Hitler — The Hypochondriac, The Man with Faecal Attraction and The High Junkie on 74-92 Different “Meds”

Adolf Hitler was on crystal meth and a drug made from human faeces Channel 4 documentary shows

Adolf Hitler was on crystal meth and a drug made from human faeces
Channel 4 documentary shows

By Ben Dowell
Sunday 19 October 2014 at 08:00AM

(Cowardly fuck looks rather cranky, eh? --Added by blogger)

(Cowardly fuck looks rather cranky, eh?  Ugly mofos–Added by blogger)

TV’s fascination with the Nazis shows no sign of abating. And tonight Channel 4 pore over the private records of Adolf Hitler’s personal physician Theodor Morell, a vain, squat, fat and unpleasant quack doctor (pictured above behind the German dictator).

Morell was a fanatical note taker and carefully recorded every detail of Hitler’s physical condition on an almost daily basis (it is thought to protect himself in case his boss happened to die and the dictator’s henchmen wanted a scapegoat).
So what was Hitler’s health like? Bad does not even get close. And there is a ghoulish fascination to be had in being told in the programme that the chief proponent of Aryan supremacy was a profoundly sick man with bad breath, chronic flatulence and stomach cramps who used pills made from the faeces of soldiers to keep him going.

Yes, the chief of a land of supposedly great warriors was a physical wreck and a nervy hypochondriac who relied on 74 different kinds of medication at one point of his life.

More bizarrely, the cocktail of drugs he was on included crystal meth which is thought to have powered his crazed speechifying and once saw him rant, without interruption, at fellow dictator Benito Mussolini for four hours on end. And he was treated with leeches at various points in his life.

It’s a fascinating film showing how the madness of Nazism extended even into the arena of the physical well-being of its figurehead, a man sick in body as well as mind.

The sometimes breathy narration tells us that Morell’s actual journals have “never been seen on British television before” but the juicy information is already there in the history books. But that doesn’t stop this being a well-assembled, diverting and intimate insight into the corporeality of evil. And yes, Morell’s notes testify that Hitler did have two testicles.

Hitler’s Hidden Drug Habit: Secret History is on Channel 4 on Sunday October 19
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Der Fartenführer: The Story of Hitler’s Illnesses

Miss Cellania • Monday, March 24, 2014 at 5:00 AM

The following is an article from Uncle John’s Endlessly Engrossing Bathroom Reader.

What was it that caused Adolf Hitler’s physical and mental health to collapse in the closing days of World War II? He was losing the war, of course- surely that had a great deal to do with it. But for more than 60 years, historians have wondered if there was more to it than that.


The LeaderOn April 21, 1945, an SS physician named Ernst-Günther Schenck was summoned to Adolph Hitler’s bunker in Berlin and ordered to stock it with food. By that time, Germany’s war was hopelessly lost -most of the country has been already in Allied hands. Soviet troops had almost completely circled Berlin and were battling their way into the center of the city. Rather than flee, Hitler decided to make his final stand in his führerbunker in the heart of the Nazi capital. He would remain there until the end, which for him was just nine days away.

Like all Germans, Dr. Schenck had been fed a steady diet of photographs, films, and propaganda posters of Hitler since the dictator had come to power in 1933. But the man he saw in the bunker looked nothing like those images. The 56-year-old Hitler “was a living corpse, a dead soul,” Schenck remembered in a 1985 interview. “His spine was hunched, his shoulder blades protruded from his bent back, and he collapsed his shoulders like a turtle… I was looking into the eyes of death.”


Old ManEven more shocking than the way Hitler looked was the way he moved about the bunker. He walked with the slow, halting shuffle of a man thirty years older, dragging his left leg behind him as he went. He couldn’t go more than a few steps without grabbing onto something for support.

Hitler’s head, arms, and entire left side trembled and jerked uncontrollably. No longer able to write his own name, he signed important documents with a rubber stamp. He had always insisted on shaving himself -the murderer of millions could not stand the thought of another man holding a razor to his throat- but his trembling hands made that impossible, too. He could not lift food to his mouth without spilling it down the front of his uniform and could not take a seat without help -after he shuffled up to a table, an aide pushed a chair behind him, and he plopped down into it.

Hitler’s mental state had deteriorated as well. His thinking was muddled, his memory was failing, and his emotions whipsawed back and forth between long bouts of irrational euphoria (especially irrational considering how close Germany was to defeat) and fits of screaming, uncontrollable rage that lasted for hours.


Schenck remained in Berlin until the end. On April 29, Hitler married his longtime mistress, Eva Braun, and the following day the pair committed suicide in the führerbunker. Germany surrendered unconditionally on May 7.

Diagnoses Der Führerbunker

Der Führerbunker. (Image credit: German Federal Archives)

After the war, Schenck spent a decade in Soviet prison camps. He never forgot what he saw in the führerbunker, and after his release he spent years poring over Hitler’s medical records in an attempt to discover just what had caused the dictator’s health to decline so rapidly in the final years and months of his life.

He was not alone in this effort- in the more than 60 years since the end of the war, many historians, physicians, and World War II buffs have done the same thing. What caused Hitler’s collapse -was it Parkinson’s disease? Tertiary syphilis? Giant cell arteritis? Countless theories have been advanced to explain Hitler’s physical and mental decline, and after all this time the experts are no closer to agreeing than they were on the day he died.


One of the more bizarre theories was advanced by some of Hitler’s own doctors in July 1944. The diagnosis came about by chance, after a visiting ear, nose, and throat specialist named Dr. Erwin Geising happened to notice six tiny black pills -“Doctor Koester’s Anti-Gas Pills”- sitting on the Führer’s breakfast tray next to his porridge, dry bread, and orange juice. After spotting the pills, Geising did something that Hitler’s own personal physician, an eccentric quack named Dr. Theodore Morell, had apparently never bothered to do: He examined the tin the pills came in and actually read the label to see what was in them. Geising was stunned by what he read. Could it be? Was the Führer bring poisoned by the pills he took to control his meteorism -powerful attacks of uncontrollable farting?


Hitler had suffered from digestive problems his entire life. Since childhood he’d been prone to crippling, painful stomach cramps during times of emotional distress. By the time he’d reached his early 40s, the cramping had become more frequent, often accompanied by violent bouts of farting, along with alternate bouts of diarrhea and constipation.

The farting attacks are one of the reasons Hitler became a vegetarian in the early 1930s: He didn’t trust doctors, so rather than seek professional help for his condition he tried to treat it himself by eliminating meat, rich foods, milk, and butter from his diet in favor of raw and cooked vegetables and whole grains.


Still Fartin'Increasing the fiber in his diet did not improve Hitler’s condition; if anything it made him even gassier than he’d been before. (But the vegetarian diet may have made his farts less smelly, and he may have been willing to settle for that.) By the mid-1930s, Hitler was the ruler of Germany… and still farting like a horse. His attacks were most severe right after meals; during dinner parties it was common for him to suddenly leap up from the table and disappear into his private quarters, leaving stunned guests to wonder why the Führer had gone and when he might be back. On many nights he did not return at all.

In 1936 Hitler happened to meet Dr. Morell at a Christmas party. After pulling the doctor aside, Hitler poured out his problems, describing his intestinal distress and his eczema: itchy, inflamed skin on his shins, so painful that he could not put on his boots. By now Hitler had given up on trying to cure himself and allowed Germany’s best doctors to examine him. They put him on a diet of tea and dry toast, but all that did was leave him feeling weak and exhausted. Morell listened attentively …and then promised to cure both problems within a year. Hitler decided to give him a try.


By the mid-1930s, the Nazis had already begun destroying what before their rise had been one of the most advanced medical communities in the world. At the same time that they undermined the scientific underpinnings of the German medical establishment with their loony racial theories and crackpot pseudoscience, the Nazis were driving German Jews out of the profession, along with any “Aryan” Germans who opposed Nazism. And yet for all the damage the Nazis did to German medicine, there were still plenty of skilled, capable doctors from whom Hitler could choose his personal physician. So it’s all the more remarkable that he chose someone as peculiar and incompetent as Dr. Theodore Morell.


