Joy of Satan Moderators can’t tell when their members are so blatantly the same, using sock accounts? Crazy bitch really is pulling the wool right over the whole group’s eyes! Lies right to them and says she isn’t any sock accounts when she is all the Hungarians on their forums! Fucking riot! All these supposed intelligent people are going along with her charade, while anyone can read her posts and see it’s the same person, it’s comical.

Veronika Hompo, as long as you have your sick fucking blog about **me** and my friend still online after she told you she was done with you months ago — that  you were a waste of time — I will not only keep my blog online, I will call out your bullshit. I might even post your old news, like how you do believe in Jesus and even when you were a National Socialist, you listed your religion as Christian… hey crazy bitch that was 2012 and it’s online, remember the internet is forever Veronika! I can easily copy over the proof of you posting your belief in the Holocaust for your nazi friends, too, so they can see what a lying psycho you are. You just keep your blog online using your fake persona as a man or whatever you’re pretending to be, everyone knows it’s you and one of your FIFTY-EIGHT (Yes 58! and counting!) accounts and emails because you have *DRUM ROLL PLEASE*

Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) an effect of severe trauma during early childhood, usually extreme, repetitive physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.

Joy of Satan will realize it sooner or later, sooner for sure, because you’re crazy level is way up there! You don’t stick with anything for too long, do you, nutball? No… I Googled, Binged and Yahooed your fake fuck ass and you’re just playing these people like a fiddle. Can’t wait for them to realize you fooled them once, shame on you, fool them twice, OMG!
Yoora Kim, Kissyou, and should someone list all your other aliases on their sites? On their Yahoo Groups? Go ahead Veronika and please say I’m not real, because I’ll smack you into reality and prove your skank ass wrong right to the HP’s and get you banned so fast your mentally ill whore ass head will spin faster than you can say “I’m NOT pure!”

HungARYAN Scythian Warrior Yoora Kim or Kim Yoo-Ra etc. etc.etc. sock puppet accounts on Facebook… and so many more yet to be verified. JOY OF SATAN and SPIRITUAL SATANISTS should all know that this is a CHARLATAN, A TRICKSTER AND LIAR, she thinks she has you all in her pocket, fooled and deceived, she laughs at all of you while she posts as if she is some naive new satanist, thanking you for learning, telling you what a good satanist she is for translating your works to her 5-10 blog sites, but be aware she is nothing but selfish and arrogant, a volatile aggressive and dangerous fool that will keep lying and stabbing all of you in the backs with dark rituals she does since she despises many of you High Priests and High Priestesses and you know that is true, she called one a “whore and stupid dumb bitch” —High Priestess Myla Limlal666, another “a dumb jew retard” –HP Mageson666, she only apologized so she could CONTROL ALL OF YOU in her own way, she thinks she controls YOU and she thinks she is better than High Priestess Maxine Dietrich, think that’s not true then go read all of her insane ramble and read it in native Hungarian! As the Nadia Kiss persona, she believes she is more powerful and far more intelligent and deserving of everything High Priestess Maxine Dietrich has, and she does feel she can take her position by over turning the flock against the other HP’s and Maxine. Read all her loony-tune posts talking to herself on her fake accounts on FB. She’s a fucking psychopath and has multiple personality disorder, no joke!

(I don’t have to like Maxine Dietrich to speak the facts. I still stick to my opinions I’ve posted.)

She is VERONIKA HOMPO. She is EVERY HUNGARIAN talking to each Hungarian on Joy of Satan and Facebook. She’s a cyberfreak. She’s not Aryan, she’s not pure DNA, she lies. You JoS people were told the truth by some unknown user on the Joy of Satan forum, a Hungarian she’s fought with in the past (so she claims), but she pulled the wool right over the eyes of all of you because this is all she has to grasp onto right now. She lied and will continue to lie to every Satanist because it’s her only skill she has that she can use, and she doesn’t even care if her satan disapproves of her doing so to other satanists. She lies to all satanists, she has skeletons in her closets 10,000 metres high she won’t ever want known to anyone now that she feels she has some power. She is truly weak and uses her posts and blogs to make all of Joy of Satan fall for her ruses.

Veronika Hompo’s Facebook profiles, from her real profile followed by sock accounts in chronological order. The newest and most recent, active sock/alias profiles will be listed at the bottom of the list and updated accordingly.

Boring already.

Boring already.

Zero points for creativity on the fake profile. Still using this ridiculous pic from the wallpapers sites is so unimaginative. Can't you try a bit harder? Everyone knows this is fake, so at least make the photo your pitiful attempt to TRY to fool Facebook employees who are going to check this farce and see what a joke you are. Surprised you don't list yourself as a psychopath already in the job description. Ha!

Nadia Kiss Zero points for creativity on the fake profile. Still using this ridiculous pic from the wallpapers sites is so unimaginative. Can’t you try a bit harder? Everyone knows this is fake, so at least make the photo your pitiful attempt to TRY to fool Facebook employees who are going to check this farce and see what a joke you are. Surprised you don’t list yourself as a psychopath already in the job description. Ha!

