The Joy of Satan Forums Were Taken Down by A Member of ‘Exposing the Joy of Satan’

Regarding the Joy of Satan and their ProPhpBB Forum
JoyofSatan666 at

No, the Rabbi’s did not freak out.
No, Jews weren’t scared or having any reactions to the ridiculous “RTR” you inbred retards were performing.
No, the eclipse had nothing to do with it.
No, the RTR the JoS pathetically claims was so powerful had nothing to do with it. It was the opposite of powerful and more — it was useless, just like all your RTR’s are.

After Charlottesville, it became easier to have violating forums and websites deleted.
When news spread of The Daily Stormer getting deleted, one of us took action. It was simply an opportunity. No special powers and NO, sorry JoS, no one was scared of your silly ritual. This was just to take a piece of what you all hold so dear away from you. And there is more coming.

The forum hosting company, ProPhpBB, has clearly outlined Terms. JOS violated them. It was simply that. An article on Nazi sites being deleted due to recent Nazi events led to the submission of a Violation of Terms form to ProPhpBB.

No Jews, No Rabbi’s, No eclipse, No RTR’s (LMAO)

The Yahoo! Groups are already under investigation. We have three open cases on your precious groups. Yahoo is looking into each and every post we have brought to their attention. They have zero tolerance for hate speech, bullying and abuse. Since many users bully others, your groups will soon go down and not come back.

Anglefire has laid out the Terms for us and we are going to send them each and every violation of their Terms. They emailed us directly after a complaint was filed, at the same time as the complaint was sent to ProPhpBB.

Yes, The Joy of Satan Forums were taken down by A member of ‘Exposing the Joy of Satan’

More will come and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Enjoy the hurricane, Texan JoSers. You know what can happen when you piss off the real gods, and y’all worship false gods and a fake Satan. Satan doesn’t like that. Satan hates when you call him Satan Lucifer, too, so get wise or you know what they say…

Regarding the Joy of Satan and their Forum
JoyofSatan666 at

“Forums… (posted by Mad MaxiPad aka Andrea Herrington)

‘maxine.dietrich666’ [AdvancedSatanism] <>
To and 6 more…

Today at 9:34 PM

The forums have been taken away. Mercury is retrograde right now until 4 September. We will have a new forum.

For those of you who are new, this has happened before. The enemy has control of communications. Our Gods DO punish these assholes. A number even wind up dead.

The enemy is in dread over our latest RTR.”

Dead? Sounds like a threat, Maxine Herrington of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Who do you plan to kill? Feel free to post that to your Yahoo! groups  😈  😂

Oh you poor trailer trash thing…you think “the enemy” did this to your playground? Mmwahahaha! WRONG.

You don’t know your enemy.

#JoyOfSatan #JOS #NAZIS #Hitler #Himmler #josministries#JoyofSatan666
Try Hitler’s way of dealing with “the enemy…LOL 💊💊💊💊💊

Exposing the JOY of SATAN

Exposing the JOY of SATAN HP HoodedBernsteinHalfJew thinks he is going to get the forums back.  😂 He’s also lying to the members in the Yahoo! forums and telling them this was a win for all them. He’s trying so hard to fix the mess and it’s side-splitting funny.

The HP’s, the users, and even Mad Max are all freaking out, so they’re talking their “big talk” about how this “proved” their useless, meaningless “RTR’s” are “working.” Losing years of your Nazi forum is a “win?” LOL oh right kiddos. I can feel the pain and acidic tears of all those little Nazis sobbing. It’s a joyful thought. 😈

Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Our Gods DO punish these assholes. A number even wind up dead.”
Oh bless your poor trailer park heart, Andrea! You wish honey-bun!
You got taken down and it’s SWEET  😏 
…Shhh…you don’t know who did it. #JoyOfSatan #Nazi #Nazis #Hitler#AntiSemitism #FakeSatanists #SatanHatesJoS #JoS

Well now you know, bitches!


HP HoodedCobra the Hooded Fraud of a Jewish father, the very thing he hates the most — his real Daddy — FYI Hooded Cobra Bernstein, this was us also:

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 11.25.57 PM

Aww went bye-bye! So sad for you Nazis, I cry many tears…of joy and mockery for you!

4 thoughts on “The Joy of Satan Forums Were Taken Down by A Member of ‘Exposing the Joy of Satan’

  1. If you think your “gods” will protect you, you are wrong. The gods in which you “worship” are useless. If you believe they can stop JOS OR THE VOID, then let them come
    I will fight. You believe that they will protect you then fight me one on one with your “god”
    I hate posers. My number is 5202749975. Call me soon so I can dig your grave.


      First off hun, you’re almost a year late to this party. Secondly, no one is going to call you, but putting a phone number up publicly is kind of stupid and possibly dangerous—for you—so we’ll leave it just as you wanted in your comment. Enjoy your misery!

      p.s. That grave is for you, sweetie!