Doc Medioc-rityMorell’s resume left a lot to be desired. A onetime ship’s doctor who served as an army physician during World War I, he opened a general practice on the fashionable Kurfürstendamm street in Berlin after the war and counted a lot of society figures -politicians, actors, artists, nightclub singers- among his patients. With the exception of occasional cases of bad skin, impotence, or venereal disease, Morell shied away from treating people who were genuinely ill, referring these cases to other doctors while he built up a clientele of fashionable, big-spending patients whose largely psychosomatic illnesses responded well to his close attention, flattery, and ineffective quack treatments.

Morell’s skill at coddling his patients was masterful, but his abilities as a physician were clearly deficient, to the point of putting their health at risk. “In practice he was occasionally careless,” biographer John Toland writes in Adolph Hitler. “He was known to have wrapped a patient’s arm with a bandage he just used to wipe a table, and to inject the same needle without sterilization into two patients.”


%22Made%22 in Bulgaria - Hitler's Feces PillsIn addition to overseeing his practice, Morell served on the board of Hageda, a pharmaceutical company that manufactured a strange mediation called Mutaflor, whose active ingredient was live bacteria cultured from the fecal matter of “a Bulgarian peasant of the most vigorous stock.”

Mutaflor was intended to treat digestive disorders- the theory being that digestive problems were caused when healthy bacteria, which lived in the intestinal tract and were essential to good digestion, were killed off or crowded out by unhealthy bacteria. Ingesting the cultured dung of a vigorous, clean-living Bulgarian peasant, the theory went, would reintroduce beneficial bacteria into an unhealthy digestive tract and restore proper function.
That was the theory, and while it sounded pretty good, in truth it was literally a load of crap, and good German doctors knew it. Not so Dr. Morell -and because he had a financial interest in the company that made Metaflor, he prescribed the pills to virtually all his patients, whether they suffered from digestive complaints of not. Hitler did suffer from digestive complaints, of course, and Morell soon had the Führer taking regular doses of Mutaflor …plus two tablets of Dr. Koester’s Anti-Gas Pills at every meal.


Hitler’s intestinal ailments were intermittent and, as had been the case during his childhood, still had a considerable psychological component: He suffered from attacks of cramps and farting during times of stress, then when things calmed down his symptoms abated. After he placed himself under Morell’s care, it was just a matter of time before his condition improved, and when relief finally came a few months later -at about the same time his eczema began to clear up- Hitler naturally attributed his deliverance to Morell.

The “cure” was only temporary, but no matter -the Führer had finally found a doctor he could believe in. “Nobody has ever before told me so clearly and precisely what was wrong with me,” Hitler told his chief architect, Albert Speer. “His method of cure is so logical that I have the greatest confidence in him. I shall follow his prescription to the letter.” Morell would remain by Hitler’s side until almost the very end.


Heaven ScentHitler took to Morell immediately, but the Führer’s inner circle despised the doctor from the start, and not just because he was an obvious quack- he was also an extremely unpleasant person to be around. The morbidly obese Morell did not bathe regularly: His skin and hair were greasy, his fingernails often filthy, and when his powerful body odor and bad breath weren’t enough to clear the room, his propensity for belching and farting in polite company usually did the trick. “He has an appetite as big as his belly and gives not only visual but audible expression of it,” Speer observed.

Even Eva Braun found Morell repulsive, but Hitler didn’t care. When she and others complained about his offensive body odor, the Führer brushed them off. “I do not employ him for his fragrance, but to look after my health,” he’d say. (Who knows? Maybe Hitler liked having another farter in the room, so that no one who “smelt it” could tell for sure who’d “dealt it.”)


In those early days, Morell’s influence on Hitler was fairly benign; the stinky doctor limited himself to giving diet tips and, of course, prescribing Mutaflor and Dr. Koester’s Anti-Gas Pills. But over time he became more controlling over what Hitler was allowed to eat, and the number and strength of medications he prescribed increased dramatically. In the years to come he would prescribe enzymes, liver extracts, stimulants, hormones, painkillers, sedatives, tranquilizers, muscle relaxants, morphine derivatives (to induce constipation), laxatives (to relieve it), and other drugs by the dozen.

According to one estimate, by the early 1940s, Hitler was taking 92 different kinds of drugs, including 63 different pills and skin lotions. Some medicines were taken only when specific complaints arose, but others were taken every day. By the summer of 1941, Hitler was popping between 120 and 150 pills a week on average. And on top of all the pills, Morell also administered injections -as many as 10 a day, sometimes more. So many, in fact, that even Herman Goering, Hitler’s heir apparent and himself a morphine addict, was startled by their frequency and took to calling Morell the “Reich Injection Master.”

Nobody knew for sure what Morell was giving Hitler. There were other physicians in the Führer’s service- two surgeons, Dr. Karl Brandt and Dr. Hans Karl von Hasselbach, traveled with Hitler in case he ever needed emergency surgery, and other specialists, such as visiting ear, nose, and throat doctor Erwin Geising, were called on from time to time to treat specific complaints. But none knew what Morell was really up to. Any physician worth his salt would have been alarmed by all the injections Morell was administering. But when Brandt or anyone else asked him what was in the shots or why Hitler needed so many, he shrugged them off as vitamins of glucose (sugar) injections, or answered cryptically, “I give him what he needs.”


The One-Two Punch










Considering all the medications that Morell was administering to Hitler, why was it Dr. Koester’s Anti-Gas Pills that finally prompted the other physicians to act? It may have been the simple fact that they came in a tin. Most of the pills and shots that Hitler took were unidentified and mysterious, but Dr. Koester’s Anti-Gas Pills came in a little metal container (like Altoids heath mints or Sucrets throat lozenges) that identified them by name and even listed the active ingredients: gentian, belladonna, and an extract of something called nux vomica.

The gentian was harmless enough. But the presence of the other two ingredients in the pills, plus the revelation that Hitler, on top of all his other medications, was popping as many as 20 of the anti-gas pills a day, was startling. Even if Dr. Morell had read the label on the tin, he might not have known that nux vomica is a seed that contains a large amount of strychnine, commonly used as the active ingredient in rat poison. Belladonna, also known as deadly nightshade, contains atropine, a toxic substance that can cause excitement, confusion, hallucinations, coma, and death if taken in large quantities.

That’s what alarmed Dr. Geising when he saw the six black pills sitting on Hitler’s breakfast tray that morning in July 1944: Without even realizing it, Hitler’s own personal physician had exposed him on a daily basis to significant doses of not one, but two deadly poisons.


By then it was obvious to everyone around him that Hitelr’s physical and mental state were deteriorating. His tremor had become quite pronounced, his memory was slipping, and his mood swings were intensifying. Geising wondered if the rat poison in the fart pills was the cause of some or all of these symptoms. He popped a few tablets himself… and when he began to experience some of the same symptoms, including irritability and stomach cramps, he shared his theory with Hitler’s surgeons, Dr. Brandt and Dr. von Hasselbach.


Brandt and von Hasselbach had never liked Dr. Morell and had no faith in his abilities, and like Dr. Geising they were concerned for the state of Hitler’s health. Now, they thought, they had an opportunity to get rid of Morell once and for all and give the Führer the proper medical care he clearly needed. But if they thought getting rid of Morell would be easy once his incompetence was exposed, they soon learned how mistaken they were. When Brandt told Hitler what was in the pills he was popping like candy, he not only took Morell’s side, he fired Brandt and von Hasselbach for daring to interfere with Morell, and he told the visiting Dr. Geising that his services were no longer needed.

Even though Morell was as stunned as everyone else to learn that he’d been medicating the Führer with rat poison, Hitler himself didn’t seem to mind. “I myself always thought they were just charcoal tablets for soaking up my intestinal gases, and I always felt rather pleasant after taking them,” he explained.

And though it was Morell’s responsibility to keep track of how many of the pills Hitler was taking, Hitler himself ignored Morell’s instruction to take only two at a time and had begun taking six or more before each meal. The dictator didn’t blame the pills for his stomach cramps, either, since those dated back to his childhood.

Now that Hitler understood that the fart pills were potentially dangerous, he stopped taking so many… but his health did not improve. His physical and mental decline not only continued, it accelerated.

So what was the true cause of his collapse?