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 3.48.47 PM

Nadia Varnay Kiss Really, again? Oh this is just one of 7 more she has ready to go. LMAO, can you say INSANE PSYCHOPATH? 😀

Nadine Gentil Cher So uncreative. Veronika Hompo and all these Nazis will spend 20 hours trolling and working on utter crap, but won't take one minute to make up a new fake alias for the latest sock account on Facebook. Totally lame.

Nadine Gentil Cher
So uncreative. Veronika Hompo and all these Nazis will spend 20 hours trolling and working on utter crap, but won’t take one minute to make up a new fake alias for the latest sock account on Facebook. Totally lame. Funny how “Nadia” thinks she’s some sort of “fashionista” in every phony profile she’s had since 2010. LOLOLOLOL She uses everything from stolen bikini pics to PC wallpapers of “pretty blonde girls” but one of my favs she posted was her imaginary trip to HAWAII. She posted an album full of photos yanked off the internet… with pics from Sydney, Australia in the mix! She’s NEVER left Budapest and had no clue she put photos of another country in her album and said it was a “beautiful view” from her hotel room in Hawaii! Fucking moron! Her hotel room image was pulled right off the hotel booking website 😀

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 1.27.07 AM

Réka Luca Szabó = FAKE. Veronika Hompo is not giving this her full competency, she is failing. These images within this profile, a new alias for her psychotic “Nadia” persona, has 2 stolen photos used as images of “herself, of the imaginary “Réka Luca Szabó.” See for yourself. Mentally deluded people will go to any lengths to try to cover their mistakes, but Veronika doesn’t just do that, she gets disgusting, because she was raised Christian and hates herself so much now she can do nothing to resolve her inner pain but to speak of filthy sex, urinating on people and defacation — these are her outlets for her inner sexual turmoils.

Oh look it is not Réka Luca Szabó but Johanna from Finland

Photos of Johanna who lives in Finland, runs the blog Jo’s Secret on Blogger. Johanna also has a Facebook Fan Page with these images posted.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 12.57.03 AM

Anouck De Rouvroy Yet another fake profile Veronika Hompo is using because she is far too much a coward and in fear of Jews and Christians to use her own profile with her name. Coward psychopath.

Anouck De Rouvroy
Yet another fake profile Veronika Hompo is using because she is far too much a coward and in fear of Jews and Christians to use her own profile with her name. Coward psychopath.

Veronika Hompo
Nadia A. Kiss
Erzsebet Horvath
Elizabeth Ho
Istvan Nemeth
Adél Kassai
Viktória Venus
Adél Kassai
Prska Red
Gábor Barabás
Tamas Varnay
Tamas Varnay
Szabolcs Mate
Béla Kováts
Szittya Harcos
Szittya Harcos
Szittya Harcos
Anette N. Petit Mignon
Nadia Varnay
Set Nakt
Csaba Hong
Csaba Hong
Andrea Polgar
Anette N. Petit Mignon
Nadia Varnay
Béla Kováts (Scythian Warrior)
Nadine Gentil Cher
Nadine Gentil Cher
Nadine Gentil Cher
Dina Cher
Kárpát Leánya
Yoora Kim
Szabolcs Maté
Nadia Kiss
Yoora Kim
Gabor Barabas
Tamas Varnay (Barabas Gabor)
Ilona Horvath (Hompóné Erzsébet)
Timea Wilhelm
Belane Szittya Kovats (Scythian Warrior)
Szittya Harcos
Nadia Varnay Kiss
Nadia Varnay Kiss
Szabolcs Mate
Szabolcs Mate
Szabolcs Mate
Szabolcs Mate
Szabolcs Mate
Nadia Varnay Kiss
Nadine Gentil Cher
Nadia Kiss
Timea Wilhelm (Kim Yoora)
Nadia Kiss
Réka Luca Szabó
Nadia. A. Kiss
Tivadar László Szép
Gyula Galaczi
Varnay Kiss Nadia
Dorina Szabó
Anouck De Rouvroy
Tímea Wilhelm (김유라)

Veronika Hompo aka HungARAYAN is also on Google+, with many puppet accounts.

Balázs Németh AKA Veronika Hompo, HungARYAN, is nothing but a stock photo of a "trendy young man"

Balázs Németh AKA Veronika Hompo, HungARYAN, is nothing but a stock photo of a “trendy young man”

Anett nadia Kiss
Balázs Németh
Béla Kováts
Veronika Hompo
Piroska Red
Viktória Fehér
Veronika Hompo
Anouck De Rouvroy
Yoo-ra Kim


Ironic, she accuses others of having fake accounts, yet no one else ever gets deleted but her. Each time we are all reported, we can provide the proper identification and cell phone number for each account. Each profile has a unique computer ID and its own IP. Unlike Veronika Hompo’s sock accounts that are deleted on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. Yet this is the “Aryan Satanist” that the “Joy of Satan Ministries” have chosen to allow back after banning, to trust and to continue to perceive as worthy of their Hilter Neo-Nazi praising asses. Or as according to Veronika, The HungARYAN, scythianwarrior and all the other users she is on their forums, their sites, their other forums and sites, blogs and so on, they decided to trust her… though she has claimed to despise the HP’s so much that she did a ritual to spiritually murder them, to kill their souls and to leave them with nothing; she has laughed about cursing them with a black death, one she said she would only use on Jews and Christians. She used it on Satanists that she hates. She is nothing like the rest of any Satanists in the group(s) she attempts to belong to. She is a selfish, angry and cut-throat empty shell of dark nothingness.

