True Spiritual Satanism is NOT about Hate!

True Spiritual Satanism is NOT about Hate!

The truth represented on this website, often identified as Spiritual Satanism, has received a very bad reputation – not only from Judeo/Christianity and other religions, but also from the Joy of Satan ministries’ leader, Andrea Maxine Dietrich (who is more commonly known by just her middle and last name (real last name – Herrington) ). I have spoken with Father Satan, whose energy is very calming and beautiful to feel, and he has told me that he is not Neo-Nazi or Antisemitic. This is something that has been cast upon him, perhaps unintentionally, by those who I learned of him from. And I am very upset by this.

While there are many sites against Maxine Dietrich and the Joy of Satan ministries that are absurd and false in nature, for a while I thought that their claims of her Antisemitism were false as well. However, I now know this to be somewhat wrong of an assumption. Satan has told me that he is the true god of love, and yet the Joy of Satan website promotes hatred towards Judeo/Christianity. While Satan dislikes what they have done, and is angry with them for that, and wants them to be exposed, he does not hate the blinded masses. Maxine’s messages on the Joy of Satan website can be easily (mis?)construed as such hatred. My girlfriend, who recently made a formal dedication to Satan, was reading through the Joy of Satan website, and what really held her back for some time was the fact that the site was so filled with hatred. If Father Satan wants this world to be filled with an enlightened humanity, there needs to be a way to expose the truth without becoming unnecessarily hateful towards those who disagree – many Christians do not know what they are supporting (or are not supporting, for that matter).

While I understand that Maxine Dietrich has explained much of her life story on “The Black Sun 666” (which is linked to in the next paragraph) in response to a foolish Judeo/Christian’s attempt at slander, she still claims herself as a member of the NSM. I clearly am not Jewish, nor Christian, nor anything other than a Spiritual Satanist dedicated to the advancement of the truth, but I am forced to agree that Maxine Dietrich has some very strong, very hateful Antisemitic beliefs. And I’m just not okay with that. Sure, I abhor what the Judeo/Christians have done to Father Satan and his Demons, and sure, I want the hoaxes of Right-Hand Path religions to be exposed, but I don’t hate people just for believing something. They have never known otherwise. They are not the ones taking the knowledge away. They are victims. My girlfriend, who just accepted Father Satan’s truth into her life (February 2010), was raised Christian. She was never taught otherwise, nor were her parents. I’m sure many (if not most) Jews and Christians alike would leave their religion if they knew that it was a lie that had been created to keep the power of the truth and the soul to a select few. However, they have been deluded and outrage at the thought that their “God” may be false. They believe so strongly in something they have been mentally whipped into serving. If you had been told at a young age that if you didn’t act a certain way, you’d go to this really nasty place when you died, no matter what it was called or what you had done, you’d act that certain way, now wouldn’t you? It’s programmed into the malleable minds of children, then passed down through generations. Spiritual Satanism is not about punishment – it’s about truth, enlightenment, and freedom.

Another website that has cast a very dark shadow over Spiritual Satanism would be “The Black Sun 666” (link opens in new window) site. This website prefaces their content with a warning that the site includes Antisemitism, and one is warned that “If you are offended by what is known as “anti-semitism” (against Jews), we strongly advise you to hit the back button on your browser and leave.” While it is somewhat considerate of them to place this warning, they claim it to be “very advanced Satanism” within their website. Father Satan himself has told me that the site does not contain “very advanced Satanism,” and that it is just, and I quote, “blasphemous Antisemitism.” In other words, this website is blasphemy against Father Satan and what he stands for. The website is pro-Hitler. I think that says enough.

As opposed to what many non-Satanists (and, disappointingly, some Satanists) believe, Satan does not promote the random hatred that is preached on these two highly influential websites. I recognize that perhaps Maxine Dietrich has been influenced by her husband, a very prominent Neo-Nazi, but this does not make what she has done acceptable. I refuse to be associated with her, and I am creating this website in the hopes that people can see the truth – not only about our world and our True Father Satan, but about Spiritual Satanism in general. I am trying to use what accurate information on the Joy of Satan website I can find, and am also cross-referencing materials there with other Satanic websites. Any information I have put on this website has been approved as truth either by Father Satan himself, or by his Demons. Any negativity towards Judeo/Christianity that exists on this site is purely relevant and exists to provide information on the differences from what is commonly believed. I apologize if this is offensive.

4 thoughts on “True Spiritual Satanism is NOT about Hate!

  1. I checked out that website months ago and it’s good that they don’t promote the Nazi stuff, but they still use material from that site. It’s just me I guess but I wouldn’t advise anyone to use any material from the Joy of Satan site. I find there information to be spurious. Kind of a mix of David Icke and Mien Kampf.

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  2. I agree. I felt the same way as soon as I read the sentence “I am trying to use what accurate information on the Joy of Satan website I can find…” I then felt that reposting it was still somewhat ‘required’ because due to the brainless imbecile that popped on the other day and posted uncontrollably in favor of them without a clue. They just keep coming in like raving lunatics. They post 3-5 times in a row, with run-on sentences and ludicrous insults and immature threats of bodily harm because facts about JoS are here and it gets their panties in a bunch. My only point to posting this was to point out that even those who are still completely deceived and use information from that site that can’t be trusted and has deceptive origins, even they don’t go for the whole Satan embraces Hitler bullshit. Every ‘sermon’ is about hating Jews, fearing Jews, worrying about Jews and NOT about Satanism. I’ve never read any books, blogs or online sources that said “Hey kids, Lucifer demands that you HATE Jews and dwell on this hate day and night, hate Xians, Muslims, Buddhists, but most of all, JEWS because Hilter was a man of peace *make cuckoo expression* and put me last on your list of daily thoughts, same with yourself… you’re last, too. Think about yourself and your needs last, then me, your Father Satan last, because hating on Jews is your priority in life from here on. OK kids, go out into the world — no, no forget that, stay inside on your laptop or cell phone and just go out of your skull mad over all of this shit Mad Max tells you to do each and every day. And don’t bother bathing because you won’t be socializing from here on. Good day, suckers!”


    • Maybe you’re full retard because JOS brainwashed you and you believe in a Spaceman Satan, you racist, bigoted loser. 14 year olds shouldn’t post to forums they’re going to get owned on. Go LOL on that, you fail at life, kid. You’re not aryan either, dummy.


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