[The Joy of Satan] Keep Your Kids on a Leash — Zach Black to the Joy of Satan

“Message to Joy of Satan: Keep your fucking kids on a leash or I will.”

—Zach Black

17 thoughts on “[The Joy of Satan] Keep Your Kids on a Leash — Zach Black to the Joy of Satan

    • The comments don’t appear in that post so you have to go to Facebook to see them all going at it.


  1. I dont know if really jos members mail this guy , but he needs to understand this very important thing . Jos has many enemies over internet and most of the time its jews or christians or such cohorts who claim to be jos members and then abuse and or defame in personal mails and or on fakebook . Jos and its members are disciplined organization and we know how to carry our business . And nobody is asking you to be with us , just carry ur business like we carry ours Its not too much to ask . And Anton lavey is not founding father of satanism . He maybe the one to acknowledge and maybe he knew satan was real but these days church of satan aka laveyan satanism is bullshit they charge you 200 usd or so per annum for membership , I had rather paid brazzers porn network over that membership fee of Laveyan brigade . You are not owners or patent holders of satanists . And you can push yourself that you are alone supercool rest is all bullshit .


    • You are claiming this site doesn’t bother you, yet you’ve come here 15 times so far and loaded 79 pages. Do you know how many hours it says you’ve spent on here? It shows your rotating IP, proxy use, but all the views are you — it shows your hardware ID, which you are unable to hide. Each time you come by, it logs your visit, the pages viewed, the time spent on each page and what device you used, including what browser.
      Have a great day now, and try to not take out your frustration on your parents.


  2. You go post to Zack Black what you posted here. See how long you last Nazi fuck and spaceman UFO worshipper.
    You don’t even know what you comment about. He is not with COS for a long time. He is the founder of Satanic International Network. Wake up you loser JoSer puppet.


  3. Yeah I dont know and I dont fucking wanna know whoever he is . What I know is that this website is super fail attempt to troll . But guess what not everyone suck jewish cocks like you . Just I comment some truth and you cunts come out like cockroaches from your stinky gutters . Its funny and you all are source of my entertainment 😀


    • Dude you’re making a complete fool of yourself. Good job. I hope you’re the official representative of Joy of Satan 😀

      Everyone knows JoSers get super butthurt after reading so much truth about the lies they’re wasted their lives on, so your reaction is no surprise. You discovered you’re an idiot, so now you’re acting out. Immaturely as the usual JoSer is 14 to 17 years old, you’ve proven to the world what a cult like the Joy of Satan does to kids. Poor you. Go summon your imaginary demon and play with yourself.


    • “Yeah I dont know and I dont fucking wanna know whoever he is”
      So you admit to being ignorant? That’s awesome. BTW keep shaking in fear, because you and JoS have lost your imaginary war. You’re not even a Satanist, you dimwit.


  4. And know matter what your boss has told or tuaght you to that he is the founder of Satanism then you are fucking foolishTard . The concept of satan is stolen by christianity and its dad judaism . Your idiot for byches . YOu dont know anything . And you dont even know how to troll


    • No one is trying to troll but you. We have no need to troll. That is for you kids. We maintain a blogsite, a website full of factual information. The information is cross-checked if it contains citations from other sources or it is information from former JoS. You are the only troll who posts here and you cannot even write in basic English very well. In fact you post like a teenager, with name-calling and immature insults. You are no adult and you have no higher education.

      You can use Tor all you like but I can track you each visit. I know how many times you came here since the first time. I know how long you stay. You stay on this website for a long time. That means you are reading everything, maybe 2, 3 times. You spent 36 min, 52 sec during your last visit, when you posted last. It did not take you 37 minutes to post. You read and that makes you an angry little boy.

      Browser: Mozilla Firefox 45.0
      Browser Language: English (United States)
      Operating System: Windows 10.0
      User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; rv:45.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/45.0
      Connecting city: Gadarwara
      State: Madhya Pradesh
      Country: India
      Time zone: Asia/Kolkata
      ISP DATA
      First Time IP:
      Computer ID: 64775dfb801d4e6c785d6c1594fe5724
      Bengaluru, Karnataka
      Mozilla Firefox 45.0
      Windows 10.0

      I can post more detailed information for each visit you have made, what proxy used and which IP. But I will let you be embarrassed for now since you think you are hidden. If you knew how to use a computer, Tor would be hiding your presence complete. You are no engineer. You are a foolish and ignorant “BROWNZ” according to HP Mageson. hoodedcobra666 calls you and your people “MUD PEOPLE” so keep bowing down to your HP’s with no faces and no real names and believe all they say, because that is very Christian of you and all you JoS lobotomized horse asses.
      Jos and Westboro Baptist Church are really the same type of cult.

      Take your balls out of your mouth and try to talk like a normal person.


  5. 1) I use tor to come here and or a nice vpn : )

    2) “Yeah I dont know and I dont fucking wanna know whoever he is”
    So you admit to being ignorant?
    I am not ignorant . Oh come on now . Theres many folks like zack Okay and its pointless to know about each of them , after seeing his videos , it was clear to me what kinda guy he is so theres no further point in knowning more about him.

    and btw whats your definition of satanism , is it athiesm ?

    yeah I am jos member . But I am not really like what you have defined jos members – death metal band , 13 yrs old , pissed with some deppressed rage . Its nothing the case with me either you believe or not .

    other thing being I am hindu , and I have my mind and logic . Its just I dont believe in the history which allies have written after what britian did to India during colonization . I have reasons to hate allies . I am not butthurt but its natural hatred as to for only purpose of wealth UK colonized right its no conspiracy theory.
    As far as satanism is concerend well to you it may be athiestic but to me it is not . Hindu God shiva ,his trishul , devils pitchfork right . He is also the one associated with darkness . similarly if you look at the figure of yezidi God , you will find it identical to son of shiva aka Lord Karthikey !!! So Satan is a concept stolen by christians , its not a christian invention nor islamic nor judaism invention ! and yes not the invention of ur zack !!!

    And I am not butthurt actually I am writing this reply quite peacefully to you . Nobody can avoid critics and or trolls . But its fun that you think or many of users here think satan is invented in 1960s lol


    • “But its fun that you think or many of users here think satan is invented in 1960s lol” Where did you pull that out of your trolly ass?
      For someone so NOT interested in this site, you made sure to be notified of any new posts, didn’t you? 😀


  6. and education LOL , I am student of Indian foreign services , diplomacy strategic affairs . Finish High School . Man seriously you folks are perfect example of ‘foolsinDenial’ : )

    I am sucking on my own balls which makes multitasking a bit hard for me.


  7. and my friend truth abt jos should be based on facts . You will give me author names who say hitler is evil , I will give you 10 authors who speak diffrent story : ) So cuntpasting doesnt take you anywhere !


  8. Proudopagansballs has been logged onto the blog for an hour now lol

    His email is proudpaganproudpast@
    but he’s fucking INDIAN.


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