One Angry Hungarian Who Likes to Tell Lies

Veronika Hompo has always reacted like this, to everyone. She doesn’t discriminate. There’s no reason to even give this psychopath a chance. This isn’t about Satanism, it’s about a crazed sociopath who gets off on bullying people online, and she has since she did it for Michael McDade who called himself The Seal Shepherd. It was her most glorious times, when she thought she was so powerful and she got to bully lesbian women and gay men. She actually got pleasure in harassing people within the GLBT community, something she vehemently denies to all, to cover her own ass. It didn’t matter what religion anyone was because Veronika, or as Joy of Satan thinks her name is, Viktória, liked people from any religion and really, she only hated people who disagreed with her, which happened almost daily. She is black and white, her fervent hatred of most people is translucent, she will send praise and admiration to supposed friends and acquaintances until the moment they have an opinion on any topic she disapproves of. The vitriol flies off her fingers like wildfires out of control.

She is many sock accounts, same sock accounts she has used on Facebook. Yoora Kim, Nadia Kiss, Scythian Warrior, Vicki Feher, Béla Kováts, Gábor Gabriel and many more. Her IP rotates because in Hungary the ISP’s are behind, they have slow technology, this is a country still not caught up with the countries Veronika wishes she could live in, a reason for her anger and why she seeks revenge on people when she finds they no longer serve her purpose in her lonely life. She harbours jealously toward most of those she stalks and harasses. She is a sociopath, but she is much more than that. She is mentally ill; untreated and dangerous to herself and to others. She suffers not only from violent delusions, but hallucinations. On many occasions in late 2012, she “saw things” that were not reality at all and shared these delusions in private messages and emails. She had also spoken at great lengths about her worries about her very old parents, and her poverty. Since Veronika is unstable, paranoid and suffers delusions, she is unable to secure a job, keep a flat clean or keep herself tidy. No one would allow her near their children and no one wanted to rent even as much as a tiny room to her. She was not even capable of finding roommates to share housing. This was unrelated to anything but her ill state of mind and her lack of emotional compass. She was not a nazi satanists then, she was a Christian vegan posting imagery of the Holocaust and screaming at strangers on the internet for eating animals. She was a self-declared Christian and she embraced her Christian and Jewish friends, even her Muslim friends. She had to; she had no one else in the real world, in Hungary. She still has no one, and there is proof of that in her very own words. All her “realationships” are fictitious.

Does the JoS really think she has made peace with Donnie? With Myla? She never actually forgives and forgets. She has sworn she revenged upon HP Mageson666 and High Priestess Myla Limlal666. It is written on Facebook in Veronika’s own words, even under her alias accounts. She admits when she has decided someone has gone against her, she is done with them. She pretends with them from then on, as she will with all of the Joy of Satan members she hates with a seething passion. I have seen how she hates them and know of her hatred, her writings in private prove she is still lying to the Joy of Satan Ministries about her loyalties. She is self-serving. Yea, she’s a liar, her lies are extreme and she libels everyone she can and she has for years, since she got her crazy bitch ass on the internet. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Satanist, a Jew, a xian, a Pagan, a Muslim, a Buddhist,  a whatever, none of it has anything to do with what drives this fucking lying fake piece of shit to run around attacking everyone. HOMPO thinks everyone is always attacking and stalking her, she’s a crazy psycho and for years now all she does is go after strangers and stalk them like she’s fucking obsessed, it’s her whole life and once she hates your guts you’re on her fucked list and you don’t come off it, the crazy bitch lies to you and says she’s OK with you, but that’s just to pretend so she can use her aliases to talk smack about you. Don’t let this fake fool you.

I don’t care if you people all hate me for being born a Christian and I really don’t give a flying fuck about my friend being born from parents from both Catholic and Jew religions because they never practiced religions so who gives a shit, only Veronika and you people in this cult or whatever do, you think it’s a race, it’s not, and just an FYI because you are so out of your mind and anything puts you over the edge — our fucking noses are small and petite, little cute noses we all have, VERONIKA, and yours is faaaar bigger, you must be JEWISH THEN according to your retarded logic right? Look at your fake friend Gábor’s nose, WTF is that thing? A piece of putty? Was he born with a deformed dick on his face? LMAO 😀 Every profile you put up with images of your imaginary Hungarian friends? All of them have big or crooked noses. The only fake you ever choose that is not ridiculously obviously a mutt is the “Nadia” fake images, the pics taken off the internet all the time for “Fake Nadia” are always of a young woman in a bikini holding her head down so you can’t see her face OR she wears dark sunglasses. BUT, you screwed up. When you did post “Nadia” with sunglasses, each photo had a different female with different facial spacing between the nose and mouth, or the nose and cheekbones, to the ears. It was never the same female.  How stupidly racist bitch you are. Nadia isn’t “working” any longer on Facebook, Veronika Hompo. You keep using the same PC wallpaper pic as her default image, then using Johanna’s photos within the albums you create for “Nadia,” you know, Jo’s Secret? The girl you stalk to steal photos from and use for your fake profiles? Johanna lives in Finland, and you post her photos as “yours” when you are psychotic and feel that NEED to be Nadia.

Lastly, for all of you who have been fooled for so long, she has always been friends with Jewish people. She posted “Merry Christmas!” to her “friends” and that includes the very person this psychotic barren loser has an obsession about. Let’s not be stupid. She has, her family has and she has emails and messages to prove it all. She is only angry about some people because they told her she was going to hate them and then she went ahead and did! It is right on her stupid retard Facebook profile, and she even says on it she doesn’t hate that person! So who laughs last? Everyone does, actually.



Seems Donnie cannot handle anymore being criticised. After he was mistreating satanists, abusing and insulting them he got angry on my opinion about him. Really funny.
Now it is totally obvious he hates the Hungarians as he proved it earlier when he disapproved my post about our situation in Hungary. In fact he did not allow me to tell the truth that there are only a few pure Hungarian live here, I mean who are not mixed and that approx half of the people here are jewish or part jewish, gypsy, half gypsy and other mixed genetic trash. By disapproving this he defended the jews actually.

Now he even dared to insult us Hungarians in a very derogatory manner, he said the JoS doesn’t need goofballs from Hungary’s toilet. Sounds like a racist scum, although he has to know that national socialism was not racist at all. He said he saw I referred on him as a jewI said he can be a jew and he need to check his family tree. But now I say he must be a jew or part jewwhenever the jews face the fact that the Hungarians are the most ancient tribe they start to see red. They also cannot bear any critics and always getting mad when they are being exposed. Donnie’s behaviour is the same.
Now he even used his position to ban me, which is totally unfair but it is also totally unnecessary because he cannot put me silence. I can make a new account if I want and my friends are there too.

By the way it is not in the forum rules that I cannot have my own opinions about the HPs or about anyone on my OWN blog. I made that blog post because of his unfair behaviour and rudeness. He made me suspicious of him. He insulted and attacked me first.
It’s also not in the rules that we have to love each other or only those ones can be satanist who admire the HPs.
I didn’t post my opinion and my experiences about him on the forum, I posted them here, on my OWN blog. And I have the right to think or say anything about anybody. Freedom of speech. Especially when I find someone very suspicious or I experience gross discriminations towards satanists.

AND MY EXPERIENCES WITH HIM, MY BLOG ENTRY ABOUT HIM HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH JoS ! Because I agree fully with Maxine and agree fully with all the writings and sermons of the JoS websites. That’s why I’m sharing the truth and educating the people everywhere I go. I am also working hard for Satan and for our freedom. I’m constantly advancing and empowering myself spiritually and I’m constantly fighting against the jews by exposing them and by destroying them spiritually. These are my duties just like other satanists’.
And just because he believes he is right in everything and just because he has a “tilte” he cannot discriminate neither me nor other satanists for no reason.

“It is (priesthood) not for personal ego gratification.” – Maxine said this in a thread in the yahoo e-group once.

It was really good if it would be true…
Because now it seems a despotic psychopath can do whatever he wants, if he dislikes someone or can’t accept someone’s different experiences then he starts to insult or even bans him/her.

Satan won’t tolerate this, he bets his life!

As for Yoora, she is not a sock puppet at all, you idiots. She is my friend and she just defended me. It’s totally normal. We all have names and faces and we are not hiding like some coward worm.

He also said that I’m a liar and my “libels” are extreme. Fucking not. The brutal mistreatments, the gross behaviour and helping the kikes are extreme!
I’m not lying at all, I have proofs on everything he did. As I said I screen shotted his every unfair comments and rude insults which he sent me via emails, too. And he needs to keep in his mind that I’m not only one, many satanist have the same opinion and have the same bad experiences with him and suffered from his discriminations and from his vile behaviour.

Myla, for youFirst, you have to learn that fucking English if you don’t want to put the JoS to shame. And you also need to learn to read and to understand what people are saying or writing. That’s why I suggested to you to read my blog post and my comments again.
You are so lame and miserablelook at yourself how pathetic you are! Everything you do is ass-licking and cock-sucking Donnie. You never have any good idea or interesting thoughts, you never make any sermon, you are just translating and you are doing it bad as some native Spanish speaker satanists noticed. It’s very likely that you have no spiritual advancement too, just like your master, Donnie has no. The only difference between you and him that he is smart in a level and he really collected many important infos but as I said it doesn’t really matter when he behaves like a kike and helping the kikes by mistreating and abusing true satanists.

When I first believed you discriminated me and my friend and I had some bad words toward you, if you remember. But I apologized honestly later and even wished good luck to your translations. You totally ignored it, it just shows again how pathetic you are. You really lack of self-confidence. In fact both of you are lacking of self-confidence that’s why you need constant praising, sycophancy and ass-licking from some obsequious satanists there.
Putting satanist to silence, removing their comments and banning them, preventing them to defend themselves against your attacks and falsehoods are the only things you are good at…
Truthfully these unscrupulous actions are nothing but testimonies to your weakness and cowardice.

Second. I’m not kike at all, you retarded dumb bitch – yes now you really deserve this name – and you have to know this well as you know my FB profile and saw my real name & my photos too.
Anyone can see that I’m not only not a jew but I’m pureblood aryan, I came from a pure hunscythian lineage. Even my surname is very old and aryan, the nazi Erich Hampe bears a variation of this surname too.
So you’d better to shut the fuck up and remain silent with your sephardic-like “mediterranean” face in Brazil.

Other typical method of the jews, labelling pure aryans as jews immediately. As you did it with that poor girl Dajana, who made a little mistake. I only suppose when someone gives me to suppose that he can be a jew.

And you dared to say “this gotta stop”? lol  Donnie’s psycho amuck running needs to be stopped as soon as possible, like others said too.

By the way if you believe I’m alone with this opinion about you you’re wrong:



I bet you know what will happen to you both soon. And we are going to do it with permission.

As Adolf Hitler also said to tolerate injury from NO ONE! And NO ONE means NO ONE…



It’s not really surprising that the jews are sending their best agents into the JoS clergy. This shows well that JoS is a threat to them and they want to do anything to stop the satanists.

Recently I was talking with other satanists who have the same bad experiences with a certain high priest like I have. This high priest is Don Danko aka Mageson who collected many good informations on the jews until now. But something is very fishy and weird around him. We noticed he is regularly disapproving many satanists’ posts on the josministries forum. This happened to me too.

Once I wanted to share a bad experience of mine with a psychopath jewish woman who is after me but Mageson disapproved it and even called me names, I was totally taken aback. Later when I wanted to talk about our situation in Hungary and about the fact that more jews and gypsies are living here than Hungarians, he simply claimed it nonsense and told me I have no proof. My friend Scythian Warrior was also mistreated by him. Scythian wanted to share a very good video about the kurd yezidis, Mageson disapproved that too and claimed it contained some malign software which was not true at all. He even disapproved Scythian’s next post too which contained the JoS own writing about the yezidis. Many topics of mine were disapproved by him and labelled “off-topic” which is a bullshit, there were not off-topics.