JOY OF SATAN, BLACK SUN 666, You think she has not one drop of JEWISH BLOOD? Make her prove it to all of you. She cannot prove she has no Jewish Blood in Her Veins. She has no proof to offer and she can only scream words on the internet. So much for all her hate and vitriol, it only bites her in the ugly dark sub-human reptilian ass for all of the horrible deeds she has done; karma is coming for her full swing.

BTW Veronika HOMPO, The Black Sun 666 web site is a huge joke. You proved to everyone I told in your Seal Shepherd Phase that you really are a little psycho sociopath puppet when you believed that hysterical site full of such nonsense only a complete total “dumb retard” (to use your own words you can understand) would believe. I think you fell and hit your head really hard on a sidewalk, the street, brick wall or your bath tub. You are most fore sure brain damaged and a psychopath.

JOY OF SATAN: Complete idiots or are they on to Veronika Hompo and her numerous sock accounts on their forum? Here are 2 of them back to back! So many more are posting, but let “Veronika Hompo” or “Nadia Kiss” maybe Béla Kováts even, post them, be truthful to the Joy of Satan people and to the HP’s.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.32.56 PM

Veronika Hompo pretending to be 2 users. LOL (only the tip of a deep iceberg, JoS forum users, pay close attention, she is all the Hungarians except for 1, the guy who tried to expose her for her fetish for feces and piss. (Who else would have such a fetish and mention it? So gross, only Veronika Hompo would even THINK TO THINK OF IT!!! A HungARYAN toilet fetish!) HungARYAN loathes any rock music. Rock music, metal in particular, makes her sick. She believes all rock bands, from Led Zep to AC/DC to Black Sabbath are “a joke” and the proof is in her distasteful comments to other users online about the music her friends liked. “Miss Superior” Veronika Crazybitch likes classical music. She was never one to like anything loud with electric guitars; a double bass drum player made her post insulting comments towards those who enjoyed all metal bands. She hates men with long hairshe hates the entire black metal and death metal scene. The closest to rock music she ever got to liking was a John Lennon love song to Yoko. ( 😀 LMAO) Not convinced? Test her ON THE SPOT. She knows nothing of true metal bands and simply Googles anything now to find keywords such as “satan” “hell” “devil” “darkness” “666” — my friend posted Iron Maiden on her profile and with it a pic of their mascot; Veronika made fun of it and said it was “stupid ignorant crappy music” for people who had no taste in true music. 😀 Joy of Satan is where she has first even heard of Led Zeppelin and now, The Eagles, AC/DC and other bands all her JEW, CHRISTIAN, BUDDHIST , PAGAN, WICCAN and even MUSLIM friends have been into since before she even knew them. Veronika shunned their music, all the songs and lyrics every user/friend posted, making derogatory comments about how “only uneducated people listen to this trash ignorant” musicbut Veronika the Liar made exception for her “true friend,” her non-religious friend who didn’t identify with religion — the “one true friend” (Veronika Hompo said those very words, it is in Facebook messages and on Gmail) from a multicultural background that practiced nothing, the friend she lies to JoS about ever since Suzanne told her to FUCK OFF and if possible, die while at it! 😀 All in fun, but a sociopath such as Veronika Hompo takes everything extreme and makes it a year or so obsession. Stalker, harasser, lunatic, aggressive manipulator and storyteller. No friends.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 7.56.52 PM

Veronika Hompo’s main profile. Yes this is actually her regular profile. She used to post about the Holocaust on here! She has hundreds of JEWISH friends she cherished! She is friends with Xians who all love Jesus and adore Pope Francis! In fact, she has some KOREAN FRIENDS she adores who attended the papal visit to Korea in August 2014! They posted images all over their profiles and Veronika did not even mind, she loves these friends and respects these people because they are Korean. She “allows” all of them to be CHRISTIANS and LOVE GOD AND JESUS, behind the backs of Joy of Satan. Ask her FB friend who shares her last name, Hompo. Her “friend” does not know Veronika is a vessel filled with hatred. Go ahead,  ask!

(Koreans infected with ‘Francis syndrome’ after papal visit) They just love the Pope!

Veronika Hompo, tell HP Mageson666 all your sock accounts yourself, or are you a coward? You are a little bitch, crying to Google, lying about fake screenshots, are you not? Everyone knows what a lying little bitch you are, even JoS members do. Do you think High Priestess Myla Limlal666 believes a word you type? I would certainly think not! High Priestess Maxine Dietrich might be a NEO-NAZI POS, but she knows what you really are. You know and we all know.

