The Joy of Satan (And Why You Shouldn’t Care About Them.) AKA Everyone in the JoS is an Idiot

Sometimes you stumble upon a gem online. One that makes you laugh so hard, you can’t help but almost — almost — feel pity and sorry for these losers. But hey, they chose their path and it’s no one else’s fault that they are wasting their lives. The only true victims are the teenagers. The fact that these adults take advantage of them is pure sickness.

The Joy of Satan (And Why You Shouldn’t Care About Them.)

After getting kicked off of the JoS forums and having to keep track of Mad Maxine and the rest of her little cult through a second account, I’ve started being able to see what the people in these forums say in a far more analytical and less personal light.

One thing that instantly caused me dismay recently, was a topic aimed specifically at ‘High Priestess Maxine and Black Shadow Stallion.’

AND Black Shadow Stallion?

Oh dear.

Now the most Nazified and ignorant of the Satanazis from the JoS is going to think they’re something special. This is the person who seems to know the most about the ‘cosmic’ struggle between the supposed alliance of the ‘greys’, ‘reptiles’ and ‘angels’ – commonly known as the IGF, which somehow stands for Intergalactic Federation (the G in IGF standing for…?) and the Gods of Ancient Someria (along with whatever Gods the JoS has decided should also be part of Father Satan/Enki/Ea/Jehova’s barmy army of aliens) and is also the person who sees ‘Hitler killed Jews’ and ‘Hitler didn’t like Christian Churches’ as (the only two) perfectly logical connections between Nazism and Satanism as avid proof that Satan, in fact, follows a human made political viewpoint. I find it so amazingly frustrating, the level of stupidity that exists within this cult. But it does not surprise me.

Recently, Maxine comforted a member who wished to convert back to Christianity while they were on their death bed, dying of Cancer. All communications took place through the forums.

Maxine claimed that this was a foolish wish and that just by simply focusing on Satan, the member would recover. She even used a story, which was so painfully obviously fabricated, to back up her claims. Apparently, once upon a time, the mighty Maxine was concerned that she was going to die of blood loss, but by focusing on Satan she was saved. Being aware that this lie wouldn’t hold up on its own and was nothing to do with the matter at hand; she even gave forth an anecdote of how a friend of hers miraculously recovered from Cancer in the same way! Well, that’s just magical, Maxine, but there were no more contexts to these tales, and as such I can claim that the fact that my cat is sleeping on lap at the moment is the only thing stopping my balls exploding and mutanagenic cream seeping out of my ears and I’ll have as much proof and justification of these facts.

And yet this comforting reply from Maxine was hailed as gracious and compassionate. In fact, every post by Maxine is immediately followed by an onslaught of blind brown nosing. The individuals of the JoS are certainly proud of their ability to think freely.

But then, suddenly it dawns on me…

So what?

The entire JoS cult is often seen as some sort of danger to Satanism. As giving real Satanism a bad name or twisting it or destroying it or whatever… but it’s not. For one simple reason…

Everyone in the JoS is an idiot.

I read through all the subjects of all the topics being discussed in both the Teens for Satan and Joy of Satan web forums and realised that everything there was either fantasy or though and through retarded rubbish, most of which had just finished being discussed in another topic and had been brought up again by someone new. The JoS goes around in neat little circles, never achieving anything.

How can they even claim to be Satanists? They worship Enki, the Sumerian God. Not Satan. Hence, they should be Enkites, or Enkists. After all, they claim that Enki was named Satan by his enemies and that Enki is Satan’s real name. So isn’t worshipping Enki, but calling yourself a Satanist a glaring insult to your God? It’s a lot like a misunderstood child at school earning the nickname ‘Shit Face’ and having everyone call him that and tease him. Then, a group of people realise that he’s not such a bad kid and open up a ‘Temple of Shit Face’. You’d assume that they’re either all a bunch of morons and ignore them or think they were taking the mick. Thus, if Enki is indeed Satan, then the JoS are probably the very last people he’d want to associate himself with.