He is very self-conceited, brazen, rude and really arrogant. He was even bashing me on a topic “White Man’s Bible” on josministries forum. And now he doesn’t want to accept my last post because it would be extremely embarrassing for him. He believes everyone are the same, and he thinks a vegan diet can only harm. He failed veganism once and believes the vegan diet is sucks for everyone. It is not true. There are millions of people who are on good vegan diet and they are healthy. Veganism is working for someone, and it is also not working for others. Really, there many people who can’t bear the vegan diet and they will have health problems sooner or later. I can accept it and I can also accept that he is nonvegan. I also told him if I notice I have some problems then I will stop my vegan diet. I agreed with him in almost everything which he shared, for example that the vegansim is being pushed by the jews todaybut he ignored it, and just continued to attack me by his rude insults. It’s obvious he is not normal. So I just shared my own experiences and my own opinions. But as he is a psychopath he cannot handle that other people have different experiences than his so he was attacking me and starting to insult me brutally.

Many spiritual satanists are suffering from this fucking moron. Spiritual satanism is about freedom and these spiritual satanists can’t have own opinions because of Mageson’s psychopathic behaviour. He simply disapproves their posts or even bans them if he didn’t like them. He believes he knows everything in the world, yet he himself stated he has no medical profession or any profession at all. He is always attacking everyone who has a different experiences. And most of the time he is not right, he’s wrong and he bans people, fellow satanists, for no reason.

He also believes he got the tilte high priest he can do everything. Well, FUCKING NO! Maxine herself said once that a high priest title MEANS NOTHING in fact. He has no spiritual power at all. He has no time to meditate or empower himself. What he is doing is moderating the comments and banning satanists 24/7. Of course he copy and paste very good infos from very good books too – yes, I respected him for sharing these important infos, but he vanished my respect with his disgusting attitude.

Now he even pushes a jewish agenda: he believes and spreads that the people of Faroes are Aryans! WHAT THE FUCK??? They are not aryans at all. Faroes started the pervert massacre of the sacred dolphins in the 1500’s, which was hundreds of years after the Viking age ended, so that is not a Viking tradition either. No one should believe the lie about the Vikings! Everyone who believes that disgusting bloodbath is a “pagan ritual” and “fishing” is a fucking moron. If someone even spreads this lie then he may a jew. Jews are always smearing the Aryan people that’s why they emphasize their lie about the Vikings too. Faroe people are hardly Aryans, they are INBRED MUTHERFUCKER RETARDS AND GENETIC TRASH. These fucks are not doing it because of their survival. They are admitting they have other things to eat. They eat fish and some vegetables. Killing and having bloodbath are not hunting or traditional ritual. A friend of mine has a good point when she said that these people on Faroes are mentally ill. They are growing up in the guts of dolphines and thinks it’s normal. They cannot have a healthy psyche.



This fucking Mageson spreads that Faroes people are normal and they have aryan origin which is a big fat lie. There’s a thread about it on the forum and he can’t accept those comments which saying different than his statements. What the fuck is this guy? He even sent me to therapist. WAIT! It’s so familiar! Oh I know itthe jews are always sending the gentiles to the psychiatry and suggesting therapy for them. Tipically jewish behaviour! Maybe he is a fucking jew. Or he is part jewishThat’s why he behaves so brutally. He should check his family tree ASAP. His behaviour is pretty the same and it doesn’t matter he hates them, he still can have jewish DNA, his pervert and vile attitude prove this. Well, if Mageson is a jew or a jew-supporter traitor, he will be exposed soon as the jews are always being exposed sooner or later. I and some satanists decided to collect every unfair actions and outrageous mistreatments of him as proofs. We are going to contact Maxine and tell her everything. This needs to be stopped. It can’t happen in a satanic community.

I must note that we are hunscythians which means we have the utmost connection to Father Satan. Hun-Scythians (sumerians) were the first ancient tribe who are descended directly from Satan, all the other white tribes are descending from us. I know he hates this as he proved it many times even if he said once he is aware of the fact that scythians are the sumerians

If he doesn’t stop himself his lard-ass will be kicked out of the forum soon. I told him he shouldn’t have fucked with satanists, he shouldn’t have attacked us. It was a huge mistake. And he will see the serious consequences soon. Because I RUTHLESSLY DESTROY EVERYONE who dares to attack me for no reason or dare to interfere me. This is me. A dedicated hardcore satanist who defends herself at any costs. From now I won’t consider him as a satanist anymore. From now he is an enemy of me, an enemy of the satanists. And if it’s necessary I cannot help but I am going to eliminate him.


Now here she is again pretending she is another person, that’s because she has a mental disorder that makes her take on multiple personalities, and she does truly believe she is all these people when she puts on their persona, steps into their online shoes and starts typing. Here she was on her Scythian Warrior blog called “HUNGARIANS FOR SATAN”( and she was again bashing Don Danko. She has made private derogatory comments about HP Mageson666  many a time, she will deny it, she’ll SCREAM IT IN CAPS but she cursed him and she did a ritual due to her hatred and belief that he is a Jew, she claims she put a death curse upon him and plans to kill him spiritually. She has since said she apologised and made nice-nice with him and with all the others she attacked, but it’s all lies. She loathes High Priestess Myla Limlal666, she is jealous of Myla yet at the very same time she feels that Myla is “useless idiot to the JoS” and a “jew retarded moron ignorant!” She bashes Myla any chance she gets.  She did all the rituals to spiritually kill their souls and she made a private entry about it on her Facebook. On WordPress she is scythianwarriorViktoria Feherfeherviki86Anett Nadia KissAdél KassaiGábor Gábriel — on Joy of Satan Forums she is all of the Hungarians. She can give the names to the HP’s herself.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the jews are sending their best agents into the JoS clergy. This shows well that JoS is a threat to them and they want to do anything to stop the satanists.

Recently I was talking with other satanists who have the same bad experiences with a certain high priest like I have. This high priest is Don Danko aka Mageson who collected many good informations on the jews until now. But something is very fishy and weird around him. We noticed he is regularly disapproving many satanists’ posts on the josministries forum. This happened to me too.

Once I wanted to share a bad experience of mine with a psychopath jewish woman who is after me but Mageson disapproved it and even called me names, I was totally taken aback. Later when I wanted to talk about our situation in Hungary and about the fact that more jews and gypsies are living here than Hungarians, he simply claimed it nonsense and told me I have no proof. My friend Scythian Warrior was also mistreated by him. Scythian wanted to share a very good video about the kurd yezidis, Mageson disapproved that too and claimed it contained some malign software which was not true at all. He even disapproved Scythian’s next post too which contained the JoS own writing about the yezidis. Many topics of mine were disapproved by him and labelled “off-topic” which is a bullshit, there were not off-topics.

He is very self-conceited, brazen, rude and really arrogant. He was even bashing me on a topic “White Man’s Bible” on josministries forum. And now he doesn’t want to accept my last post because it would be extremely embarrassing for him. I agreed with him in almost everything which he shared, for example that the vegansim is being pushed by the jews todaybut he ignored it, and just continued to attack me by his rude insults. It’s obvious he is not normal. So I just shared my own older experiences about veganism and my own opinions. But as he is a psychopath he cannot handle that other people have different experiences than his so he was attacking me and starting to insult me.

Many spiritual satanists are suffering from him. Spiritual satanism is about freedom and these spiritual satanists can’t have own opinions because of his psychopathic behaviour. He simply disapproves their posts or even bans them if he didn’t like them. He believes he knows everything in the world, yet he himself stated he has no medical profession or any profession at all. He is always attacking everyone who has a different experiences. And often he is not right, he’s wrong and he bans people, fellow satanists, for no reason.

He also believes he got the tilte high priest he can do everything. Well, FUCKING NO! Maxine herself said once that a high priest title MEANS NOTHING in fact. I think he has no spiritual power at all, it is my opinion. I think he has no time to meditate or empower himself. What he is doing is moderating the comments and banning satanists 24/7. Of course he copy and paste very good infos from very good books too – yes, I respected him for sharing these important infos, but he vanished my respect with his disgusting attitude.

He even sent me to therapist. WAIT! It’s so familiar! Oh I know itthe jews are always sending the gentiles to the psychiatry and suggesting therapy for them. Tipically jewish behaviour! Maybe he is a jew? Or he is part jewish? (see the question mark in the end of my sentence). That’s why he behaves so brutally? He should check his family tree ASAP. Unfortunately his behaviour was pretty the same and it doesn’t matter he hates them, he still can have jewish DNA, his pervert and vile attitude can refer to this. I don’t know exactly…
Well, if Mageson is a jew or a jew-supporter traitor, he will be exposed soon as the jews are always being exposed sooner or later. I and some satanists decided to collect every unfair actions and outrageous mistreatments of him as proofs.

I must note that we are hunscythians which means we have the utmost connection to Father Satan. Hun-Scythians (sumerians) were the first ancient tribe who are descended directly from Satan, all the other white tribes are descending from us. I know he hates this as he proved it many times even if he said once he is aware of the fact that scythians are the sumerians

I told him he shouldn’t have fucked with satanists, he shouldn’t have attacked us. It was a huge mistake. And he will see the serious consequences soon. Because I RUTHLESSLY DESTROY EVERYONE who dares to attack me for no reason or dare to interfere me. This is me. A dedicated hardcore satanist who defends herself at any costs.


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  1. Yes, he refused some of my posts too. I was surprised, especially when he disapproved that post which included their own writing about the yezidis. He has a really bad attitude and I have to agree that his rude behaviour needs to be stopped. Although I still believe or rather I hope strongly he is not traitor just simply an asshole, but a smart asshole. You know what I mean….

    Everyone has an attitude, there are people with short-temper and there are people who are sensitive a bitit’s ok, we are not the same. When someone is trolling or says something very dumb it’s ok to correct him/her but if someone simply has a different opinion about a theme it’s not okay to attack him/her especially when the person is a dedicated satanist.

    And as for this Faroe thing….he doesn’t know it well and he thinks that people are really pure Aryans which is not really true. 50 000 people live there for a long time and they must be inbreds in a level. It’s true. And it’s also true that they are not doing this massacre for survival, they can eat fish and other things as they said. They can live off fishing and turism. So this annual barbaric bloodbath is totally unnecessary.

    I also truly hope this problem will be solved soon and none of the satanists will suffer from him or will be mistreated by him. It seems he was working hard and I think we really need his writings, so all we need from him now that he changes his behaviour towards satanists and stop being so sarcastic. If he’s right and when it’s reasonable he can correct anyone but when he’s wrong or not sure in something he needs to be normal and writes normally without any insults….

    1. Yes, the problem is he believes he’s always right in everything. His obnoxious behaviour and his delusion of grandeur make him more unlikeable and antipathic. But the worst is these things can easily make people to believe something is really wrong with him. That’s why I said he made me suspicious of him…
      I still don’t know exactly what was his real intentionor is he really a traitor/jew or just simply a very gross person. I thought I need to try to invoke the element of akasha and try to focus on his spirit. It worked beforeBut I also should ask Satan about him. Maybe later.