  2. You filthy Kikes Will soon be destroyed into soul oblivion .also Your Mantras are useless now that we have outlined practices to stop your MW mind control and other manipulation of energies using Zoharic kabbalah etc

    millions of ‘demons’are ready to slaughter the Jews.trillions of Yogis throughout this universe alone are ready to fight dude.Brian ruhe is even channeling demons(Devas)and theyre telling him the jews will be soon destroyed completely.

    Both Kalacakra and vishnu puranas are prophecying the coming Lord Kalki,wich wll reestablish Aryan rule throughout the earth and destroy the cults of Yahweh .many of these secret signs in the prophecies are coming to fruitition.

    even many plaedians are ready to invade and destroy the jews-Techma etc


    • OMFG this is one of the most hilarious responses we’ve gotten yet! and here I thought the one from the week prior was too funny!

      You sad and pathetic little kid, you have NO IDEA who is actually behind the screen here, who admins this blog and the others or who admins the Facebook Page at

      Do you seriously believe in your tiny, feeble brain that we are at all worried or afraid of your silly and childish threats? “millions of demons…” <– oooh, OHHHKAAAY then! THAT is SO SCARY! LOL NOT. "trillions of Yogis…" <– LMAO c'mon, can't you do better? Yo dude, I work with yogis all over my country and abroad. I'm really—REALLY—not afraid of Yogis! None of us are! How fucking retarded!

      Don't tell me…you're Indian like the majority of the little idiots who spend their lives on the Joy of Satan OATH (Yahoo!) Groups and the hysterically funny forums on the JoS website? How many of you are still hurting because we took down your forums and your poor sorry asses lost years of shit?

      Do us all a favor. Come back when you can write and speak English without doing such a horrible job. Reading your comment was painful. You are illiterate and uneducated. It is no surprise you believe every stupid thing Mageson (Jewish), HoodedMicroPenis (Jewish himself, a self-hating Jew AND he fucked a Jewish girl, impregnated her and well, the rest you can ask him about. The girl he got pregnant, the Jewish girl he was in love with, is the daughter of a Rabbi he respects and enjoyed the company of…try and get the little pussy to admit it, he can't even!), mentally unhinged freaks like FancyNancy or Alison, Egon88 (LOLOL) or one of our favs, deadsilent666 and his aliases…but most of all, ANDREA HERRINGTON aka Maxine Dietrich. Do you imbeciles still think Maxine isn't Andrea? It's not even a secret. Google her and her fat old pedophile hubby and you'll find out that her old man was kicked out of the NSM because he allowed Andrea to use the NSM's P.O. box for Joy of Satan mail! It's all over the internet, there is nothing for her to hide. Her real name is Andrea Herrington. She's over 60, haggard and sickly and she works a menial low-paying job that required no education. So what.

      You kids (and the few mentally stunted adults who are dumb enough to not feel like full blown assholes by having conversations with 14-year-olds online as a major part of their online lives) are all afraid of JEWS.
      What makes it all so funny is that none of you actually do real research and do anything for yourselves. You just take the word of some teenage kid behind a retarded username like "allforthegods666" or "mylifeisforfatherenkiimsoemo666" and you run with it. We all laugh at how gullible the entire lot of you are. There is not one "member" of your online-only cult hat actually thinks for themselves. You're all puppets and blindly following KIDS! Your lives are passing you by as you live in total fear and waste away hiding from the world because you've been told idiotic lies and you decided to believe them. Hey, good for you! You join an online cult, you deserve to lose your teenage years and the years after, if you stay in the Joy of Satan that long. You deserve to lose the years of your life that should be the times of your lives, the time when you live without worry and enjoy everything without heavy responsibilities or cares. You threw that all away when you decided to believe a bunch of 12-year-olds pretending to be mages and advanced Satanists while all they really are is quite evident—socially outcast kids with no friends in real life and no balls to go outside and live life.

      Yea dude, we're all waiting…those Plaedians…sounds fucking frightening…HAHAHA you have got to be kidding but sadly for you, you're serious! It's laughable that you have the micronutsack to even comment about your conspiracy theory nonsense and put it out there for the public. You should be totally embarrassed to death. Please, post more funny shit. Pass it on to the others in your sorry-ass group of misfit emos, cutters, depressed pimple-faced crybabies, suicidal brats, self-loathing idiots and low-IQ'ed inbred and/or outcast backwoods hillbilly adults in trailer parks.

      Take note, kid: The original creator of the website "The Joy of Satan" is an ADMIN of the Facebook Page for this website blog.
      Maxine did NOT create the JoS, he did. She was a web worker and while he went on a vacation, she changed the admin logins and altered ALL the content to a Nazi agenda. Upon his return, she refused to revert the site to contain the real Satanic works and the true medications and rituals. All the material was bastardized by her and is no longer true Satanism at all. It's Nazism and the promotion of Nazism with Satanism as a false cover—not even that since she turned Satan into a space being and added all the sci-fi fuckery that makes real Satanists just cringe and feel bad that the JoS sheds a poor light upon true Satanists.

      This was probably far too much for your feeble little mind to read so I'll just end it here. You can always read this 10-20 times to make sure you grasp at least 25% of it. You'll never understand this reply 100% because you're a basic idiot.


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