Another recent post, supposedly proving Enki’s continued involvement with the JoS but which, as far as I can see, simply insults the intelligence of one often referred to as ‘the most clever and wise of gods’ claimed that Satan/Enki had ordered an attack on the Angel Michael. It received neither reply nor conformation at any time from any ‘High Priest’ or even a regarded member. It was posted in the Teens for Satan forum and nowhere else. The message was exactly as follows:

“Louis Rynsard” <louis@r…>


Father has asked me to tell every Satanist I know of to focus
all their offensive energy at the archangel Michael on November 1st
please remember this is to help us during the rapture
Hail Enki

Yes, that makes perfect sense. Satan, sitting aloft upon his mighty throne, decided that the time was right to launch a major offensive against one of his archenemies. ‘How shall I go about accomplishing such a task?’ he thought to himself. ‘I know! I’ll tell some obscure moron who has no grasp of grammar to post my glorious plan in a single web forum full of people as dumb as he is! No way am I telling anyone competent or respected MY plan!’

Meanwhile, in Heaven, Michael is approached by one of his underlings… ‘Hey boss, I was doing a search on the web today and I found out that about six really stupid teenagers are planning on focusing offensive energy upon you on November first.’

‘”Offensive energy”? What the hel-uh-heck, is that?’ Michael asks, unsure whether he should be worried or vengeful.

‘I assume it’s the same as normal energy, but with its middle finger up or something.’ Replies the apathetic underling, ‘but at least now that we know exactly when they’re going to focus it, we can gather our forces, properly prepare in good time and destroy them.’

‘But,’ Michael says, wisely, ‘what if this is what they want us to think and this really is an intelligent hoax?’

At this point, I imagine the underling would collapse on the floor and laugh till his lungs exploded.

And what the hell is ‘the rapture’?

The same poster saw it fit to label this post ‘extremely important’.

I understand that they are many forms of satanism but surley the ones
that arent xian satanism or laveryian should all join together to
overall help satanists world wide.
Hail Enki

And here within I demonstrate the reason why I was booted off of the JoS under some crappy excuse about being an enemy of the JoS. I was suggesting to people that they branch out and learn about other forms of Satanism in order to cement their beliefs and just generally to learn. This proves beyond a doubt, especially because of the multitude of people replying in agreement, that the JoS is a big bunch of ignorant fools. But this is how Maxine wants her members to be; otherwise they’d be capable of realising what Satanism actually is and would see what a load of trollop the JoS is. They’re also prone to attention seeking fantasies, such as this member:

volsung_sword <> wrote:

When I finished the opening the third eye mediations I had a flash
back to my youth.

Many time I recall feeling the pressence of greys. There would be this
intense vidration I’d feel it get closer and closer then somthing
would touch me and my whole body would shivering along with it, I
rember intense pain and headachs for days.

This occured many many times over the course of my child hood and
early to late teens.

Normally the touch would work it’s way down my chakras. It was alot
like the third eye mediatation.

Any idea what those grey fucks where doing to me?


Right, because a race of highly advanced aliens would be SO interested in someone who can’t even spell ‘a lot’ correctly. I’ll tell you what ‘those grey fucks’ WERE ‘doing to’ you. They were probably looking for your brain and failing.

So, as you can see, there is no danger there. Leave Mad Maxine to her odd Enkist, Nazi crusades. Let everyone on the site be ignorant. It’s the least they deserve. The only reason anyone stays long at the JoS is because they’re too dumb to figure out that it’s all a load of made up, occasionally new age twoddle. So who cares if this group of toddlers is mixing up Satanism a little? They never move out to contaminate other branches of Satanism and remain enslaved within their own forums and small minds. Satanism is generally dominated by the intellectually elite. We’re better off without them.

More information on the Joy of Satan site:

These are websites that host articles and essays against the Joy of Satan. It’s interesting to see how many people have opposed this pseudo-satanic neo-Nazi group over the years.

