Was Hitler A Vegetarian?


Published on Sep 15, 2014

We take a look at the validity and value of the “argument” that hitler was a vegetarian. referencing several of his biographers and scholars, it is clear that hitler was as far from a vegetarian as you can get. And even if hitler was a vegetarian, would it matter? It’s time to lay to rest this persistent myth and non sequitur of an argument.

For Detailed Citations of The Information In This Video, See the Blog Post Here: http://wp.me/p3VBHs-kO

Books Referenced: (note: these are affiliate links)
Eternal Treblinka: http://amzn.to/1q4wna4
The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler: http://amzn.to/1s2nzJj
Diagnosis Of A Destructive Prophet: http://amzn.to/1s5pBT4
The Psychopathic God Adolf Hitler: http://amzn.to/1q4x5nK
Hitler: 1889-1936 Hubris: http://amzn.to/1q4xgPO

if you ever have an extended conversation about veganism, and maybe even one not so extended, there are two things that i guarantee will be brought up: bacon and hitler.  thoughhitler bacon” would be a new one.

i’m going to address the validity of the “hitler was vegetarian ‘argument’” after i first address its value. let’s say hitler was a vegetarian, or a vegan even. so what?   how about all of the horrific people in history who were not vegan or vegetarian? does that mean that every person who consumes animal products is automatically on the same level as stalin, osama bin laden, jeffery dahmer, or countless other animal-consuming sociopaths throughout history?  it’s simply not a valid argument, or really an argument at all. so lets get down to the facts about hitler himself, shall we?

hitler was far from vegetarian, though there are reasons why people believe he was. according to historian robert payne in his text the life and death of adolf hitler, the myth of hitler’s strict vegetarianism was more or less a pr campaign orchestrated by hitler’s minister of propaganda joseph goebbels. payne states that, “hitler’s asceticism played an important part in the image he projected over germany. according to the widely believed legend, he neither smoke nor drank, nor did he eat meat or have anything to do with women. only the first was truehis asceticism was fiction invented by goebbels to emphasize his total dedication, his self control, the distance that separated him from other men. by this outwards show of aestheticism, he could claim that he was dedicated to the service of his people.”[1] while in reality, payne writes that hitler was “remarkably self indulgent and possessed none of the instincts of the aesthetic.”[2]

beyond this pr campaign to portray hitler as a master of self-control, there is some credence to his eschewing of meat at times. in his mind-blowing text eternal treblinka: our treatment of animals and the holocaust, author charles patterson illuminates some of hitler’s rather unsightly medical conditions, saying that hitler “suffered from indigestion and episodic stomach pains that had troubled him from adolescence, as well as from excessive flatulence and uncontrollable sweating…he discovered that when he reduced his meat intake, he did not sweat as much and there were fewer stains in his underwear.”[3] he apparently also believed that increasing his vegetable consumption improved the odors of his flatulence.[4] i’m not making this shit up, people. see the blog post in the description for all the citations and references.

regardless of his conditions, hitler never gave up his indulgences of his favorite meat dishes, which, according to dr. fritz redlich in his text diagnosis of a destructive prophet, were bavarian sausages, liver dumplings, and stuffed and roasted game.[5]

now not only was hitler not a vegetarian, but he was also vehemently against vegetarianism. patterson writes that when hitler “came to power in 1933, he banned all the vegetarian societies in germany, arrested their leaders, and shut down the main vegetarian magazine published in frankfurtduring the war nazi germany banned all vegetarian organizations in the territories it occupied, even though vegetarian diets would have helped alleviate wartime food shortages.”[6]

a huge tenant of veganism, and i’m not talking a vegan diet here, but actual veganism, is compassion towards animals; hitler’s treatment of animals was much like his treatment of humans: abrasive, abusive and cruel. hitler would often carry around a dog-whip and viciously beat his dog in public.[7] biographer ian kershaw writes that “with his dogs, as with every human being, he came into contact with, any relationship was based upon subordination to his mastery.”[8]

hitler based his entire treatment of the jews on the assembly line slaughterhouses of the united states; he idolized henry ford,[9] whose inspiration for his revolutionary assembly line system came from visiting a chicago slaughterhouse as a young man.[10] hitler essentially built his own assembly line slaughterhouses, replacing the animals with human beings. as gary yourofsky says, if you walk into any slaughterhouse today, remove the animals and replace them with people, you have recreated dachau and auschwitz.

as you can see, hitler was as far from a vegetarian as you can get. but again, even if he were, that does not hinder the vegan argument. i hope this helps clear up this persistent myth. i’d love to hear your thoughts on this issue.  leave them in the comments below!

see ya next nugget!


2 thoughts on “Was Hitler A Vegetarian?

  1. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna share this on Twitter. The Joy of Satan kids are so brainwashed they’ll be casting death spells at me. Lol, A vegan and a man of peace. I wish HP Mad Max would fucking die. Or at least get arrested. That disgusting flag will never fly over the USA or anywhere else for that matter.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LOL, we here have already been told we’ve been spiritually murdered and that more death curses are to come! I don’t share any of this anywhere else. Those Joy of Satan kids (the HungARYAN is 26!) would have a fit, attack Emily for her video, veganism and — how dare she, having her own opinion and sharing it with others — if I shared this entry, even though she can actually do citations properly and not make them up 😉 I nearly LOL’ed for real upon reading “HP Mad Max,” and I do have to wonder just how she convinces adults to follow her charade; after all, it is all online and not in person. I noticed the HP’s are constantly warning the flock to protect themselves, while “Mad Max” focuses on race and other gods and religions to hate or worry about rather than focus on Satan, or Satanism period. I share your sentiments regarding her and that repulsive flag they actually believe will fly over many countries soon. (Good luck with that, brainwashed JoS Junkies!) After pointing out that Hitler himself used Christian rhetoric, even providing a link to a speech, the Hungarian Nazi posted an abusive denunciation with libel, threats and an announcement of her new capability; to smell people through the internet to detect if they are Jewish. No joking! I am for free speech, but these ignorant bigots by choice should be limited, for reasons most blatant.


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