Der Führerbunker after the war

Der Führerbunker after the war. (Image credit: German Federal Archives)



All doubts about the safety of Dr. Koester’s Anti-Gas Pills were resolved when some of them were sent to a lab for analysis. The fart pills were found to contain small enough doses of strychnine and atropine that Hitler would have had to consume 30 pills or more -all in one sitting- for them to pose a threat to his health. He never took more than 6 at a time, and never more than 20 over the course of a day. Strychnine is quickly neutralized by the human body and does not accumulate in body tissues; because of this, nonlethal doses such as those contained in Dr. Koester’s pills can be taken for years on end with little or no ill effect. (Still, don’t try it at home!)

Neither the rat poison nor the peasant poop had done Hitler much good… but they hadn’t done him much harm, either. But the intravenous injections that Morell administered to Hitler beginning in the late 1930s were a different story. Morell was very secretive about what was in the Führer’s regular daily shots; in his surviving medical records he never suggests that they contain anything other than vitamins or glucose. Some of the injections undoubtably contained these relatively innocuous ingredients, but not all of them. There’s considerable evidence to suggest that many of the shots Morell administered contained something much more powerful -and that they, not the Mutaflor or Dr. Koester’s Anti-Gas Pills, were responsible for the collapse in Hitler’s health at the end of his life.


Dr. Morell, Hitler, and Mrs. Morell.

Dr. Morell, Hitler, and Mrs. Morell.

Some of the most convincing pieces of evidence are the eyewitness accounts of how Hitler responded to the intravenous injections. In the late 1930s, the shots were administered infrequently, usually just before an important meeting or a major speech, when Hitler wanted a quick boost. But by late 1941, they were being administered every morning, before Hitler had even gotten out of bed, as part of his daily routine. Hitler’s valets, secretaries, and other close aides occasionally witnessed the shots being administered, and after the war they all described how the sleepy and sometimes completely exhausted Führer responded to all the injections instantly, sometimes even while the needle was still in his arm: One moment he was groggy and uncommunicative, and the very next moment he was fully alert and sitting up in bed, contentedly chatting away with whoever was in the room. Ordinary vitamins and glucose didn’t produce the instant surge of energy that Hitler experienced, even when injected directly into the veins.


THANK YOU SIR, MAY I HAVE ANOTHERBy 1943 Hitler was receiving two shots a day, more if the news from the front was especially bad. As the years progressed -and the tide of the war turned against Germany- Hitler called on Morell more and more frequently to give him the injections. By late 1944, the doctor was administering so many shots that he was having trouble finding fresh areas in Hitler’s needle-pocked arms to give new injections.

As Morell confided to an assistant, Hitler’s tolerance for whatever was in the shots had increased so dramatically over time that Morell had to increase the dosage from 2 cubic centimeters per injection to 4, then 10, then eventually to 16 cc -an increase of 700 percent- for the injections to have the desired effect.

As Dr. Leonard Heston and Renate Heston point out in their book The Medical Case of Adolph Hitler, human tolerance for vitamins and glucose does not change over time. The fact that Hitler was building up a tolerance for the injections is further evidence that they contained a drug of some kind.


When you compare this evidence to the eyewitness accounts of Hitler’s instant response to the drug, a likely candidate for which drug he was taking begins to emerge. “The effects described,” the Hestons write, “are characteristic of an injection of a stimulant drug of the amphetamine group or cocaine, and are not compatible with any other drug.” Of the two possibilities, “amphetamine …is much more probable because its injectable form was readily available, while injectable cocaine was an illegal drug… Also, the effects of amphetamine last two or three hours, while the action of cocaine is much more rapidly terminated. The effects on Hitler were relatively long-lasting.”


Hitler and Eva Braun, 1945.

Hitler and Eva Braun, 1945.

Amphetamines give the user a surge in energy and an improvement in mood, just as witnesses to Hitler’s injections described. But they are now illegal for a very good reason: They’re terribly addictive and they have numerous debilitating negative side effects that more than outweigh the handful of desirable affects.

When taken even in moderate amounts, amphetamines can cause insomnia -which Hitler suffered from- and loss of appetite. As dosages increase, so do the number and intensity of the side effects. Psychological side effects associated with amphetamine toxicity include euphoria, irritability, paranoia, impulsiveness, loss of emotional control, and rigid thinking that is often marked by an obsession with minor, unimportant details at the expense of the larger picture. Because these symptoms impair the user’s ability to perceive events and the surrounding environment rationally, decision making also suffers.


Hitler suffered from all these symptoms and, at least as far as his generals were concerned, his thinking did indeed become impaired, especially his ability to make intelligent, rational decisions. A number of the generals assigned to Hitler’s headquarters were convinced he was losing his mind.

One of the reasons the war in Europe ended in the spring of 1945 and not many months or even years later is that even as the tide of war turned against Germany, Hitler irrationally demanded that his battlefield commanders hold every inch of ground they had conquered, even when their situations became hopeless. In late 1942, for example, General Friedrich von Paulus, commander of the Sixth Army, requested permission to withdraw his troops from the Russian city of Stalingrad to avoid being surrounded by a superior force of Russian troops. Hitler, who by now was receiving shots every day, responded with a lunatic reply that the Sixth Army could withdraw from Stalingrad, “provided that it could still hold Stalingrad.” Unable to think of a way to abandon a position and hang onto it at the same time, von Paulus dutifully remained remained in the city. Stalingrad was surrounded a few weeks later, and in January 1943, the Sixth Army surrendered. As many as 800,000 Axis troops died in the Battle of Stalingrad, and when it ended, 90,000 soldiers who survived it were marched off to Siberia. All but 6,000 perished.
Stalingrad. (Image credit: German Federal Archives)

Had Hitler allowed von Paulus to withdraw to a defensive position when requested, hundreds of thousands of German soldiers would have lived to fight another day, and the war might have dragged on for years. Instead, Stalingrad marked the turning point of the war and the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany. Who knows? We may have Dr. Morell and his amphetamines to thank for the war ending when it did.


MIND…AND BODYIn addition to the psychological side effects of amphetamine abuse, there are physical side effects, among them twitching, tremors, and what are called “stereotypes”: compulsive behaviors, such as repeated picking at or biting one’s own skin. Hitler was twitchy, his head jerked uncontrollably, and he had tremors in spades -the shaking that began in his left hand soon spread down his left leg and then to his right hand. He also exhibited at least two types of stereotypical behavior: compulsively biting the skin around the nails of his thumbs, and picking and scratching at the skin on the back of his neck until it became infected.

The trembling in Hitler’s left leg impaired his ability to walk normally, but there may be another explanation for the slow, foot-dragging shuffle and loss of motor function that he displayed at the end of his life. Chronic amphetamine abuse takes a terrible toll on the cardiovascular system and can cause both heart attacks and strokes. Electrocardiographs taken of Hitler’s heart in July 1941 and again in September of 1943 show a deterioration in heart function between the two dates that is consistent with a heart attack. And among Dr. Morell’s surviving medical records is an article torn from a June 1943 medical journal that may provide another clue. Topic of the article: How to treat a heart attack.

Then in February 1945, the Hestons write, “Hitler suffered at least one small stroke; but he may have had several, and, indeed, his rapid decline from this time onward suggests widespread cardiovascular disease.” The odds of a healthy 56-year-old man suffering both a heart attack and one or more strokes are “distinctly improbable,” say the Hestons: “The most parsimonious explanation, given the lack of conclusive evidence, is to attribute both vascular events to the injection of intravenous amphetamine.” By April 1945, Hitler was so close to death that had he not killed himself, it may have been just a matter of time before he dropped dead from amphetamine-induced “natural” causes.


Morell remained by Hitler’s side until almost the very end …but not quite. Ironically, the cause of Hitler’s falling-out with his beloved quack was an injection: Hitler had resigned himself to remaining in Berlin and committing suicide before the city fell to the Russians. Many in the Führer’s inner circle wanted him to escape to the mountains of southern Germany, where it might have been possible for the remnants of the military, led by Hitler, to hold out indefinitely. Hitler would hear none of it. He was determined to die in his capital, but he feared that his subordinates would drug him and take him out of Berlin against his will. And who better to administer the drugs than Morell? When the doctor came to Hitler on April 21 with yet another syringe filled with who-knows-what (probably just more amphetamines), the raging, paranoid Führer fired him on the spot. Not that Morell minded- by then the bombs were dropping on the führerbunker 24 hours a day, and he was desperate for an excuse to escape.