1. Check out this site…Facts on the JOS

2. Another Great site..A satanist debunks the joy of satan

3. Yet again…Clifford Herrington [aka Maxine Dietrich’s real history]

4. NSM and JOS share the same mailbox!! Nazis Falling…

5. You wont believe…The sorrow of the JOS

6. Diane Vera on…Why Satanism and Nazism aren’t Compatable…LOL

7. Fake website to promote Enki worshipAuthored by the JOS

8. Look..False Teachings of the JOS… Exposed! By Christians..

9. Article….Former JOS member Challenging the Al-Jilwah

10. Essay:Challenging the Joy of Satan

11. Diane Vera Websites opposing the Joy of Satan and neo-Nazism in Satanism

12. Essay: The Joy of Satan (And Why You Shouldn’t Care About Them.)

13. Challenging Maxine Dietrich and her beliefs of the Jews

14. The Joy of Satan..A Cult that you should avoid

15. Magistra Ygraine on The Joy of Satan Home Deopt Ban

16. Magistra Ygraine The Worst of the Worst, Joy of Satan

17. Maxine Dietrich reported at Rip-Off

18. Johnny Lee Clary on That sex-crazed nutty Satan worshiping nazi, Andrea Herrington

19. The Temples of Satan on Arguments Against The Joy of Satan Group

20. Former Teen Satanist Challenges the Joy of Satan

21. The Refiner’s Fire Open letter to the Joy of Satan

22. Fundies! The Joy of Satan Their feeble attempt to disprove the Bible

23. Even the neo-nazis disagree with the Joy of Satan.. The National Satanists Movement

24. Why Nazism and Satanism Have nothing to do with each other

25. GM Blackwood: The Joys of Exposing the Joy of Satan

26. “Ireallyhateallofyou” Blog: Real Life Satanic Neo Nazis

27. David Icke Forum: [even hardcore conspiracy theorists think JOS is a joke] Joy of Satan Ministries

28. HP Salem Burke of the JOS Confesses to statutory Rape.. The Orange Chapter

29. Teens in Canada commit crime for the Joy of Satan Spray paint graffiti on a church.

30. Maxine Dietrich has sex with 17 year old JOS member

31. Joy of Satan is Doomed to Destroy Itself

32. GM Blackwood: Commentary on the JOS Satanic Mania

33. For Shame! The black Satanist Group Expelled from the Joy of Satan because of Race

34. All I want for Chrassmas.. Is a Satanic Hollywood Nazi

35. Maxine Dietrich at The Fundie Site

36. Diane Vera at WordPress: Archive for the ‘anti-Satanism’ Category

37. The Sitichin is Wrong Website Arguments against the teachings of Zechariah Sitchin

38. The Twelfth Planet Analysis of Sitchin

39. Challenging Antisemitism Debunking the Myths

40. Questions you Should NEVER ask The Joy of Satan Ministry

10 thoughts on “The Joy of Satan (And Why You Shouldn’t Care About Them.) AKA Everyone in the JoS is an Idiot

  1. What we need to do is post an ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPH of this Maxine, and here is an old one which maybe of interest and you can see she is not even White LOL. I have heard she works in a hospital kitchen in Tulsa working under her maiden name but that forum of the JOS is more Joy of Hitler than Satan. Who the hell is Mageson666.

    A bit of slight skin bleaching here and there has turned the git into a Mixed Race but she is actually 100% Native American and another thing, don’t let this Idiot win in making the hosts of this website shut down this sterling, good info.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I posted that photo too in another entry here on the site! Many of us, Satanists and non-religious folks, are diligently looking for clear shots of this psycho Nazi Bitch to post public. She looks like she crawled out of a dirty hole and is wearing clothes from a third-hand store. She looks scared and meek…. makes one wonder just how afraid of JEWS she is, you know? (Forgot the Christians, and the Buddhists!) I bet she hides in a closet most of her days, doing her har-har spells and rocking back and forth like the scared, sorry-ass crybaby she actually is. After all, her cult is online-only and she is too afraid to do squat in person, she’s as much afraid of her own shadow as she has the JoS afraid of the entire world. Looks like her fat bastard daddy figure slob husband is about to kick the bucket, eh? That IDIOT can’t do anything. She’s a USELESS IDIOT just like her PUPPETS and her loser HP’s.

