Whats in a name? Satanism

This is must read for everyone. Well written! Not only does it explain Joy of Satan in blatant, clear terms, it discusses COS and ONA as well.


In a world obsessed with image and branding it is occasionally suggested that Satanists should rebrand themselves with a new name, as if a new name will exorcise two thousand years of negative narrative against Satanism.  In truth most Satanists care nothing for what others think, but for practical reasons must hide their Satanism from others because of the negative stigma that is attached to Satanism.

Satanism is a word, it is what the individual Satanist brings to the table that defines what Satanism is to that individual, rippling out to define Satanism to the rest of the world.  Satanism to me is a powerful and effective paradigm, but there are too many people who enter Satanism who pollute the Satanic worldview with mediocrity and stupidity.  I offer three strong qualities of Satanism, and how some fail to aspire to these qualities.

1. Critical Thinking.

Many come to Satanism because…

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2 thoughts on “Whats in a name? Satanism

    • Hey Orion ancient,
      There are many authors, since some posts are reblogged from other sites. The blog entry you commented on was authored by @satanicviews. Some entries are from forums. Is there a specific post or is it about JoS? Depending on what you want to speak about I can decide who is best for the questions. Anti-Joy of Satan, anyone can discuss. The same would apply to those who question certain statements made here; the authors have all been able to reference, to make citations, to prove fact from fable. If you see this just leave a short note so the right user emails you.


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