      Yes, we need his writings. In fact I also want to believe that he is really with Satan…


      Last things is for HP Mageson666 who Veronika said called Hungary a toilet of the world. He is correct, it is a shite country and daily many of us are lucky to have gotten out, unlike pathetic sub-human fake aryan HungARYAN Viktória, real name Veronika Hompo. Sociopath narcissistic selfish cunt. For High Priestess Myla Limlal666, Veronika/Viktória thinks you are a “dumb Spaniard retard” because you speak spanish. She thinks all people who are from Spanish language countries are lower class, not as superior as she is and she spits on them calls all of them kikes regardless of their religion or race and she calls you a stupid idiot. She believes her English is better, which many can tell you, it’s not. Her English is almost something to report for a good laugh. Does anyone think she cares about JoS, satan, spiritual energy, anything she posts? She could not care any less. Test her. Do it.

      Why? She wants to be High Priestess Maxine Dietrich. She thinks she is THE HP MAXINE of HUNGARY. She has written in Hungarian of her feelings of superiority over Maxine and claims Hungarians are the only true Aryans and Nazis. She believes she should take over soon, so set the path now and wait patiently or not, she will soon show who she really is. She’s a charlatan.

      HungARYAN had posted:

      “As for Yoora, she is not a sock puppet at all, you idiots. She is my friend and she just defended me. It’s totally normal. We all have names and faces and we are not hiding like some coward worm.”

      Again I point out that Kim Yoo Ra, or Kim Yoora was Veronika Hompo’s sock account on Facebook and is the name of a well known Korean singer that Veronika fancies. She’s using it again.

      The HungARAYAN Veronika Hompo’s Facebook profiles, from her real profile followed by sock accounts in chronological order. The newest and most recent, active sock/alias profiles will be listed at the bottom of the list and updated accordingly.

      Veronika Hompo
      Nadia A. Kiss
      Erzsebet Horvath
      Elizabeth Ho
      Istvan Nemeth
      Adél Kassai
      Viktória Venus
      Adél Kassai
      Prska Red
      Gábor Barabás
      Tamas Varnay
      Tamas Varnay
      Szabolcs Mate
      Béla Kováts
      Szittya Harcos
      Szittya Harcos
      Anette N. Petit Mignon
      Nadia Varnay
      Set Nakt
      Csaba Hong
      Csaba Hong
      Andrea Polgar
      Anette N. Petit Mignon
      Nadia Varnay
      Béla Kováts (Scythian Warrior)
      Nadine Gentil Cher
      Nadine Gentil Cher
      Nadine Gentil Cher
      Dina Cher
      Kárpát Leánya
      Yoora Kim
      Szabolcs Maté
      Nadia Kiss
      Yoora Kim
      Gabor Barabas
      Tamas Varnay (Barabas Gabor)
      Ilona Horvath (Hompóné Erzsébet)
      Timea Wilhelm
      Belane Szittya Kovats (Scythian Warrior)
      Szittya Harcos
      Nadia Varnay Kiss
      Nadia Varnay Kiss
      Szabolcs Mate
      Szabolcs Mate
      Szabolcs Mate
      Szabolcs Mate
      Szabolcs Mate
      Nadia Varnay Kiss
      Nadine Gentil Cher
      Nadia Kiss
      Timea Wilhelm (Kim Yoora) (Veronika Hompo’s regurgitated Korean Profile. Report as FAKE, she is using 4 with the same info, Facebook will delete her)
      Nadia Kiss
      Réka Luca Szabó
      Nadia. A. Kiss
      Tivadar László Szép
      Gyula Galaczi
      Varnay Kiss Nadia
      Dorina Szabó
      Anouck De Rouvroy
      김태경 (Enki)
      Tímea Wilhelm (김유라)

      Maybe Veronika has a wee bit of a problem with a personality disorder? Just maybe? Keep in mind, there were over 36 other profiles even before all of the profiles listed above, all created by Veronika Hompo! If you are unsure, email Michael McDade, The Seal Shepherd. Veronika Hompo sent a little email tale out about feces and he claims she created the story, that she made it up. It even states that Michael is racist, and Veronika claims she embraces all people of every race, religion and color, no matter who they are. She says she is disgusted by what Michael has emailed to her about Indian people wiping their butts with their hands while eating food, yet he insists she created this story to embarrass him and make him appear racist. He said she mentioned “shitting” upon people all the time, and must be why he always used her as his “go-to” girl for all her fake email addresses for signing up to Facebook, to forums and other sites. He taught her how to change her IP and location, to hide herself, and to that he will surely admit to protect his own credibility. He isn’t going to take the fall for this psychopath monster. He only helped mold her while she was developing what she was turning into no matter what. No one could’ve changed her from becoming a hateful, vile and dangerous predator. She just had help along the way by people like Michael McDade. After the Joy of Satan clergy members find out who she is stabbing in the back, she will move on to another group or forum and join another cult, movement, religion… and she will keep harassing strangers and stalking those she friends online, until the day comes that the Hungarian authorities decide to make their move on the folder of evidence building against her right now.

      Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 11.24.21 PM

      Kundalini awakened in an UNBALANCED fashion (VERONIKA HOMPO), hatred being an attachment that is most dangerous (VERONIKA HOMPO) results in INSANITY. Veronika Hompo is declared not only a sociopath but insane.

      Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 1.54.56 AM

      This is VERONIKA HOMPO. She posted this in late 2012. She denies it now because she is SCARED the ARYAN NAZIS will disown her, but there are 73 letters, both messages and email, that prove Veronika Hompo was always asking Suzanne for help. Veronika Hompo was always sending messages to Suzanne asking her for advice. Veronika Hompo wrote to Suzanne and called her “the only friend I have” so Veronika Hompo can lie and post as many sock account falsifications of her past relationships with people who have mixed ancestries, but she knows the truth and she can’t lie to herself.

      There is only but 1 reason Veronika turned against Suzanne. Suzanne clicked the un-friend button on Facebook and then blocked Veronika. Veronika acted out in rage because she was shown racism, bigotry, anti-Semitism, homophobia and other forms of hate wouldn’t be tolerated even by a friend, no matter how mentally ill that friend is/was. She then deleted Veronika from a few animal rights groups and Pages for safety reasons, by order of the most militant activists. Veronika is too coward to ever do what these women do, she had to be removed. She is all mouth, no action.

      Lastly, Veronika Hompo, I address you in regarding your English. It is awful. High Priestess Myla translates far better than you are capable. Maybe you should find a paying job and make some money, find a way to get an education. 

It Began in 2006 — The National Socialist Movement Implodes (Joy of Satan Exposed)

The National Socialist Movement Implodes

Intelligence Report, Fall 2006, Issue Number:  123

It couldn’t have been scripted any better in Tinsel Town. After surging ahead of the sieg-heiling pack in membership and notoriety, the “Hollywood Nazis” of the National Socialist Movement have imploded in a debacle featuring hate-radio jocks, anti-racist provocateurs, superhuman egos, allegations of underage sex, and Satan.

The party’s problems began last June, when Citizens Against Hate discovered that NSM’s Tulsa post office box was shared by The Joy of Satan Ministry, in which the wife of NSM chairman emeritus Clifford Herrington is High Priestess. Knowing that NSM ally and hate-radio host Hal Turner was a Catholic-raised convert to the white supremacist theology of Christian Identity, the anti-racist group decided to plant a metaphorical banana peel under NSM’s unsuspecting jackboot.

In early July, Citizens Against Hate member “Tony Willow” called in to Turner’s show (that night featuring NSM Minister of Information Michael Blevins) and informed him of the Satanic connection. The hate-jock took the bait. On July 3, Turner posted a message on his website declaring that unless NSM severed all connections to Satanism, the group would no longer have access to free or discounted air time on the Turner Radio Network. Within NSM ranks, meanwhile, a bitter debate was sparked over the propriety of Herrington’s Joy of Satan connections.

Appearing on cue to keep things rolling was none other than Bill White, the irascible and pompous 29-year-old NSM media handler and veteran of extremist causes and groups across the left-right spectrum. As Citizens Against Hate had hoped, White responded to Turner with a snap and a snarl, both defending Mrs. Herrington’s membership in the Joy of Satan — “Her religious views are very similar to the Radical Traditionalism and Aryan Paganism shared by most of the NSM’s leadership,” he wrote — and questioning Turner’s motives for threatening the NSM.

The real reason for Turner’s attack, White strongly implied, was money. “Turner,” White wrote, “has been needing additional cash to maintain his radio network for several months, and has been negotiating for additional fees from the NSM for several weeks.”

In response to White’s rebuttal, a furious Turner promptly cancelled NSM’s program. “This man,” wrote Turner of White, “[has] wrecked the NSM radio show on the biggest pro-white media outlet in the world. How much more damage is Bill going to be allowed to do before somebody puts a stop to it?”

jeff s

Jeff Schoep
(Jennifer Warburg)

NSM Chairman Jeff Schoep took the question seriously. Schoep soon suspended White in an attempt to muzzle him and put an end to his prolific Internet rants, which increasingly took aim at both Turner and Christian Identity, the Aryan-Jesus cult claimed by many NSM members.

Though self-defeating from a movement perspective, White’s impolitic attacks on Christian Identity shouldn’t have surprised anyone familiar with his career. The outbursts were just a loud return to form for the ex-anarchist and inveterate iconoclast. Just as White had rebelled against local police and his teachers as a teenager, he lashed out against Shoep’s suspension order and increased his attacks. Schoep then expelled White. “Instead of choosing to correct his behavior,” explained Shoep of the quick escalation from suspension to expulsion, “Bill chose to rebel against the NSM rules of conduct. Instead of adjusting to discipline and taking the moral high ground, Bill has demanded apologies.”

With White still squealing in the background, Schoep moved ahead with damage-control operations by nudging chairman emeritus Herrington from his position under the cover of “attending to personal matters.” But it was too late to stop NSM Minister of Radio and Information Michael Blevins, aka Vonbluvens, from following White out of the party, citing disgust with Herrington’s Joy of Satan ties. “Satanism,” declared Blevins in his resignation letter, “affects the whole prime directive guiding the [NSM] — SURVIVAL OF THE WHITE RACE.”

Following his expulsion, White wasted no time before drafting a hilariously self-important declaration of independence, which opened with a racist twist on Thomas Jefferson’s famous prose: “When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for a group of Aryans to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with one another, and to assume among white people that separate station to which their race entitles them…” Et cetera. And then: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that Adolf Hitler was the living instrument of God on Earth, that he was endowed by the Creator with the qualities of our ancient Heroes, and that the movement which he founded is the only means by which white people can possess life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Nine hundred words later, White concluded by solemnly announcing the formation of “the American National Socialist Workers Party” and naming himself commander. He claimed the allegiance of more than 130 current and former NSM leaders and members.

Though White almost surely exaggerated this figure, NSM was now a Noticeably Smaller Movement, one trailed in extremist circles by a strong whiff of Satanism and related charges of sexual impropriety associated with Joy of Satan initiation rites and curiously strong teen recruitment efforts.


Bill White

As he seeks to rebuild his weakened organization, Shoep no doubt rues the day he accepted Bill White into the NSM fold. In his letter explaining White’s expulsion, he admitted that “literally countless individuals and groups warned us he would stab us in the back the first time something didn’t go his way.” White’s track record was so bad that even at the apex of NSM glory, after it sparked nationally covered race riots in Toledo, Ohio, last October, the anti-fascist One People’s Project held a poll asking how long it would take Bill White to destroy the group from within. More than a third of respondents said less than a year.

It shouldn’t have taken outside consultants or polls to show that Bill White was organizational poison. The slumlord from Roanoke, Va., has a lengthy record of disruptive behavior and very little history of taking orders or staying “on message” for long, especially as required in a top-down neofascist organization like the NSM — which is why White probably isn’t too bothered by his apparently bleak future in the world of the organized radical right.