      Sadly most of them as teens but the Hungarian psychopath who will soon kill, the Veronika Hompo woman who posts death threats and stalks people on Facebook and on WordPress…..she will do what HP Mad Max is afraid to do, when Veronika Hompo cracks like an egg and finally make sher first kill of a non-aryan the world will pay attention to these nut loons and start rounding them up and locking them in insane asylums. Veronika Hompo first, and she needs a large dose of thorazine and then a straightjacket for when she goes all out berzerk over the JEWS all around the world all knowing she is a dangerous stalker who finally murdered a human after killing animals for practice.


  2. jos is the lowest, full of third world shit and hungaryan is from the main toilet of this world
    you keep posting about them because it makes them so mad and so full of rage, some have cut themselves, they want to hurt themselves and hurt strangers ande family…..

    soon these jos asswipes will perish or starve to death since they are culties dedicated to a fake satanist who is athiest really….
    your hungarian asswipe nazi cult wont stop being a psychopath.. SHE NEED TO GET A LIFE


  3. Couldn’t tell if ‘richie’s’ comment was for you, “Angry One” or me but he’s one delusional messed up male of color under the influence of the idiots. There was more, crazed rants all following one after another like on speed or something, but he’ll have to wait, be more of a man not a coward and be straight up. JoS is racist and clear as the fucking sky is not red, grass is not blue, nothing on this site is supporting white supremacy at all, but the opposite.

    ‘richie ra’ when you go a week from the shit in your system you got from JoS then maybe you can post, because you got some issues. The NAZIS you stand up for are WHITE SUPREMACISTS and here we are for ALL races and people of ALL COLOR you dumb fuck. What you smoking, richie? Mad Max have you on some cheap addict garbage to keep you under her thumb? Read up on their personal blogs and sites…haters of GLBT’s, haters of blacks, haters of anyone with dark skin, haters of people who just aren’t them, there’s even a sketchy few who hate Indians, like those on JoS yet they are playing nice nice with them, putting on the show for the clergy. All those people hate blacks the most and hey guess what, word has it from JoS insiders that you’re not white but a black guy, so wake up brother and get out before you’ve wasted years of your ridic life sucking up to NEO-NAZIS who want blacks kept supressed. SMH!


  4. no homework done by hi, he can’t see Nazis despise all people of color? I already have had copied the other blog posted months ago and more was on the site it was from. Here I post it for this black man or boy so he can see these neo nazis for himself.

    That summer, an internal dispute began to tear apart the NSM. The wife of one of the group’s original founders, Clifford Herrington, had long been a leader of the so-called “Joy of Satan Ministries,” and as this news leaked out, it provoked widespread ridicule and attacks. Some of the most heated came from proponents of the theology of Christian Identity, which generally claims that Jews are the biological descendants of Satan and people of color are soulless beings who were never in the Garden of Eden. To these men, Satan was an enemy to be taken seriously. In July, White wrote a commentary in which he argued that he was “much more bothered and offended by the reaction from various Christian Identity adherents than I am by anything Mrs. Herrington has to say.” He went on to call Identity theology “stupid” and “harmful to the white nationalist movement” and to suggest that its adherents foolishly relied on the Old Testament, a Jewish document “Judaized white people.”

    That was apparently too much for Schoep, who told White he was suspended from his NSM post. White responded typically, “resigning” from NSM even as Schoep said that he was being ejected permanently, and going on to form his own new neo-Nazi group — the American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP). Given White’s chronic inability to maintain interpersonal relationships, ANSWP seemed doomed to failure, or at least to essentially be an organization that existed only in cyberspace. But by the end of 2007, the group was actually claiming 30 chapters, and included some former leading activists from the NSM. Still, ANSWP’s main purpose seemed to have been acting as a springboard for White, who remained very much a creature of the Internet despite occasionally joining neo-Nazi rallies.