Der Führerbunker, 1947. (Image credit: German Federal Archives)

Der Führerbunker, 1947. (Image credit: German Federal Archives)


Morell did make it out of Berlin, and he survived the war, but not by much. A few days after fleeing the city, he checked into a hospital complaining of heart problems. On July 17, 1945, he was arrested by the Americans and imprisoned. After investigators determined he was not guilty of any war crimes, he was released. Morell’s health continued to deteriorate, and by June 1947 he was back in the hospital, where he remained bedridden until May 1948, when he died shortly after suffering a stroke.


The article above is reprinted with permission from Uncle John’s Endlessly Engrossing Bathroom Reader.

Since 1988, the Bathroom Reader Institute had published a series of popular books containing irresistible bits of trivia and obscure yet fascinating facts. If you like Neatorama, you’ll love the Bathroom Reader Institute’s books – go ahead and check ’em out!

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The following is from “Faecal attraction: A beginner’s guide to coprophilia”

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The most infamous copraphiliac was allegedly Adolf Hitler. This was alluded to in a recent 2011 biography of Hitler’s lover Eva Braun by Heike B. Gortemaker. However, other books on Hitler have been more explicit. For instance, Greg Hallet in his chapter ‘Hitler’s Sexuality’ (from his 2008 book ‘Hitler was a British Agent’) wrote:

“Hitler’s close boyhood friend from Linz, August Kubizek, wrote Adolf Hitler, Mein Jugendfreund (My Youth Friend), ‘Adolf did not engage in love affairs or flirtations. He always rejected the coquettish advances of girls or women. Women and girls took an interest in him but he always evaded their endeavours’…During deconstruction, it is customary that the person is sexually abused in the manner which is most embarrassing to that person. In Hitler’s case, he was sodomised, creating a submissive distant respect for homosexuals like his bodyguards and some of his highest-placed leaders. His natural bent was developed into coprophilia (being shat on)…With each deconstruction an embarrassing addiction is developed and filmed. With Hitler it was sadomasochism, coprophilia and homosexuality. That is, he liked to be verbally abused and slapped around, to have his head urinated on, his chest shat on, and to have sex with men

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
After this blog entry, anyone still posting Hitler’s praises on JoS should realize they’re either delusional or just in some outrageously funny denial!

The Joy of Satan (And Why You Shouldn’t Care About Them.) AKA Everyone in the JoS is an Idiot

Sometimes you stumble upon a gem online. One that makes you laugh so hard, you can’t help but almost — almost — feel pity and sorry for these losers. But hey, they chose their path and it’s no one else’s fault that they are wasting their lives. The only true victims are the teenagers. The fact that these adults take advantage of them is pure sickness.

The Joy of Satan (And Why You Shouldn’t Care About Them.)

After getting kicked off of the JoS forums and having to keep track of Mad Maxine and the rest of her little cult through a second account, I’ve started being able to see what the people in these forums say in a far more analytical and less personal light.

One thing that instantly caused me dismay recently, was a topic aimed specifically at ‘High Priestess Maxine and Black Shadow Stallion.’

AND Black Shadow Stallion?

Oh dear.

Now the most Nazified and ignorant of the Satanazis from the JoS is going to think they’re something special. This is the person who seems to know the most about the ‘cosmic’ struggle between the supposed alliance of the ‘greys’, ‘reptiles’ and ‘angels’ – commonly known as the IGF, which somehow stands for Intergalactic Federation (the G in IGF standing for…?) and the Gods of Ancient Someria (along with whatever Gods the JoS has decided should also be part of Father Satan/Enki/Ea/Jehova’s barmy army of aliens) and is also the person who sees ‘Hitler killed Jews’ and ‘Hitler didn’t like Christian Churches’ as (the only two) perfectly logical connections between Nazism and Satanism as avid proof that Satan, in fact, follows a human made political viewpoint. I find it so amazingly frustrating, the level of stupidity that exists within this cult. But it does not surprise me.

Recently, Maxine comforted a member who wished to convert back to Christianity while they were on their death bed, dying of Cancer. All communications took place through the forums.

Maxine claimed that this was a foolish wish and that just by simply focusing on Satan, the member would recover. She even used a story, which was so painfully obviously fabricated, to back up her claims. Apparently, once upon a time, the mighty Maxine was concerned that she was going to die of blood loss, but by focusing on Satan she was saved. Being aware that this lie wouldn’t hold up on its own and was nothing to do with the matter at hand; she even gave forth an anecdote of how a friend of hers miraculously recovered from Cancer in the same way! Well, that’s just magical, Maxine, but there were no more contexts to these tales, and as such I can claim that the fact that my cat is sleeping on lap at the moment is the only thing stopping my balls exploding and mutanagenic cream seeping out of my ears and I’ll have as much proof and justification of these facts.

And yet this comforting reply from Maxine was hailed as gracious and compassionate. In fact, every post by Maxine is immediately followed by an onslaught of blind brown nosing. The individuals of the JoS are certainly proud of their ability to think freely.

But then, suddenly it dawns on me…

So what?

The entire JoS cult is often seen as some sort of danger to Satanism. As giving real Satanism a bad name or twisting it or destroying it or whatever… but it’s not. For one simple reason…

Everyone in the JoS is an idiot.

I read through all the subjects of all the topics being discussed in both the Teens for Satan and Joy of Satan web forums and realised that everything there was either fantasy or though and through retarded rubbish, most of which had just finished being discussed in another topic and had been brought up again by someone new. The JoS goes around in neat little circles, never achieving anything.

How can they even claim to be Satanists? They worship Enki, the Sumerian God. Not Satan. Hence, they should be Enkites, or Enkists. After all, they claim that Enki was named Satan by his enemies and that Enki is Satan’s real name. So isn’t worshipping Enki, but calling yourself a Satanist a glaring insult to your God? It’s a lot like a misunderstood child at school earning the nickname ‘Shit Face’ and having everyone call him that and tease him. Then, a group of people realise that he’s not such a bad kid and open up a ‘Temple of Shit Face’. You’d assume that they’re either all a bunch of morons and ignore them or think they were taking the mick. Thus, if Enki is indeed Satan, then the JoS are probably the very last people he’d want to associate himself with.

Another recent post, supposedly proving Enki’s continued involvement with the JoS but which, as far as I can see, simply insults the intelligence of one often referred to as ‘the most clever and wise of gods’ claimed that Satan/Enki had ordered an attack on the Angel Michael. It received neither reply nor conformation at any time from any ‘High Priest’ or even a regarded member. It was posted in the Teens for Satan forum and nowhere else. The message was exactly as follows:

“Louis Rynsard” <louis@r…>


Father has asked me to tell every Satanist I know of to focus
all their offensive energy at the archangel Michael on November 1st
please remember this is to help us during the rapture
Hail Enki

Yes, that makes perfect sense. Satan, sitting aloft upon his mighty throne, decided that the time was right to launch a major offensive against one of his archenemies. ‘How shall I go about accomplishing such a task?’ he thought to himself. ‘I know! I’ll tell some obscure moron who has no grasp of grammar to post my glorious plan in a single web forum full of people as dumb as he is! No way am I telling anyone competent or respected MY plan!’

Meanwhile, in Heaven, Michael is approached by one of his underlings… ‘Hey boss, I was doing a search on the web today and I found out that about six really stupid teenagers are planning on focusing offensive energy upon you on November first.’

‘”Offensive energy”? What the hel-uh-heck, is that?’ Michael asks, unsure whether he should be worried or vengeful.

‘I assume it’s the same as normal energy, but with its middle finger up or something.’ Replies the apathetic underling, ‘but at least now that we know exactly when they’re going to focus it, we can gather our forces, properly prepare in good time and destroy them.’

‘But,’ Michael says, wisely, ‘what if this is what they want us to think and this really is an intelligent hoax?’