Look at Veronika on Facebook. She is such a see-though confused, mentally disturbed loner. She has friends… they are all herself. The users that aren’t sock accounts? They are not real friends to her. She friends people she plots against. Case in point, VovinPrgel. Veronika Hompo hates VovinPrgel and fourthreich666 ever since “HungARYAN Gone Crazy” and once she has publicly declared her dislike or disappoval of you, you’re on her fucked list and don’t think for a moment that will ever change for any reason, because it won’t, she hates you forever, it’s her personality, or one of her personalities. She made a public point to tell Facebook users she thought VovinPrgel was a fucking asshole. She posted many nasty public posts about VovinPrgel and even fourthreich666 and she hid them later on, only to be seen by select Facebook “friends.” She gets off on this, posting “dumb ignorant jew” about a user from Joy of Satan and then making sure to get them on her friend list, it’s almost funny.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 8.21.24 PM

Does VovinPrgel even know that Veronika Hompo has him or her on her permanent shit list? Most likely not. She believes in keeping those she hates close to her. She doesn’t ever forget or forgive, she made it clear that a curse would be made by her towards VovinPrgel and she wouldn’t change her mind. Funny she probably pretends to be “friends” with this person who has no idea that for years her game is to pull people close in after in her mind they have burned her and then she collects their data off their profile to use against them, even if it’s years later. She’s done this for over 5 years, what means she doesn’t still? She loves it, she gets off on having fake friends she actually hates so she can data collect and do death curses, runic rituals and what not all because she has no area of her damaged brain that is capable of rationalizing anything, even sorting out disagreements. She plans to stab each and every Joy of Satan member in the back as best she can and according to her secret little posts she plans to use Satan to help her destroy each one of them that participated in the topic against her called “HungARYAN Gone Crazy”

Make more stupid rituals and curses, waste your time little girl 😀 I don’t believe in your crazy shit, so it has no effect on me. I don’t even believe in your satan, your devil or hell. Your alien satan is ridiculous science fiction. I think it’s all as stupid as those who take the bible literal.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 6.17.48 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 6.17.05 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 3.23.45 PM

How many times do you return as a fake persona? When you're Veronika Hompo, you do it as many times as possible. :D

How many times do you return as a fake persona? When you’re Veronika Hompo, you do it as many times as possible. 😀


Veronika Hompo has ALWAYS believed in the Holocaust! Even when she is in the persona of “Nadia” she was constantly posting about Auschwitz. ALL THE TIME. Veronika posted about the Holocaust and her feelings of it’s correlation to her VEGANISM so many times to people who didn’t want her harassing them that she was banned often! Here’s some unedited proof, though the sociopath crybaby Veronika Hompo, the WEAK LOSER, will simply lie about it and then try to cry to WordPress. She cried like a little fucking weak and pathetic whore to Google all because SHE HAD BEEN EXPOSED. She is so weak and powerless that she was obsessing and crying over Google CACHE files, not even REAL, ACTUAL WEB PAGES. Veronika Hompo is WEAK, USELESS and a DNA piece of shit NIGHTMARE with such serious mental disorders that she can’t control herself online. Those of you chatting her up on your forums and blogs, thinking she’s sane… want to know the true Veronika Hompo, the way she is IN REAL LIFE? Just ask and I can deliver the information, privately of course, to prove she is a socially inept outcast and ghetto trash. She’s never fit in, she’s a street parasite. She knows this is true, which is why she has chosen to pretend to live as something else, someone she isn’t. She’s TRASH and it’s time for someone to TAKE THE TRASH OUT. Hungary is a toilet for the most part, though there are some quaint, lovely spots and with all due respect to my relatives, their places are not kept like the toilet Veronika Hompo chooses to live in; disheveled, unkempt, forgetting to bathe and never cleaning the tiny squalid area she is confined to. When you are low class, trash and people in town look at you and see you as lower than the Roma’s, the Romani Hungarians, the gypsies, then you know you’re nothing and your weakness is so exposed that all you can do is act out—like a little brat child who was never given a toy.

8123c-screenshot2014-06-17at3-07-08am 761f7-screenshot2014-07-07at12-03-36am

There are recent images Veronika Hompo posted, thank you internet free photo hosting site, I found you. Would any JoS nazis want to see them 😀 She loves her some Jewish people and their friends! She is so unaware of the traitor she currently trusts… so much information about her lies and uncontrollable attempt to want and NEED to take over Maxine’s place. She thinks she is learning much faster than others who have been in Joy of Satan for 2 or 3 years and soon can gain the trust of all of the JoS forums, groups, websites—Veronika plans to run your show, JoS, and she is not even an Aryan, but a mixed DNA like most Hungarians — and she has no proof about anything because claiming your last name is a variant of a nazis is just as believable as her own delusions about her actual life, as truthfully believable as her screaming on the internet on 30 profiles, 8 blogs and over 50 emails on Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Outlook, Hotmail and any other site with free email access she can use to play her games toying with strangers she stalks or with Joy of Satan members. Only she is in denial because she is poverty stricken and needs to cling onto strangers, hoping soon one of you will sucker into paying for her flat, maybe even the first car she could ever drive. A new bed, a real bed, not just filthy mattress on the dirty floor… make her day, play along.

