deadsilent666 – A 19-year-old Psychopath, self-hating virgin with deeply rooted paranoia and anger issues.

This is Hank Glipoth aka Martin Patel aka Spectre aka Specter Hex aka Amaterasu Inferno aka tons of dumb usernames:
I’v wanted to kill everyone on earth for no apparent reason, how my dick erects when I hear of murder on the news etc”


The above Facebook account, and the older “Hank” variations have all been deleted. This doesn’t mean that ol’ girly name Hindu rat won’t use Facebook later today to pretend to be a good little Christian boy. is one of 5 emails he’s passed along to users. DO NOT email him. 

Mr. NOT so careful was using DSL for a while. He might still be on the same ISP.
147.194.xxxxxxxxx TORONTO, lower area.


We cannot give an exact IP or post the exact location of the 7 IP’s, but all are on this map. Again, we can’t reveal the exact location as that is against WordPress Terms and not ethical. We don’t participate in illegal activities like this teenager does. We are in contact with a Constable in his area’s division. (Police areas are broken down into divisions, unlike the naming of U.S.-based police departments)

UPDATE: I was sent a message from a Toronto, CA user who left the JoS and knows the Detective and a Constable in the 22 Division. He/she said they will report information to their division and it will be passed to the Division in “Hank’s” town.

Specter (@Deadsilent999)

Specter (@Deadsilent999) | Twitter


Listen I sympathize why you feel the way you are, but I’m not entirely sure what your going through but I use feel the same way, I couldn’t do anything right. And sometimes to this day I still screw shit up and take it out by cutting my wrists which I do regret, and hate myself for why I’m so useless. Sometimes I thought meditation was a waste of time but then I thought to myself “do I want to give up and continue my life depressed and weak?, is that really all there is to my potential?”. I have found more than once that the powers of the mind ARE real and that you just have to dedicate yourself and believe that you really have the power to control your life, it may take you long but you’l experience something only a few people in a million with ever experience and this is what the enemy religions and hostile entities want to remove with a dying will. I hated myself so much that I just got tired of it, since that was the only thing I felt so I said fuck it and screw this destiny that has been placed upon me and took the courage to carve my own life (which is NOT easy) but I managed and realized I actually can make things go my way and the much more powerful I get (which is through power meditation) that I can do much more and hold fate by the neck >:)

We realize why he lashed out on us months ago, but it becomes even more clear each time he posts personal information about himself. This teenager is a danger to himself. He’s a loner, so he’s not about to get himself help. He’s depressed and he says he’s “weak.” He cuts his own wrists on a regular basis. If you’re a teenager in the area shown on the map and you know an Indian teen around 19 years of age who is emotionally unstable, paranoid, awkward and possibly giving you a bad vibe due to staring or following you around (most likely thinks you’re the enemy), try to check his wrists. If you see that the young man has dozens of cuts, report it. He can be committed to a mental institution for self-mutilation and harm, and be sure to note to authorities that he talks about wanting to kill people on message boards online. Mention his rage and uncontrollable anger. He needs to be caged.

deadsilent666 Dec 10, 2015

Your not alone on this, I grew up without a dad, mom wanted to kill herself repeatedly when I was a baby and as a teen. Molested, emotionally abused and lived in isolation my entire life. If you think your mentally damaged you have no idea what I have to put up with everyday, how badly I’v wanted to kill everyone on earth for no apparent reason, how my dick erects when I hear of murder on the news etc.. I was the end result of xianity and all jewish religions yet I still stand for the sake of freedom and a better world, it’s how I stayed strong up till now.

To repair your psych you have to repair your soul. Develop a meditation routine and workout program and overtime it’l heal up eventually.

You also need to remove any and all links from these harmful people no matter who it is, the only beings who’l really love you is father Satan, and the gods, no one else.

Never thought I’d share this, but if it hopefully helps you just know your not alone and we both walk the same path of pain, message me if you’d like to get anything else off your chest I have a succubus who can say very kind words.

Hail Satan!


Every JoS post ever made by him using deadsilent666 and his alters will be posted here. Since they are saved in email from daily mails from the Yahoo! groups, he can’t go back and ask JoS to delete them. It’s all in our email archives, back to 2014. We have him admitting to being paranoid about students around him, worried to death that he might be a Jew and admitting his virginity and lack of socialization with others, male and female. He’s a loner, he’s delusional and he’s a psychopath. He gets boners thinking about murder. We know where he lives and once we finish compiling the “Folder” of documents on him (or shall we say “her” since his first name is a female’s name; he was born male, but given a female version of his Indian name at birth), they will be handed over to the police, who will then contact the proper division in his area and hand the files over to a detective and constable. He’s made credible threats of violence and has already admitted to stalking. This should go smooth as butter on a warm bagel. 😉

Exposing the JOY of SATANExposing the JOY of SATAN I have had worse directed at me, but at least I AM THE WINNER AND THEY ARE THE LOSERS. Come on Hank, I am waiting to see you and I can easily beat you with one hand tied behind my back. All I see and think about this Hank that he is just a little Internet Troll who is best left ignored – and yeah he will attack me but I feed off the energies. Go on do your garbage JOS meditations and those curses against me please – I am WINNING.
Tevyaw KenonTevyaw Kenon He sounds like a fag
Tiffany Shortt
Tiffany Shortt Tevyaw Kenon lol, he is
Nikki Kulas
Nikki Kulas What he say exactly??
Daisy Chain
Daisy Chain Was him the guy with the jewish cat as profile pic?
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Yes that was him, and apparently he got himself another FB profile trying to message me, but as per usual I told him to fuck off. I ain’t scared of him, and I am so flattered that he is thinking of cursing me. All I would say is that I am doing extremely well. I ain’t scared of some Internet Troll, and I have had worse directed to me but it all makes me laugh to be honest.
Daisy ChainDaisy Chain So… he was a jos secret agent with the mission to collect our pictures so jos kids can vibrate their fag runes to curse us?
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN I know the Idiot is an Indian, and my Healthy Punjabi frame which this rat thinks is fat is in common with the Iranians/Afghans/Pakistanis is a lot better than his short, ugly, dark, skinny Maharastan frame any day of the week. He is a CHOODA CHUMAR SLUM DWELLER! I am on the net all the time, and another thing, This Indian idiot is thought of as Rubbish by the likes of Neo Nazis because he is not white and definitely no Aryan. Like Maxine aka Andrea Herrington, he is a Mutt in the minds of someone like Hitler, who gladly lost that war is total defeat!
Exposing the JOY of SATANExposing the JOY of SATAN This idiot is actually called ShubnamRane in the JOS forum, and accd to these UGLY little skinny Rat of Maharashstra, Punjabis (like me, are Fat/Ugly LOL). Well all I would say to him is that I can spot his fake profiles a mile off, and if he tries to friend/message me, all I would do is BLOCK him and no I won’t read the messages either. To be hated by JOS, is a sign that we are doing something right.
Tevyaw Kenon
Tevyaw Kenon Whats Maxine address?
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Someone in the MSM knows, and when the timing is right, she will be named/shamed.
Tevyaw Kenon
Tevyaw Kenon Msm? How can i find out i want to have some words with her and her husband.
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Her name is Andrea Herrington. The MSM will expose everything about her, and no I ain’t frightened of her magick, because to me, it is basic and no effective at all.
Chad Burgess
Chad Burgess Hope he doesn’t plan on using “JoS Approved” curses against you.. We know those don’t work at all.. I doubt he’s smart enough to think outside the JoS though… None of those rejects are..
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Anyone who sends me a curse will have it sent back to them 11 fold. Someone from a Consrpicarcy site did, and she is now DEAD. And someone who cheated me 25yrs ago commit suicide due to his business going bankrupt! That Maharastran Rat, is a nothing.
Tevyaw Kenon
Tevyaw Kenon For real? Damn…
Tiffany Shortt
Tiffany Shortt i think hes been banned from fb. i tried to google him to block him and nothing came up except for the post in our occult group
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN So interesting that they tend to turn up in FB. I thought they were against FB because it in their minds is a Jewish Conspricarcy or something.
Alex ValentiAlex Valenti You would think we of all people would have suffered something by now given the amount of curse threats I’ve recieved from JoS members alone so you guys gotta be shoulder deep in JoS nerds. Our continued participation here proves the ineffectiveness of their methods more and more as the days go on.
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Just goes to show that no matter how much they boast, they still achieve nothing.. They remind me of chickens on a farm… They cluck (constantly) spread their spurs and lash out, but they still end up with their necks on the chopping block.
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Hank “Glipoth” the Jewish Qliphoth or Qlippoth.
Qlippoth, Hebrew, “shells, husks,” is a term in the Kabbalah tradition means “Lords of Unbalanced Powers” referring to demonic entities from a former universe… the troll who put on the mask of the tough guy; threatening and demanding. 19 and alone, scared, worried that he’s a Jew. Paranoid. This is just the tip of this kid’s damaged psyche.
“Hank” is actually an Indian teenager in Toronto. His motherland is India, but he is on this soil, North America. He knows the area surrounding the Toronto Inner Harbour well. He goes by two usernames on the JoSucker Yahoo groups. deadsilent666 and Amaterasu Inferno. This is a msg he posted last year:
150731Re: [JoyofSatan666] Re: Please help! I am mentally damaged!
Dec 10, 2015Your not alone on this, I grew up without a dad, mom wanted to kill herself repeatedly when I was a baby and as a teen. Molested, emotionally abused and lived in isolation my entire life. If you think your mentally damaged you have no idea what I have to put up with everyday, how badly I’v wanted to kill everyone on earth for no apparent reason, how my dick erects when I hear of murder on the news etc.. I was the end result of xianity and all jewish religions yet I still stand for the sake of freedom and a better world, it’s how I stayed strong up till now.To repair your psych you have to repair your soul. Develop a meditation routine and workout program and overtime it’l heal up eventually.You also need to remove any and all links from these harmful people no matter who it is, the only beings who’l really love you is father Satan, and the gods, no one else.Never thought I’d share this, but if it hopefully helps you just know your not alone and we both walk the same path of pain, message me if you’d like to get anything else off your chest I have a succubus who can say very kind words.Hail Satan!