To adopt the language and tone of White’s Declaration of the American National Socialist Workers’ Party: Prudence dictates that the fact of White’s unpopularity and irrelevance be now submitted to a candid world.

Der ewige Jude (“The Eternal Jew”) and the neo-nazi obsession

One of the most popular propaganda used by neo-nazi idiots is the “The Eternal Jew.” It is a common link posted by the brainwashed puppets of JoS. JoS is a front for the neo-nazis. They mostly prey on teenagers who are lost or outcast, looking for something to use against their parents, their peers they don’t fit with, to gain love and feel wanted… JoS does this with the blanket of a false security, a true covering of nazism. This film is a major part of the brainwash process.

As you will find, this is a crude and transparent, highly pathetic “film,” part of Hitlers propaganda package, and Hilter had it revised and edited, cut and changed several times before he approved it. Hitler wanted to make sure this film showed that a genocidal solution was the only answer, and Hilter had his puppets make this film as brutal and antisemitic as possible. Today, this film is not powerful as it was then, because we can see through the manipulation of the nazis. Since the Holocaust, this film has been tested, viewed and and researched. Only true anti-Semitics are affected. Only neo-nazis use it as a reality. This film was made to give reason for Hitler’s paranoid mental state and reasoning. Have a read:


Stig Hornshoj-Moller on Der ewige Jude


Der ewige Jude (“The Eternal Jew”) is the most famous Nazi propaganda film. It was produced at the insistence of Joseph Goebbels, under such active supervision that it is effectively his work. It depicts the Jews of Poland as corrupt, filthy, lazy, ugly, and perverse: they are an alien people which have taken over the world through their control of banking and commerce, yet which still live like animals.

Though unquestionably vicious, many would say that, by today’s standards, it is also crude and transparent. The narrator explains the Jews’ ratlike behavior, while showing footage of rats squirming from sewers and leaping at the camera. The film’s most shocking scene is the slaughter of a cow, shown in bloody detail, by a grinning Rabbi – and it is followed by, of all things, three innocent (presumably German) lambs nuzzling each other.

These are not the only scenes which, seen with hindsight, are revealing about the propagandists themselves, rather than the Jews they would have us hate. As the Danish historian Stig Hornshøj-Møller comments in his book of scene-by-scene analysis: 1

The film produces spontaneous laughter when this collection of apparently sado-masochistic pamphlets is followed by a photo of Einstein, with the commentary: “The relativity-Jew Einstein, who concealed his hatred of Germany behind an obscure pseudo-science.”

Photo 48: The Sexual Revolution  Photo 49: Love and Marriage (pornographic book)
Photo 50: The Whip Over the Woman  Photo 51: Einstein

Yet we must remember the potential of this film’s hate. It was created to legitimize the exclusion, and ultimately the destruction, of an entire people. It is to this day considered such dangerous propaganda that it is banned in Germany except under tightly controlled circumstances. Legally distributed in the United States, it is marketed by neo-Nazi groups as “the best documentary ever made on Jews.”

It seems almost impossible that the same film which, in 1940, produced the “shouts of disgust and loathing” 2 engineered by the Minister of Propaganda, is now greeted with laughter and – more importantly – insight. Can the greatest antisemitic film of all time now be a tool for greater understanding of prejudice, and for empathy with its victims?

We might also ask, from a more historical perspective: what can it teach us about the world-view of its creators – who include not only Joseph Goebbels, the mastermind behind its production, but also Adolf Hitler? Hitler not only approved the idea, he saw the very first edits, and gave Goebbels instruction on how to cut the final version.

Hitler also provides the emotional climax of the film, with footage of his speech to the Reichstag from 1939. When preceded by sixty minutes describing the Jewish problem, and followed by thunderous applause, Hitler’s prophetic warning takes on even greater significance:

Wenn es dem internationalen Finanzjudentum in und außerhalb Europas gelingen sollte, die Völker noch einmal in einen Weltkrieg zu stürzen, dann wird das Ergebnis nicht der Sieg des Judentums sein, sondern die Vernichtung der jüdischen Rasse in Europa! If the international finance-Jewry inside and outside Europe should succeed in plunging the nations into a world war yet again, then the outcome will not be the victory of Jewry, but rather the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!

The importance of this groundbreaking propaganda is often underestimated. Stig Hornshøj-Møller takes us inside the film, its making, its meaning in 1941, and its meaning today. The Holocaust History Project is pleased to present four of his papers and talks on the film, given at four conferences on the Holocaust.


March 2, 1997: Tampa
The paper discusses the possibilities and dangers of using authentic Nazi anti-Semitic film propaganda as a means of teaching the reasons behind the Holocaust. It argues that [Der ewige Jude] had a major impact on Hitler’s final decision to launch the genocide because of its “reality-like” character. The main section of the paper consists of a report on almost 25 years of Danish and German experiences of the effects of showing the film to young people of today for educational purposes…
June 11, 1997: Montreal (oral presentation)
I would like to raise and discuss the highly complex question of the integration of non-written evidence into inter-disciplinary research, and I will try to argue why I consider the Nazi propaganda film “Der ewige Jude” to be an X-ray of the Holocaust decision-making process itself.
June 11, 1997: Montreal (written paper)
The paper presents a core summary of my Danish book “The Führer-Myth: Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels and the History Behind a Genocide.” It argues the importance of a Nazi propaganda film, “Der ewige Jude,” which is characterized as an X-ray of the decision-making process that led to the Holocaust…. The paper furthermore argues that the film can be seen as the official promulgation of Hitler’s decision, and that it – together with the feature film Jud Süß – deliberately was used to prepare both perpetrators and bystanders for the extermination of the Jews.
November 17, 1997: London
“Der ewige Jude” … gives us an X-ray of the legitimization of the Holocaust and challenges us individually with the uncomfortable moral question: What would you have done? How do you react to atrocities today, which you can follow almost live on television?
April 27, 1998: Millersville
Should we, who favor a democratic society, really still be so scared of an almost sixty-year-old hate-picture, that we pretend that it does not exist – and thus in practice leave it to those whose racism it confirms and strengthens?

Should we not instead dare to use the film actively, as part of Holocaust education, and dare to demonstrate the authentic poison in it in order to vaccinate future generations?

Also of Interest

Still images from the film, eighty-three in number, along with the text of the narration in German and English.

An audio clip of Hitler’s prophecy, from near the end of the film, of the coming “annihilation” of the Jews of Europe. This speech provides the resolution of the crisis which is built up throughout the entire film; one might say that Hitler’s promise to the German people is the denouement. A transcription, and translation into English, are provided. To hear the audio requires the free RealPlayer (also known as the RealAudio Player).

The film program, a description of what is found in the film, as written by the Illustrierte Filmkurier and, in Germany during the war, given to its viewers before they entered. In English und auf Deutsch.

Hilfsmittel für Lehrer. Teaching material prepared by Dr. Hornshøj-Møller: this includes a single-page (double-sided) handout for students to take home the day before seeing the film, a pre-questionnaire, a post-questionnaire, and more. Nur auf Deutsch.

More detail on the films described can be found at the Internet Movie Database:

Jud Süß aka Jew Suess (1940)
Der ewige Jude aka The Eternal Jew (1940)

About the Author

Dr. Stig Hornshøj-Møller (Danish mag. art.) has been studying the film The Eternal Jew since 1970. He is the author of Der ewige Jude: Quellenkritische Analyse eines antisemitischen Propagandafilms (“Source-Critical Analysis of an Antisemitic Propaganda Film”), Institut für den Wissenschaftlichen Film, Göttingen, 1995. (This work is also available in a special free printing, which interested readers can order from the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, Postfach 1369, 53111 Bonn.)


1. “Der ewige Jude”: Quellenkritische Analyse eines antisemitischen Propagandafilms, Institut für Wissenschaftlichen Film, Göttingen, 1995, p. 134.

2. Montreal paper, footnote 31.

Exposing The Joy of Satan Website (2008)

Exposing The Joy of Satan Website

What is the Real Situation?

Since 2002 the internet Satanist organization known as the Joy Of Satan Ministries [JOS] gained a reputation of being a group of wayward and misdirected teens who are nothing more than dabblers in satanic play. Members claim that they are Satanists and they identify with neo-Nazi ideals. With the many articles available, the site seems comprehensive and full of information. This website has been praised by others for having rituals and meditations which seem to form a complete and useful system for its followers. Underneath the surface are the lies, deceit and outright plagiarism that the website owner created to build the website. [1]

The website owner of the Joy Of Satan Ministries, known as ‘High Priestess’ Maxine Dietrich, [ real name, Andrea Herrington ] tried to cleverly piece together a version of neo-nazi Satanism that is based on fanatic racism, anti-religious sentiment and neo-nazi fascism. Maxine fills in information for her website from whatever sources that she feels entitled to steal from. Maxine then claims that the materials for her website come from a divine source – “demons”. This lie that she perpetuates, attracts members to her websites that give her donation money to fund her lifestyle and to pay for her husband’s Neo-Nazi campaign. By scamming people through peddling plagiarized writings on the Joy of Satan site, ‘High Priestess’ Maxine Dietrich funds her lifestyle.

Over the years several authors and publishers have confronted her, but that has not seemed to stop her from stealing other writer’s works and selling them for a profit. This essay will expose the false foundation of the Joy of Satan site and hopefully bring some retribution to the many authors that have had their names slandered by this ‘satanic’ charlatan named Maxine Dietrich. [2]

Important Copyright Information:

Before we approach the subject of what copyrighted material is used on the Joy Of Satan site, we should first look at what copyright standards really are, and what constitutes ‘fair use’ of copyright materials in writing. Since Copyright law is a complex subject, provided here is a brief definition from the US copyright office website.

Copyright is the ownership of a created expression, in the form of music, writing, video, art, web sites, or other mediums. Copyright ownership technically begins at the moment that the work is created. When a creation is copyrighted by the owner it is registered with the copyright office, which then grants the creator proof of ownership of the copyrighted work. This protects the copyright owner legally, and gives them the rights of ownership that can be defended in court.

There is a way to use copyrighted material for the purpose of education or review. This is called ‘Fair Use’ of copyrighted material and this is clearly defined on the US Copyright Office website. According to the law fair use is defined as:

quotation of excerpts in a review or criticism for purposes of illustration or comment; quotation of short passages in a scholarly or technical work, for illustration or clarification of the author’s observations;..” [3]

Also according to copyright law, the fair use of the copyright material is put into in question if it does not meet certain guidelines. The majority of the writings on the Joy of Satan site do not cite the proper reference materials, according to the ‘Fair Use’ guidelines. When a writer uses material gathered from unattributed sources without permission, then subsequently compiles it with the appearance of originality and then publishes it, and sells it for profit, then it is not fair use by any means. Since this is the case, the materials and the books for sale on the Joy of Satan site are plagiarized versions of copyrighted materials.

What is the Definition of Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is something that can destroy a writer’s reputation. This is because the plagiarist intentionally uses direct passages or quotes or deceptively uses ideas or writing styles that belong to authors without properly attributing the source materials to the copyright owners. This is a misleading and dishonest practice that is intended to make the plagiarist appear as the original source of the work. [4]

What is Acceptable use?

If the material is being used for educational purposes, cited properly and not used for profit, then it would be within fair use of copyright law. Quotes or ideas that are attributed to the original author fall within the definition of fair use. Citing an author to compare or discuss ideas is appropriate. Lying, hiding source materials and claiming others ideas as your own, and selling these things for profit, is not ‘fair use’.

This essay is intended as a criticism of intentional plagiarism of books and websites by Maxine Dietrich, the owner of the Joy of Satan Ministries website. Now, let’s explore the many sources and materials that Maxine used for her websites.