Tell your lies to Joy of Satan, tell them you “avoided the Jews,” but let’s not dance around this Veronika Hompo, who was the friend of many Jews for so many years, and was posting about the Holocaust many times on her Timeline, ridiculing FB users for not being vegan and for not liking the graphic photos posted of Auschwitz, “Nadia” and you posting the ad campaign that compares the slaughter of animals to the murder of Jews in Auschwitz, and you stood up for the campaign and what it stood for, angry as hell! You are who posted Gary Yourofsky’s speeches on the Timeline, always clicking “like” when other FB users posted Gary’s speeches, and Nadia the Pretend, too, she was always posting the gore photos of the Holocaust and saying how horrible they suffered, so why now make animals suffer the same? Don’t try to say this was faked for so long because no one pretends for 4 or 5 or even 6 years to be something and someone they aren’t just to suddenly join some e-cult and flip a switch, you slutty, dirty lying bitch.


Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 1.55.27 AM

One of MANY posts on Veronika Hompo’s Timeline about her FAVORITE Animal Rights Liberation Movement Activist, a JEW. This man makes Mad Max appear as if she is merely ruler of an online trailer park game app with a few broken, cheap plastic gnomes.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 2.01.33 AM

Wait, what? Since soldiers liberated people from Nazi camps in World War 2? The Nazi camps? Oh, yes, that’s right. It did happen and Veronika Hompo had just temporarily forgotten while on the JoS forum. She remembers when she is not on JoS sites and she remembers when she speaks to her satanist friends who have very, very Jewish boyfriends or girlfriends…you see, then it’s ok, she doesn’t want to talk about it public, though, she’s too busy trying to cover up her stalker issues by pretending a woman she harassed and abused for months is doing things to her that in reality, Veronika Hompo is doing to herself. How does anyone know this? It’s suspected by a clergy member of Jos and by two users on Facebook who are on her friend list…you know, being her…friend. LMAO

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 1.57.46 AM

Nadine Cher AKA Nadia Kiss AKA Veronika Hompo. LMAO

Nadine Cher AKA Nadia Kiss AKA Veronika Hompo. LMAO

Veronika aka Nadia aka Nadine aka Anouk aka Timea

JoS Exposed by Many Satanists Worldwide. Nazism, Hate. Period.

Published on Feb 23, 2014
The JoS ensnares children and brainwashes them into becoming nazis. The screenshot at the end was taken from my iPad and was a post under the thread, “The True Beauty of National Socialism and Spiritual Satanism”

Exposing Joy Of Satan Ministries

Exposing the fraud and Hate of JoS

What HP Maxine Doesn’t Want you to see

This site is designed to help expose the myths and facts about the Joy Of Satan Ministries. This rogue group, proclaiming to be a Satanist movement, is in reality a front for the American Neo Nazi movement, and has a little to do with Satanism as Star Wars has to do with Hindu.

This group, founded by Andrea Herrington AKA Maxine Deitrich, espouses some wild theories, based on plagarism and misinformation, and uses Satanism to inspire angry people, mostly teens, into Nazi-ism and tries to inspire a full on war against Christians and Jews.

The Violent undertones of this rhetoric are seen throughout her writings, and the entire group is an affront to Satanism as a whole. With Missing clergy, threats and violent propaganda, a Nazi christian husband and plagarism and fraud charges as just a few of its problems, one wonders why no one has done this sooner.

Who Are We? (Who is Behind Exposing Joy Of Satan Ministries)

Many people fear speaking out against Maxine, but not me. I am Tha Dark Sandman, owner and admin of

I have dealt with MANY former JoS members and felt it was about time someone had to speak out about this group.

I have witnessed their shunning of kids searching for answers. Openly telling others to commit suicide. Threatening violence towards people, both public and not public figures and of course, using severe racial slurs against Jewish, african and other minorities. All the while claiming to be of a religion based on Zachariah Sitchkin’s work, who himself was a christian.

I do not fear their wrath, and I make no apologies for this site.

If you want to waste your time threatening me, calling me names and so on, send your hate mail to

If you want to discuss openly Satanism, go to the forum, or the website

Trolls and haters will be banned from those sites, so if you wanna troll, troll my email.


The Joy of Nazism

Yes, that’s correct, my first blog entry will be focused on the alien-worshipping Scientologist cult known as the Joy of Satan. The Joy of Satan is an anti-Semitic group that believes in several different, and quite interesting, claims. To start off, they believe that Satan and “Demons” are all E.T’s. The creation story is as follows:

A group of aliens lived on a planet that had an atmosphere than ran off of gold. This group of aliens genetically engineered drones known as humans to harvest gold for their atmosphere. Upon gathering enough gold, most of the aliens wanted the humans destroyed. However, one rebel alien (Satan) and his friends (known as Demons) wanted to save humans and make them as the gods that they were. The large majority of aliens did not like this idea, and a war was fought between Satan and (supposedly, some sources may vary on this claim) other aliens known as Nordics, which are very similar looking to humans. There are other types of aliens according to this group, there are Grays (your stereotypical alien), Reptillians (some kind of reptile like creature) and various other aliens. Satan lost this battle but saved humanity.

