Ronald Bernstein’s son “hoodedcobra666,” the half-Jewish son of a Rabbi…


HoodedPenileImplant is paranoid and delusional…Sorry Half-Jew Nazi but truth is, myself and some friends got your video banned and we reported it to the legal departments of every corporation you infringed upon. Breaks your little boy heart to get the truth, doesn’t it? You worked hundreds of hours on this! Watch us get you served. 😀

“This slander and outright paranoia of the Jews has also become “Law” in the literal hard sense of the word. To where now for instance my other Documentary (The Exit the Jewtrix) got nuked by “legal complaints” by actual and real persons and can therefore no longer be watched in Europe because it conflicts with “State Law”. This was NOT a copyright infringement.

There is no question as to (((Who))) did this thing obviously. The documentary was amassing a steady of 100 viewers from all over the world since the day it was published. Many of them from America and Europe, but also from many other countries. As many of you know, the jews have been gradually turning State law into Talmudic law and a second Torah. Where you cannot speak your mind for any reason, especially on these ‘touchy’ subjects where the jews as self proclaimed gods of the planet must SOLELY talk on their own.

This Documentary is also no different, as unfortunately, it is blocked in France, Italy and Germany. I will see for a way around this. Those of you who are from these countries can find a method online to watch this. There are methods.

I worked hundreds of hours on this, editing, rendering, watching documentaries, piecing out the information into a great whole. I did this for all of you and to show the Satanic Grandmaster Himmler the honor he is endowed, while also dealing with the enemy propaganda.”

The words of a teenager with a Jewish father, who had sex with a Jewish girl and loved it so much he left evidence. Let that sink in, JoSers.


Nikki Kulas Nikki Kulas I’m curious, how did you find out he’s half Jewish???
Chad Burgess Chad Burgess When I owned and controlled JoS, I ran a program which identified the identity of the IP Addresses and the MAC Addresses (much like WireShark, but with a few tweaks I made myself) of the source of the computer that “applied” to the JoS.. When Hooded applied to thee JoS, his information came back as Ronald Bernstein, which was too old for him personally, but Ron also had a son about his age who had recently pulled up flagged sites relevant to Adolf Hitler. I forget the son’s name now, as it’s been over a decade since, but the boy’s last name was Bernstein. “Bernstein”, according to ONLY the JoS is not a “typical Jew Name”…. I wonder why that is….
Nikki Kulas Nikki Kulas And how do they come up with these so-called “sermons”? Do they pull them out of their asses??
Nikki Kulas Nikki Kulas That’s what I thought! And they make them sound like it’s the “truth”, the JoStards believe it’s actually true. When I read them, they sound so fake…only a dumb fuck like the JoStards would believe them.
Chad Burgess Chad Burgess Yes. “Sermons” were not a thing when I was in control of the website. As a matter of fact, There were no Yahoo groups, or anything other than the website itself. People were encouraged to email to ask questions. Anyone who “applied” that mentioned Hitler was instantly denied.. Then Maxipad took over, and I conceded.
Austin Harnish Austin Harnish You ever thought of fighting to get it back?
Chad Burgess Chad Burgess No, Austin. There is too much negative energy connected to it now. The Joy of Satan Website and Yahoo forums are synonymous with ignorance, hate, and falsehoods.. It would require too much time and patience to “Clean House” as it were, much less to clear its name and return it back to what once was. Two things I do not have enough of to begin with. I’ve washed my hands of it and moved on.
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Hooded Half-Jew is on a rant again. He’s not just half Jewish, he had wild crazy sex with a Jewish chick and never complained about it so it must’ve been some pretty good sex. Maybe the only sex he’s ever had LMAO!
Regarding “Cobra Commander” Copyright Infringement:

4 thoughts on “Ronald Bernstein’s son “hoodedcobra666,” the half-Jewish son of a Rabbi…

    • You know what? You’re funny. You’re so funny I allowed your comment through. Tell everyone what he looks like…I mean, since you think he is Bryan Cox and in his 40’s at the least (I got your pics sent to Facebook) and he likes petting dogs. That guy looks really Jewish, that man you sent pics of. This joke of yours failed.


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