Exposing the JOY of SATAN's photo.
Tevyaw Kenon
Tevyaw Kenon Why would you post this? Don’t you think putting info like this up is taking it too far?
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN No, it’s not taking it too far at all, it’s not far enough.
Tevyaw KenonTevyaw Kenon You could really destroy his life putting things like this up on the web don’t you think? NNot trying to side with him or anything but that kind of shit could make him commit suicide them this whole site could get shut down.
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Tevyaw Kenon He threatened us, directly. He was doing illegal things and he sent us direct, credible threats. Not all of us, but some of us. He is not suicidal. He’s a psychopath. He’s void of emotions. He thinks about murdering people and doesn’t blink an eye. This is just one of many posts I collected on him after he threatened to come to my house. Is that fair enough? He said he would bring the pedophile HungARYAN with him, then ha “ha just kidding, but I can come…” He made threats to users who deleted their profiles because of him. He posted who he is. We know where he lives. He wanted this. He is going to get what he has asked for. No one is shutting this site down. They tried and tried and well, it’s going nowhere. This information will also go up on all three websites. The blogs about JoS will have all the current Facebook stuff on them soon. Someone just needs time to catch up on things and put aside a little time to do it. I’m supplying all the screenshots and the group messages for the sites.
Exposing the JOY of SATANExposing the JOY of SATAN Tevyaw he deserves so much worse than you could imagine! He sent me threats and he sent them to people on my friend list, my family, my friends. He begged for trouble and how he did it was the way only someone with no fucking emotions does it. He’s a sick and twisted little loser and I hope he lives in fear from now on because he threatened my life and the lives of others with physical harm and he told me he would stalk me and my family. He sent messages to my other half and he didn’t take this lightly. He made threats to come kill me. So no I don’t think anything is wrong with that post at all, not one bit!
Chad Burgess
Chad Burgess Nobody can “make” another person commit suicide. Suicide is a conscious decision made by the person doing it. It basically means that the person is not strong enough mentally, nor has the willpower to accept the criticisms given by others. They have not the ability to not let others have control over themselves.
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN That Indian kid would actually have his head kicked in by members of Clifford Herrington’s band of misfits because he is a Brownz! I feel pity for him.
Tony Farrer
Tony Farrer Has anyone noticed how Zsuzi gave almost every post a pissed off emoji? Lol. Plus I think she might have a Furry Fetish.
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN I call her “Zuzu Katchoo”.
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Zuzu and Zsuzi are 2 different JoStards. They love their Z’s. 
Zuzu is deleted but Zsuzsi Darányii is an angry little Hungarian girl pretending to be all badass spaceman satanist. Also she loves dogs and we have a common friend on our friend lists, a dog rescuer.
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN You’re right… I get all those joswipes mixed up.. they all look alike.. ~T
Martin Patel
Martin Patel ~E, I have yet for you to actually show your brainwashed followers what I really said. I was being nice and giving you a chance to negotiate before I revealed your profiles to my fellow Satanists you’ve been harassing so you could stop hiding behind a baphomet picture. I don’t mind the screenshots, its nice to see what I’v grown out of and many of my friends know it as well. It was how I encountered my succubus although I was unaware of her presence at the time, she had a rather strange way of interacting with me which I thought was a conjunction of my extremist behavior. Led me to find the Jos and inspired that my life can change for the better. But I already know that I’m not suited for influential or social positions so if you actually show me what I have to lose I’d actually be quite impressed. Also keep in mind, there were more than one individuals involved in this to keep each other in check. And really, do give a screenshot about what I said(deadsilent). I’v given some members a copy of it as well so you can twist or turn it into a sentence that you want us to say.
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Why is it that all JoSWipes claim to be multiple people within one source??? Multiple Personalities seems to be a common thing with those Fake-Satanists. Gee, I wonder why..~T
Martin Patel
Martin Patel Believe what you want, but I’m just giving my say. I’m still waiting a picture of my location, I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually is my real location but I don’t care, if you see where it points to I’m sure you had quite a good laugh 😉
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Oh, we’ve had a good laugh at your expense, we are still having a good laugh at your expense. Don’t let it go to your head though “Hank”, we laugh at all JoSers. You all remind us of Young Earth Creationists, except you claim to worship Satan instead of God. ~T
Martin Patel
Martin Patel Exposing the JOY of SATAN No really, I’m actually giving you permission to show it. Out of 1 to 10 how would you rate it? XD
Exposing the JOY of SATAN
Exposing the JOY of SATAN Honestly we don’t care if we have your permission or not. Rate what exactly? Your performance? Your sanity? Or perhaps your credibility? ~T
Martin Patel
Martin PatelMy house, it’s too ugly and need renovation so I’m looking for a good opinion on what needs changing





Super paranoid! Weak, worried and completely limp.



Anyone with more information on this stalking psycho can leave a message via this post or privately message the Facebook page at
Your communications will be kept anonymous.


No, no you’re not. You’re a fucking nutbag teenager. GET A LIFE, assclown.

The Holocaust’s Forgotten Victims: The 5 Million Non-Jewish People Killed By The Nazis

Source: The Holocaust’s Forgotten Victims: The 5 Million Non-Jewish People Killed By The Nazis

Six million Jewish people were murdered during the genocide in Europe in the years leading up to 1945, and the Jews are rightly remembered as the group that Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party most savagely persecuted during the Holocaust.