The evil Aliens did not like this and are doing everything they can in their power to destroy humanity, which is being defended by Satan & his Demons. According to the Joy of Satan, Jews are decendants of reptillians, which explains their stereotypical features. [At this point, you may say WHAT THE FUCK aloud if you like.] Going on with this, the evil Aliens also created the “Holy Bible” which is held dearly by Christians worldwide. These Aliens imbued the Bible with tons of psychic energy so that it would be particularly influential to people.


Nazi Magic
Now, I will move onto the “Occult” aspects of the Joy of Satan. The Joy of Satan tosses around a few different pages of plagarized books. One book particularly ravished by the site creator is Inititiation into Hermetics authored by Franz Bardon. (It would be important to note that Franz Bardon was a Christian, and this ‘group’ HATES Christians). Full paragraphs, unedited, are quoted throughout the site with no credit given to the author. In addition to this, many of the topics the author covers are not that of which she plagarizes. Let me elbaborate: the author takes a paragraph about ouija boards and turns it into a guide to evoke demons.

Not only does this group falsly explain the entire process of evocation, but they fail to explain other important knowledge required for evocation. This is an example of what the entire site is run off of.

In short, the occult aspect of this site is for show. There is little to no occult knowledge being given out by this site, and when a topic is covered, it completley misinforms the reader.

Who is behind this?
The author of this site likes to go by the name Maxine Dietrich. However, if you read select parts of the website, you find that her name is Andrea Herrington. It is openly stated her first name is ‘Andrea’. She is married to Cliff Herrington, a neo-nazi, currently wanted in at least two states.

Lets back up for a second.

Before the Joy of Satan, before Cliff, Andrea belonged to another group called ‘The Cathedral of the Black Goat’. After this group was disbanded, Andrea married Cliff Herrington – a neo nazi – who was, at the time, a part of a Christian Nazi organization. After Andrea formed the Joy of Satan, Cliff was kicked out of the Nazi Organization due to his wife’s involvement with Satanism.

Now we know where the author is coming from, and who she is.

Who Cares?
Well, The Joy of Satan has a lot of paralells to the Hitler Youth. They are a neo-nazi organization promising a great afterlife and fantastic benefits in the current life. The appeal of this group is aimed mostly at teenagers.

Donations to this group go towards a neo-nazi organization. There is nothing to elaborate on about this, it is what it is.

There is also the issue of the ‘High Priests’ of the group. “High Priest” Salem Burke isn’t exactly a saint. He hires hackers from Canada to perform illegal acts. Burke also promotes the use of Crystal Meth to experience Satan. There is also the infamous “Orange Chapter” in which Salem Burke describes sex acts with a 12 year old girl.

If you see nothing wrong with ANY of this, I would reccomend calling your local insane asylum and asking for a longterm admission.

The Joy of Satan is a neo-nazi organization promising benefits during life and the afterlife from an E.T. named Satan who is fighting against other Aliens who are evil. This group is run by a woman who doesn’t know her own name and is married to a neo-nazi christian. The woman behind the site selects only elite individuals to become “High Priests” including pedophiles, computer hackers, and promoters of harsh, illegal drugs. The good thing about this group however, is that they allowed me to begin my blogging career.

True Spiritual Satanism is NOT about hate!

The truth represented on this website, often identified as Spiritual Satanism, has received a very bad reputation – not only from Judeo/Christianity and other religions, but also from the Joy of Satan ministries’ leader, Andrea Maxine Dietrich (who is more commonly known by just her middle and last name). I have spoken with Father Satan, whose energy is very calming and beautiful to feel, and he has told me that he is not Neo-Nazi or Antisemitic. This is something that has been cast upon him, perhaps unintentionally, by those who I learned of him from. And I am very upset by this.

While there are many sites against Maxine Dietrich and the Joy of Satan ministries that are absurd and false in nature, for a while I thought that their claims of her Antisemitism were false as well. However, I now know this to be somewhat wrong of an assumption. Satan has told me that he is the true god of love, and yet the Joy of Satan website promotes hatred towards Judeo/Christianity. While Satan dislikes what they have done, and is angry with them for that, and wants them to be exposed, he does not hate the blinded masses. Maxine’s messages on the Joy of Satan website can be easily (mis?)construed as such hatred. My girlfriend, who recently made a formal dedication to Satan, was reading through the Joy of Satan website, and what really held her back for some time was the fact that the site was so filled with hatred. If Father Satan wants this world to be filled with an enlightened humanity, there needs to be a way to expose the truth without becoming unnecessarily hateful towards those who disagree – many Christians do not know what they are supporting (or are not supporting, for that matter).

