I will live within you

Merry CHRISTmas Veronika Hompo, make sure you wish your elderly Christian parents a Merry Christmas….also your “uncle” and “cousin” or “aunt.” Poor Veronika, everyone knows you declared yourself a Christian long ago and there is just no way possible you convinced your 76 year old father (is he alive still?) to convert from his deep Christian beliefs to Satanism. WE ALL CALL BULLSHIT. Same goes for your mother, who you forgot you told some Facebook users her real name. She is a practicing Christian. Many of the people related to you in some way are Christians with Jewish DNA. You have yet to delete your old info which you declare your religion as CHRISTIAN. You have no idea what website you did it on, which is fabulous since it will cause you hours of psychosis trying to locate where you’ve forgotten to hide your past! Enjoy this honest and truthful video which shames Hungary for it’s murders of innocent children. Would you murder your new Satanist friend’s child for being Jewish? Should we tell the HP’s or fouthreich666 or VovinPrgel since you are too coward to tell them you bonded with a man who is involved deeply with a Jewish woman and they have a Jewish child…Mike Dom is his name, is it not? With his Jewish woman who not too long ago took a trip to Israel to honor her ancestry and whom has posted on Zionist topics? (would you like to see her postings, Veronika Hompo freak?) And Jewish born daughter, yes? You know this is truth, why lie? Something you have abused, harassed and stalked another woman for, for having a child born from two religions — so, you decide who is the OK Jew and who isn’t? VovinPrgel might be a sucker and fool, unaware of the death ritual you performed claiming you were “spiritually murdering him” for what he said about you, but you, the sly bitch, convinced that fool you’re friends! Just as you did to dozens of people years ago and then you turned on ALL OF THEM. Wait until all these idiot JoS assholes who don’t realize YOU LIED to them and find out the truth, maybe a year from now, maybe years, but they will and when they do you will burn. You think you’re some tough bitch? You’re a puppet and a freak, a 12 year old on JoS playing candy store magic with yourself and large candlesticks in your dirty filth of a one room flat.

Deny facts all you want but deep down you know you and Hungary are dirty filth and low class. Why would the rest of us brilliant Hungarians (and Hungarian Germans) leave that shithole? People like you. Shit. Shit-stained ugly filth.



This short homage film dedicated to the memory of our brothers, holy sacrifices who were slaughtered for no reason and amongst them the innocent 1,500,000 children.
Based on parts of real letters of Holocaust victims taken from the book “Final Letters – From Victims of the Holocaust” edited by Zvi Bachrach, Yad Va’Shem, Volume A
Narration and Illustration by Shirly Schwartz
A short film by Yaniv Schwartz (DOP)
The letters were writted by our sacred brothers:
Pinhasele Aayznar
Dr Emil Eliezer Nohal
Moshe Akaar
Gusta Berger Ehrlich
Chaim, aged 14, was murdered in Pustkow
Zeltaka and Juta Vishniatzky, mother and daughter
The father of Yehoshua Szeremi from Hungary
Ida Goldish
Asher Ben Yitzhak Schwartz
Fania Berbekov
Hulda (?)
Elsa Kalover
Chaim Nachman Bialik “City of Slaughter”
Music by Envato Marketplaces:
Sad Klezmer Violin with Orchestra by Danring
Momma Still Loves Ya by The storyshop
Truth Lies Within by Jeffheim

Photo Credits:
Photo Archives Photographic Reference Collection
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Yad Vashem Photo Archive

DNG 2.5k files
2400*1000 pixels
Uploaded in ProRes proxy
Blackmagic MFT
Resolve 10, CS6, Filmconvert

Konova sliders

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2 thoughts on “I will live within you

  1. In the tags is a name of a dude Mike Dom. He is Veronika Hompo new friend on FB, his child is a Jew as is the mother of his child, a Sephardic (look for yourself, she is very obvious Latino or Spaniard), has been to Israel and and holds many beliefs. Most of her friends are Jewish people, seems Mike Dom forgot to tell Hompo Hitler about his family tree? Another thing of importance. Somewhere within this blog there is evidence about Hompo and her hatred of VovinPrgel and Lily VovinPrgel. I always check on Lily on Twitter. Seems nice girl. Her man, not so much for a sucker born each day and Lily has bonded with a sucker unknown to him that he is being weakened by Hompo, nightly burning candles and asking Satan for spiritual murder upon these who spoke poorly and bad of her, all of which was honest and true words, but Veronika is unstable and dangerous, the mind she has damaged from years of her self-imposed slavery to strange men. She wishes Lily a soul to die and go black as coal to turn to nothing, Hompo jealous always brings abuse, Hompo revenge on Vovinprgel for his words on JoS Topic Hungaryan Gone Crazy, so much worse. Back to the important damning skeletons in Veronika Hompo’s many closets of deceit and lies. She has professed hatred forever towards VovinPrgel, performed the death ritual towards him, posted to her private group of selves within her blogs, many many blogs she does.She wished death to all those who posted to HUNGaryan Gone Crazy. All those who spoke more frequent, they had many dark rituals full of hate and wishes of murder for their souls.

    So, this is what Satanists practice, hate and abuse, death curses? No. This is only JoS way of Nazi hate and psychopath women put into barren states for their disobedience against Lucifer. JoS clergy are not Satanist but Neo Nazi gay haters, Veronika hated a good woman, saving beings in South Africa. Veronika wished “the gay lesbian bitch should die” long before JoS, when Veronika openly shared posts of God, Jesus and Christian theme with her mentor.

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