But the Nazis targeted many other groups: for their race, beliefs or what they did.

Historians estimate the total number of deaths to be 11 million, with the victims encompassing gay people, priests, gypsies, people with mental or physical disabilities, communists, trade unionists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, anarchists, Poles and other Slavic peoples, and resistance fighters.


paragraph 175


Pierre Seel was the only French survivor to speak out about being transported for being gay


Homosexual men, and to a lesser extent women, were compelled to renounce their sexuality under the Nazi regime. An estimated 100,000 were arrested and some sent to prisons, while between 5,000 and 15,000 were sent to concentration camps, where some were forced to wear pink triangles on their uniform to denote being gay. As many as 60% of those send to the camps perished, according to German LGBT scholar Rüdiger Lautmann.

Pierre Seel, from the Alsace region of France, was just 16 when he was arrested after a cruel twist of fate. His watch was stolen – in an area notorious for gay cruising – and he reported the theft to police. Without his knowledge, this led to his name being added to a list of known homosexuals.

“The Germans came to Alsace In 1940,” he said in the 2000 documentary, Paragraph 175 by Telling Pictures. “And the Germans found the police files. They saw our names on these lists, lists of homosexuals. They were probably watching us. How we live, where we go, what we do. And one day I had to go to the Gestapo with 12 friends.”

Police sodomized Pierre with a piece of wood and sent him a regular jail, before he was transported to the Schirmeck-Vorbruck camp near Strasborg – called a “protective custody camp”.

“I wasn’t even 18,” he says in the Paragraph 175 film. “Arrested, tortured, beaten, with no defense, without a trial. Nothing. I was all alone. I don’t even mention being sodomized, being raped.”

In another traumatizing experience, he was forced to watch his teenage lover Jo, who was also in the camp, being executed by being torn apart by Alsatian dogs.

“It happened in front of me and 300 prisoners. 300,” he said. “The death of Jo, my friend. He was condemned to die, eaten by dogs. German dogs. German shepherds. And that, I can never forget.”

Gay prisoners in the camp were abused and tormented by guards, and also by other prisoners. “There was a hierarchy, from strongest to weakest,” Pierre explained. “There was no doubt that the weakest in the camps were the homosexuals, all the way on the bottom.”

Pierre was heralded as being the only French person to speak out about being deported due to being gay, but the horror of those years memory still made him furious and tearful years later.

“Why did I not speak for 40 years? I am 90 per cent disabled from the war. My ass still bleeds, even today. The Nazis stuck 25 centimeters of wood up my ass. Do you think I can talk about that? That it is good for me? … I am ashamed for humanity. Ashamed.”

pierre seel


Pierre told his story in his book: ‘I, Pierre Seel, Deported Homosexual’


Pierre survived the camp: he was released without explanation in 1941 and forced to join the German army. He deserted from the army, and finally returned to his home city of Mulhouse, where he felt forced to “censor” his memories for fear of further persecution. He lied to even close family about the reason for his deportation, after his godfather disowned him after learning he was gay.

“I became aware that, in spite of my expectations, in spite of all I had imagined, of the long-awaited joy of returning, the true liberation was for other people,” he wrote in his memoir, ‘Moi, Pierre Seel, Déporté Homosexuel’ [I, Pierre Seel, Deported Homosexual].

Pierre married a woman and had three children. He never told his wife of 28 years that he was gay. After her death, he lived with his partner Eric Feliu for the last 12 years of his life, finally feeling able to live as himself. He died in 2005, aged 82.




Romani gypsies at a campsite in Slovenia in 1943 (silent film)


Romani gypsies were the second-largest group of people killed on racial grounds in the Holocaust. They were considered outsiders and “racially impure” by the Nazis and up to 1.5 million died in what is also known as the Porajmos (“mass killing” in Romani.) Like Jews, Roma people were murdered, sent to camps and gassed or used for forced labour. But only in the 1970s did the West German Federal Parliament classify their persecution as being racially motivated, and scholars largely ignored their deaths until the 1980s.

Ceija Stojka, a Romani gypsy living in Austria, was just nine when the Germans annexed the country and began arresting gypsies.

Her gypsy traveling family worked as horse-traders, but had already been forced to abandon their lifestyle when Germany annexed Austria. “Our wagon was parked for the winter… the Germans ordered us to stay put. My parents had to convert our wagon into a wooden house, and we had to learn how to cook with an oven instead of on an open fire,” she said in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum archives.

“[Later], gypsies were forced to register as members of another ‘race’. Our campground was fenced off and placed under police guard.”



Ceija Stojka was 10 years old when she was sent to the first of three concentration camps


Her father was sent to the Dachau concentration camp for being “work-shy”. His ashes were returned to her mother months later. Ceija, her mother and her siblings were loaded onto a train bound for Auschwitz, where a horrific experience awaited them.

“The dead were stacked up in the corners and against the doors,” she said in an interview for the film Forget Us Not.

“For endless days, we stood. No food, no water. All the babies and pregnant women were dying. The door opened and the wall of dead and pregnant women fell out. People were trying to catch the rain drops in their mouth and were shot by the SS for not falling into line.”

Ceija’s mother had sewed pieces of bread into her clothes to help them survive. She hid her children under her skirts to ensure they were sent to work barracks rather than the gas chambers. Ceija worked in a quarry, after her mother convinced guards she was 16 and strong enough, not ten.

Her skin was marked with the number Z6399. “They took my name from me and instead tattooed a number on my arm. I am not going to be ashamed of that,” she said years later.

ceija stojk


Ceija’s arm was marked with her ‘number’ for the rest of her life


Ceija’s younger brother died of Typhus at Auschwitz. Ceija, her mother and one sister were then sent to Ravensbruck concentration camp in Germany, where sadistic female guards abused them. Ceija remembered one, called Binz, in particular:

“She had a large dog she would have attack and kill. No warning. One day we were hanging sheets frozen in the cold and an old woman tripped. Binz stomped her head as she lay on the ground until her brains came out.”

Binz planned to torture Ceija’s mother by submerging her in icy water, after discovering she had lied about Ceija’s age. Learning this, Ceija and her mother fled to a truck headed another German camp, Bergin Belsen – becoming separated from Ceija’s remaining siblings in the chaos.

“That is when the real misery began”, said Ceija of her first night at Bergin Belsen. The 11-year old slept in a pile of recently-killed corpses. “I asked their forgiveness and buried myself in the bodies to try and stay warm.”

She and her mother survived by eating “paper and pieces of leather”, until one day, while she was closing the eyes and of the dead out of respect, Ceija heard a loud bang. “The wall nearby me blew down,” she said. “There were tanks. A young man stood there in an unfamiliar uniform. He came to me and said: I am your liberator.”

The allied forces had arrived and she and her mother were freed. She was just 12. Ceija’s mother then pushed her 700 miles in a wheelbarrow to Austria’s third largest city, Linz, which was a meeting place for Roma people. Miraculously, her surviving four siblings found their way to the city, and the family was reunited.

Ceija was homeless for nine years, selling carpets because her family occupation of horse-trading was still banned. She later wrote and painted about her experience, becoming a well-known artist and an activist for awareness of Roma killed in the Holocaust.



Ceija’s painting of her mother holding her called “Mama Holding Ceija”


“I reached for the pen because I had to open myself, to scream,” she explained at an exhibition in Vienna’s Jewish Museum in 2004. Her paintings included harrowing images of the death camps, and a joyful painting showing her mother and surviving siblings in a celebratory dance, to mark the joy of the liberation. Ceija died in 2013, aged 79.




Twin Rita Prigmore and mother Theresia Seible describe Nazi research on twins


Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor at Auschwitz, was fascinated by identical twins and tortured them for horrific experiments, under the precept of furthering his research into genetics.

