What the American Nazi Party Thinks of Joy of Satan (And What Does This Have to do with the HungARYAN)

The following is taken from the American Nazi Party.
“Advancing National Socialism into the 21st Century” is their motto.

They are a bigger group than the little e-forum and websites of Joy of Satan.
I think they are a sick bunch of racist shits, but this isn’t about opinion. It’s about proving that there are gullible teenagers around the world willing to drop everything for a bunch of strangers on a website, an e-cult. That a Hungarian psychopath, an angry and severely mentally ill woman in Budapest (See the “About” Page), is so tortured inside her twisted head she‘ll turn to anything at this point as long as it’s about hate and boosting her own failing ego.

ANP Report for December 03, 2013

Racial Comrades: I must beg your pardons for the lateness of my ANPReport, but things have been a bit hectic in my personal life lately, and frankly that’s the “best” excuse that I can come up with – please accept my sincere apologies.

You all know that I have often slammed and denigrated many of those within our Racial Movement, for many different things, from STUPIDITY, to CORRUPTION, to DYSFUNCTIONALISM, to outright BETRAYAL of “WHAT” we as National Socialists truly believe in, and which so many good, sincere and decent men AND women have fought, sacrificed, and YES – even DIED FOR.

My constant “fixation” over the costumed, “Hollywierd Nutzi” bunch known as the so-called “nsm , and their RACE-MIXING mini fuhrer – ( Jeff Schoep was indeed married for four years to a self-proclaimed ARAB woman named Joanna, who has a BLACK daughter named Amber from a negro named Raymond Smith, her earlier husband; that IS race treasonsimply Google it up for the well known facts, ) he is the darling of the enemy jews’ media – as he perfectly fits THEIR “description” of “WHAT” a National Socialist is SUPPOSED to BE.

Yes, Mr. Schoep is a well known FELON for burglarizing a fellow White person, a charge for which HE PLED GUILTY. He is also a multiple ADULTERER – who has fathered around a half-dozen children, out of marriage and supported NONE of THEM – is that the behavior of an “Aryan OR a National Socialist”? Or, is this the kind of lifestyle racialists often point the finger at, as being “nigger-like”?

Schoep has created the “nsm” truly in “HIS” image – MANY , but not ALL – are dysfunctionals, or people whom Adolf WOULD have given a fast trip to a re-education camp, in a truly NS State. Some well known examples would be JON SNYDER whom he appointed as Illinois State Leader, whose later claim to fame – would be to appear on “America’s Most Wanted” tv show for sex crimes. The “nsm” California State Leader Jeff Hall was shot in the head while in a drunken stupor by his ten year old son, for child abuse. The “nsm” Arizona State Leader J.T. Ready went on a nut, after his “Hispanic” (?) girlfriend kicked him out, for being an unemployed loser, living off her – and he just about wiped her family out, including a BABY in some kind of insane “revenge”. For a long time, the “chairman” – who was Schoep’s “mentor”, bringing him into the “nsm” in the first place, and the real “honcho behind the scene” – was a Clifford Herrington, who was the High-Horned Hinkydink of the JOY of SATAN cult, along with his non-Aryan wife. The chief in command of “nsm’slets-pretend “SS” section” – was a creature named Duke Schneider, who himself was married to a coal-black negress! NO, I’m NOT just “making this up” – it’s ALL TRUE, and can be verified if you have the interest to do so…

The above is just SOME of the disturbing “leadership” of this neo-nutzi fantasy cult. The MEMBERSHIP as can be expected – after all, like attracts like – is similarly as repugnant. Last year in either KY or TN, a “nsm” gang, kidnapped a young White man and after murdering him over supposedly “drugs”(?) , chopped him up into tiny pieces with a hatchet and a bowie knife! Out in AZ, another “nsmer” was arrested for kidnapping a young girl child, and sex crimes… The “presidential candidate” that “nsm” fielded as a scam to soak funds from naïve and gullible supporters, and was appointed by Schoep himself – eventually outed himself as an FBI stooge, who intends to write a book about the whole mess. Willy Weiss, the maniac of “overthrow.com” fame, as well as Dr. J Plussman ( another JEW writing a book about neo-nutzis in America ) both are finding themselves eating kosher diets in the big house, for making insane “threats” to non-Aryans, hence furthering the “image” of “evil Nazis” put forth by our anti-NS enemies.

I could go on and on, but I’m sure that you all get my point, about how this so-called “nsm” and ALL these other posers out there flaunting the Swastika – are NOT really National Socialists in ANY manner! And through the ACTIONS of these cretins – RUINING the image of TRUE NS, in the eyes of the masses. Honestly, they couldn’t hurt us much more – IF – they were being PAID and SCRIPTED by our enemies!

As if this isn’t bad enough, the sad fact is – that BECAUSE the jews-media PUSHES these freaks as prime “EXAMPLES” of the “biggest, bad-assed, most feared Nazi’s since WWII” – ignoring those sincere and decent National Socialists like you and I – many “newbi’s” who know very little of these sicko’s in the “movement” and who are drawn to the SUPPOSED “biggest, bad-ass” ( per the jew propaganda, which is MEANT to divert them into these dead-ends) wind up joining these types, where they serve TWO PURPOSES.