Stolen Materials from Franz Bardon

Maxine Dietrich has many pages on her site that use materials written by Franz Bardon. This author was a stage magician and the son of a Christian mystic. Franz Bardon taught a method of natural magic called Hermetics which had been influenced by Eliphas levi, an ex-catholic turned occultist and Francis Barrett, an English Kabbalist. Bardon also focused on Kabalah and eastern teachings of Tantra. The book, written by Bardon titled “Initiation into Hermetics” contains two sections, one for theory and one for practice. These sections include a step-by step guide to magic empowerment that was carefully copied and integrated into the Joy of Satan website by Maxine Dietrich. [5]

Maxine’s website includes pages about balencing energies, evoking the elements, breathing, visualization, rituals, consciousness, astral travel, clairaudience, and even ‘goodhood’, which is the same program and methods created by Bardon. Unfortunately, Maxine Dietrich used the information and ideas of Franz Bardon in her web pages without giving the author any credit.

Maxine Dietrich has to hide the fact that this knowledge is borrowed. To make the information from Bardon appear more “satanic” instead of Kabbalistic or Christian, she tells people that the instructions come from a demon, “Father Satan”. Here are a few examples of the plagiarism of Franz Bardon’s books found throughout the Joy of Satan site.

Creation of Advanced Thoughtforms

On the Joy of Satan web page called “Advanced_Thoughtforms.html”, Maxine gives instruction on how to create a thoughtform. On this page are two sections of text in quotes which are a copy of instructions that are from Franz Bardon’s Hermetics. There are only a few sentences of added writing in-between on this page. At the bottom of the page is a tiny reference that says “Initiation into Hermetics” which is more of an afterthought to the last several paragraphs on the page enclosed in quotes.The joy of satan’s webpage is not a review of the authors work nor is it a discussion of the contents of the book, it is plagiarism. This webpage on thought forms is deceiving because it is made to look as if Maxine is the original author of the writings. [6]

Uncovering the Truth about Franz Bardon, and the Joy of Satan..

Maxine is unable to describe magic or the occult in her own words and from her own experience, so she uses materials from websites to fill in information on her site. The Joy of Satan page titled ‘Library.html’ begins with a large portion of text about “Frabato the Magician” that was taken from the website. This document, “Letter From Germany No. 1. By Frater U.’.D.’.”. from the site is pasted onto her website as an obvious attempt at explaining her proposed argument that ‘satan’ gave her the information that she took from Bardon.

Maxine Dietrich claims that this information from Bardon was given to Bardon by Satan, but that it was altered by the ‘Jews’. The only thing that was altered was Bardon’s original writings by Maxine Dietrich in her attempt to make ‘satanic’ materials on her websites for her followers to read. Here is a quote from ‘High Priestess’ Maxine Dietrich about the source of her materials from the “Library.html” page:

[the texts] were written by a man known as ‘Franz Bardon’. I asked Father Satan some time ago how Bardon came to reveal the information he did. His reply was “ME.” ” -Maxine Dietrich

Untrue statements like in the quote above, reveal some questionable things about her intellect. This behaviour of lying about source materials is typical of a plagiarist, and even more so it is a method to keep authority as a cult leader. Most members of the Joy of Satan are inexperienced, having never studied writings in the occult before. Those of us who have read magic texts will know where this information comes from, but the members of the Joy of Satan have no idea that they are being deceived.[7]

Teaching how to Invoke the Quintessence

The majority of the page titled “Quintessence.html” is a copy from “Initiation Into Hermetics”. There is one entire paragraph on this page taken from Bardon enclosed within a quote, and the rest of the page is filled in with only a few brief sentences. Other material found on the “Quintessence.html” page is a paste from an article on Wikipedia. Maxine left a notice at the top of the page, which is the only original sentence on this page, and it says :”The following excerpt was taken in some parts from “Initiation Into Hermetics” by Franz Bardon.” This is an unacceptable use of copyrighted materials when the whole web page is just a copy of text from a book, which is altered in minor ways to make it look original.

Maxine claims to have inside knowledge on these subjects, but this example illustrates the point that she lacks originality and true awareness of the things that she presents on her website. Maxine’s assertion that this information comes from satan is very contradictory, considering that it is a typical Christian belief that all occult texts and materials are satanic, or influenced by satan.[8]

Citing One Source, then Taking From Another

Maxine notes on her website that she used one source material for a page, when in reality she plagiarized from another source. On the page titled “Creating_Elementals.html” , Maxine Dietrich claims that the information from this page is from the 1956 edition of Franz Bardon “Initiation into Hermetics”. This is untrue, because some brief investigation on the net revealed a website, a psychokinesis manual that had the same word-for-word phrases and ideas that she used for this page.

The original source material page is called the “Psychokinesis Manual” from a website called PsiPog, a copyrighted work written long ago by a person named ‘Apollo’ [Chris King]. Maxine gives reference on the “Creating_Elementals.html” page for Franz Bardon, while she copied all of the materials from Chris King’s internet essay. [9]

The Real Necronomicon?

Because Maxine uses the text of other writers so that she can create pages in her website, it calls into question her credibility as an author and an occultist. In the page, “Necronomicon.html”, a large portions of text are copied from the ‘1586’ version of the Necronomicon. Maxine Dietrich claims that the 1586 version of the John Dee Necronomicon is the original work of satan. Here is a quote from The Joy of Satan site about Maxine’s knowledge of the history of the Necronomicon:

“[the Necronomicon] was authored by Dr. John Dee, you know, the man who brought us the Enochian calls.” – Maxine Dietrich[10]

The ‘facts’ about this book that she wrote on her page are incorrect. The Necronomicon originated as a fictional story created by H.P. Lovecraft in the 20th century. This shows her inexperience and lack of knowledge about the origins of her own source material.

Paragraphs of text are pasted from this book with no indication of where this material is taken from, or where the quote begins or ends. On this page is a link to the 1586 copy of the book, in PDF version. This PDF is from the library, but the book is actually hosted at the Joy Of Satan website. This violates the user agreement of which states that the materials from the site may not be hosted anywhere else but at the site. The use of writing from authors for the purpose of review or discussion of those materials would have been considered fair use, but her method is to use other author’s works to build entire pages for her website. [11] 

Materials that Were Sourced from the Web

The Wingmakers Forum
Maxine took entire portions of text from a forum called the Wingmakers to create her page, “Thoughtform.htm”. The Wingmakers Forum is not on the net anymore, but searches at the internet archives revealed several essays that were stolen from the author named ‘DrPiglove’ on the Wingmaker’s forum. The writings on this page were changed slightly from the original materials on the forum.

Another page that she plagiarized from is a post called ‘Sex Magick’ by DrPiglove on the Wingmakers website. She used this material to make the “Sex_Magic.htm” page. Also, information from the Wingmakers site was used for the joy of satan “Hypnosis.html” page. These pages were integrated into the Joy of Satan website and disguised as instruction, when in reality this material is plagiarized from an internet forum, and contains no original content.[12] Maxine keeps her readers interest by providing them with instructions of other authors works, while she claims to be the original author. It makes her look good, makes her money and she fools everyone into thinking that she has power and authority.

Maxine Deitrich’s Star Magick Lists:

Maxine claims to have knowledge on astrology. On the Joy of Satan page, “Star_Magick.html” there is a list, which is cut-and-paste text from a website called This website has been on the net since 2002. She used this information from the BeMyAstrologer page for references on what she calls ‘star magic’. Then she told her website readers that the information and instruction came from Satan. Apparently she feels that it is alright to take materials from people’s websites without their permission or knowledge, and lie to her readers to hide the fact that she is a plagiarist. [13] None of the material on the joy of Satan ‘Star_Magick” page is original, and there is no citations of the original authors.

The Self-Hypnosis Definitions:
Maxine Dietrich also used definitions from writers in her website without giving credit to any of these sources. On the ‘Determining_Trance.html’ page, which is a manual for self-hypnosis, Maxine copied the definition for ‘catalepsy’ from a website. Also pasted onto this page about Trance is a quote from the ‘David-Husband Scales’, a manual for determining states of hypnosis. These sources that she has used are not cited anywhere on this web page. It’s a shame because there is no credit given to any of the original authors of this information.[14] That leaves her own credibility in question.

Joy of Satan Chakra Breathing Ideas:
The ideas for the Joy of Satan Chakra breathing exercises were developed from a page on the net called Dragon Alchemy. This page “Breathing666.htm” is a basic re-write of these exercises from the Dragon Alchemy site. The Dragon Alchemy site has been on the net since 2003, and they appear to be the original author of these ideas that Maxine copied and used for her website page on chakra breathing. [15] In fact, the original material from the Dragon Alchemy website was not intended for satanism, but she took the liberty to add her satanic information to the page to make it look ‘satanic’, and therefore useful to the visitors of her site. She has used this same formula with all of the authors that she has stolen from.

Brain Wave Information:
The Joy of Satan “Brainwaves.html” meditation page was created from a Christian prayer site called “Brain Waves and DNA, by W.E.B.” This site has been on the net since 2003. Maxine Dietrich took the information from this Christian site and changed it slightly to try and create a satanic meditation for her website. Of course, Maxine gives no indication on where she got this information on “Brainwaves” from. [16] Her website readers certainly wouldnt want to discover that she is getting her information from a christian website. 


Other Authors Frequently Plagiarized


Anton LaVey and the Satanic Bible, Plagiarized

Searches of older, archived versions of the Joy of Satan site reveal that Maxine used the writings of Anton LaVey’s “The Satanic Bible” and “The Satanic Rituals”. Many of those pages have either been removed or changed over the years, most likely in response to blatant criticism of theft and plagiarism.

Maxine used the materials from “The Satanic Bible”, while she called Anton LaVey a ‘Jew who defaced the Enochian Keys’. There are nineteen Enochian keys in the Satanic Bible which Maxine claims are ‘bastardized’ versions of demonic works. Each key of the Satanic Bible is copied into her website and changed slightly, with absolutely no credit to the author or the source on all nineteen pages. To fill in information about the Enochian language page, Maxine scraped content from a Enochian Dictionary website on the net. [17]

The Joy of Satan page, titled “Rituals_html” is an obvious plagiarism of the Ritual in the Satanic Bible. It is called the Standard Satanic ritual, and the methods and invocation are nearly identical to the invocation to Satan in the Satanic Bible. Of course she tells her readers not to read the Satanic bible, while she takes rituals from them to create pages on her site. She obviously has no experience in Satanic ritual if she can not describe what a ritual is, in her own words. [ ]

Maxine Dietrich also copied line for line into the pages of her website a major portion of the Satanic Rituals, called the Al-Jilwah. This part of the Satanic Bible is not in the public domain. The Al-Jilwah is a document which the members of the Joy of Satan believe was authored by what they call, “satan”.[18] She also reacted to LaVey in a malicious way on her website, while at the same time she used rituals and writings from his books. She also has treated other authors in the same manner, once it is revealed that she has stolen from their writings. Then she ‘corrects’ the writings, adding to it, and tells her readers that the information was given to her by satan.

Richard Cavendish, The Black Arts

On several pages of her site Maxine Dietrich uses material from the Richard Cavendish book, “The Black Arts”. On the Joy of Satan page, “Herbs.html”, which is a page on the use of herbs in magic, there is a list of herbs created from stolen content found on the internet. There is an article on that page for ‘mandrake root’ on the Joy of Satan page, a direct copy of the same definition given in “the black arts”. Unfortunately for her, there are no sources cited on this page. It is most likely that the information on this page about herbs is a gathered list from many other sources. She wants people to think that she is knowledgeable in occultism, but she is only deceiving her readers. Writing is deceptive when it is not cited, and when it is compiled into a list made to look like an original work.[19]

Extensive Plagiarism of Stephen Arroyo

Found in the Satanic Power Meditations Page “Evoking_Elements.html” are materials from the book “Psychology and the Four Elements” by Stephen Arroyo. There are five pages on the Joy of Satan site which focus on Elemental Invocation, and Maxine uses many passages from this book on each of these page. The true sources on these Joy of Satan pages are never cited. [20] Stephen Arroyo is a professional writer for Llewellyn.

