https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007627487397
Nadia Kiss https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008599656331

Was Hitler A Vegetarian?


Published on Sep 15, 2014

We take a look at the validity and value of the “argument” that hitler was a vegetarian. referencing several of his biographers and scholars, it is clear that hitler was as far from a vegetarian as you can get. And even if hitler was a vegetarian, would it matter? It’s time to lay to rest this persistent myth and non sequitur of an argument.

For Detailed Citations of The Information In This Video, See the Blog Post Here: http://wp.me/p3VBHs-kO

Books Referenced: (note: these are affiliate links)
Eternal Treblinka: http://amzn.to/1q4wna4
The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler: http://amzn.to/1s2nzJj
Diagnosis Of A Destructive Prophet: http://amzn.to/1s5pBT4
The Psychopathic God Adolf Hitler: http://amzn.to/1q4x5nK
Hitler: 1889-1936 Hubris: http://amzn.to/1q4xgPO

if you ever have an extended conversation about veganism, and maybe even one not so extended, there are two things that i guarantee will be brought up: bacon and hitler.  thoughhitler bacon” would be a new one.

i’m going to address the validity of the “hitler was vegetarian ‘argument’” after i first address its value. let’s say hitler was a vegetarian, or a vegan even. so what?   how about all of the horrific people in history who were not vegan or vegetarian? does that mean that every person who consumes animal products is automatically on the same level as stalin, osama bin laden, jeffery dahmer, or countless other animal-consuming sociopaths throughout history?  it’s simply not a valid argument, or really an argument at all. so lets get down to the facts about hitler himself, shall we?

hitler was far from vegetarian, though there are reasons why people believe he was. according to historian robert payne in his text the life and death of adolf hitler, the myth of hitler’s strict vegetarianism was more or less a pr campaign orchestrated by hitler’s minister of propaganda joseph goebbels. payne states that, “hitler’s asceticism played an important part in the image he projected over germany. according to the widely believed legend, he neither smoke nor drank, nor did he eat meat or have anything to do with women. only the first was truehis asceticism was fiction invented by goebbels to emphasize his total dedication, his self control, the distance that separated him from other men. by this outwards show of aestheticism, he could claim that he was dedicated to the service of his people.”[1] while in reality, payne writes that hitler was “remarkably self indulgent and possessed none of the instincts of the aesthetic.”[2]

beyond this pr campaign to portray hitler as a master of self-control, there is some credence to his eschewing of meat at times. in his mind-blowing text eternal treblinka: our treatment of animals and the holocaust, author charles patterson illuminates some of hitler’s rather unsightly medical conditions, saying that hitler “suffered from indigestion and episodic stomach pains that had troubled him from adolescence, as well as from excessive flatulence and uncontrollable sweating…he discovered that when he reduced his meat intake, he did not sweat as much and there were fewer stains in his underwear.”[3] he apparently also believed that increasing his vegetable consumption improved the odors of his flatulence.[4] i’m not making this shit up, people. see the blog post in the description for all the citations and references.

regardless of his conditions, hitler never gave up his indulgences of his favorite meat dishes, which, according to dr. fritz redlich in his text diagnosis of a destructive prophet, were bavarian sausages, liver dumplings, and stuffed and roasted game.[5]

now not only was hitler not a vegetarian, but he was also vehemently against vegetarianism. patterson writes that when hitler “came to power in 1933, he banned all the vegetarian societies in germany, arrested their leaders, and shut down the main vegetarian magazine published in frankfurtduring the war nazi germany banned all vegetarian organizations in the territories it occupied, even though vegetarian diets would have helped alleviate wartime food shortages.”[6]

a huge tenant of veganism, and i’m not talking a vegan diet here, but actual veganism, is compassion towards animals; hitler’s treatment of animals was much like his treatment of humans: abrasive, abusive and cruel. hitler would often carry around a dog-whip and viciously beat his dog in public.[7] biographer ian kershaw writes that “with his dogs, as with every human being, he came into contact with, any relationship was based upon subordination to his mastery.”[8]

hitler based his entire treatment of the jews on the assembly line slaughterhouses of the united states; he idolized henry ford,[9] whose inspiration for his revolutionary assembly line system came from visiting a chicago slaughterhouse as a young man.[10] hitler essentially built his own assembly line slaughterhouses, replacing the animals with human beings. as gary yourofsky says, if you walk into any slaughterhouse today, remove the animals and replace them with people, you have recreated dachau and auschwitz.

as you can see, hitler was as far from a vegetarian as you can get. but again, even if he were, that does not hinder the vegan argument. i hope this helps clear up this persistent myth. i’d love to hear your thoughts on this issue.  leave them in the comments below!

see ya next nugget!