HP Mad Max tried to get Cradle of Filth fans into her Nazi shit and fails hard. (2012)

Read one of the most hilarious forum conversations online: HP Maxine Dietrich is attempting to “turn” Cradle of Filth fans onto her Joy of Crazy Satan. The common criminal Andrea Herrington who actually still fucks that old, wrinkled prune nutsack bastard Nazi Clifford Herrington….now am I the only one that not only get a laugh from this, but physically ill? Does she call him “hunny pie grampaw“? Anyways, Go read this forum topic, I promise it will make your day or night.


10 thoughts on “HP Mad Max tried to get Cradle of Filth fans into her Nazi shit and fails hard. (2012)

    • floridareddragon, I was away, had to go home to my parents a bit, my internets was spotty but I saw your comment….your sense of humour kills me!!! I tried to put together a pic to post but it didn’t turn out well… Britney Spears in her schoolgirl outfit, the JoS logo on banners in the school hallway, Illuminati eyes above dancers heads, Hitler in his pleated mini and knee highs…. might ask someone to work it up for me and post, just for fun 🙂

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      • Well I basically told them all to fuck off a few days ago. I said they were the most screwed up and divided group I have ever associated with. I put the picture of Borat and Britney Hitler up and said ” Borat attends a Joy of Satan Nazi rally, famous sexy pop diva joins in.” In spite of being argued with I was unfollowed by a couple but I seem to have earned more respect from the younger members, at least the ones that wouldn’t talk to me are doing so now. They just couldn’t resist my awesomeness. Plus I have become friends with a guy on WordPress from England who has a Twitter account. He is a pretty cool guy. His name is Aleph. But yeah the jos guys run away when you call them out. They can’t handle the truth. I just ignore them most of the time.


  1. I loved reading that, thanks for this and I am glad that the members of that forum showed the IdiotWoman the door!!!
    Someone should of pointed out to those forumites that she ain’t white but of Native American heritage, now that would of been popcorn time.

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    • @TruthTonn, you’re welcome 😀 It was definitely close to popcorn time, reading that topic! I thought it was a riot and I had to share it. She just kept posting and they kept slapping her like she was a blow-up clown! They were LAUGHING AT HER. Yup, she was handed her ass and shown the door for sure!

      How Mad Max the MUTT can get her mixed race ass onto the Aryan playground and not get it kicked to bits by those paranoid neo-nazis, they all worry day and night about who isn’t pure and it’s right in their faces, it’s all over the internet that she’s not even half white, she’s a Native American and who even knows what else. Look at her, she’s not white at all…her skin is dark, and to make all of them look even worse, she is the skankiest thing to boot. Trashy low class thing, here we call her trailer park garbage.


  2. http://z13.invisionfree.com/SIJOS/index.php?

    Hey here is a forum which is not busy now, BUT it is a SCREAM! Join up and even if you cannot see the posts to begin with, this is what to do – Go to the Members Lists and when you click on a Forum Member, for example Dann, you will see all his posts LOL.
    Yeah he was an EX Joser who was the great guy who exposed the Joy of Satan for what they really are, and I love those piss takes on Cliffy LOL. As for IdiotWoman, well she is making me laugh all the time, esp when I read that BlackSun website knowing that she is a NATIVE AMERICAN LOL!!!! Hey, did you know the Escaped Nazis Criminals who fled to South America had real contempt for people who looked like IdiotWoman, and another thing, the Holocaust happened !

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    • TruthTonn, again, thank you for more information 😀 The more the merrier LOL
      And as we both (or all sane people) know, none of the JoS’ers can take the piss! You should see the psychotic comment left by one of them a few days ago, they went off on a rant, bent because of my blog entry titled “Exposing the Joy of Satan Website (2008), saying it’s “all bullshit” and doing hardcore butt-licking towards Mad Max. LOSER dude called himself “Merlin.” He *really* (his emphasis) insisted I read junk off the BlackSun site to prove how wrong the stuff I posted is. LOL!!! Mr. “I’m not a teenager I’m 22!” I know more intelligent teenagers than this JoSer idiot. Notice how none of them ever really check to see if the Library of Congress number is real, or if any of IdiotWoman’s citations are made up? They all can read, they can use search engines, but they can’t see the real author as real if MadMax posted it — or if one of the hotshot HP’s they all suck up to does, it’s as if it’s fact and can’t be questioned, you just accept and believe their word without thinking for yourself. DUUUUH!


  3. “Hey, did you know the Escaped Nazis Criminals who fled to South America had real contempt for people who looked like IdiotWoman, and another thing, the Holocaust happened !” –TruthTonn

    Of course on both accounts! From what I recall, avengers did go to South America for some of those Nazi scum, correct? I know they travelled to Canada, to Spain… but JoS sycophants will say this all never happened.


  4. The Beautiful Blonde woman in this video is JEWISH and she was Paul McCartney’s first wife and real love. Accd to that Native American Aryan wannabe, Jewish women are hideous to her hog of a husband LOL. Well all I would say is that she is welcome to that bastard Cliffy.

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    • Hog husand Cliffy looks more like her grandfather! He must be a pedophile, I bet he never touches the Faux Aryan, she’s like way too old for his tastes, what is she, 50, 55? Jewish women are hideous to hoggy Clifford? He just says that because no beautiful women of any religion would ever have sex with him! He was probably turned down by cute, pretty Jewish girls when he was young, and that was like 65 years ago. 😀 As for Andrea Nuttington Dietrich schizo confused cuckoo lady, I think she and the groupies are jealous! Plenty of beautiful Jewish women out there and hot, fit men, while some of those so-called Aryan Nazitards are so damn fugly they wish they never went and put their real pix up ever!
      That video was great, can remember those days faintly, and yes Linda was quite the knockout.

      More “so UGLY” Jewish women for the peeping cult Nazis to wank to-
      Mila Kunis

      Alison Brie

      Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

      Scarlett Johansson

      Zoe Kravitz


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