His procedures included unnecessary amputations, injecting chemicals into eyes to try to change eye color, and intentionally infecting one twin with disease then transfusing blood into the other to see if the second twin survived. A pathologist who worked with him has recalled Mengele personally killing 14 twins in one night, with chloroform injections to their hearts.

Eva Mozes Kor and her twin sister Miriam were born in Romania into a family of Jewish farmers. Her family was pushed into a cattle van bound for Auschwitz in 1944, when the twins were 10.

When they arrived at the camp’s train platform, her father and her older sister disappeared in the crowd. When German officers learned the girls were twins, they dragged Eva and Miriam away from their mother. They would never see the rest of their family again.

“We were both crying, and mother’s hands were spread in despair,” Eva said in an interview with Vice. “We never got to say goodbye. I had the best mother on the face of this Earth.”

‘My parents and my older sister died within 30 minutes after arrival at Auschwitz. I never saw them again. They just disappeared. There is no record of them,’ she told AFP.

The girls had their heads shaven and their arms tattooed. They became lab subjects six days a week. The pair were undressed, large amounts of their blood was taken, and their body parts were rigorously examined. “They would spend three hours on my ear lobe,” Eva told Vice. “They treated me like I was nothing, like I was a piece of meat.”

mozes twins


Eva and Miriam are the twins at the front on the right


After doctors injected Eva with bacteria through five large needles in her right arm, she became seriously ill. She remembers Mengele smiling over her, remarking that she only had two weeks left to live.

If one twin died in experiments, Eva knew that his habit was to murder the other so he could cross-examine their bodies. “I was thinking, if I die, then Miriam will be murdered as well,” she said of her determination to pull through.

Eva and Miriam were among just 200 sets of twins who survived Auschwitz, out of almost 1,500 pairs used for experiments. They can be seen at the front of a line of twins freed in an iconic photo from the liberation of the camp.

eva twins


Eva speaks about her experience and has revisited Auschwitz


They founded the group CANDLES (Children of Auschwitz Nazi Deadly Lab Experiments Survivors), to unite twins who suffered Mengele’s brutality. Miriam died of cancer in 1993. Eva still speaks about her experience, and says she has forgiven the Nazis. “I realized that the ‘guinea pig’ had the power to forgive the god of Auschwitz,” she said. “No one could give me the power, or take it away from me. I refused to be a victim, and now I am free.”

Eva has returned to Auschwitz, and always dances on the platform where she saw her family for the last time. “That’s where they took away the joy of my life and my family,” she says. “This way, I reclaim it.”




Robert Wagemann describes fleeing from a “euthanasia” clinic where the Nazis killed physically and mentally disabled people


Those with mental and physical illnesses were regarded by the Nazis as “unworthy of life”, leading to a clandestine program of mass murder, under the cover of ‘mercy killings’.

Institutions were turned into mass killing centers, with SS officers wearing lab coats to keep up the appearance of a medical program. Families were told their relatives had died from illness and given faked death certificates, when in reality up to 300,000 people in German and Austria were systematically murdered, usually in gas chambers disguised as showers. Their organs were used for experiments.

The T4 ‘euthanasia’ program pre-dated what is usually referred to as the Holocaust by two years, but continued informally during it, and disabled people were later sent to concentration camps with other groups.

mozes twins


Helene was an aspiring law student and legal secretary


Helene Lebel, nicknamed Helly, was a young legal secretary and law student in Vienna. She was raised Catholic, born to a Catholic mother and a Jewish father who died fighting in World War I. Helene started showing signs of schizophrenia aged 19, and had a breakdown after losing her dog, Lydi. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was sent to the Steinhof Psychiatric Hospital in Vienna.

Germany annexed Austria two years later. Helene’s condition had improved at the hospital and her parents believed she was well enough to come home. But she was not allowed to return. Her parents were first told she would be released, and then that she had been transferred to another hospital.

In fact, Helene was transported to a former prison in Brandenburg, Germany. She was undressed, physically examined and then led into a “shower room” where she was murdered with deadly gas. Despite this, the aspiring law student was officially listed as dying in her room of “acute schizophrenic excitement.”

Helene was just one of 9,772 people gassed in 1940 at the Brandenburg “euthanasia” center, which was one of six in Germany and Austria.



Paul Eggert, who was categorized as “feeble-minded”, Helga Gross who attended a school for the deaf, and schizophrenic Dorothea Buck talk about being forcibly sterilized



Many members of the Christian clergy were either threatened with deportation and kept in custody, or sent to camps. The Catholic Church was particularly suppressed in Poland, where nearly a fifth of all priests – around 3,000 – were killed between 1939 and 1945, most in concentration camps.

maximilian kolbe


Polish priest Maximilian Kolbe in 1939, two years before he was sent to Auschwitz


Maximilian Kolbe was born 1894 and grew up in the Polish town of Pabianice. His father was German and his mother Polish. Maximilian’s life was shaped by a vision he believed he experienced of the Virgin Mary as a child. He became a Catholic Franciscan priest in his 20s, and founded monasteries in Poland, Japan and India, traveling the world to spread his beliefs.

When the German army invaded Poland, Maximilian organized a hospital at his Polish monastery. It hid up to 3,000 Polish refuges, many of them Jews, during a dangerous period, and continued to run a religious publishing house and radio station.

As news about the mass murders of the Holocaust spread, he wrote a message of hope in his newspaper at the time: “No one in the world can change Truth. What we can do and and should do is to seek truth and to serve it when we have found it.

“The real conflict is the inner conflict. Beyond armies of occupation and the hecatombs of extermination camps, there are two irreconcilable enemies in the depth of every soul: good and evil, sin and love. And what use are the victories on the battlefield if we are ourselves are defeated in our innermost personal selves?”

A month later, Maximilian’s monastery was shut down and he was arrested and transferred to Auschwitz. He was subjected to savage beatings in the camp, but continued to act as a priest, offering guidance and comfort to prisoners of all faiths.

Some priests in the camp were assigned to a cruel guard nicknamed ‘Bloody’ Krott, who forced them to cut and carry huge tree trunks. Krott is said to have developed a hatred of Maximilian and gave him heavier loads than the others. Priests who were imprisoned with him report that when they offered to help, he refused and said “Mary gives me strength. All will be well.”

He wrote to his mother form the camp: “Do not worry about me or my health, for the good Lord is everywhere and holds every one of us in his great love.”

One day in 1941, three prisoners vanished from Auschwitz. The enraged guards decided to starve 10 men to death in an underground cell to deter further escapees.

One of the chosen men, Franciszek Gajowniczek, cried out when he was selected, pleading that he had a wife and children, so Maximilian stepped forward and volunteered to take his place. In the cell with the doomed men, he continued to pray and minister.

maximilian kolbe


Kolbe, who was made a Christian saint in 1982, is pictured on a church window


Bruno Borgowiec, an assistant in the underground bunkers, is reported by Catholic writer Mary Craig to have said that: “In the cell of the poor wretches there were daily loud prayers, the rosary and singing, in which prisoners from neighboring cells also joined… I had the impression I was in a church. Friar Kolbe was leading and the prisoners responded in unison. They were often so deep in prayer that they did not even hear that inspecting SS men had descended to the Bunker.”

As the men died one by one, Maximilian was the last left alive, and remained kneeling or standing according to eye-witnesses. Two weeks passed, and the guards decided to execute him by lethal injection.

Borgowiec reported that Maximilian held up his arm for the injection, willingly. “Kolbe, with a prayer on his lips, himself gave his arm to the executioner. Unable to watch this, I left under the pretext of work to be done.”

Maximilian was later made a saint, and his statue is carved over the door of London’s Westminster Abbey. His canonization created some controversy; the pamphlets published by his monastery in Poland were said to have contained anti-Semitic articles, but reports of his benevolence towards Jews and fellow prisoners have remained unquestioned.