The Complete Book of Spells, Copied

An archived version of “demonolatry.html”, found on the Joy of Satan website, is a page with an invocation and blessing to Satan. The origin of this material is a copied verse sourced from this book, “The Complete Book of Spells, Ceremonies and Magic” By Migene Gonzolez-Wippler. This page is no longer available on the site, as the owners of the material most likely discovered the plagiarism and had requested to have the materials removed from the Joy of Satan website.. [21]

The Satanic Emerald Tablets of Thoth

The Joy of Satan site has a ‘satanic’ version of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, found on the “Tablet_One.html” page. On this page, Maxine adapts the work by changing verses to try and tries to assert in her writings that the ‘demon’ Thoth is giving her this knowledge. The original book of Thoth can be found at the Scribd website. Unfortunately the use of this material from the Scribd site, externally hosted on another site without permission, violates their copyright and user terms. [22]

Stolen Writing from Donald Tyson

Maxine’s knowledge on demons was created by other authors. On the Joy of Satan page, titled ‘Daemons.html’, the definitions of the word ‘Demon’ are plagiarized from the occultist Donald Tyson, an author published by Llewellyn. [20] Several phrases from Tyson, pasted into her site are never cited, nor is any reference whatsoever given at the end of the article. Further down the page, there is another phrase lifted from the Virginia Tech history department web page on ‘Demons’. Maxine has to grab materials from websites to make others think that she knows what demons are. [23] Unfortunately many have went to her website for advice on demons, but the materials that she presents are not her own.

Plagiarism of Astrology Authors, Judy Collins and Linda Goodman

Maxine Dietrich obviously wants everyone to think that she is smart. But, she is not smart enough. Time after time, phrases searched from her website can be found in other searches on the net, mostly from books, revealing the sources that she copied word for word onto her webpages. One of these sources is her Astrology page, “How to Read a Natal Chart”. This entire page is a copy from Judy Collins, ASA Education Director and her essay ‘Delineating a Chart ‘, approximately dating from 2005.[24] Maxine needed a professional astrologer’s writings to help sell her very expensive computer-generated astrology readings.

Another page at the Joy of Satan that is a work of plagiarism, is the “Star_Magick.html” page, copied from professional astrologer Linda Goodman. She copied the list of star signs and their meanings in exact phrases from Linda Goodman’s personal website forum. The Forum is no longer on the internet but the information at Linda’s site had been available since 2002. There is no indication of the source of Maxine’s references from Linda Goodman, at the “Star_magick.html” page. copying the work of another author, and then claiming it as her own is identical to theft, especially since she sells this information in books at her webiste. [25]

Plagiarism of Frater UD, High Magic in Theory and Practice

Another page that Maxine created through plagiarism, is the “Magic_Mirror.Html” page. This page tells how to make and use a magic mirror. While some of this information can be found in general occult references, Maxine took almost direct word for word phrases from the Frater UD book. High Magic in Theory and Practice to create her page. She then added minimal instruction on how to use the the mirror for Demons. She gives no references to where she got this information from, so her website members are left to assume that ‘satan’ taught her these things. What really happened is that she copied it all from the Frater UD book. High Magic in Theory and Practice, published by Llewellyn. [26] What is interesting is that through the internet archive search, the ‘Magic Mirror’ page did not appear until 2007, while she has a copyright notice on this page dating from 2002! She lies about when her pages on the internet were created.

Plagiarism of DJ Conway

The plagiarist Joy of Satan page, “aura_colors.html” was taken almost word for word, in the same sequence from the book by DJ Conway, “A little book of Candle Magic” Each description of color was slightly changed with her ‘satanic’ information added. the entire section of this book describing candle colors was copied into her website, one after the other. The Little Book of Candle Magic is published by Crossing Press 2004. [27]

The Joy of Satan web page, titled “Incense for Ritual” was plagiarized liberally from DJ Conways’ book, Magick of the Gods and Goddesses, published by Llewellyn in 1997. Each listing of planetary incense on this page is almost identical to DJ Conway’s book. While some of this information in Conway’s book is common to the occult, Maxine copied his lists almost word for word and gave no references on her page as to where the information had come from. [28]

Archived References, now Removed

The brotherhood of the snake is a web page at the joy of Satan site. This page was inspired by several different authors. After a few years, the page was re-written, but the source notes were removed. These sources were, The Gods of Eden by William Bramley, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, and a 2001 illustration of the Book of the Dead. It is interesting to study the page that was created in 2005, that contained references, and compare it to the new page that now has no references and was carefully re-worded. essentially it is a work of plagiarism, similar to the other pages that have been described in this essay. The archived page shows the original authors that were copied, word for word. In the notes below this essay, is a link to the archived page as it has appeared in 2002.[29] 


Theft of Ideas from Aaron Donahue

Maxine Dietrich of the Joy of Satan Ministries uses other authors’ ideas and then ridicules the original authors by saying that the knowledge came from ‘satan’. It is said by some former members of the Joy of Satan that the ritual for “Freeing the Demons” on the JOS site is an imitation of the ideas and works of Aaron Donahue. On her forum she denies these accusations that her ideas come from Donahue, while claiming to have invented the idea herself. Here is a quote from the Joy of Satan Yahoo Group:

“[Donahue] also a liar. He claimed to have freed the Goetic Demons, which he did not. He claimed to have freed Andras from the confines of a nine-foot circle “because he was so dangerous.” – Maxine Dietrich[30]

Maxine has failed to prove in any way that she was the originator of this concept, considering that Aaron Donahue and others have written about the concept before Maxine Dietrich had.

Zechariah Sitchin, others

Maxine also took some of her cosmology and eclectic beliefs from authors like the Jewish Scholar, Zechariah Sitchin. While Sitichin was a Jewish scholar she conveniently avoids this fact and claims that his writings show the truth of her brand of Satanism. She is very contradictory in preaching against Judaism, and then using the words of a Jewish scholar to promote her ideas. Also, Maxine makes available an illegal version of the Lost Book of Enki, scanned and transferred into a PDF. This copyrighted work is not in the public domain, and as a PDF file it is an illegal distribution of Sitchin’s writings. Essentially, it defrauds the writer and publisher from sales money when people like Maxine scan, distribute and make these copyrighted writings available for free.

Maxine also makes available PDF copies of other authors works. For example, at their Yahoo group, an illegal pdf scan of Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson is available. Also available is the an illegal sacan of Willam Bramley The Gods of Eden, The Necronomicon Spellbook Edited by Simon, illegal pdf scan of The 12th Planet by Zechariah Sitchin, Journeys out of the Body by Robert Monroe, and others whom she feels entitled to make free to the public despite the laws that prohibit the copying and distribution of copyrighted work.

Maxine also promotes ideas of neo-nazi beliefs from using material from books such as “the White Man’s Bible” by Ben Klassen. Maxine portrays herself as a prophet of Satan’s knowledge, claiming that all of her information comes from demons, like “Thoth; “Satan” and “Azazel”, when the real source of this information are various authors and internet sources. If Maxine really had experience in the occult, or with Satanism, she would not have to steal writings and ideas from other writers. [31]

Fact: Maxine is a Known Plagiarist.

Maxine’s underhanded behaviours have not gone unnoticed. Beginning in 2002, Maxine copied from writers, and had been caught several times by book publishers who made her remove the materials from her website. She had several incidents with authors and book publishers who made her remove information from the Joy Of Satan site. Maxine had compiled information from the author Valerie V. Hunt, and her book, “Mind Mastery Meditations” in order to fill in a page on her website called “Scalar Wave Meditations”. When Malibu Publishing discovered this, the meditations and materials plagiarized from that book were immediately removed. Despite this, the copied ‘Scalar Wave Meditation’ is still published by the Joy of Satan in their “Spiritual Warfare hand book”.

Maxine “borrowed” the majority of her information about chakras, auras and kundalini from the largest occult and pagan book publishers, Llewellyn. This material came from a book written by Douglas DeLong, titled “Ancient Teachings for Beginners”. The publishers were notified and Maxine heavily revised the material on her site, but still uses the same concepts and systems without giving any credit to Llewellyn or DeLong. The author threatened to sue Maxine, and she subsequently agreed to remove the information from the site. Instead, she let time pass, the pages at the joy of Satan were reworded, and the ideas of DeLong were not removed. When confronted about the change in information on her site by her own group members, she deceitfully told them that the corrected information came to her from Satan! [32]

Authors Delong and Valerie Hunt have made Maxine Dietrich a lot of money over the years. Maxine reads a passage in a book and then interprets it into her website, in a deceptive way, to make her web pages seem instructional and original, when they are nothing but re-written ideas of other authors, carefully reworded without refrerences. Many of her readers are attempting to do the exercises on her page. They would be better off reading the original books, rather than taking it from a secondary source like Maxine.

The kundalini section of her website was written into books and are being sold at the website for a profit, violating the copyright of Llewellyn, Malibu Publishing, Valerie Hunt, and Douglas DeLong. Both Hunt’s and Delong’s writings can be purchased at the Joy of Satan Site, carefully re-written in Maxine’s words, and hidden from internet searches inside PDF’s and books that she sells, despite the fact that she has been previously warned by both the authors, and the publishers, to stop plagiarizing these writings.

Copyrights and Ownership: The Joy Of Satan Site.

The majority of the web pages on the Joy Of Satan site have a copyright notice with a library of congress number. Maxine obviously does not want people to copy the writings on the Joy of Satan website. This notice is pasted on almost every page on the site:

”- Copyright 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, Joy Of Satan Ministries; Library of Congress Number: 12-16457 ” – Joy Of Satan site

Research at the Library of Congress shows that there is no reference found for the number’12-16457’, which is the same number that Maxine pasted on many pages of her site. The JOS website materials are not on record with the library of congress since 2002, or a record of this could easily be found through the search page at the LOC. Obviously, Maxine does not know much about the copyright law or the proper use of copyright notices. The extensive plagiarism on the Joy of Satan website proves that even if Maxine did want to apply for a real copyright, she would be denied, if not pursued legally, immediately, for numerous violations. [33]

In Fact, Archived Versions of this website that go back to 2002, show how the majority of her writings were taken from the Linda Goodman forum, as she had several pages of astrology information before the ‘Joy of Satan’ formed in 2005. This means that any copyrights that she tries to claim on her writings from 2002 are certainly false, and the ‘Joy of Satan’ web page, and writings, never existed prior to 2005. View the entire Archive 

Donation Money, Funding of the NSFM:

Andrea [Maxine] owns a web site, called “The Black Sun” [31] where she writes web pages on Antisemitism and hate, and lectures on anti-Christianity. The racist and racial ideals of the Joy Of Satan were created after Maxine met a man named Clifford Herrington. Herrington is the former leader of the “National Socialist Movement” [NSM], an organization for Neo-Nazi activists. The majority of the members of the NSM are Christian, and Herrington got thrown out of the organization in July of 2006, when they discovered that he shared the same post office box as the Joy Of Satan. Clifford Herrington created a new group, the “National Socialist Freedom Movement” [NSFM]. [34]

The NSFM is a legal tax-paying organization. Both Maxine and her husband promote their twisted ideals to teenagers and others who are unwitting enough to send them money via donations on the web sites, and from book and cd sales. The compromised religious organization she runs shares its address with a neo-nazi organization, while both organizations are being used as a front to secure donation money. [35]

There is evidence from ex-Joy of Satan members that she uses the money from donations to pay her bills and to fund her own personal needs. Maxine also went on a luxurious vacation with the money that she raised from her websites. Here is a quote from the Joy of Satan Yahoo group where Maxine tells the members how she claimed to spend her vacation in Vegas, and trips to several different national cities while she stayed in 5-star hotels.[36]

“The past week and a half, Father Satan rewarded me with a most pleasant vacation to several different cities and national parks. I was indulged to an extreme. Part of my family invited me and we had an awesome time… I was able to get to only two internet cafes where I could get online, the last one in Las Vegas and it was crowded…”- Maxine Dietrich[37]

In 2005, some of the ex-members of the Joy of Satan left the group because they felt that Maxine was misappropriating funds by paying her bills and vacationing with the donation money. Her plagiarist writings paid for her housing, her bills and her vacations.