While I understand that Maxine Dietrich has explained much of her life story on “The Black Sun 666” (which is linked to in the next paragraph) in response to a foolish Judeo/Christian’s attempt at slander, she still claims herself as a member of the NSM. I clearly am not Jewish, nor Christian, nor anything other than a Spiritual Satanist dedicated to the advancement of the truth, but I am forced to agree that Maxine Dietrich has some very strong, very hateful Antisemitic beliefs. And I’m just not okay with that. Sure, I abhor what the Judeo/Christians have done to Father Satan and his Demons, and sure, I want the hoaxes of Right-Hand Path religions to be exposed, but I don’t hate people just for believing something. They have never known otherwise. They are not the ones taking the knowledge away. They are victims. My girlfriend, who just accepted Father Satan’s truth into her life (February 2010), was raised Christian. She was never taught otherwise, nor were her parents. I’m sure many (if not most) Jews and Christians alike would leave their religion if they knew that it was a lie that had been created to keep the power of the truth and the soul to a select few. However, they have been deluded and outrage at the thought that their “God” may be false. They believe so strongly in something they have been mentally whipped into serving. If you had been told at a young age that if you didn’t act a certain way, you’d go to this really nasty place when you died, no matter what it was called or what you had done, you’d act that certain way, now wouldn’t you? It’s programmed into the malleable minds of children, then passed down through generations. Spiritual Satanism is not about punishment – it’s about truth, enlightenment, and freedom.

Another website that has cast a very dark shadow over Spiritual Satanism would be “The Black Sun 666” (link opens in new window) site. This website prefaces their content with a warning that the site includes Antisemitism, and one is warned that “If you are offended by what is known as “anti-semitism” (against Jews), we strongly advise you to hit the back button on your browser and leave.” While it is somewhat considerate of them to place this warning, they claim it to be “very advanced Satanism” within their website. Father Satan himself has told me that the site does not contain “very advanced Satanism,” and that it is just, and I quote, “blasphemous Antisemitism.” In other words, this website is blasphemy against Father Satan and what he stands for. The website is pro-Hitler. I think that says enough.

As opposed to what many non-Satanists (and, disappointingly, some Satanists) believe, Satan does not promote the random hatred that is preached on these two highly influential websites. I recognize that perhaps Maxine Dietrich has been influenced by her husband, a very prominent Neo-Nazi, but this does not make what she has done acceptable. I refuse to be associated with her, and I am creating this website in the hopes that people can see the truth – not only about our world and our True Father Satan, but about Spiritual Satanism in general. I am trying to use what accurate information on the Joy of Satan website I can find, and am also cross-referencing materials there with other Satanic websites. Any information I have put on this website has been approved as truth either by Father Satan himself, or by his Demons. Any negativity towards Judeo/Christianity that exists on this site is purely relevant and exists to provide information on the differences from what is commonly believed. I apologize if this is offensive.

The Satanic Liberation Front

This is a Satanic Public Service Announcement.

As not only a Theistic Satanist, but also as a human being, some information of value must be put forth.

Theistic Satanism – and its many facets, as a majority, does not condone nor support the beliefs, dogma, practices, or actions of Joy of Satan Ministries.

While we cannot, under the protection of the Constitution of the United States, forbid them from existence, we CAN however stand apart and aside from them.

Hate breeds hate, and the actions of a secluded white supremacist is hard to predict. That is why we must not allow there to be no alternative for the public view of Satanism.

While very few “popular” satanic sites truly exist – Joy of Satan enjoys having one of them. They draw in disillusioned youth with their ideologies of power and freedom, however they teach a philosophy of hate and tyranny.

Despite myself, and other Satanic leaders making an effort to show otherwise, we are all frequently labeled as the same caliber of individual as Andrea Harrington, aka Maxine Detreich. We, as leaders within the Satanic Community do not support nor endorse Joy of Satan OR its policies and procedures.

This open statement will be presented to as many Satanic leaders as possible, to see who may be placed as endorsing it, and to show the world that there is more to Satanism than Goosestepping.

Hail Satan!
Hail Freedom!

Endorsed by;

Arch Grand Magus James L. Nicholson II
Order of the Dragon, Temple of Theistic Satanism, Satanic Temples of America


“Hail Fucking Satan! This action and statement is admirable.”

– ISN Rev. Michael S. Margolin
Sinagogue of Satan

– Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik

Pope Robert Fraize
Church of Leviathan

By endorsing this statement, no leader or group here is stating support or endorsement of each other. They are all merely supporting this statement and the meaning thereof. No other implication is intended or existing.


Pick a Side

Currently I have seen that the supposed leadership of the Satanic community is becoming more and more lazy… There are some who seem to care enough to make a stand.. But the rest… Not so much…

What does this mean? Is everyone so concerned with being friends with a bunch of fake names on Facebook that they cannot stand up in the real world?

Educate not Decimate

While some may be a little militant.. Nothing I support has any physical danger involved. Now, I can’t speak for those who are being stood against, as they seem highly unstable and psychotic, however, the actions proposed by myself are benign physically and designed to turn people towards a more productive thought process, as well as expose those who damage our community.

Sure it can be fun to exchange slurs and rhetoric, however, it accomplishes nothing but starting a flame war. This only serves to diminish our capacity to free others and enlighten ourselves. Teaching that Nazism for example is wrong, is much different than claiming all Nazis must die.. The two ides are not compatible.. Not even slightly related. It is the ideology that is the rest not the person.