Emotional Competency – Tyranny (Hitler, Nazis, Joy of Satan members, V. Hompo, Mad Max etc)

Emotional Competency – Tyranny.

Abusing Power

Whether it’s a pushy person, a control freak, a bully, or an outright tyrant, the problem is the same: their goals are always more important than yours. A difficult, pushy person has gone too far again. They are bossing you around, acting selfish and self-important, threatening you, making demands, barking orders, and abusing their power. Control freaks, imperative people, and tyrants exercise power in a harsh, cruel, or destructive manner. They are oppressive, harsh, arbitrary people who make life difficult for too many of us. They are annoyinginconsiderate, and demeaning. What are they thinking? How can we respond constructively?

Caution: Control-oriented people as described here expect to control the people and events around them. Exposing or challenging their tactics could provoke their anger and result in severe and possibly dangerous retaliation. Expect to be a target of their backlash. Protect yourself and others who could become targets before challenging a control-oriented person.


  1. Absolute rule,
  2. Abusing power,
  3. Selfish power,
  4. Unmitigated power,
  5. Unrestrained exercise of power; abuse of authority

Related Terms

Difficult people, control freaks, imperative people, and bullies push us around during our day-to-day encounters. They go out of their way to turn every encounter into a dominance contest and often insist on getting the last word. They insist you do it their way, dominating so many trivial issues as well as the more important ones. Going out to dinner with a control freak can easily become an ordeal. Choosing the restaurant, deciding where to sit, what to order, what fork to use, how much to tip, how long to stay, who pays, how to pay, and what to do next all has to be done their way. Tyrants, dictators, despots, autocrats, authoritarians, imperialists, fascists, Czars, Nazis, and monarchs practice their tyranny, totalitarianism, absolute rule, and domination on a larger and more destructive scale.

Tyranny leads to oppression, the sustained humiliation of a group of people. The oppressed people are suppressed, limited, or controlled by unjust use of force or authority.

A Hierarchy of Tyrants:

Tyranny can creep into our behavior to a greater or lesser degree. Here are some categories, arranged in increasing degrees of dominance and disregard for others.

Cause / Deficiency Behavior
Low Self-esteem Fragile high self esteem drives these people to act superior to disguise their inferior feelings. Controlling others is one manifestation of their need to act superior.
Healthy Self-esteem This is the desired condition. True leaders act from healthy high esteem.
Egotism Egotists are self-centered. They have been seduced by their first-person viewpoint. It’s all about them; they are motivated only by their own self-interests. They lack empathy for others. They are controlling because only their needs matter.
Narcissism Narcissists have a grandiose sense of self-importance. They exaggerate their achievements and expect to be recognized as superior, even when their accomplishments are ordinary. They fantasize attaining unlimited success or power. They believe they are special and require excessive admiration. They lack empathy and exploit others to achieve their own ends. They often envy others or believe others envy them. They are controlling because only they matter.
Psychopath Psychopaths are anti-social. They totally disregard the rights of others. They feel little or no remorse for the harm they cause others. They blame the victim and lack empathy. They are deceitful, aggressive, tough minded, glib, superficial, exploitative, irresponsible, and impulsive. Yet they may display a superficial charm. They are controlling because others don’t matter.

Leadership and Tyranny:

A superficial analysis may show that leaders and tyrants share many characteristics. Tyrants often appear at first as strong and effective leaders. Perhaps this explains why so many tyrants attain leadership positions. This chart can help us discern the differences and avoid the costly mistake of granting unchecked positional power to a tyrant.

Leaders Tyrants
Visionary; holds a clear, compelling, well thought-out, and constructive vision for the future. Focused while maintaining broad perspective. Visionary, but fixated on a narrow view. Narrowly focused.
Determined; they persistently pursue their goal and are undaunted by obstacles and setbacks. Relentless, tenacious, unyielding, rigid, close-minded, dogmatic, and stubborn.
Influential; communicates passionately to engage people. Influential, charismatic, captivating, engaging.
Passionate; remains committed and focused on the goal with heart and soul. Obsessed; the goal is all that matters. It must be achieved at all costs.
Increase trust. Followers are intrinsically motivated and provide enduring support. Increase fear. Followers are extrinsically motivated and support ends when the coercion ends. Often resentment endures.
Enthusiastic. Zealot.
Connected with others. Separate from others. Isolated, alone and apart.
Empathy for others. Humble. Apathy for others. Arrogant.
Healthy self-esteem. Accurate and realistic self-appraisal. Solicits and accepts feedback and criticism. Low, or fragile-high self-esteem. Egotism, narcissism, or even psychopathic. Inaccurate and Unrealistic self-appraisal. Avoids and rejects criticism and all but overwhelmingly positive feedback.
Primarily concerned for the cause, the organization, and the people being lead. Concerned only for the self.
Broadly and ethically principled. Fair and generous. Unprincipled or narrowly principled. Selfish.
Responsible. Irresponsible.
Internal Locus of Control External Locus of Control.
Consistent, reliable, logical, authentic, well adjusted, and emotionally stable. Volatile, whacky, irritable.
Realistic. Optimistic.
Listens and dialogues. Monologs, lectures, preaches and engages in tirades.
Respects reciprocity and symmetry. Strongly asymmetrical.
Open, communicative. Secretive.
Concerned with substance. Concerned with image.
Evidence based. Dominance based.
Considerate Invasive, intrusive, and obnoxious.
High, relevant, consistent, and attainable performance standards. Perfectionist, demanding, inconsistent.
Provides helpful and balanced feedback. Critical and demanding.
Benjamin Franklin, Catherine the Great, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Mao Tse Tung, Idi Amin Dada, Slobodan Milosevic

Tyranny is no substitute for leadership and should never be confused with leadership.

Healthy Control

It is certainly important for us to control ourselves and many aspects of our lives. Self-control is an important attribute of maturity, and an essential component of relatedness. Control is an essential element of responsibility. Loss of control leads to anxietyunhappinessangerresentment, stress, feeling helpless, and even depression. Abdicating control, acting powerless, and playing the victim, is irresponsible. But keep in mind that our freedom ends where other’s begins. Balance control with the rights and needs of others and respect for others.

Control goes beyond Autonomy and Competence

Autonomy—responsible free choice—is a basic human need. But control goes beyond autonomy because it goes beyond what is reasonable or necessary and ignores the needs and freedoms of other people. Control is autonomy gone awry because it is unmitigated by relatedness. Control ignores the no-trespassing sign that autonomy respects.

Competence—successfully meeting an optimum challenge—is also a basic human need that is similar to but not the same as control. You can reasonably ask: How can I succeed at a task if I can’t control the activities required for the task? Again the distinction is the consideration given to the rights of others.

Out of Balance:

Why do they act so bossy? What are control freaks and other bullies thinking? They have several perceptions and beliefs out of balance.

Reducing Anxiety:

The mistaken belief that what I can control can’t hurt me drives the behavior of many control freaks. Others are driven by the fear that they will lose control, or at least needed autonomy, altogether. Their anxiety results from vulnerabilities that the control freak tries to eliminate by controlling every aspect of the environment and the people in it. They try to control every threat. They lose track of what they can change and what they cannot. They chose an ineffective approach to coping with their anxiety. There is certainly enough to worry about: the ambitious boss-under-pressure worries the work won’t get done, envious co-workers worry you’ll get the promotion instead of them, jealous adults worry about their partners; scarcity leads to resource contention, stature-conscious, resentful, or caring but inept parents worry about the kids; and tormented, willful, or confused kids worry about the parents and each other. It must be exhausting.

Uncontrollable adverse events often lead to learned helplessness and stress. Exerting control learned prevents helplessness, unless you try to control the uncontrollable or change the unchangeable.