At this point, I imagine the underling would collapse on the floor and laugh till his lungs exploded.

And what the hell is ‘the rapture’?

The same poster saw it fit to label this post ‘extremely important’.

I understand that they are many forms of satanism but surley the ones
that arent xian satanism or laveryian should all join together to
overall help satanists world wide.
Hail Enki

And here within I demonstrate the reason why I was booted off of the JoS under some crappy excuse about being an enemy of the JoS. I was suggesting to people that they branch out and learn about other forms of Satanism in order to cement their beliefs and just generally to learn. This proves beyond a doubt, especially because of the multitude of people replying in agreement, that the JoS is a big bunch of ignorant fools. But this is how Maxine wants her members to be; otherwise they’d be capable of realising what Satanism actually is and would see what a load of trollop the JoS is. They’re also prone to attention seeking fantasies, such as this member:

volsung_sword <garou1982@aol.com> wrote:

When I finished the opening the third eye mediations I had a flash
back to my youth.

Many time I recall feeling the pressence of greys. There would be this
intense vidration I’d feel it get closer and closer then somthing
would touch me and my whole body would shivering along with it, I
rember intense pain and headachs for days.

This occured many many times over the course of my child hood and
early to late teens.

Normally the touch would work it’s way down my chakras. It was alot
like the third eye mediatation.

Any idea what those grey fucks where doing to me?


Right, because a race of highly advanced aliens would be SO interested in someone who can’t even spell ‘a lot’ correctly. I’ll tell you what ‘those grey fucks’ WERE ‘doing to’ you. They were probably looking for your brain and failing.

So, as you can see, there is no danger there. Leave Mad Maxine to her odd Enkist, Nazi crusades. Let everyone on the site be ignorant. It’s the least they deserve. The only reason anyone stays long at the JoS is because they’re too dumb to figure out that it’s all a load of made up, occasionally new age twoddle. So who cares if this group of toddlers is mixing up Satanism a little? They never move out to contaminate other branches of Satanism and remain enslaved within their own forums and small minds. Satanism is generally dominated by the intellectually elite. We’re better off without them.

More information on the Joy of Satan site:

These are websites that host articles and essays against the Joy of Satan. It’s interesting to see how many people have opposed this pseudo-satanic neo-Nazi group over the years.

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26. “Ireallyhateallofyou” Blog: Real Life Satanic Neo Nazis

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35. Maxine Dietrich at The Fundie Site

36. Diane Vera at WordPress: Archive for the ‘anti-Satanism’ Category

37. The Sitichin is Wrong Website Arguments against the teachings of Zechariah Sitchin

38. The Twelfth Planet Analysis of Sitchin

39. Challenging Antisemitism Debunking the Myths

40. Questions you Should NEVER ask The Joy of Satan Ministry

Exposing The Joy of Satan Website (AKA Pissing the Christian HungARYAN Off with FACTS)

Exposing The Joy of Satan Website

What is the Real Situation?

Since 2002 the internet Satanist organization known as the Joy Of Satan Ministries [JOS] gained a reputation of being a group of wayward and misdirected teens who are nothing more than dabblers in satanic play. Members claim that they are Satanists and they identify with neo-Nazi ideals. With the many articles available, the site seems comprehensive and full of information. This website has been praised by others for having rituals and meditations which seem to form a complete and useful system for its followers. Underneath the surface are the lies, deceit and outright plagiarism that the website owner created to build the website. [1]

The website owner of the Joy Of Satan Ministries, known as ‘High Priestess’ Maxine Dietrich, [real name, Andrea Herrington] tried to cleverly piece together a version of neo-nazi Satanism that is based on fanatic racism, anti-religious sentiment and neo-nazi fascism. Maxine fills in information for her website from whatever sources that she feels entitled to steal from. Maxine then claims that the materials for her website come from a divine source – “demons”. This lie that she perpetuates, attracts members to her websites that give her donation money to fund her lifestyle and to pay for her husband’s Neo-Nazi campaign. By scamming people through peddling plagiarized writings on the Joy of Satan site, ‘High Priestess’ Maxine Dietrich funds her lifestyle.

Over the years several authors and publishers have confronted her, but that has not seemed to stop her from stealing other writer’s works and selling them for a profit. This essay will expose the false foundation of the Joy of Satan site and hopefully bring some retribution to the many authors that have had their names slandered by this ‘satanic’ charlatan named Maxine Dietrich. [2]

Important Copyright Information:

Before we approach the subject of what copyrighted material is used on the Joy Of Satan site, we should first look at what copyright standards really are, and what constitutes ‘fair use’ of copyright materials in writing. Since Copyright law is a complex subject, provided here is a brief definition from the US copyright office website.

Copyright is the ownership of a created expression, in the form of music, writing, video, art, web sites, or other mediums. Copyright ownership technically begins at the moment that the work is created. When a creation is copyrighted by the owner it is registered with the copyright office, which then grants the creator proof of ownership of the copyrighted work. This protects the copyright owner legally, and gives them the rights of ownership that can be defended in court.

There is a way to use copyrighted material for the purpose of education or review. This is called ‘Fair Use’ of copyrighted material and this is clearly defined on the US Copyright Office website. According to the law fair use is defined as:

“quotation of excerpts in a review or criticism for purposes of illustration or comment; quotation of short passages in a scholarly or technical work, for illustration or clarification of the author’s observations;..” [3]

Also according to copyright law, the fair use of the copyright material is put into in question if it does not meet certain guidelines. The majority of the writings on the Joy of Satan site do not cite the proper reference materials, according to the ‘Fair Use’ guidelines. When a writer uses material gathered from unattributed sources without permission, then subsequently compiles it with the appearance of originality and then publishes it, and sells it for profit, then it is not fair use by any means. Since this is the case, the materials and the books for sale on the Joy of Satan site are plagiarized versions of copyrighted materials.

What is the Definition of Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is something that can destroy a writer’s reputation. This is because the plagiarist intentionally uses direct passages or quotes or deceptively uses ideas or writing styles that belong to authors without properly attributing the source materials to the copyright owners. This is a misleading and dishonest practice that is intended to make the plagiarist appear as the original source of the work. [4]

What is Acceptable use?

If the material is being used for educational purposes, cited properly and not used for profit, then it would be within fair use of copyright law. Quotes or ideas that are attributed to the original author fall within the definition of fair use. Citing an author to compare or discuss ideas is appropriate. Lying, hiding source materials and claiming others ideas as your own, and selling these things for profit, is not ‘fair use’.

This essay is intended as a criticism of intentional plagiarism of books and websites by Maxine Dietrich, the owner of the Joy of Satan Ministries website. Now, let’s explore the many sources and materials that Maxine used for her websites.

Stolen Materials from Franz Bardon

Maxine Dietrich has many pages on her site that use materials written by Franz Bardon. This author was a stage magician and the son of a Christian mystic. Franz Bardon taught a method of natural magic called Hermetics which had been influenced by Eliphas levi, an ex-catholic turned occultist and Francis Barrett, an English Kabbalist. Bardon also focused on Kabalah and eastern teachings of Tantra. The book, written by Bardon titled “Initiation into Hermetics” contains two sections, one for theory and one for practice. These sections include a step-by step guide to magic empowerment that was carefully copied and integrated into the Joy of Satan website by Maxine Dietrich. [5]

Maxine’s website includes pages about balencing energies, evoking the elements, breathing, visualization, rituals, consciousness, astral travel, clairaudience, and even ‘goodhood’, which is the same program and methods created by Bardon. Unfortunately, Maxine Dietrich used the information and ideas of Franz Bardon in her web pages without giving the author any credit.

Maxine Dietrich has to hide the fact that this knowledge is borrowed. To make the information from Bardon appear more “satanic” instead of Kabbalistic or Christian, she tells people that the instructions come from a demon, “Father Satan”. Here are a few examples of the plagiarism of Franz Bardon’s books found throughout the Joy of Satan site.

