High Hitler! Hitler the JUNKIE.


erratic war decisions influenced by drugs.


Did You Know… That Adolf Hitler Was A Drug-Junkie?

An X-ray copy of Adolf Hitler’s skull and a sketch of Adolf Hitler’s deviated septum, which are part of the cache of medical documents on the Nazi leader given to U.S. Military Intelligence and now on the auction block have proved that Adolf Hitler was a coke head, doped up on 28 medications while suffering from “uncontrollable flatulence.”
It’s the revelation of a whole other side to the Nazi dictator, whose condition was revealed in medical documents now up for grabs online from Alexander Historical Auctions of Stamford, Conn.
Yep people, Adolf Hitler was a drug-addict, constantly high on cocaine. Now a lot of his actions make sense, don’t they?

Make sense? Nope! There’s people running amok these days high on coke and they’re not out mass murdering hundreds of thousands of people due to drugs alone. Hitler was a fucking full blown psychopath, a sick cowardly bastard, a pervert misogynistic POS that made one woman commit suicide (his half-niece Geli whom he was in love with) and his own mistress tried several times, a fraud, a narcissist and that’s just the tip of the deformed iceberg that made up this defective “thing” that the world as we know it hates. He was so fond of animals that he killed Blondie, the German Shepherd he gave to Eva after one of her suicide attempts (due to Hitler’s behavior), because he needed to use the poor dog to test the cyanide pills on before he and Eva could use them to cowardly off themselves. YES, Hitler, the man who did test on animals tested on his very own dogs with his own medications prescribed by his dear friend and trusted doctor. So sweet. Hitler — Fucked up mentally unhinged junkie psycho.


2 thoughts on “High Hitler! Hitler the JUNKIE.

    • LOL! 88 indeed!
      The fucking hypocrisy!
      And I am so tired of them saying how much Hitler loved animals and people. Put that shit to rest. “Oh, Hitler loved animals, oh the Jews tested on animals…” Well, JoS, your “Man of Dope” tested on animals AND people. FACTS.


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