    But White’s racist vitriol never ends. In 2007, White went into a rage when Pulitzer Prize-winning Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts wrote a column that White didn’t like on the murder of a white couple in Tennessee. White posted several attacks on Pitts, who he called a “nigger,” and also Pitts’ home address. He posted an attack on the Jena 6, six black teens from Jena, La., who came to national attention in 2007 because of their treatment by local law enforcement authorities. White called for their lynching and posted the home addresses of most of them, causing Louisiana’s governor to order special security details. Closer to home, White took on the entire editorial staff of The Roanoke Times, which had written articles about White’s business and his racist beliefs, printing names, addresses, personal information and even the suggestion that his supporters crash the wedding of the niece of an editor he particularly despised — a “Jew-loving piece of shit,” as he called her.

    In October 2008, White’s threats finally got him into trouble. White was arrested, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Tim Bondurant, reportedly because he had “threatened use of force” against the foreman of the Chicago jury that convicted Matt Hale, leader of the white supremacist World Church of the Creator, in 2004 for threatening a federal judge. (Hale is now serving a 40-year prison term.) A week earlier, on Sept. 11, FBI agents with a search warrant raided a Roanoke apartment and seized computer equipment that supported White’s website, where his comments about the juror were originally posted. An affidavit backing the search warrant said officials were seeking evidence of White’s “threatening Hale juror A.” has been down ever since.

    In his posting, White did not directly propose violence against the Chicago juror, but he blamed the juror for Hale’s long sentence and said the conviction was wrongful. After his arrest, White was held without bail. While he was in custody, he was indicted in Roanoke on unrelated charges. A judge dismissed the Chicago case in July 2009, though it was revived on appeal the following year, after concluding that White’s actions were protected by the First Amendment. White was then transferred to a holding facility in Roanoke to await trial in that case. A judge there granted him bail after a psychiatrist who evaluated White said that he doesn’t pose an imminent threat to the community. White made bail, but within days was returned to prison after prosecutors objected.

    White was charged in the Roanoke indictment with multiple counts of threatening people online, by E-mail and by telephone, as well as attempting to prevent court testimony through threatening letters sent to black tenants in a housing dispute. The government contends that, among other things, White wrote that Holocaust survivor and author Elie Wiesel “should be afraid to walk out his front door” because of his “Holocaust lies.” He allegedly said that Canadian civil rights lawyer Richard Warman “deserves to be killed,” and if Leonard Pitts, an African-American Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist were killed, “I wouldn’t shed a tear.” White also wrote that if he had the time, he could begin “picking off” the staff of the Intelligence Report, the quarterly magazine published by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    On Dec. 18, 2009, after an eight-day trial in U.S. District Court in Roanoke, Va., a federal jury found White guilty of threatening a Citibank employee, intimidating tenants of a Virginia Beach, Va., apartment complex, threatening a University of Delaware administrator and threatening a Canadian human rights lawyer. He was acquitted of threatening the Citibank employee with the intent to extort, threatening Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Leonard Pitts and threatening a New Jersey mayor. In February, one of the charges relating to White’s threatening Canadian human rights lawyer Richard Warman was dropped by U.S. District Judge James Turk.

    “The court finds that there is no substantial evidence which would permit any rational trier of fact to find the defendant guilty,” Turk wrote in an opinion. Turk pointed to the fact that the threat against Warman was not communicated directly, but rather was posted on the internet.

    Turk sentenced White to 2 ½ years in prison at an April 2010 hearing. White received 30 months for each of three counts, to be served concurrently with credit for time served. The judge also imposed three years of supervised release. White was also barred from posting information online or using the Internet for a job or hobby.

    According to The Roanoke Times, Turk said he didn’t often sentence defendants at the upper end of federal guidelines but thought White deserved the lengthier sentence for terrorizing some of his victims. The newspaper quoted Turk telling White that upon his release from prison, “You can have any thoughts you want to have, but you ought to keep them to yourself.”

    In 2010, the Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the 2009 decision that White’s publishing of personal material about a jury foreman on his website was protected by the First Amendment, finding that a jury should hear the case. In early January 2011, an all-white jury in Chicago found White guilty of using his website to encourage violence against the jury foreman, Mark Hoffman (Hoffman presided over the jury that convicted another white supremacist, Matt Hale, in 2004). Federal prosecutors said White had threatened Hoffman when he listed personal information about the juror on his website and wrote that Hoffman “played a leading role in inciting both the conviction and the harsh sentence that followed.” In his post, White did not directly propose violence against Hoffman. The jury found that even though White didn’t call for a specific attack on “Hale juror A,” that didn’t matter in the context of other postings on the site.