Tyrants reduce their own fear by removing anyone who poses a threat.

Getting it Right:

An obsession with getting it right—when driven by the fear of failure—can result in controlling behavior. Perhaps the control freak does have an important vision worth achieving. Perhaps the goals are worth working hard toward. Perhaps obsessive attention to detail is the best way to get the all-important result. Perhaps they have an outsized but narrow and rigid sense of duty. They may not see other options for solving problems and getting things done. They may be trapped by their own set of rigid but ill-founded rules. Perhaps the control freak just cares more than you do about the goal. They may see the goal as much more important than the relationship, and they don’t see how to preserve both. Perhaps the enthusiast has crossed the line and become the zealot. The control freak is deathly afraid of failure, and they don’t trust anyone else to get it right.

To placate your micromanaging boss try to establish a better working relationship, demonstrate your interest, concern, dedication, knowledge, and competency; keep the boss informed, request more autonomy. Put the boss at ease, address his fears, work to understand the pressures he faces and his point of view, and he may allow you the space you need to contribute your best.


Impatience—the fear of running late—can stimulate controlling behavior. Often impatient people usurp control in an attempt to speed events along and get more done. This quick-fix rarely works. As the signs say “The hurrier I go the behinder I get,” and “Look before you leap.”

Doing as a substitute for Being:

I make up for my pathetic being with more and more doing. I have a relentless sense of duty; I cannot say no. If I do enough my value will become obvious, even to me.

Contingent Self-esteem:

The biggest secret is that I’m not as good as I appear to be. My image has to be controlled at all cost. Because I feel inferior, I have to act superior. My biggest fear is that someone will discover I’m a wimp. The only opinion I have of myself is the opinion others have of me. How I feel depends entirely on what you think of me. I depend desperately on your approval to establish and maintain my self-worth. I work full time to cover up my vulnerability. I crave your affirmation and approval. I must control or even humiliate you so you don’t humiliate me.

These people don’t understand that their self-worth and dignity is intrinsic and is not provided by others. Also, stature is only achieved on an absolute scale, and is not evaluated in comparison to others.

First Person-Viewpoint:

We all view the world from our unique first-person viewpoint. But if other viewpoints can’t be comprehended, or this viewpoint is unmitigated by healthy relationships with others, or feeling empathy, it becomes disconnected, uncaring, unchecked, fixated, and destructive. This is the root of egotism. The egotist forgets that his freedom ends where other’s freedom begins. The belief (or fear) that “no one can get the job done as well as I can” or “if you want it done right, do it yourself” drives many control freaks to interfere, bosses to micro-manage, and poor leaders to overreach. Along with their first-person viewpoint, a fear of failure drives them to control every aspect of their world as they attempt to ensure success and reduce their anxiety. In any case the control freak is preserving their own interests at the expense of other’s. Children are born believing they are the center of the universe; tyrants never outgrow this belief.

Mistrusting Others

The control freak may simply mistrust others. There can be several causes for this including past betrayals, poor  relationships, or poor communication or delegation skills. They may criticize other’s work and find it unacceptable. The control freak believes that since others can’t be trusted to get the job done, there is no alternative to doing it yourself.

To work with such an untrusting control freak it may be helpful to gain their trust carefully and gradually over time.

Controlling Resources:

Control freaks may hold the mistaken belief that the person with the most toys wins.


Perhaps the control freak just does not know any better and is unaware of more constructive and effective approaches to achieving goals. Perhaps abuse is all they have ever known. Perhaps the only approach they ever learned for dealing with people is to abuse them. Perhaps their only role models were other control freaks. Perhaps you can have compassion for their ignorance and help them learn better approaches to building relationships.


Organizations are typically organized as hierarchies, with several people reporting to one boss. While this is a common and often effective organization structure, it is no excuse for an abusive boss, and it does not diminish the value of any of the humans in the organization, regardless of their position the formal hierarchy. Carefully designed organizations put in place mechanisms, such as upward feedback, anonymous reporting, and ombudsmen, to prevent or provide early warning of abuse.

Having a Bad Day:

When people are under unusual stress they may react by seizing control. Perhaps a generally reasonable person has just been stuck in traffic, had a fight with their spouse, got bad news from the doctor, learned they are about to lose their job, or bounced a check. They may react to this stress by being uncharacteristically difficult and controlling for some period of time. If a generally reasonable person is acting unreasonable today, then perhaps you can wait for their stress to pass and they will return to their more reasonable selves. A good person in bad circumstances deserves your compassion, not your provocation.

Responding to Tyrants:

We can choose how we respond to tyrants. There are alternatives to oppression.

Overcome our Fear:

Tyrants exploit our primal fears and we typically cower from them. We are seduced by their influence and succumb to their threats as we are easily blinded by fearanxietyshamehate, or guilt. We yield to their tantrums. Fear can easily lead to primal thinking, tunnel vision, and panic. But courage can overcome our fears and with careful and creative planning we can confront the tyrant.

Endure and Survive:

Slaves endured the oppression and humiliation of slavery for many years. It was not acceptance, but merely survival until they could work toward better treatment. Tyrants often come and go, perhaps you can wait this one out.

Understand their Point of View:

Perhaps the tyrant really does have it right. Work to adopt his point of view and understand where he is “coming from”, what problems he is facing, and what he is trying to accomplish. See if this helps to make his actions and motives more clear. Even tyrants deserve our empathy. Perhaps adopting his viewpoint will allow you to see alternative solutions, or at least cope better.


If you don’t like it, change it. If you can’t change it, leave. Acknowledge the oppression, understand the tyrant, consider your alternatives, and choose your battles carefully. Decide what you choose to change and what you choose to avoid. If this is just not a situation where you have the strength, interest, resources, or will to change now, you may decide to disengage and live to fight another day. If your boss is a tyrant arrange for a reassignment or leave the organization.

Tower, Don’t Cower:

Although the typical reaction is to cower in response to the tyrant’s threats, there is a more elevated and enlightened viewpoint. If we recognize the many fallacies tyrants rely on, and recognize tyrants as the lonely and childish school-yard bullies they are we can avoid being controlled by them. Spoiled brats do not deserve the attention they demand. Uncover, dispel, and shatter the myth. This viewpoint recognizes these powerful truths:

Dignity is intrinsic to every human. It does not have to be earned, it cannot be granted, and it cannot be taken away. The tyrant can neither strip you of your dignity nor can he provide you with dignity. We all share a long list of intrinsic similarities. You remain a worthy human being regardless of what the tyrant does. It is your own choice, your own asset, do not squander it. The oppressed are no less worthy than the powerful.

The tyrant’s freedom ends where yours begins. When the tyrant’s will infringes on your autonomy, a negotiation is required to resolve the conflict. The situation is symmetrical, you each have rights,boundaries, and limits. Seek shared values to provide principles that can help transcend or decide conflictthe. Create alternatives that eliminate the conflict and make it unnecessary. Identify trespass, make it visible, and do not tolerate it.

First person viewpoint is the fundamental asymmetry of humanity. The tyrant is seduced by his own narrow viewpoint. He considers only what he sees and he experiences that clearly, uniquely, and powerfully. His point of view is not moderated by healthy and respectful relationships with people who have alternative viewpoints. Perhaps he is unaware, or intolerant of diverse or conflicting viewpoints. He may fear skepticism and inquiry. He does not welcome criticism or differing points of view. He may not even be aware of any alternative viewpoints. Perhaps he is uncomfortable with complexity. But his is only one out of the six-billion valid viewpoints on this planet. Your own point of view is equally valid. Find a forum, express your views, and begin the dialogue. The storyteller provides only one viewpoint—it is inherently selective and biased. Go tell your story—it is equally valid and important.