The first, is to channel new people into dead-end clubs that play dress-up and re-enactment (supposedly) of a long gone era. These fantasy outlets do NOT engage in any REAL, POLITICAL ACTIVITIES – rather instead, they engage in the sole task of being “MEDIA WHORES” – garnering ALWAYS NEGATIVE “publicity”, making National Socialists look like stereotyped “evil clowns”, instead of sincere political participants. They are usually UNDISCIPLINED, they are UNCOUTH, they are UNKEMPT, they are OUT of SHAPE – what NORMAL person would wish to become a part of something like THAT? The QUESTION here IS – is THAT their OBJECTIVE? Rather than ATTRACT White people, are they MEANT to REPEL them? Think about it.

The second objective of these false-front outfits is even WORSE in my eyes. Yes, sometimes they DO get sincere, honest folks – people who DO wish to do something POSITIVE for our Folk – but, when these decent people become involved with these scumbags, they are appalled by what they see and experience, and far too often, QUIT and LEAVE the Struggle forever, assuming that “ALL” organizations are similar to what they have gone through. Honestly, in a way I can’t really blame them. But again, IF these good Comrades throw in the towel – WE are LOSING the very people that WE NEED if we are to SUCCEED in building up true National Socialism in America into a force to be reckoned with. Is THAT the REAL PLAN in the creation and “publicizing” of these honey-pots? Is it something MORE than just a way for LAZY con-men “poohbahs” who don’t want to own an alarm clock, to MAKE a LIVING? If so, sadly its working against us quite well.

The writer below, is a prime example of a man who was sincere, but got involved in a mess and now has a BIG “?” MARK in his mind. Are “all” these groups the “same” – should he even bother taking “another chance”? Has Jeff Schoep and his misfits driven ANOTHER potential NS political soldier away from the NS Struggle? Remember, this person was WILLING to “stick his neck out” to organize as he did. His INTENTIONS were SINCERE, and all for “WHAT” – a bunch of drunken dysfunctionals – led by an even BIGGER dysfunctional?

In the past, I usually X-out the name and address of individuals who write to me about such instances – and I have X-out the man’s phone number. But, I‘ve have left the “header” as is, simply because I don’t want “nsm” to claim it’s a fraud “made up by that Rocky who hates us”. NO, this expose is written by the ONE man whom Schoep could count upon to host one of his silly, publicity whore events ( he must be down to about NO ONE about now…) and I think Comrade Rumble DESERVES to have the “WHY” he quit “nsm” KNOWN – because I know that Schoep will do his usual “spin/damage control” to anyone who asks about Rumble’s leaving. Look at for how long Schoep LIED about his inter-racial MARRIAGE – after the ANP exposed it – for literally YEARS, until his wife finally had enough of him, and spilled the beans personally far and wide, even sending US pictures of her, Amber and Jeff all together as a happy multi-racial, rainbow family! How typical for a true National Socialist, eh? Yet, he STILL has “some” followers – HOW?

Once again, I offer the hand of true National Socialists to those who are involved with those who are certainly not fit to wear our holy Swastika emblem. Do NOT believe that “all these orgs” are a bunch of freaks and losers, just because you have been “burned” by these creatures. There IS a home for you, where IF you deserve it, you will be welcomed in as a Comrade. It’s called the American Nazi Party. Our Folk needs you. We need you. TOGETHER we CAN make a real difference! We CAN by our sacrifice and efforts – achieve those 14Words and Social Justice for the White Working Class!


Yea, that’s Nazis for you, what can I say. They’re all sick racist scum of this planet. But the article wasn’t to promote these cretins of the U.S., but to add more proof that Joy of Satan and The HungARYAN also known as Scythian Warrior ( scythianwarrior ) also known as Yoora Kim also known as Anett Nadia Kiss ( Nadia Kiss aka Veronika Hompo — HungARYAN ) and every Hungarian on JoS are mere puppets and have fallen for the biggest world lie of all, the lie most easily created with today’s technology, the internet. Falsified citations, a fake Library of Congress number (it is not valid, though Joy of Satan and Veronika/Victoria use this fake number of their postings), plagiarized content galore and most of all, hate. Then again, The Hungarian could never control her hate of everything and anything, everyone. She’s void of feelings of anything but hate. The rest is faked, just like the Joy of Satan site, so that people think she actually cares about something. She doesn’t even care about her satan. The whole agenda is self-serving. She is using JoS for her own needs and wants, not to praise anyone or to show respect to any of the members. This Psycho-terrorist has never shown respect to anyone, not even her own parents or long gone friends. She is an all-consuming selfish black hole. The users of JoS are just things she is hoping she can use one day to benefit herself. It’s all about her.

Satanism is not supposed to be about hatred, destruction and negative energy, it’s not supposed to be so focused on races and religions to fixate upon to hate with a passion. How does that help anyone? Satanism should never be about fascism. Satanism shouldn’t include praising Hitler! He was a defective human being. The hate and nazism added to satanism (along with other ridiculous tall tales in the JoS version); this is something twisted and corrupted by Joy of Satan and a few other Satanist groups. Satanism is frowned upon because of e-cults and groups such as Joy of Satan. There are many Satanists whom are respected and follow a path that I personally don’t find anything wrong with. JoS is why so many people find Satanists repulsive. The hate needs to be exterminated, not people.