    Hoffman’s photo was posted on White’s site next to his address, telephone number and other personal information, including his sexual orientation. White’s posting called Hoffman a “gay, Jewish anti-racist.” Hoffman, a former associate dean at Northwestern University, was never directly threatened with physical violence, but he told The Sun-Times in Chicago he had received ominous telephone calls afterward asking about his association with the Hale trial. He also got text messages that read, “sodomize Obama” and “cremate jews [sic].”

    On April 20, 2011, a federal judge ruled that the jury was wrong when it convicted White for using his website to promote violence. U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman ruled that White was within his rights when he published information about Hoffman on Judge Adelman’s decision found that “the government failed to present sufficient evidence” that White’s website posts intended to solicit harm to the Hoffman. “I further find the posts protected by the First Amendment,” Adelman concluded.

    White was released on the condition that he refrain from participating in “any Internet related business or hobby involving a website, and the posting of any information on any website.” He got around that by writing for the print version (which is, nonetheless, also available online) of the American Free Press, an anti-Semitic weekly founded by Holocaust denier Willis Carto. He also took steps to get back into the real estate business.

    But White’s ostensibly law-abiding ways didn’t last long. In May 2012, he missed a scheduled check-in with his probation officer and disappeared from his home in Lynchburg. In direct violation of the court restrictions on internet use, he posted on Facebook that he had been tortured in prison and had “left the United States several weeks ago after accepting an offer of asylum from a foreign nation that shares my view that the United States government is not legitimate.”

    After nearly a month on the run, White was arrested in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. As of July 2012, he was in federal custody and faced charges of violating the terms of his supervised release. In a series of bizarre letters written in detention to supporters and federal authorities, he said that the United States is a “demonic dream” and that he had broken free of its hold. He claimed to have been given drugs in prison that led him to communicate “with beings that … allowed [him] to explore certain hidden and obscured aspects of human experience.”

    This is the search query put in I used on the site I followed. They call blacks n*ggers they call to kill them all.


    • I’m not letting any of ‘richie ra’s posts through until he reads
      then returns and comments on the fact that it’s a WHITES ONLY group and they use the term “n*gger” which is

        offensive and unacceptable


      Furthermore, there are current JoS clergy on the regular site telling the new teenage members to keep away from blacks because they are not to be mixed with “pure whites” and they aren’t as smart. One member told a youth that blacks are not just “stupid and dirty” but will ruin every chance they have for a successful life, meaning being friends with them in life in public would ruin this young adults chances of becoming anything. Let ‘richie ra’ come out of his juvenile fit and let’s see if he returns. Already so deeply duped, I doubt it.

      ‘richie ra’ isn’t just a coward because he came here, posted nonsense (he didn’t even comprehend the fact that entries were credited to other authors who were former members of JoS or studied Jos for many years), furious and psychotically unstable over the blog entry explicitly, he said “suck my dick!” “…you should be given 200mgs of rophynol then put in a straghit jacket with chains on your arms and feet and also a padlock on your mouth then whipped in the streets then thrown off a bridge” and “…honestly if i caught you iin real life id rape your butthole with a sawed off shotgun the shoot you in the head” in regards to the blog entry, the blog as a whole and ‘suggested it be taken down,’ “do your self a favour and and take this page off ” he used a woman’s gmail account, a Jewish woman’s email no less, rachelc*** (so much for being a Richie), signs off with “hail lord richie!!”, insinuates he’s black, implies he’s a Nigerian satanist and all 5 comments were fired off rapidly without pause, no sentence breaks (sort of like I’m doing LMAO) but due to his hostility, but what made every word he frantically, possibly fearfully typed seem so illogical is that he seemed to not know anything about Joy of Satan from the inside.