The more people we educate, the more people will learn about the more productive side of Satanism.

Standing for something, or falling for everything?

The trickiest part is choosing what aide to stand on right? Picking your battles? That should be farther from the truth!

Hate and violence should always share the same side.. The side we all stand against. These ideologies do nothing to further the freedoms of humanity, and cause nothing but pain and misery for those it effects.

In the case of JoS, they poison everyone’s opinion of Satanism, by claiming that Nazism and Satanism can be together.. This makes us the target for slander and unjust criticism.

So, when leadership is presented the opportunity to stand against such atrocious attitudes (and possibly even actions) they should jump on it. No prejudice over who may support it, but rather that they are making the effort to stop the ranks of the ill informed from growing.. Not only that, it protects them from unjust attack should some fool act physically on the hateful drivel taught by such hate groups.

Do you want to be labeled as a Joy of Satan supporter? Or a supporter of the rights and freedoms of the individual?

What will happen…

The actions taken to educate the word about the Joy of Satan will continue, and will be pursued vehemently. As will those who support the ideology of hate and intolerance. Sadly, this is too important to just chock up to being a group against a group.. This means that a side must be chosen.

Some have already chosen a side, and they have no problem showing their dedication to freedom… To Satanism. Not all are theistic, and not all are atheistic.. As the movement grows, some are not even Satanists.. Not all of hem like each other, but they have one thing common.. Love of freedom and liberty for mankind..

And support for the cause of True Satanic enlightment.


In Satan’s Honor

Hail Satan!
Hail The Great Dragon!
Due Ortu Satanae Populi!

AGM James L. Nicholson II

Brave Answers from The Infernal Reverend

I have accused of being Grand Magister Blackwood, and to that I say you are wrong.

I have not hid who I am, and if anyone had a brain or even the slightest inkling of what is going on they would see this… But ignorance has no limits.

People sometimes think that they can convince me that Satan has some higher goal in Satanism – to exterminate Christians and Jews off of this planet. I find it disturbing and a great threat how they are aligning themselves with Islam. They honestly dont understand they will turn on them as soon as they are able to accomplish their goals – as would Nazism.

Apparently common sense is still on vacation… Its time True Satanists band together to stop the insanity inside Radical Satanism and Islam.

I am for the freedom, liberty and Justice of all people who are law abiding and willing to give me the same respect. Regardless of Race, Religion, Nationality, and any other grouping available. I know that I do go after ideologies that I feel are wrong – but it is the right of those misguided souls to be misguided. That right however ENDS when violence becomes a tool of religion, or ideology.

Real Satanism – PRO-Liberty, PRO-Justice, PRO-America, AND unafraid.

Your RIGHT to swing YOUR fist, ENDS at the END of MY nose.


HM James L. Nicholson II
Ex fortitudine spes

Exposing Hate – Eliminating Ignorance

Release of Information – Messages obtained during Security Operations

Hey everybody. On saturday, february 5th, lets all throw our punches at our
enemies at the same time in a massive group destruction ritual against
christianity. Whos down?
go to:
Make a sigil of destruction, as on hp vovim baghies site, except replace the
mantra, which, on his site, is listed as,
“All energy raised today is constantly and permanently working to completely
Destroy the jewish Race at all times and in every way.”
“All energy raised today is constantly and permanently working to completely
Destroy Christianity at all times and in every way.”
and change the shorter mantra from,
,”Energy raised today is permanently destroying all jews completely,”
,”Energy raised today is permanently destroying christianity completely,”
basically just replace the words jewish race with christianity, wheresoever

meh. happy hunting.


Honestly I’m just going to start doing destruction rituals every single day, I have a lot of negative emotions I need to release through destruction rituals. Destroying the jewish race completely and destroying christianity completely will be my goals to accomplish. So I know I’ll be helping to things that are being manifested as we speak. Good luck my brethren, we shall win this war, as it is nearing it’s end, once and for all.


More Extreme Wording

I’m all for it.  I have my own ritual set aside for this, but I’ll tie my energies into yours and hopefully thousands of Christians will die by another huge earthquake.  I think my earthquake spell is refined enough to target something this time around.  Should I try for the Vatican, Jerusalem or should I try the New Madrid Fault System in the American Bible Belt?

Greed, Pride and Power are the real meanings of life.

Further investigation regarding this information revealed many hate based messages regarding people of all creed and religion. The Satanic Security Agency does not condone the wanton violence being promoted by such people as Andrea Herrington (AKA Maxine Deitrich).

While some may be looking at the above quotes as nothing but spiritual nothing in the aspect of tangible action, the S.S.A understands that in only takes one person to follow the Ideals promoted by Joy of Satan to cause a massive set back to the Satanist and their freedom, not to mention the lives lost in the process.

Any information regarding Joy of Satan activities of the illegal nature are appreciated, and should be forwarded with ‘JOS CRIME: in the subject title to Please include a working email address, a working phone number if you wish to discuss the situation with an Officer, and also please refrain from spam and false reports. All emails are traced, and we will pursue respondents who file false reports to the fullest extent of the law. Evidence is key, so please be sure to include as much as possible.