Creation of Advanced Thoughtforms

On the Joy of Satan web page called “Advanced_Thoughtforms.html”, Maxine gives instruction on how to create a thoughtform. On this page are two sections of text in quotes which are a copy of instructions that are from Franz Bardon’s Hermetics. There are only a few sentences of added writing in-between on this page. At the bottom of the page is a tiny reference that says “Initiation into Hermetics” which is more of an afterthought to the last several paragraphs on the page enclosed in quotes.The joy of satan’s webpage is not a review of the authors work nor is it a discussion of the contents of the book, it is plagiarism. This webpage on thought forms is deceiving because it is made to look as if Maxine is the original author of the writings. [6]

Uncovering the Truth about Franz Bardon, and the Joy of Satan..

Maxine is unable to describe magic or the occult in her own words and from her own experience, so she uses materials from websites to fill in information on her site. The Joy of Satan page titled ‘Library.html’ begins with a large portion of text about “Frabato the Magician” that was taken from the ChaosMatrix.org website. This document, “Letter From Germany No. 1. By Frater U.’.D.’.”. from the ChaosMatrix.org site is pasted onto her website as an obvious attempt at explaining her proposed argument that ‘satan’ gave her the information that she took from Bardon.

Maxine Dietrich claims that this information from Bardon was given to Bardon by Satan, but that it was altered by the ‘Jews’. The only thing that was altered was Bardon’s original writings by Maxine Dietrich in her attempt to make ‘satanic’ materials on her websites for her followers to read. Here is a quote from ‘High Priestess’ Maxine Dietrich about the source of her materials from the “Library.html” page:

“…[the texts] were written by a man known as ‘Franz Bardon’. I asked Father Satan some time ago how Bardon came to reveal the information he did. His reply was “ME.” ” -Maxine Dietrich

Untrue statements like in the quote above, reveal some questionable things about her intellect. This behaviour of lying about source materials is typical of a plagiarist, and even more so it is a method to keep authority as a cult leader. Most members of the Joy of Satan are inexperienced, having never studied writings in the occult before. Those of us who have read magic texts will know where this information comes from, but the members of the Joy of Satan have no idea that they are being deceived.[7]

Teaching how to Invoke the Quintessence

The majority of the page titled “Quintessence.html” is a copy from “Initiation Into Hermetics”. There is one entire paragraph on this page taken from Bardon enclosed within a quote, and the rest of the page is filled in with only a few brief sentences. Other material found on the “Quintessence.html” page is a paste from an article on Wikipedia. Maxine left a notice at the top of the page, which is the only original sentence on this page, and it says :”The following excerpt was taken in some parts from “Initiation Into Hermetics” by Franz Bardon.” This is an unacceptable use of copyrighted materials when the whole web page is just a copy of text from a book, which is altered in minor ways to make it look original.

Maxine claims to have inside knowledge on these subjects, but this example illustrates the point that she lacks originality and true awareness of the things that she presents on her website. Maxine’s assertion that this information comes from satan is very contradictory, considering that it is a typical Christian belief that all occult texts and materials are satanic, or influenced by satan.[8]

Citing One Source, then Taking From Another

Maxine notes on her website that she used one source material for a page, when in reality she plagiarized from another source. On the page titled “Creating_Elementals.html” , Maxine Dietrich claims that the information from this page is from the 1956 edition of Franz Bardon “Initiation into Hermetics”. This is untrue, because some brief investigation on the net revealed a website, a psychokinesis manual that had the same word-for-word phrases and ideas that she used for this page.

The original source material page is called the “Psychokinesis Manual” from a website called PsiPog, a copyrighted work written long ago by a person named ‘Apollo’ [Chris King]. Maxine gives reference on the “Creating_Elementals.html” page for Franz Bardon, while she copied all of the materials from Chris King’s internet essay. [9]

The Real Necronomicon?

Because Maxine uses the text of other writers so that she can create pages in her website, it calls into question her credibility as an author and an occultist. In the page, “Necronomicon.html”, a large portions of text are copied from the ‘1586’ version of the Necronomicon. Maxine Dietrich claims that the 1586 version of the John Dee Necronomicon is the original work of satan. Here is a quote from The Joy of Satan site about Maxine’s knowledge of the history of the Necronomicon:

“[the Necronomicon] was authored by Dr. John Dee, you know, the man who brought us the Enochian calls.” – Maxine Dietrich[10]

The ‘facts’ about this book that she wrote on her page are incorrect. The Necronomicon originated as a fictional story created by H.P. Lovecraft in the 20th century. This shows her inexperience and lack of knowledge about the origins of her own source material.

Paragraphs of text are pasted from this book with no indication of where this material is taken from, or where the quote begins or ends. On this page is a link to the 1586 copy of the book, in PDF version. This PDF is from the Sacredmagick.com library, but the book is actually hosted at the Joy Of Satan website. This violates the user agreement of Sacredmagick.com which states that the materials from the site may not be hosted anywhere else but at the Sacredmagick.com site. The use of writing from authors for the purpose of review or discussion of those materials would have been considered fair use, but her method is to use other author’s works to build entire pages for her website. [11]

Materials that Were Sourced from the Web

The Wingmakers Forum
Maxine took entire portions of text from a forum called the Wingmakers to create her page, “Thoughtform.htm”. The Wingmakers Forum is not on the net anymore, but searches at the internet archives revealed several essays that were stolen from the author named ‘DrPiglove’ on the Wingmaker’s forum. The writings on this page were changed slightly from the original materials on the forum.

Another page that she plagiarized from is a post called ‘Sex Magick’ by DrPiglove on the Wingmakers website. She used this material to make the “Sex_Magic.htm” page. Also, information from the Wingmakers site was used for the joy of satan “Hypnosis.html” page. These pages were integrated into the Joy of Satan website and disguised as instruction, when in reality this material is plagiarized from an internet forum, and contains no original content.[12] Maxine keeps her readers interest by providing them with instructions of other authors works, while she claims to be the original author. It makes her look good, makes her money and she fools everyone into thinking that she has power and authority.

Maxine Deitrich’s Star Magick Lists:

Maxine claims to have knowledge on astrology. On the Joy of Satan page, “Star_Magick.html” there is a list, which is cut-and-paste text from a website called BeMyAstrologer.com. This website has been on the net since 2002. She used this information from the BeMyAstrologer page for references on what she calls ‘star magic’. Then she told her website readers that the information and instruction came from Satan. Apparently she feels that it is alright to take materials from people’s websites without their permission or knowledge, and lie to her readers to hide the fact that she is a plagiarist. [13] None of the material on the joy of Satan ‘Star_Magick” page is original, and there is no citations of the original authors.

The Self-Hypnosis Definitions:
Maxine Dietrich also used definitions from writers in her website without giving credit to any of these sources. On the ‘Determining_Trance.html’ page, which is a manual for self-hypnosis, Maxine copied the definition for ‘catalepsy’ from a website. Also pasted onto this page about Trance is a quote from the ‘David-Husband Scales’, a manual for determining states of hypnosis. These sources that she has used are not cited anywhere on this web page. It’s a shame because there is no credit given to any of the original authors of this information.[14] That leaves her own credibility in question.

Joy of Satan Chakra Breathing Ideas:
The ideas for the Joy of Satan Chakra breathing exercises were developed from a page on the net called Dragon Alchemy. This page “Breathing666.htm” is a basic re-write of these exercises from the Dragon Alchemy site. The Dragon Alchemy site has been on the net since 2003, and they appear to be the original author of these ideas that Maxine copied and used for her website page on chakra breathing. [15] In fact, the original material from the Dragon Alchemy website was not intended for satanism, but she took the liberty to add her satanic information to the page to make it look ‘satanic’, and therefore useful to the visitors of her site. She has used this same formula with all of the authors that she has stolen from.

Brain Wave Information:
The Joy of Satan “Brainwaves.html” meditation page was created from a Christian prayer site called “Brain Waves and DNA, by W.E.B.” This site has been on the net since 2003. Maxine Dietrich took the information from this Christian site and changed it slightly to try and create a satanic meditation for her website. Of course, Maxine gives no indication on where she got this information on “Brainwaves” from. [16] Her website readers certainly wouldnt want to discover that she is getting her information from a christian website.

Other Authors Frequently Plagiarized

Anton LaVey and the Satanic Bible, Plagiarized

Searches of older, archived versions of the Joy of Satan site reveal that Maxine used the writings of Anton LaVey’s “The Satanic Bible” and “The Satanic Rituals”. Many of those pages have either been removed or changed over the years, most likely in response to blatant criticism of theft and plagiarism.