Hate can only be sustained by cognitive error. The tyrant works to control or eliminate something or someone he sees as the obstacle to his goals. He has named the evil other, he hates it, and it must be destroyed. But choosing to hate is an ineffective shortcut that avoids the hard work of analyzing the problem in depth. Hating attributes blame incorrectly; it misallocates right and wrong. To defuse the hate, assess the situation from another perspective, analyze the problem in more depth, identify the real causes, eliminate the errors in thinking, and move forward with an effective solution.

Wanted! for Murder, for Kidnapping, for Theft and for ArsonTyranny is dishonorable. History judges tyrants harshly. Hitler and his new wife, Eva Braun, committed suicide in his underground bunker in Berlin in the final days of World War II. Joseph Stalin’s crash programs of industrialization and collectivization in the 1930s, along with his ongoing campaigns of political repression, are estimated to have cost the lives of millions of people. Saddam Hussein was convicted of charges related to the executions of 148 Iraqi Shiites suspected of planning an assassination attempt against him, and was sentenced to death by hanging. Saddam was executed on December 30, 2006. Many of Mao Tse Tung’s policies and socio-political programs such as the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution are blamed by critics for causing severe damage to the culture, society, economy, and foreign relations of China, as well as an estimated 40 million or more lost lives. Their glory is short lived, their disgrace lasts forever. It won’t be long before the tide turns against the tyrant.

Might does not make right. Quite the opposite is true; when evidence is available then influence alone can make the point and change behavior without having to rely on coercion. If your views are correct, they do not need an aggressive defense; if they are incorrect they do not deserve it. If Pepsi really was better than Coke, there would be no need to spend $ Billions on advertisements claiming it is better. If President Richard Nixon believed he was the better candidate, then why was the Watergate break-in necessary? If Catholic priests did not molest children, then the Vatican would not have written a secret document, the Crimen sollicitationis, directing the use of pontifical secrecy to cover up the cases. Beginning in 1950, Senator Joseph McCarthy became noted for making unsubstantiated claims that there were large numbers of Communists and Soviet spies and sympathizers inside the United States government. It is difficult to estimate the number of victims of his false accusations. The number imprisoned is in the hundreds, and some ten or twelve thousand lost their jobs. Ultimately, his tactics led to his being discredited and censured by the United States Senate. Because their views go unchallenged, powerful self-centered people often get it very wrong. If the tyrant really does have a better idea, let that idea gain acceptance on its own merits. Good ideas speak for themselves. The need to use force is evidence of a weak idea.

Humor provides a new perspective. Political Satire, Political Cartoons, Doonesbury, Dilbert, the Daily Show, and Saturday Night Live all work to balance power by making fun of it. The nursery rhyme “Rock-a-by Baby” may have been a surreptitious way of singing dissent with the English civil war. Be very careful when using humor to disarm power. Respond in a friendly but disarming way that makes light of the tyrant’s abusive tactics. Highlight the fallacies in the tyrant’s goals and tactics, but carefully avoid humiliating the tyrant.

The best leaders are the best servants. Leadership is not about controlling people; it’s about caring for people and being a useful resource for people. The best leaders help people work together and do their best to achieve an important goal. Their actions focus on accomplishing as a team much more than any one person could accomplish alone. Leadership is about helping people attain the goal, not about aggrandizing the leader. Tyrants don’t serve and servants don’t control. Tyrants are not leaders, and any contrary myths need to be exposed as false.

Scapegoats are chosen as convenient proxies. They are easy targets chosen to accept blame, displace responsibility for problems from where it truly belongs, and to distract attention from the actual problems. Tyrants identify scapegoats to distract attention from their own misdeeds. The scapegoat is not the problem, don’t be distracted, look elsewhere for the real cause. Analyze cause and effect more carefully, avoid the fallacy of disproportionate responsibility, determine more accurately where responsibly actually belongs. Draw attention away from the scapegoat and toward the real problem.

Courage can overcome fear. The tyrant uses fear to keep us from seeing alternatives. In the face of his intimidation we typically freeze, flee, become anger locked, or submit to his demands. But if we can focus, summon our courage, relax, comprehend the situation, and develop alternatives, we can create options for moving forward constructively. On December 1, 1955, Rosa ParksExternal Link became famous for refusing to obey bus driverThe Unknown Rebel James Blake’s order that she give up her seat. This action of civil disobedience started the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which is one of the largest movements against racial segregation. In addition, this launched Martin Luther King, Jr., who was involved with the boycott, to a prominent position among his people and in the civil rights movement. She has had a lasting legacy worldwide.

During the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989External Link an unarmed man stood in the center of the street, halting the tanks’ progress. He reportedly asked, “Why are you here? You have caused nothing but misery.” As the tank driver attempted to go around him, the “tank man” moved into the tank’s path. He continued to stand defiantly in front of the tanks for some time, then climbed up onto the turret of the lead tank to speak to the soldiers inside. After returning to his position blocking the tanks, the man was pulled aside by onlookers who perhaps feared he would be shot or run over. Time Magazine dubbed him “The Unknown Rebel” and later named him one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century. Tyrants are often unprepared for truly courageous and well-planned responses.

Human needs are simple and largely non-material. Although autonomy is a human need, steak for dinner is not. In choosing to endure tyrant’s abuse you may be choosing to buy a steak dinner at the cost of your autonomy. This is usually a bad deal. Choose simplicity over oppression.

There are always alternatives. Reject the obvious alternatives, create new options, and find another way. Innovation creates opportunities. Dialogue creates solutions that other forms of communication jealously hide. If you can’t think of alternatives and feel there is no way out then talk to more people and generate more ideas.

Mohandas K. GandhiNo one is powerless.  We each have our own sources of power. The boss depends on the secretary, the doctor depends on nurses and patients, and the manager depends on the workers. Mahatma GandhiExternal Linkwas the skinny little brown man who summoned the power to free India from British colonial rule. Find your source of strength and apply it to the problem at hand. Don’t play the victim, you always have choices. Speak up and speak out about what you want and expect from the relationship. End the trespassing and assert your right to dignity, respect, and freedom. Describe the actual, unfair, and unwanted asymmetry of the relationship, how it makes you feel, why it is unfair, and then describe the fair and symmetrical relationship you expect. Say what you mean, but don’t be mean. Don’t insult, humiliate, or threaten the control freak. Confront the control freak, and plan how to expose and disarm the tyrant.

Helplessness can be learned and unlearned. Oppression teaches you to become passive and stop trying to help yourself. But you can reassess your options and decide to take action to end the oppression.

Everyone, even the tyrant, is vulnerable. Study the tyrant to find out his weaknesses. Balance the power. Apply your strength where he is most weak. Calmly describe how natural forces resisting the tyrant will eventually defeat his efforts.

It is possible to speak truth to power. Don’t be distracted or intimidated by the tyrant’s positional power, reputation, physical appearance; wincing, bellowing, or rolling eyes; physical surroundings, or other attempts to emphasize a disparity in power and importance. Do not tolerate ego rants. Do your homework, get the facts right, and present your case clearly, calmly, and persuasively. You can challenge an authority by respectfully asking: “How do you know?”, “Why do you say what you say?”, “What is the evidence to support your position?”, and “Who disagrees with you?”

Rana HusseiniExternal Link spoke truth to power and exposed the shame of Jordan when she unveiled the common but unspoken crime of honor killingsExternal Link there. Honor killings refer to the murder by family members of a woman who is raped or is said to have participated in illicit sexual activity. The mere perception that a woman has behaved in a way that is considered as dishonoring her family is sufficient to trigger an attack on her life. Across the globe, women who are beaten, brutalized, and raped can expect police, prosecutors, and judges to humiliate victims, fail to investigate cases, and dismiss charges. Honor killings accounted for one-third of the murders of women in Jordan in 1999. She wrote a series of reports on the killings and launched a campaign to stop them. As a result, she has been threatened and accused of being anti-Islam, antifamily, and anti-Jordan. Yet, Queen NoorExternal Link took up the cause, and later, the newly ascended King Hassan cited the need for protection of women in his opening address to parliament. The conspiracy of silence has been forever broken thanks to this courageous young journalist who risks her life in the firm belief that exposing the truth about honor killings and other forms of violence against women is the first step to stopping them.