  5. This is a Indian member of Joy of Satan. Very ignorant kid, very stupid. Fekkin dumb Indian. This is from his Facebook on a pic if swastika nazi flag he obseses with::
    Samuel Santiago: Are you nazi ?
    May 14 at 9:07am

    Shubham Rane: Yes
    1 · May 14 at 10:15am

    Rexi Darkoriax: nazi..not satanic
    2 · May 14 at 10:24am

    Samuel Santiago: Nazi is not satanic
    1 · May 14 at 10:52am

    Shubham Rane: Its upto you guys. I follow what I feel right. I believe in justice. Btw Rexi Darkoriax and Samuel Santiago . Egyptians and Phonecians were also anti Semitic. And they were 10X more than Nazis.
    May 14 at 10:55am

    Mayur Das: bhai jos waalo se abhi ke liye door reh… or else youll end up somewhere else… definitely not a satanist
    1 · May 14 at 11:06am

    Mayur Das: Ive told you before… now its up to you to decide
    May 14 at 11:08am

    Rexi Darkoriax: Exactly. . Bhaia is right. .
    May 14 at 12:09pm

    Shubham Rane: Yeah right wing politics runs in my blood and Satanism in my brain and heart.
    May 14 at 12:11pm

    Rexi Darkoriax: Politics ?? . .. if you are planning to kill Xians , islams and jews.. then ill be happy…. 😛
    May 14 at 12:24pm

    Mayur Das: youre a jos wannabe… sorry for the truth bro… you wont get anywhere like this
    1 · May 14 at 12:17pm

    Rexi Darkoriax: Shubam, ulta wala hota toh abhi se behtar hota. .
    See Translation
    May 14 at 12:30pm · Edited

    Raducea Stefan: Ionut ❤ one love
    May 14 at 12:24pm

    Mayur Das: you know nothing about politics bro right now forget right wing… you have a lot to learn, dont open your mouth about things you havent studied thoroughly…
    1 · May 14 at 12:27pm

    Devon Nekromisanthropy: National Socialist propaganda!? There is nothing worse than someone who uses a Swastika and doesn't even know or follow it's true meaning,But it is also the symbol of the sun if turned around.
    May 14 at 6:27pm

    Shubham Rane: Devon Nekromisanthropy see it carefully. These are dimensions of Nazi flag.
    1 · May 15 at 12:37am

    Raducea Stefan Ionut ❤ Heil
    See Translation
    May 15 at 5:31am

    Shashank Lakkaraju: and.. dont u think .. the white outer circle is a bit to the left .?
    May 17 at 4:13am

    Shubham Rane: Yeah but these are official dimmensions.
    May 17 at 4:14am

    Shashank Lakkaraju: ha.. k … i never observed that until now…
    May 17 at 4:15am

    Shubham Rane: You can see my other albums. Like Gods
    May 17 at 4:16am

    Kid should hear what his friend post and listen.
    Mayur Das: youre a jos wannabe… sorry for the truth bro… you wont get anywhere like this


  6. Let me tell you about Shubham Rane 😀 Kowtows to Veronika Hompo, a huge ass-kisser. Maybe he is afraid, knows she is psychotic, knows of the scums 2-face crazy outbursts, who knows, he is a child she is a has-been old woman already by JOS standards. Tímea Wilhelm is Hompo, is HungARYAN, does he not know or he likes to look like a stupid idiot and be insulted by her publicly online? Funny to see her make him seem small and stupid, funnier to see her so angry and hostile all the time, there is no joy in her world and I can laugh at her, karma bit her ugly empty soul in 2013, let her suffer for eternity.

    Nancy boy that he is, afraid to stand up for himself to filthy HungARYAN bitch


  7. This person is not the only one who does this sort of thing. There is a person named Valerie S***h ( I have reservations on publishing her real name, I am too afraid to open up Pandora’s box again, hint- it’s a very common last name) who does almost the same exact sorts of things BUT only to people in the Pagan Circles (Pagans, Witches, Wiccans etc.) As I read some of these posts, I thought we were talking about the same person.She stalked me for 2 years and I still suspect new profiles I see to be her. She is seriously an evil genius when it comes to being snakey but a moron on spiritual matters. Good job, oputting her on blast like this. Keep up the good work! Stay strong.

    Liked by 1 person

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