Maxine used the materials from “The Satanic Bible”, while she called Anton LaVey a ‘Jew who defaced the Enochian Keys’. There are nineteen Enochian keys in the Satanic Bible which Maxine claims are ‘bastardized’ versions of demonic works. Each key of the Satanic Bible is copied into her website and changed slightly, with absolutely no credit to the author or the source on all nineteen pages. To fill in information about the Enochian language page, Maxine scraped content from a Enochian Dictionary website on the net. [17]

The Joy of Satan page, titled “Rituals_html” is an obvious plagiarism of the Ritual in the Satanic Bible. It is called the Standard Satanic ritual, and the methods and invocation are nearly identical to the invocation to Satan in the Satanic Bible. Of course she tells her readers not to read the Satanic bible, while she takes rituals from them to create pages on her site. She obviously has no experience in Satanic ritual if she can not describe what a ritual is, in her own words. [ ]

Maxine Dietrich also copied line for line into the pages of her website a major portion of the Satanic Rituals, called the Al-Jilwah. This part of the Satanic Bible is not in the public domain. The Al-Jilwah is a document which the members of the Joy of Satan believe was authored by what they call, “satan”.[18] She also reacted to LaVey in a malicious way on her website, while at the same time she used rituals and writings from his books. She also has treated other authors in the same manner, once it is revealed that she has stolen from their writings. Then she ‘corrects’ the writings, adding to it, and tells her readers that the information was given to her by satan.

Richard Cavendish, The Black Arts

On several pages of her site Maxine Dietrich uses material from the Richard Cavendish book, “The Black Arts”. On the Joy of Satan page, “Herbs.html”, which is a page on the use of herbs in magic, there is a list of herbs created from stolen content found on the internet. There is an article on that page for ‘mandrake root’ on the Joy of Satan page, a direct copy of the same definition given in “the black arts”. Unfortunately for her, there are no sources cited on this page. It is most likely that the information on this page about herbs is a gathered list from many other sources. She wants people to think that she is knowledgeable in occultism, but she is only deceiving her readers. Writing is deceptive when it is not cited, and when it is compiled into a list made to look like an original work.[19]

Extensive Plagiarism of Stephen Arroyo

Found in the Satanic Power Meditations Page “Evoking_Elements.html” are materials from the book “Psychology and the Four Elements” by Stephen Arroyo. There are five pages on the Joy of Satan site which focus on Elemental Invocation, and Maxine uses many passages from this book on each of these page. The true sources on these Joy of Satan pages are never cited. [20] Stephen Arroyo is a professional writer for Llewellyn.

The Complete Book of Spells, Copied

An archived version of “demonolatry.html”, found on the Joy of Satan website, is a page with an invocation and blessing to Satan. The origin of this material is a copied verse sourced from this book, “The Complete Book of Spells, Ceremonies and Magic” By Migene Gonzolez-Wippler. This page is no longer available on the site, as the owners of the material most likely discovered the plagiarism and had requested to have the materials removed from the Joy of Satan website.. [21]

The Satanic Emerald Tablets of Thoth

The Joy of Satan site has a ‘satanic’ version of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, found on the “Tablet_One.html” page. On this page, Maxine adapts the work by changing verses to try and tries to assert in her writings that the ‘demon’ Thoth is giving her this knowledge. The original book of Thoth can be found at the Scribd website. Unfortunately the use of this material from the Scribd site, externally hosted on another site without permission, violates their copyright and user terms. [22]

Stolen Writing from Donald Tyson

Maxine’s knowledge on demons was created by other authors. On the Joy of Satan page, titled ‘Daemons.html’, the definitions of the word ‘Demon’ are plagiarized from the occultist Donald Tyson, an author published by Llewellyn. [20] Several phrases from Tyson, pasted into her site are never cited, nor is any reference whatsoever given at the end of the article. Further down the page, there is another phrase lifted from the Virginia Tech history department web page on ‘Demons’. Maxine has to grab materials from websites to make others think that she knows what demons are. [23] Unfortunately many have went to her website for advice on demons, but the materials that she presents are not her own.

Plagiarism of Astrology Authors, Judy Collins and Linda Goodman

Maxine Dietrich obviously wants everyone to think that she is smart. But, she is not smart enough. Time after time, phrases searched from her website can be found in other searches on the net, mostly from books, revealing the sources that she copied word for word onto her webpages. One of these sources is her Astrology page, “How to Read a Natal Chart”. This entire page is a copy from Judy Collins, ASA Education Director and her essay ‘Delineating a Chart ‘, approximately dating from 2005.[24] Maxine needed a professional astrologer’s writings to help sell her very expensive computer-generated astrology readings.

Another page at the Joy of Satan that is a work of plagiarism, is the “Star_Magick.html” page, copied from professional astrologer Linda Goodman. She copied the list of star signs and their meanings in exact phrases from Linda Goodman’s personal website forum. The Forum is no longer on the internet but the information at Linda’s site had been available since 2002. There is no indication of the source of Maxine’s references from Linda Goodman, at the “Star_magick.html” page. copying the work of another author, and then claiming it as her own is identical to theft, especially since she sells this information in books at her webiste. [25]

Plagiarism of Frater UD, High Magic in Theory and Practice

Another page that Maxine created through plagiarism, is the “Magic_Mirror.Html” page. This page tells how to make and use a magic mirror. While some of this information can be found in general occult references, Maxine took almost direct word for word phrases from the Frater UD book. High Magic in Theory and Practice to create her page. She then added minimal instruction on how to use the the mirror for Demons. She gives no references to where she got this information from, so her website members are left to assume that ‘satan’ taught her these things. What really happened is that she copied it all from the Frater UD book. High Magic in Theory and Practice, published by Llewellyn. [26] What is interesting is that through the internet archive search, the ‘Magic Mirror’ page did not appear until 2007, while she has a copyright notice on this page dating from 2002! She lies about when her pages on the internet were created.

Plagiarism of DJ Conway

The plagiarist Joy of Satan page, “aura_colors.html” was taken almost word for word, in the same sequence from the book by DJ Conway, “A little book of Candle Magic” Each description of color was slightly changed with her ‘satanic’ information added. the entire section of this book describing candle colors was copied into her website, one after the other. The Little Book of Candle Magic is published by Crossing Press 2004. [27]

The Joy of Satan web page, titled “Incense for Ritual” was plagiarized liberally from DJ Conways’ book, Magick of the Gods and Goddesses, published by Llewellyn in 1997. Each listing of planetary incense on this page is almost identical to DJ Conway’s book. While some of this information in Conway’s book is common to the occult, Maxine copied his lists almost word for word and gave no references on her page as to where the information had come from. [28]

Archived References, now Removed

The brotherhood of the snake is a web page at the joy of Satan site. This page was inspired by several different authors. After a few years, the page was re-written, but the source notes were removed. These sources were, The Gods of Eden by William Bramley, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, and a 2001 illustration of the Book of the Dead. It is interesting to study the page that was created in 2005, that contained references, and compare it to the new page that now has no references and was carefully re-worded. essentially it is a work of plagiarism, similar to the other pages that have been described in this essay. The archived page shows the original authors that were copied, word for word. In the notes below this essay, is a link to the archived page as it has appeared in 2002.[29]

Theft of Ideas from Aaron Donahue

Maxine Dietrich of the Joy of Satan Ministries uses other authors’ ideas and then ridicules the original authors by saying that the knowledge came from ‘satan’. It is said by some former members of the Joy of Satan that the ritual for “Freeing the Demons” on the JOS site is an imitation of the ideas and works of Aaron Donahue. On her forum she denies these accusations that her ideas come from Donahue, while claiming to have invented the idea herself. Here is a quote from the Joy of Satan Yahoo Group:

“[Donahue]..is also a liar. He claimed to have freed the Goetic Demons, which he did not. He claimed to have freed Andras from the confines of a nine-foot circle “because he was so dangerous.” – Maxine Dietrich[30]

Maxine has failed to prove in any way that she was the originator of this concept, considering that Aaron Donahue and others have written about the concept before Maxine Dietrich had.