The tools of influence are symmetrical. The techniques the powerful use to influence the oppressed can also be adapted by the oppressed to influence the powerful.

Extremists discount, dismiss, distort, dispute, or deflect important evidence. But facts are stubborn. As the facts become more widely known and understood, the unreasonableness of the tyrant’s position becomes more clear to more people. His support eventually dwindles as more people recognize the emperor has no clothes.External Link

There is tremendous power in alliances. Striking Members of the International Lady Garment Workers Union (Ilgwu) Picket on 7th Ave.None of us are as smart or powerful as all of us. As the scope of the tyrant’s impact increases, as more people suffer from his abuse, the more people there are to pool their resources and energy in overcoming his grip. Find the people who are suffering from the tyrant’s grip, recognize the common problem you are facing, and find a way to band together and effect positive change. India’s independence movement, labor unions, the women’s suffrage movement, the civil rights movement, and the anti-apartheid cause all provide prominent examples of oppressed people working together to overcome powerful forces, abuse, and tyranny.

You can choose your battles. You can decide when to ignore, yield to, appease, or accommodate the control-freak’s requests. You can also decide when to confront the unreasonable behavior and insist on change. Keep an effective strategy in mind to help you choose your battles carefully. With careful preparation, you can always walk away.

Government exists only to serve and benefit the governed. The United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights clearly states: “The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures”. Tyrants often forget this and erroneously believe the purpose of government is to benefit only themselves. Insist on a government that represents and serves the people.

Privilege and power are distinct from talent. A rich, powerful person may not be very bright while a poor person might be very bright, hard working, creative, and talented. Don’t be mislead by image, boasting, intimidation, pedigree, and posturing. Demonstrate leadership through hard work, not privilege. Apply your talents regardless of your present social position. Seek stature, not status.Traffic, 405 North, Los Angeles, CA

There are paths of progress other than growth.  Flowers develop by unfolding their potential, not by becoming the biggest flower. Bigger is not always better. There are important alternatives, including: peace of mind, integrity, giving and gaining the respect of others, tranquility, clean air, clean water, the beauty of nature, a healthy environment to enjoy now and sustain for the future, family, friendships, community, safety, stability, trust, leisure time, meaningful work, authentic experiences,reciprocity, good health, reduced stress, ongoing education, fun, enjoyment of the arts, transcendence, and making significant contributions that help others. Tyrants often ignore or diminish the value of these genuine alternatives to growth, expansion, and conquest. Challenge the assumptions that growth is good and inevitable. Pursue genuine progress, and don’t be seduced by the idea that growth represents progress. Reject the insatiable tyranny of more.

We are all connected. We all rely on others—locally and globally—for needed resources such as food, water, health care, energy, labor, land, and education. The tyrant depends on the oppressed.

Tyranny is childish. Tyrants lack self-control, sound judgment, refined character, respectwisdom, and transcendent purpose. Tyranny is a tragically unleashed version of a child’s selfish tantrum. It is ineffective; tyranny has a clear history of tragedy and failure. In retrospect it often looks preposterous. We can learn to recognize it, call attention to it, act as responsible grownups, and not tolerate it. Maturity is about using wisdom to achieve constructive results. Tyrants lack the wisdom of: understanding the intrinsic similarities we all share, interconnections, relatednesscompassionrespect, accurate history, symmetryinquiry,humility, and responsibilityAdults don’t tolerate tantrums, there is no reason to tolerate tyranny.

Oppression constrains the tyrant. Sustaining oppression requires a narrow worldview based on false beliefs. The false belief that women are not smart enough to vote, the false belief that slaves are subhuman, the false belief that Jews are to blame for the problems of Nazi Germany, and the false belief that the poor are stupid were each essential to maintaining the power of the tyrant and sustaining the oppression. When these false beliefs are dismissed and corrected, we gain a more accurate understanding of our world and we all benefit. Expose the lie and strengthen the community.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant. The most credible and respected organizations operate in an open atmosphere. Their operations and decisions are transparent and can be easily examined by interested people inside and outside the organization. Organizations that are well run and are responsible to the public not only accept criticism and suggestions, but embrace them. If questions from constituents, the public, or the media make leaders or other responsible parties become uncomfortable, evasive, or disingenuous, the questions are usually valid and the answers are not. People who feel uncomfortable under the bright light of scrutiny and criticism often have something to hide. Shine the light on tyranny to purify it.

Tyrants are lonely, afraid, insecure, and human. They deserve our compassion, even as we withhold our obedience and submission. The many causes of tyranny, described at the beginning of this page, show that tyrants are often driven by deficiencies, inadequacy, loneliness, or fear. Tyrants often see themselves as the victim. Adolf Hitler titled his autobiography “Mein Kampf”, “My Struggle”. Perhaps if they can connect in authentic relationships with caring people, their pain can be soothed, and their behaviors can improve. Even the nastiest tyrants are only human. Understand the similarities you share with them. Connect with them on a human level. Pity the poor tyrant. Have you hugged a tyrant today?

The Land of Oz:

In the popular movie “The Wizard of Oz” Dorothy demonstrates constructive responses to tyranny.  The movie is such a good allegory for coping with tyranny you might be tempted to claim “everything I need to know about tyranny I learned in the land of Oz.” Here is a brief summary:

  • Everyone experiences fear, including fear of humiliation.
  • Courage can overcome fear.
  • We are responsible for our own choices.
  • We all have sources of power we can draw on.
  • Authentic self-confidence increases our power.
  • Inquiry, evidence, and argument are powerful tools for uncovering what is.
  • Alliances can increase our power.
  • We each have our own important stories to tell.
  • Tyrants use the trappings of power to enhance their image.
  • Tyrants suppress and manipulate opponents by exploiting their fears.
  • We often imagerespond to  before we respond to substance.
  • Image is not substance.
  • You can speak truth to power.
  • Tyrants respond differently to compassion than they do to threats, dominance, or humiliation.
  • The Wizard is only human.
  • All things must pass; even tyranny is impermanent.


  • “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” ~  Lord ActonExternal Link
  • “He that would govern others, first should be the master of himself.” ~ Philip MassingerExternal Link
  • “Humanity is not divisive, but inclusive.” ~ Neriah Lothamer
  • “No one can take advantage of you without your permission.” ~ Eleanor RooseveltExternal Link
  • “We must all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.” ~ Benjamin FranklinExternal Link
  • “Pity the tyrant.” ~ Hans Otto Storm
  • “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” ~ Mahatma GandhiExternal Link
  • “When those in power are forced into a process of deliberation, then and only then will reason play its necessary central role.” ~ Al Gore
  • “Never feel overwhelmed when you are overwhelmed with evidence of injustice.” ~ Ralph Nader


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Tyrants are lonely, afraid, insecure, and human. They deserve our compassion, even as we withhold our obedience and submission. The many causes of tyranny, described at the beginning of this page, show that tyrants are often driven by deficiencies, inadequacy, loneliness, or fear. Tyrants often see themselves as the victim. Adolf Hitler titled his autobiography “Mein Kampf”, “My Struggle”. Perhaps if they can connect in authentic relationships with caring people, their pain can be soothed, and their behaviors can improve. Even the nastiest tyrants are only human. Understand the similarities you share with them. Connect with them on a human level. Pity the poor tyrant. Have you hugged a tyrant today?”

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