This web page establishes the fact that Maxine Dietrich cannot claim copyright on the majority of the writings on her websites, because they are plagiarized writings.This page was created for educational purposes, to expose the source materials of this pseudo-satanic neo-nazi organization.

Overall, the Joy of Satan site seems promising to so many new seekers of occult and Satanism. it appeals to this audience because the ideas in the website were taken from professional authors. Maxine misleads people by making them think that she is knowledgeable about the occult, so that she can collect money for her neo-nazi organization. Not even one bit of effort was given to reveal the sources of her material. Its more convenient for her to hide this, so that the members of her group trust in her self-proclaimed authority. This accounts for the popularity of her website. People like the sources and techniques that she writes about, but they do not realize that the majority of it is cut and pasted from other authors. If the joy of satan techniques are so good, as some have claimed it to be, then maybe her readers would be better off reading the original source materials, instead.

Also, accounting for the popularity of the joy of Satan, is the fact that the website appeals to a certain demographic. The young, disaffected and uninformed. These types have no idea that they are being fed lies and mis-information and they take what the website owner writes on faith, instead of using their own minds to decide what is right for them. Why should they bother to research any of the sources used at this site when the site owner proclaims with authority that the original authors of these ideas and writings are ‘liars’, while she takes their words and uses them as her own? She uses a typical method of religious revisionism as she attempts to use all of these sources to create her version of history, despite the many historical facts that prove otherwise.



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For more information on the joy of Satan visit this page 

JoS Exposed by Many Satanists Worldwide. Nazism, Hate. Period.

Published on Feb 23, 2014
The JoS ensnares children and brainwashes them into becoming nazis. The screenshot at the end was taken from my iPad and was a post under the thread, “The True Beauty of National Socialism and Spiritual Satanism”

Exposing Joy Of Satan Ministries

Exposing the fraud and Hate of JoS

What HP Maxine Doesn’t Want you to see

This site is designed to help expose the myths and facts about the Joy Of Satan Ministries. This rogue group, proclaiming to be a Satanist movement, is in reality a front for the American Neo Nazi movement, and has a little to do with Satanism as Star Wars has to do with Hindu.

This group, founded by Andrea Herrington AKA Maxine Deitrich, espouses some wild theories, based on plagarism and misinformation, and uses Satanism to inspire angry people, mostly teens, into Nazi-ism and tries to inspire a full on war against Christians and Jews.

The Violent undertones of this rhetoric are seen throughout her writings, and the entire group is an affront to Satanism as a whole. With Missing clergy, threats and violent propaganda, a Nazi christian husband and plagarism and fraud charges as just a few of its problems, one wonders why no one has done this sooner.

Who Are We? (Who is Behind Exposing Joy Of Satan Ministries)

Many people fear speaking out against Maxine, but not me. I am Tha Dark Sandman, owner and admin of

I have dealt with MANY former JoS members and felt it was about time someone had to speak out about this group.

I have witnessed their shunning of kids searching for answers. Openly telling others to commit suicide. Threatening violence towards people, both public and not public figures and of course, using severe racial slurs against Jewish, african and other minorities. All the while claiming to be of a religion based on Zachariah Sitchkin’s work, who himself was a christian.

I do not fear their wrath, and I make no apologies for this site.

If you want to waste your time threatening me, calling me names and so on, send your hate mail to

If you want to discuss openly Satanism, go to the forum, or the website

Trolls and haters will be banned from those sites, so if you wanna troll, troll my email.


The Joy of Nazism

Yes, that’s correct, my first blog entry will be focused on the alien-worshipping Scientologist cult known as the Joy of Satan. The Joy of Satan is an anti-Semitic group that believes in several different, and quite interesting, claims. To start off, they believe that Satan and “Demons” are all E.T’s. The creation story is as follows:

A group of aliens lived on a planet that had an atmosphere than ran off of gold. This group of aliens genetically engineered drones known as humans to harvest gold for their atmosphere. Upon gathering enough gold, most of the aliens wanted the humans destroyed. However, one rebel alien (Satan) and his friends (known as Demons) wanted to save humans and make them as the gods that they were. The large majority of aliens did not like this idea, and a war was fought between Satan and (supposedly, some sources may vary on this claim) other aliens known as Nordics, which are very similar looking to humans. There are other types of aliens according to this group, there are Grays (your stereotypical alien), Reptillians (some kind of reptile like creature) and various other aliens. Satan lost this battle but saved humanity.

The evil Aliens did not like this and are doing everything they can in their power to destroy humanity, which is being defended by Satan & his Demons. According to the Joy of Satan, Jews are decendants of reptillians, which explains their stereotypical features. [At this point, you may say WHAT THE FUCK aloud if you like.] Going on with this, the evil Aliens also created the “Holy Bible” which is held dearly by Christians worldwide. These Aliens imbued the Bible with tons of psychic energy so that it would be particularly influential to people.


Nazi Magic
Now, I will move onto the “Occult” aspects of the Joy of Satan. The Joy of Satan tosses around a few different pages of plagarized books. One book particularly ravished by the site creator is Inititiation into Hermetics authored by Franz Bardon. (It would be important to note that Franz Bardon was a Christian, and this ‘group’ HATES Christians). Full paragraphs, unedited, are quoted throughout the site with no credit given to the author. In addition to this, many of the topics the author covers are not that of which she plagarizes. Let me elbaborate: the author takes a paragraph about ouija boards and turns it into a guide to evoke demons.

Not only does this group falsly explain the entire process of evocation, but they fail to explain other important knowledge required for evocation. This is an example of what the entire site is run off of.

In short, the occult aspect of this site is for show. There is little to no occult knowledge being given out by this site, and when a topic is covered, it completley misinforms the reader.

Who is behind this?
The author of this site likes to go by the name Maxine Dietrich. However, if you read select parts of the website, you find that her name is Andrea Herrington. It is openly stated her first name is ‘Andrea’. She is married to Cliff Herrington, a neo-nazi, currently wanted in at least two states.

Lets back up for a second.

Before the Joy of Satan, before Cliff, Andrea belonged to another group called ‘The Cathedral of the Black Goat’. After this group was disbanded, Andrea married Cliff Herrington – a neo nazi – who was, at the time, a part of a Christian Nazi organization. After Andrea formed the Joy of Satan, Cliff was kicked out of the Nazi Organization due to his wife’s involvement with Satanism.

Now we know where the author is coming from, and who she is.

Who Cares?
Well, The Joy of Satan has a lot of paralells to the Hitler Youth. They are a neo-nazi organization promising a great afterlife and fantastic benefits in the current life. The appeal of this group is aimed mostly at teenagers.

Donations to this group go towards a neo-nazi organization. There is nothing to elaborate on about this, it is what it is.

There is also the issue of the ‘High Priests’ of the group. “High Priest” Salem Burke isn’t exactly a saint. He hires hackers from Canada to perform illegal acts. Burke also promotes the use of Crystal Meth to experience Satan. There is also the infamous “Orange Chapter” in which Salem Burke describes sex acts with a 12 year old girl.

If you see nothing wrong with ANY of this, I would reccomend calling your local insane asylum and asking for a longterm admission.

The Joy of Satan is a neo-nazi organization promising benefits during life and the afterlife from an E.T. named Satan who is fighting against other Aliens who are evil. This group is run by a woman who doesn’t know her own name and is married to a neo-nazi christian. The woman behind the site selects only elite individuals to become “High Priests” including pedophiles, computer hackers, and promoters of harsh, illegal drugs. The good thing about this group however, is that they allowed me to begin my blogging career.

True Spiritual Satanism is NOT about hate!

The truth represented on this website, often identified as Spiritual Satanism, has received a very bad reputation – not only from Judeo/Christianity and other religions, but also from the Joy of Satan ministries’ leader, Andrea Maxine Dietrich (who is more commonly known by just her middle and last name). I have spoken with Father Satan, whose energy is very calming and beautiful to feel, and he has told me that he is not Neo-Nazi or Antisemitic. This is something that has been cast upon him, perhaps unintentionally, by those who I learned of him from. And I am very upset by this.

While there are many sites against Maxine Dietrich and the Joy of Satan ministries that are absurd and false in nature, for a while I thought that their claims of her Antisemitism were false as well. However, I now know this to be somewhat wrong of an assumption. Satan has told me that he is the true god of love, and yet the Joy of Satan website promotes hatred towards Judeo/Christianity. While Satan dislikes what they have done, and is angry with them for that, and wants them to be exposed, he does not hate the blinded masses. Maxine’s messages on the Joy of Satan website can be easily (mis?)construed as such hatred. My girlfriend, who recently made a formal dedication to Satan, was reading through the Joy of Satan website, and what really held her back for some time was the fact that the site was so filled with hatred. If Father Satan wants this world to be filled with an enlightened humanity, there needs to be a way to expose the truth without becoming unnecessarily hateful towards those who disagree – many Christians do not know what they are supporting (or are not supporting, for that matter).

While I understand that Maxine Dietrich has explained much of her life story on “The Black Sun 666” (which is linked to in the next paragraph) in response to a foolish Judeo/Christian’s attempt at slander, she still claims herself as a member of the NSM. I clearly am not Jewish, nor Christian, nor anything other than a Spiritual Satanist dedicated to the advancement of the truth, but I am forced to agree that Maxine Dietrich has some very strong, very hateful Antisemitic beliefs. And I’m just not okay with that. Sure, I abhor what the Judeo/Christians have done to Father Satan and his Demons, and sure, I want the hoaxes of Right-Hand Path religions to be exposed, but I don’t hate people just for believing something. They have never known otherwise. They are not the ones taking the knowledge away. They are victims. My girlfriend, who just accepted Father Satan’s truth into her life (February 2010), was raised Christian. She was never taught otherwise, nor were her parents. I’m sure many (if not most) Jews and Christians alike would leave their religion if they knew that it was a lie that had been created to keep the power of the truth and the soul to a select few. However, they have been deluded and outrage at the thought that their “God” may be false. They believe so strongly in something they have been mentally whipped into serving. If you had been told at a young age that if you didn’t act a certain way, you’d go to this really nasty place when you died, no matter what it was called or what you had done, you’d act that certain way, now wouldn’t you? It’s programmed into the malleable minds of children, then passed down through generations. Spiritual Satanism is not about punishment – it’s about truth, enlightenment, and freedom.

Another website that has cast a very dark shadow over Spiritual Satanism would be “The Black Sun 666” (link opens in new window) site. This website prefaces their content with a warning that the site includes Antisemitism, and one is warned that “If you are offended by what is known as “anti-semitism” (against Jews), we strongly advise you to hit the back button on your browser and leave.” While it is somewhat considerate of them to place this warning, they claim it to be “very advanced Satanism” within their website. Father Satan himself has told me that the site does not contain “very advanced Satanism,” and that it is just, and I quote, “blasphemous Antisemitism.” In other words, this website is blasphemy against Father Satan and what he stands for. The website is pro-Hitler. I think that says enough.