Zechariah Sitchin, others

Maxine also took some of her cosmology and eclectic beliefs from authors like the Jewish Scholar, Zechariah Sitchin. While Sitichin was a Jewish scholar she conveniently avoids this fact and claims that his writings show the truth of her brand of Satanism. She is very contradictory in preaching against Judaism, and then using the words of a Jewish scholar to promote her ideas. Also, Maxine makes available an illegal version of the Lost Book of Enki, scanned and transferred into a PDF. This copyrighted work is not in the public domain, and as a PDF file it is an illegal distribution of Sitchin’s writings. Essentially, it defrauds the writer and publisher from sales money when people like Maxine scan, distribute and make these copyrighted writings available for free.

Maxine also makes available PDF copies of other authors works. For example, at their Yahoo group, an illegal pdf scan of Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson is available. Also available is the an illegal sacan of Willam Bramley The Gods of Eden, The Necronomicon Spellbook Edited by Simon, illegal pdf scan of The 12th Planet by Zechariah Sitchin, Journeys out of the Body by Robert Monroe, and others whom she feels entitled to make free to the public despite the laws that prohibit the copying and distribution of copyrighted work.

Maxine also promotes ideas of neo-nazi beliefs from using material from books such as “the White Man’s Bible” by Ben Klassen. Maxine portrays herself as a prophet of Satan’s knowledge, claiming that all of her information comes from demons, like “Thoth; “Satan” and “Azazel”, when the real source of this information are various authors and internet sources. If Maxine really had experience in the occult, or with Satanism, she would not have to steal writings and ideas from other writers. [31]

Fact: Maxine is a Known Plagiarist.

Maxine’s underhanded behaviours have not gone unnoticed. Beginning in 2002, Maxine copied from writers, and had been caught several times by book publishers who made her remove the materials from her website. She had several incidents with authors and book publishers who made her remove information from the Joy Of Satan site. Maxine had compiled information from the author Valerie V. Hunt, and her book, “Mind Mastery Meditations” in order to fill in a page on her website called “Scalar Wave Meditations”. When Malibu Publishing discovered this, the meditations and materials plagiarized from that book were immediately removed. Despite this, the copied ‘Scalar Wave Meditation’ is still published by the Joy of Satan in their “Spiritual Warfare hand book”.

Maxine “borrowed” the majority of her information about chakras, auras and kundalini from the largest occult and pagan book publishers, Llewellyn. This material came from a book written by Douglas DeLong, titled “Ancient Teachings for Beginners”. The publishers were notified and Maxine heavily revised the material on her site, but still uses the same concepts and systems without giving any credit to Llewellyn or DeLong. The author threatened to sue Maxine, and she subsequently agreed to remove the information from the site. Instead, she let time pass, the pages at the joy of Satan were reworded, and the ideas of DeLong were not removed. When confronted about the change in information on her site by her own group members, she deceitfully told them that the corrected information came to her from Satan! [32]

Authors Delong and Valerie Hunt have made Maxine Dietrich a lot of money over the years. Maxine reads a passage in a book and then interprets it into her website, in a deceptive way, to make her web pages seem instructional and original, when they are nothing but re-written ideas of other authors, carefully reworded without refrerences. Many of her readers are attempting to do the exercises on her page. They would be better off reading the original books, rather than taking it from a secondary source like Maxine.

The kundalini section of her website was written into books and are being sold at the website for a profit, violating the copyright of Llewellyn, Malibu Publishing, Valerie Hunt, and Douglas DeLong. Both Hunt’s and Delong’s writings can be purchased at the Joy of Satan Site, carefully re-written in Maxine’s words, and hidden from internet searches inside PDF’s and books that she sells, despite the fact that she has been previously warned by both the authors, and the publishers, to stop plagiarizing these writings.

Copyrights and Ownership: The Joy Of Satan Site.

The majority of the web pages on the Joy Of Satan site have a copyright notice with a library of congress number. Maxine obviously does not want people to copy the writings on the Joy of Satan website. This notice is pasted on almost every page on the site:

“- Copyright 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, Joy Of Satan Ministries; Library of Congress Number: 12-16457 ” – Joy Of Satan site

Research at the Library of Congress shows that there is no reference found for the number’12-16457′, which is the same number that Maxine pasted on many pages of her site. The JOS website materials are not on record with the library of congress since 2002, or a record of this could easily be found through the search page at the LOC. Obviously, Maxine does not know much about the copyright law or the proper use of copyright notices. The extensive plagiarism on the Joy of Satan website proves that even if Maxine did want to apply for a real copyright, she would be denied, if not pursued legally, immediately, for numerous violations. [33]

In Fact, Archived Versions of this website that go back to 2002, show how the majority of her writings were taken from the Linda Goodman forum, as she had several pages of astrology information before the ‘Joy of Satan’ formed in 2005. This means that any copyrights that she tries to claim on her writings from 2002 are certainly false, and the ‘Joy of Satan’ web page, and writings, never existed prior to 2005. View the entire Archive

Donation Money, Funding of the NSFM:

Andrea [Maxine] owns a web site, called “The Black Sun” [31] where she writes web pages on Antisemitism and hate, and lectures on anti-Christianity. The racist and racial ideals of the Joy Of Satan were created after Maxine met a man named Clifford Herrington. Herrington is the former leader of the “National Socialist Movement” [NSM], an organization for Neo-Nazi activists. The majority of the members of the NSM are Christian, and Herrington got thrown out of the organization in July of 2006, when they discovered that he shared the same post office box as the Joy Of Satan. Clifford Herrington created a new group, the “National Socialist Freedom Movement” [NSFM]. [34]

The NSFM is a legal tax-paying organization. Both Maxine and her husband promote their twisted ideals to teenagers and others who are unwitting enough to send them money via donations on the web sites, and from book and cd sales. The compromised religious organization she runs shares its address with a neo-nazi organization, while both organizations are being used as a front to secure donation money. [35]

There is evidence from ex-Joy of Satan members that she uses the money from donations to pay her bills and to fund her own personal needs. Maxine also went on a luxurious vacation with the money that she raised from her websites. Here is a quote from the Joy of Satan Yahoo group where Maxine tells the members how she claimed to spend her vacation in Vegas, and trips to several different national cities while she stayed in 5-star hotels.[36]

“The past week and a half, Father Satan rewarded me with a most pleasant vacation to several different cities and national parks. I was indulged to an extreme. Part of my family invited me and we had an awesome time… I was able to get to only two internet cafes where I could get online, the last one in Las Vegas and it was crowded…”- Maxine Dietrich[37]

In 2005, some of the ex-members of the Joy of Satan left the group because they felt that Maxine was misappropriating funds by paying her bills and vacationing with the donation money. Her plagiarist writings paid for her housing, her bills and her vacations.


This web page establishes the fact that Maxine Dietrich cannot claim copyright on the majority of the writings on her websites, because they are plagiarized writings.This page was created for educational purposes, to expose the source materials of this pseudo-satanic neo-nazi organization.

Overall, the Joy of Satan site seems promising to so many new seekers of occult and Satanism. it appeals to this audience because the ideas in the website were taken from professional authors. Maxine misleads people by making them think that she is knowledgeable about the occult, so that she can collect money for her neo-nazi organization. Not even one bit of effort was given to reveal the sources of her material. Its more convenient for her to hide this, so that the members of her group trust in her self-proclaimed authority. This accounts for the popularity of her website. People like the sources and techniques that she writes about, but they do not realize that the majority of it is cut and pasted from other authors. If the joy of satan techniques are so good, as some have claimed it to be, then maybe her readers would be better off reading the original source materials, instead.

Also, accounting for the popularity of the joy of Satan, is the fact that the website appeals to a certain demographic. The young, disaffected and uninformed. These types have no idea that they are being fed lies and mis-information and they take what the website owner writes on faith, instead of using their own minds to decide what is right for them. Why should they bother to research any of the sources used at this site when the site owner proclaims with authority that the original authors of these ideas and writings are ‘liars’, while she takes their words and uses them as her own? She uses a typical method of religious revisionism as she attempts to use all of these sources to create her version of history, despite the many historical facts that prove otherwise.


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