As opposed to what many non-Satanists (and, disappointingly, some Satanists) believe, Satan does not promote the random hatred that is preached on these two highly influential websites. I recognize that perhaps Maxine Dietrich has been influenced by her husband, a very prominent Neo-Nazi, but this does not make what she has done acceptable. I refuse to be associated with her, and I am creating this website in the hopes that people can see the truth – not only about our world and our True Father Satan, but about Spiritual Satanism in general. I am trying to use what accurate information on the Joy of Satan website I can find, and am also cross-referencing materials there with other Satanic websites. Any information I have put on this website has been approved as truth either by Father Satan himself, or by his Demons. Any negativity towards Judeo/Christianity that exists on this site is purely relevant and exists to provide information on the differences from what is commonly believed. I apologize if this is offensive.

The Satanic Liberation Front

This is a Satanic Public Service Announcement.

As not only a Theistic Satanist, but also as a human being, some information of value must be put forth.

Theistic Satanism – and its many facets, as a majority, does not condone nor support the beliefs, dogma, practices, or actions of Joy of Satan Ministries.

While we cannot, under the protection of the Constitution of the United States, forbid them from existence, we CAN however stand apart and aside from them.

Hate breeds hate, and the actions of a secluded white supremacist is hard to predict. That is why we must not allow there to be no alternative for the public view of Satanism.

While very few “popular” satanic sites truly exist – Joy of Satan enjoys having one of them. They draw in disillusioned youth with their ideologies of power and freedom, however they teach a philosophy of hate and tyranny.

Despite myself, and other Satanic leaders making an effort to show otherwise, we are all frequently labeled as the same caliber of individual as Andrea Harrington, aka Maxine Detreich. We, as leaders within the Satanic Community do not support nor endorse Joy of Satan OR its policies and procedures.

This open statement will be presented to as many Satanic leaders as possible, to see who may be placed as endorsing it, and to show the world that there is more to Satanism than Goosestepping.

Hail Satan!
Hail Freedom!

Endorsed by;

Arch Grand Magus James L. Nicholson II
Order of the Dragon, Temple of Theistic Satanism, Satanic Temples of America


“Hail Fucking Satan! This action and statement is admirable.”

– ISN Rev. Michael S. Margolin
Sinagogue of Satan

– Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik

Pope Robert Fraize
Church of Leviathan

By endorsing this statement, no leader or group here is stating support or endorsement of each other. They are all merely supporting this statement and the meaning thereof. No other implication is intended or existing.


Pick a Side

Currently I have seen that the supposed leadership of the Satanic community is becoming more and more lazy… There are some who seem to care enough to make a stand.. But the rest… Not so much…

What does this mean? Is everyone so concerned with being friends with a bunch of fake names on Facebook that they cannot stand up in the real world?

Educate not Decimate

While some may be a little militant.. Nothing I support has any physical danger involved. Now, I can’t speak for those who are being stood against, as they seem highly unstable and psychotic, however, the actions proposed by myself are benign physically and designed to turn people towards a more productive thought process, as well as expose those who damage our community.

Sure it can be fun to exchange slurs and rhetoric, however, it accomplishes nothing but starting a flame war. This only serves to diminish our capacity to free others and enlighten ourselves. Teaching that Nazism for example is wrong, is much different than claiming all Nazis must die.. The two ides are not compatible.. Not even slightly related. It is the ideology that is the rest not the person.

The more people we educate, the more people will learn about the more productive side of Satanism.

Standing for something, or falling for everything?

The trickiest part is choosing what aide to stand on right? Picking your battles? That should be farther from the truth!

Hate and violence should always share the same side.. The side we all stand against. These ideologies do nothing to further the freedoms of humanity, and cause nothing but pain and misery for those it effects.

In the case of JoS, they poison everyone’s opinion of Satanism, by claiming that Nazism and Satanism can be together.. This makes us the target for slander and unjust criticism.

So, when leadership is presented the opportunity to stand against such atrocious attitudes (and possibly even actions) they should jump on it. No prejudice over who may support it, but rather that they are making the effort to stop the ranks of the ill informed from growing.. Not only that, it protects them from unjust attack should some fool act physically on the hateful drivel taught by such hate groups.

Do you want to be labeled as a Joy of Satan supporter? Or a supporter of the rights and freedoms of the individual?

What will happen…

The actions taken to educate the word about the Joy of Satan will continue, and will be pursued vehemently. As will those who support the ideology of hate and intolerance. Sadly, this is too important to just chock up to being a group against a group.. This means that a side must be chosen.

Some have already chosen a side, and they have no problem showing their dedication to freedom… To Satanism. Not all are theistic, and not all are atheistic.. As the movement grows, some are not even Satanists.. Not all of hem like each other, but they have one thing common.. Love of freedom and liberty for mankind..

And support for the cause of True Satanic enlightment.


In Satan’s Honor

Hail Satan!
Hail The Great Dragon!
Due Ortu Satanae Populi!

AGM James L. Nicholson II

Brave Answers from The Infernal Reverend

I have accused of being Grand Magister Blackwood, and to that I say you are wrong.

I have not hid who I am, and if anyone had a brain or even the slightest inkling of what is going on they would see this… But ignorance has no limits.

People sometimes think that they can convince me that Satan has some higher goal in Satanism – to exterminate Christians and Jews off of this planet. I find it disturbing and a great threat how they are aligning themselves with Islam. They honestly dont understand they will turn on them as soon as they are able to accomplish their goals – as would Nazism.

Apparently common sense is still on vacation… Its time True Satanists band together to stop the insanity inside Radical Satanism and Islam.

I am for the freedom, liberty and Justice of all people who are law abiding and willing to give me the same respect. Regardless of Race, Religion, Nationality, and any other grouping available. I know that I do go after ideologies that I feel are wrong – but it is the right of those misguided souls to be misguided. That right however ENDS when violence becomes a tool of religion, or ideology.

Real Satanism – PRO-Liberty, PRO-Justice, PRO-America, AND unafraid.

Your RIGHT to swing YOUR fist, ENDS at the END of MY nose.


HM James L. Nicholson II
Ex fortitudine spes

Exposing Hate – Eliminating Ignorance

Release of Information – Messages obtained during Security Operations

Hey everybody. On saturday, february 5th, lets all throw our punches at our
enemies at the same time in a massive group destruction ritual against
christianity. Whos down?
go to:
Make a sigil of destruction, as on hp vovim baghies site, except replace the
mantra, which, on his site, is listed as,
“All energy raised today is constantly and permanently working to completely
Destroy the jewish Race at all times and in every way.”
“All energy raised today is constantly and permanently working to completely
Destroy Christianity at all times and in every way.”
and change the shorter mantra from,
,”Energy raised today is permanently destroying all jews completely,”
,”Energy raised today is permanently destroying christianity completely,”
basically just replace the words jewish race with christianity, wheresoever

meh. happy hunting.


Honestly I’m just going to start doing destruction rituals every single day, I have a lot of negative emotions I need to release through destruction rituals. Destroying the jewish race completely and destroying christianity completely will be my goals to accomplish. So I know I’ll be helping to things that are being manifested as we speak. Good luck my brethren, we shall win this war, as it is nearing it’s end, once and for all.


More Extreme Wording

I’m all for it.  I have my own ritual set aside for this, but I’ll tie my energies into yours and hopefully thousands of Christians will die by another huge earthquake.  I think my earthquake spell is refined enough to target something this time around.  Should I try for the Vatican, Jerusalem or should I try the New Madrid Fault System in the American Bible Belt?

Greed, Pride and Power are the real meanings of life.

Further investigation regarding this information revealed many hate based messages regarding people of all creed and religion. The Satanic Security Agency does not condone the wanton violence being promoted by such people as Andrea Herrington (AKA Maxine Deitrich).

While some may be looking at the above quotes as nothing but spiritual nothing in the aspect of tangible action, the S.S.A understands that in only takes one person to follow the Ideals promoted by Joy of Satan to cause a massive set back to the Satanist and their freedom, not to mention the lives lost in the process.

Any information regarding Joy of Satan activities of the illegal nature are appreciated, and should be forwarded with ‘JOS CRIME: in the subject title to Please include a working email address, a working phone number if you wish to discuss the situation with an Officer, and also please refrain from spam and false reports. All emails are traced, and we will pursue respondents who file false reports to the fullest extent of the law. Evidence is key, so please be sure to include as much as possible.

Nazi ‘perfect Aryan’ poster child was Jewish

Nazi ‘perfect Aryan’ poster child was Jewish

Hessy Taft’s baby photograph was selected by Nazi party as the ideal Aryan infant, but Joseph Goebbels’ propaganda machine never discovered that she was in fact Jewish

Hessy Taft recently presented the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Israel with a Nazi magazine featuring her baby photograph on the front cover, and told the story of how she became an unlikely poster child for the Third Reich

Hessy Taft recently presented the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Israel with a Nazi magazine featuring her baby photograph on the front cover, and told the story of how she became an unlikely poster child for the Third Reich Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg, Yedioth Ahoronot

When Hessy Taft was six months old, she was a poster child for the Nazis. Her photograph was chosen as the image of the ideal Aryan baby, and distributed in party propaganda. But what the Nazis didn’t know was that their perfect baby was really Jewish.

“I can laugh about it now,” the 80-year-old Professor Taft told Germany’s Bild newspaper in an interview. “But if the Nazis had known who I really was, I wouldn’t be alive.”

Prof Taft recently presented the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Israel with a Nazi magazine featuring her baby photograph on the front cover, and told the story of how she became an unlikely poster child for the Third Reich.

Her parents, Jacob and Pauline Levinsons, both talented singers, moved to Berlin from Latvia to pursue careers in classical music in 1928, only to find themselves caught up in the Nazis’ rise to power.

Her father lost his job at an opera company because he was Jewish, and had to find work as a door-to-door salesman.

In 1935, with the city rife with anti-semitic attacks, Pauline Levinsons took her six-month-old daughter Hessy to a well-known Berlin photographer to have her baby photograph taken.

A few months later, she was horrified to find her daughter’s picture on the front cover of Sonne ins Hause, a major Nazi family magazine.

Terrified the family would be exposed as Jews, she rushed to the photographer, Hans Ballin. He told her he knew the family was Jewish, and had deliberately submitted the photograph to a contest to find the most beautiful Aryan baby.

Hessy Taft looks through the photographs of her as a child, which were used for Nazi posters (Ohad Zwigenberg, Yedioth Ahoronot)

“I wanted to make the Nazis ridiculous,” the photographer told her.

He succeeded: the picture won the contest, and was believed to have been chosen personally by the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

Frightened she would be recognised on the streets and questions asked about her identity, Prof Taft’s parents kept her at home.

Her photograph appeared on widely available Nazi postcards, where she was recognised by an aunt in distant Memel, now part of Lithuania. But the Nazis never discovered Prof Taft’s true identity.

In 1938, her father was arrested by the Gestapo on a trumped up tax charge, but released when his accountant, a Nazi party member, came to his defence.

After that, the family fled Germany. They moved first to Latvia, before settling in Paris only for the city to fall to the Nazis.

With the help of the French resistance, they escaped again, this time to Cuba, and in 1949 the family moved to the United States.

Today the Jewish woman who was once a Nazi poster child is a professor of chemistry in New York.

“I feel a little revenge,” she said of presenting her photograph to Yad Vashem. “Something like satisfaction.”